Wood Wood Wagons that can be purchased in the Shop at any time.

For basic information see the Wood Wagons page.

Name Bonus Lvl Cost Buy XP Notes
Apparatus Wood +320%44645 Gems23,000 XPLimit: 46
Apparatus Cargo Logo Set
Argo Wood +1,750%420150 Gems58,550 XPLimit: 16
Argo Maglev Logo Set
Bulky Wood +45%9595,000 Gold1,050 XP
Captrain Wood +275%3632,450,000 Gold24,500 XPLimit: 15
Captrain Cargo I Logo Set
Captrain Cargo II Logo Set
Chrome Wood +100%2160 Gems250 XPLimit: 15
Chrome Cargo I Logo Set
Chrome Cargo II Logo Set
Cylinder Wood +320%43370 Gems42,000 XPLimit: 20
477 5,300,000 Gold
Evergrove Wood +300%51070 Gems25,000 XPLimit: 29
Evergrove Cargo I Logo Set
Evergrove Cargo II Logo Set
530 2,500,000 Gold
Forester +0%4100 Gold2 XP
LifeGuard Wood +310%208115 Gems13,100 XPLimit: 24
Big Jack LifeGuard Logo Set
Log Cart +10%7400 Gold10 XP
Logger Wood +210%4862,350,000 Gold23,500 XPLimit: 22
Logger Freight Logo Set
Forester Freight Logo Set
Lumberjack +20%610 Gems30 XP
14 1,750 Gold 30 XP
M61 Wood +300%200120 Gems13,250 XPLimit: 40
M61 Cargo I Logo Set
M61 Cargo II Logo Set
Mark VI Wood +580%12498,700 Gold2,000 XPLimit: 1
Mark VI-I Logo Set
Maxima Wood +200%13770 Gems4,000 XPLimit: 18
Maxima Express I Logo Set
Maxima Express II Logo Set
313 980,000 Gold 20,000 XP
Sturdy Wood +275%33385 Gems16,200 XPLimit: 12
377 1,875,000 Gold
Technicon Wood +140%222750,000 Gold13,750 XPLimit: 9
Technicon Logo Set
Vintage Wood +165%4071,950,000 Gold19,500 XPLimit: 18
Vintage Star I Logo Set
Vintage Star II Logo Set
Wood Carrier +30%112,100 Gold35 XPLimit: 3
Wood Legend +100%1250 Gems100 XPLimit: 6
36 15,350 Gold 180 XP
Wood Majestic +250%100100 Gems3,400 XPLimit: 10
Wood Powerful +135%11165 Gems12,000 XPLimit: 13
210 600,000 Gold
Wood Shipper +70%9035 Gems2,400 XPLimit: 20
130 202,000 Gold
Wright Wood +280%24795 Gems18,500 XPLimit: 36
Wright Cargo I Logo Set
Wright Cargo II Logo Set

Removed from the Shop

Wood Wood Wagons that are no longer available for purchase in the Shop.

Name Bonus Lvl Cost Buy XP Notes

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