SCALED CONTRACTOR: This Contractor has multiple versions of the contracts/rewards for different player levels. These contracts can be completed once per level group. Once you have started with the contracts, you will stay in the same level group, regardless if you reach a higher level. The details for each group are available at these pages:
Level Groups: 300-499 500-699 700-1199 1200-1999 2000+
Contractor Profile Dr. Yaris (overview)
To make the current situation in the world a little brighter, your old pal Yaris is making an unexpected return. We hope you will enjoy his quests and get some great XP rewards.
Event Spring
Portrait full Dr. Yaris (2020)
Available 23 Mar - 18 May 2020
Total Contracts Infinite
Minimum Level 300-499
Travel Time 3 hours
Final Reward N/A
Accepted Locomotives Icon Shop Loco  Icon Shop Diesel  Icon Shop Electric  Icon Shop Maglev  Icon Shop Hyperloop
Other Information The Story
Contractor History


  • The contracts are actually the Yaris (2019) Levels 300+ contracts (feel free to fill the gaps)
  • The amount of XP given to each contract depends on the level of the player and differs for each player, higher level players are awarded more XP than lower level players. You will get 60% of the XP needed to reach your next level. (see XP Level Req)

Contract listEdit

Contracts 1-50Edit

Contracts 51-100Edit

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