Portrait small Champion Jiu (2018)
Champion Jiu's Contract Story (2018)
1 Winter games are in full swing! Let’s show the world who’s the real champion. And champions deserve good transport, right?
2 Let’s place these flags to welcome all the arriving teams! They’re our rivals but I want to make them feel at home.
3 Let’s bring here the last viewers and guests. You better be fast, because the first match is about to begin!
4 We’ve got to be at least second if we want to make it to another round. Fingers crossed!
5 We barely made it this time, so let’s hope for better luck. Failure is not an option!
6 All the teams were great, but we were better! However, they all deserve some recognition. Let’s build a monument and win these games once and for all.
7 Semifinale was tough but my team is unstoppable. We’re getting pretty tired, but we must fight more than ever!
8 This is kind of a miracle. It is the first time for us to be in the great Winter games finale. I’m so nervous! Wish us luck.
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