Contractor Profile
Champion Jiu victoriously arrived as a Seasonal Contractor for high level players with a special challenge. The first 10 players to complete her contracts receive a special in-game decoration, gems, and eternal glory!
Event Winter Games
Portrait full Champion Jiu (2018)
Available 20 Feb - 16 Mar 2018
Total Contracts 8
Minimum Level 450
Travel Time 4 hours
Final Reward PWG Gold Medal Icon Shop Decoration
Accepted Locomotives Icon Shop Loco  Icon Shop Diesel  Icon Shop Electric  Icon Shop Maglev  Icon Shop Hyperloop
Shop Champion Jiu's Shop (2018)
Other Information The Story
Contractor History

Contract listEdit

Train Sets RewardedEdit

Champion Jiu gives the following train sets as a reward for completing her contracts.
The number before the name of the set is the contract number that awards the final piece of the set.

Extra rewardsEdit

Pixel Federation rewarded the first 10 players to finish Champion Jiu's contracts with a unique decoration and gems:

Icon Shop Decoration Decoration Place Gems
Champion's Wreath Champion's Wreath 1st 1,500 Gems
Runners' up Wreath Runners' up Wreath 2nd 1,200 Gems
3rd 1,000 Gems
4th through 10th 500 Gems

Top 10 WinnersEdit


Level 450-499

Winners Champion Jiu 450-499

Level 500-599

Winners Champion Jiu 500-599

Level 600-799

Winners Champion Jiu 600-799

Level 800-999

Winners Champion Jiu 800-999

Level 1000+

Winners Champion Jiu 1000+


Announcement Champion Jiu
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