Portrait small Dave (2015)
Dave's Contract Story (2015)
1 Hey, buddy! So you're the famous railway guy, eh? Alan says you're a super helpful dude. I'm Dave. Been on the rock music scene for a while now, but never managed to fulfill my biggest dream - performing at the largest summer festivals. What I need most is money to get better music equipment and start a proper band. If you help me, I promise you free tickets to our shows forever!
2 Awesome, man! Now I can really get the show going! But not alone. Help me find the best musicians so that we can start practising. I've got the sheets and instruments, they need the skill and talent.
3 Nicely done, dude! I had no idea you were so... resourceful. So listen, ummm... I know I asked you about money recently, but now the band needs a few musical devices like guitar effects and stuff... Could you help us again?
4 If we want to preform at the SF MusicFest, our show must be FLAWLESS. Thing is, we have no place to rehearse.
5 My contact at the festival says we're late and there's no place for our band anymore. The only way to get in is becoming at least a minor sponsor. He asks for some resources needed to build their stage. Soooo, what do you think?
6 Alright! Thanks for helping out. Now all they need is a few cords and we're done.
7 Seems like we've gotta help with construction of the stage and... hygiene... facilities as well. They're short on staff and need every helping hand. Sorry about that though. Never meant to set up festival toilets...

YES! What a show, did you see their faces? I knew the audience would love us! Ugh, I'm so high on this stage energy now! And the best thing? I got a call from London, they're expecting us at the BlastOnBury Festival! Give us a lift from the airport?

9 Thanks dude. So this is where the famous BlastOnBury takes place. We're no superstars, so we still gotta prepare our stuff ourselves. But it's worth it, right? Anything for the show of our lives!
10 Okay, now focus. People in the UK don't really know us and i'm worried that no one shows up. So this is my plan - take these posters and place them all around the city. Oh and some fans from the US need a ride from the airport.
11 Hot day, isn't it? You see, this is an open air festival and since the weather turned out this scorching, we gotta set up tents for people to find shelter and chill out. These materials would help.
12 Well apparently the festival's so popular, the local railways just can't handle the situation and transport all those fans. I'm getting stage fright! Breathe Dave, breathe... whew, okay, take care of the fans for us, okay?
13 Terrific! Now all that remains is erecting the last few tents, finishing our stage and the evening can start!
14 Another spectacular success! And that's not even the best news of the day - we've been invited to perform at a festival in the Land Down Under, wow! Can I rely on you to transport all our music equipment?
15 The Rockside Festival takes place right at the seashore which is really nice but also really difficult considering all the electric devices and whatnot. Plus, our show requires special effects with a unique setup.. so we gotta do it ourselves.
16 May not seem so, but we've gained quite a few fans during our previous performances. Me and the rest of guys from the band would really love to read some of their fan letters. Can you make it happen?
17 Darn it, our laser show machine is broken! We either need to fix it or get a new one, but pronto!!!
18 Seems like we've got our own die-hard fans already! They'll be thrilled if you give them a ride to the festival in our own train!
19 I've just been told we need to make an emergency supply of fuel for our electric generators in case of power outage. Well, that's the toll of having an awesome show!
20 Alright, the very last wave of our fans is stuck at the airport. Get them all over here and we can start the show!
21 This is the night. Thank you for everything, buddy. You have made my lifelong dream come true and I can seriously say that this has been the BEST summer of my entire life! Here's to you and your awesome trains!!!
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