Wires Wires Wagons that can be purchased in the Shop at any time.

For basic information see the Wires Wagons page.

Name Bonus Lvl Cost Buy XP Notes
Aero Wires +140%231800,000 Gold14,200 XPLimit: 6
DB Aero Freight Logo Set
Andromeda Wires +450%41375 Gems19,300 XPAndromeda Cargo Logo Set
Aureus Wires +1,200%3101,115,000 Gold9,700 XPLimit: 7
Aureus Maglev Logo Set
Bulky Wires +45%9595,000 Gold1,050 XP
Caterpillar Wires +420%62070 Gems50,000 XPCaterpillar Cargo I Logo Set
Caterpillar Cargo II Logo Set
Cylinder Wires +320%43370 Gems42,000 XPLimit: 20
477 5,300,000 Gold
Icarus Wires +2,300%65012,500,000 Gold125,000 XPLimit: 11
Icarus Maglev Logo Set
Ivoria Wires +135%183525,000 Gold5,250 XPLimit: 15
Ivoria Cargo Logo Set
Live Wire +40%7120 Gems680 XP
Maxima Wires +200%13770 Gems4,000 XPLimit: 18
Maxima Express I Logo Set
Maxima Express II Logo Set
313 980,000 Gold 20,000 XP
NIS Wires +265%4501,990,000 Gold19,900 XPLimit: 22
NIS Cargo Logo Set
Order Wires +140%155610,000 Gold6,000 XPLimit: 11
Order Cargo I Logo Set
Order Cargo II Logo Set
Sturdy Wires +275%33385 Gems16,200 XPLimit: 12
377 1,875,000 Gold
Trichrome Wires +250%2792,200,000 Gold15,250 XPLimit: 30
Trichrome Cargo I Logo Set
Wire Carrier +20%6610 Gems840 XP
81 42,000 Gold 840 XP
Wire Legend +100%7760 Gems1,600 XPLimit: 6
Wire Majestic +250%100100 Gems3,400 XPLimit: 10
Wire Shipper +70%9035 Gems2,400 XPLimit: 20
130 202,000 Gold
Wire Transport +10%7735,000 Gold700 XP
Wire Wagon +0%6629,000 Gold580 XP
Wires Powerful +135%11165 Gems12,000 XPLimit: 13
210 600,000 Gold

Removed from the Shop

Wires Wires Wagons that are no longer available for purchase in the Shop.

Name Bonus Lvl Cost Buy XP Notes
Champion Wires +1,900%474150 Gems63,000 XPLimit: 18
Champion Maglev Logo Set

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