ESET Achievements are Seasonal Achievements available for a limited time during the ESET event.


High PerformanceEdit

AVAILABILITY: 23 May 2016 - 20 Jun 2016

Level: 24 Name + Goal to achieve Reward XP
Achievement High Performance I High Performance I
Build 5 Icon Shop Building
Whistle 25 Whistle 2,500
Achievement High Performance II High Performance II
Dispatch 50 Icon Shop Loco by Local or IT trains
Material 3,000 Glass 4,000
Achievement High Performance III High Performance III
Deliver 14,000 Wood by Local trains
Icon Shop Decoration 1x ESET Blimp

Cyber SecurityEdit

AVAILABILITY: 23 May 2016 - 20 Jun 2016

Level: 72 Name + Goal to achieve Reward XP
Achievement Cyber Security I Cyber Security I
Unload 170 trains returning from the 20-minute Newford local destination
Icon Shop Flag 4x Security Flag
50% Passenger, 50% Income, 5d 0h Duration
Achievement Cyber Security II Cyber Security II
Buy 10 Icon Shop Decoration at your station
Whistle 50 Whistle 5,000
Achievement Cyber Security III Cyber Security III
Send 10 Icon Shop Electric on IT trains
Gems 15 Gems 20,000

Detect & ProtectEdit

AVAILABILITY: 23 May 2016 - 20 Jun 2016

Level: 169 Name + Goal to achieve Reward XP
Achievement Detect & Protect I Detect & Protect I
Send 26 Icon Shop Diesel by IT trains
Whistle 65 Whistle 125,000
Achievement Detect & Protect II Detect & Protect II
Send 380 Local or IT trains
Icon Shop Flag 4x Protection Flag
120% Passenger, 120% Income, 7d 0h Duration
Achievement Detect & Protect III Detect & Protect III
Send 3 Guardian Icon Shop Maglev by IT
Gems 20 Gems 110,000
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