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Contractor Profile Daniel (overview)
Daniel is back with new challenges!
Event Diesel Domination
Portrait full Daniel (2019).png
Available 26 Apr - 24 May 2021
Total Contracts 21
Minimum Level 120
Travel Time 4 hours
Final Reward 75 Gems.png
Accepted Locomotives Steam  Diesel  Electric  Maglev  Hyperloop
Other Information The Story
Contractor History


  • Material: The amount of materials, trains, wagons or sets you have to deliver depends on your current level, higher level players need to send more materials, trains, wagons or sets than lower level players.
  • XP: The amount of XP given to each contract depends on the level of the player and differs for each player, higher level players are awarded more XP than lower level players.
    Daniel will reward you with 20% of the XP needed to reach your next level. (See XP Level Req)
  • Event Material: Can be spent in the Event Offer section of the Shop.

Contract List[]

# Objective Reward
1 Deliver Fuel.png 500 Engine Oil.png
2 Deliver Cement.png 550 Engine Oil.png
3 Send ANY Logo Set.png [1] 600 Engine Oil.png
4 Deliver Plastics.png 650 Engine Oil.png
5 Deliver Cement.png 700 Engine Oil.png
6 Send ANY Icon Shop Loco.png 750 Engine Oil.png
7 Deliver Gold.png 800 Engine Oil.png
8 Deliver Carbon.png 850 Engine Oil.png
9 Deliver Wood.png 900 Engine Oil.png
10 Deliver Marble.png 25 Gems.png
11 Send Bulky Fuel Icon Shop Cargo.png 1,000 Engine Oil.png
12 Deliver Glass.png 1,100 Engine Oil.png
13 Deliver Steel.png 1,200 Engine Oil.png
14 Deliver Nails.png 1,300 Engine Oil.png
15 Deliver Gold.png 1,400 Engine Oil.png
16 Send ANY Icon Shop Diesel.png 1,500 Engine Oil.png
17 Deliver Bricks.png 1,600 Engine Oil.png
18 Deliver U-235.png 1,700 Engine Oil.png
19 Deliver Wires.png 1,800 Engine Oil.png
20 Deliver Silicon.png 2,100 Engine Oil.png
21 Send 3 Shark I Logo Set.png [1] 75 Gems.png
  1. 1.0 1.1 See the Train Sets page for more information on constructing sets.