Portrait small Daniel (2019)
Daniel's Contract Story (2019)
1 Top of the Morning to you my friend! I do have some interesting work for you, but first, let’s see if you are capable of doing this. I will require some cargo from you for a start.
2 I would say great job, but it was just a job. It was merely a test. Another proof of your eligibility is required. Another round of cargo to my station, please.
3 Well well well, it seems that I have clearly underestimated you. I was lying - it was not a test you were actually completing a job already! And now? We will build this majestic building to “woo” the one I love.
4 It seems that the “one I love” is not a fan of this type of building. Perhaps, more cargo would help us figure out what else we should build to impress my dearest one?
5 That is cute my friend, but when I said more cargo, I actually meant more cargo. Hurry up!
6 Magnificent! Let’s proceed with building the more magnificent building, now! I am absolutely sure that this will do the job and my chosen one will appreciate it enough to write me back!
7 She still hasn’t written me back, what does this mean? Can’t she see how majestic these buildings on my station look? What is she into really? Train sets? Let’s see.
8 Nope - train sets are definitely not her cup of tea. What else should we build to impress her… Well whatever it will be, we will need something to build it with if you catch my drift!
9 A decoration! Why haven’t I thought of this before! A beautiful decoration. Or just some decoration in general should do!
10 I am not going to lie, I am running out of building ideas. I have spent all this energy on telling you what to do and my promised angel can’t appreciate our hard work which we have done - both of us, equally!
11 But I have another idea in mind! And you have guessed it! If we are going to build something impressive, some materials would come in handy, don’t you think, my dear friend?
12 This is my idea! If my beloved cupcake doesn’t see her beauty in the shapes of this particular building, I’ll be afraid she went blind or mad!
13 This is just IGNORANT! Why is she doing this to me! Send some Diesel Locomotives, I don’t even care about the pollution any longer.
14 So all this denial, it got me thinking last night. Why should I even bother to impress someone who is totally ignorant, when I can spend time to impressing some more important person in my life? Of course, I am talking about myself! I will chase my dreams and build the building I like! Help me out here, would you?
15 Now this is what I am talking about, building which totally pleases my heart! Why didn’t I think of this earlier.
16 I can see everything so clearly now! I can’t even imagine the possibilities of what we can achieve with more material!
17 I have seen quite a few locomotives passing through my beautiful station but there is this particular one which I admire. Could you please send it to me so I can admire it again? That would be great!
18 A vision! Vision which I had last night! To embrace my happiness, I need you to build this Decoration for me. No more buildings... for now!
19 I have changed my mind, I am not that happy alone. One more building. I will give it a one last shot to impress my beloved. If this won’t work, I do not know what will! In the name of love, help me I beg you!
20 Well who would’ve guessed. I have built an entire Diesel Empire and guess who is so blind to see our achievements? Don’t even get me started. All this progress and for nothing.
21 It seems that this love story will not have a happy ending. But look at what we’ve built together. Despite the wrong motivation, I have to say, the outcome is quite impressive. Good job you!
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