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Champion Maglev  Logo Set
Statistics Locomotive Icon Shop Maglev
Type Maglev
Cargo Icon Shop Cargo
Set Bonus +30%
Set Size 18 Champion Gemsr / Historical Mystery Depot
Uranium Wagon U-235 Steel Wagon Steel
Champion Uranium
Champion Steel
Champion Uranium Gemsr / Historical Mystery Depot Champion Steel Goldr / Historical Mystery Depot
Carbon Wagon Carbon Wire Wagon Wires
Champion Carbon
Champion Wires
Champion Carbon Goldr Champion Wires Gemsr / Historical Mystery Depot
Other Information
Previously rewarded from:

Special Offer Icon Shop SO 31 Jan 2014
Special Offer Icon Shop SO 14 Feb 2014
Vintage Offer Icon Shop VO 20 Nov 2014
Added to the Shop with the 2 May 2017 Game Update.
Limited Offer Logo Limited 19 Aug - 9 Sep 2019
Removed from the Shop with the 9 Sep 2019 Game Update.

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