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Chests were introduced to the game with the 31 Jul 2017 Game Update, replacing Mail Packages. Chests are clicked by the player, and award three different random awards. These awards can be Gold Gold, Mail Mail, Materials Material, Whistles Whistle, and/or Gems Gems.

A few things to know about Chests:

  • These chests contain a lot more mail than Mail Packages did, but now include the other awards as well.
  • Player must be at least level 5 for Chests to appear.
  • A Chest will fall from the sky under a parachute at the player's Main Station every 8-12 minutes.
    • On the mobile apps, they can appear at any station.
    • On the Portal website, they can appear off screen, so be sure to scroll left to check.
  • The player can click the chest while falling and it will drop to the ground immediately for pickup.
  • Only one Chest can exist on a player/Neighbour station at a time.
  • If the player clicks the X to close the Window, it cancels the reward and the chest will be gone.
  • Purchasing the Enhanced Chests extension (which replaced One-Click-Mail) increases the award values by 50%.
  • Sometimes, a rare award is highlighted in yellow and rewards a much higher amount.
  • A Chest will appear about every 95 minutes at up to five different Neighbour stations.
  • Neighbour Chests will appear at stations similar in level to the player.
  • These chests are always found within 14 Neighbours of the player, centered on the player in the Avatar list.
    • If the player has enough Neighbours above and below in level, then they will always be within +/- 7 Neighbours.
    • However, if the player only has 2 higher level Neighbours, then it can spawn anywhere from 12 below to the 2 above.
  • Neighbour Chests contains roughly 4x the rewards as a player's Chest.
  • As the player levels up, the value of all Chest awards increases.
    • Chests are loaded in batches. So, they do not increase right as the player levels, it may take a while.


Mail Mail is almost always one of the three Chest awards.

  • The base amount of mail is 300, plus 105 per level. So at level 200, you should get (105x200) + 300 = 21,300 Mail.
  • If the same Chest was at a Neighbour station, it would contain 21,300 x 4 = 85,200 Mail.


The appearance of the Chests might change for some Seasonal Events

Event Appearance
Christmas Chest (Christmas)  Chest (Christmas) 2
Diesel Domination Chest (Diesel)
Easter Chest (Easter)
Electric Extravaganza Chest (Electric Extravaganza)
Halloween Chest (Halloween)
Hyperloop Hype Chest (Hyperloop Hype)
Maglev Madness Chest (Maglev)
Steam Frenzy Chest (Steam Frenzy)
Summer Chest (Summer)
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