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The Vintage Offer Icon Shop VO.png section of the Shop can be accessed by clicking on the Special Offer icon (shown at left) on the main screen or the Vintage Offer tab in the Shop (shown above).

Vintage Offers give players a second chance to purchase items they might have missed during a Special Offer. Usually, an item will be available in a Vintage Offer approximately six months to ten months after its initial Special Offer. The Vintage Offer becomes available once a player reaches level 90, and offers change every Sunday and Wednesday at 14:00 (2:00 p.m.) GMT.

See also: Special Offer 2022 Icon Shop SO.png.

Offer Start Date Locomotives Wagons Other
25 May 2022

Icon Shop Diesel.png European Bull D Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Diesel.png European Bull
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Grand Yuleloop Icon Grand.png
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Yuleloop

Pine Rubber
Pine Titanium
Bull Box Offer Box.png
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension.png
22 May 2022

Icon Shop Electric.png Grand Nozomi Icon Grand.png
Icon Shop Electric.png Nozomi

Nozomi 1st class
Nozomi 2nd class
Nozomi Economy
Nozomi VIP
Nozomi Restaurant
Nozomi Tail
18 May 2022

Icon Shop Diesel.png Adventum PH37 D Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Diesel.png Adventum PH37

Adventum Wires
Adventum Glass
Adventum Carbon
Adventum Wood
Refined Xenon
Refined Wolfram
Grand HL Box Offer Box.png
15 May 2022

Icon Shop Diesel.png F40PH ONP Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Electric.png EMD GM6-C ONP

ONP 1st class
ONP 2nd class
ONP Mail
ONP Economy
ONP Restaurant
Hog Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
11 May 2022 Pie U-235
Pie Bricks
Bonus Storage +200 Icon Extension.png
Dash 8-40C Box Offer Box.png
8 May 2022

Icon Shop Maglev.png Green Arrow Icon Grand.png

G Arrow 1st class
G Arrow 2nd class
G Arrow VIP
G Arrow Mail
G Arrow Tail
4 May 2022

Icon Shop Maglev.png Bright Hyena
Icon Shop Diesel.png ACL EMC E3 Icon Grand.png

B Hyena Marble
B Hyena Rubber
B Hyena Titanium
B Hyena Plastics
B Hyena Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
1 May 2022

Icon Shop Electric.png SQM E Double Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Electric.png SQM E

SQM 1st class
SQM 2nd class
SQM Economy
SQM Restaurant
27 Apr 2022

Icon Shop Diesel.png NJ2 Fall G Icon Grand.png
Icon Shop Diesel.png NJ2 Fall

NJ2 Fall Glass
NJ2 Fall Bricks
NJ2 Fall Gravel
NJ2 Fall Carbon
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension.png
DMR Box Offer Box.png
24 Apr 2022

Icon Shop Electric.png ZSSK Vectron Double Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Electric.png ZSSK Vectron
Icon Shop Diesel.png TE33A Kyrgyz Icon Grand.png

ZSSK Box Offer Box.png
Foggy Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
20 Apr 2022

Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Cirrostratus Icon Grand.png
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD SD45 T Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD SD45 S

Cirrostratus Lithium+
Cirrostratus Lithium
Cirrostratus Neodymium+
Cirrostratus Neodymium
EMD SD45 Steel
EMD SD45 Rubber
EMD SD45 Cement
EMD SD45 Wires
Bonus Triple Train Slot Icon Extension.png
17 Apr 2022

Icon Shop Electric.png Sm3 Pendolino U Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Electric.png Sm3 Pendolino

Sm3 1st class
Sm3 2nd class
Sm3 Economy
Sm3 Restaurant
Sm3 Tail
13 Apr 2022

Icon Shop Diesel.png SGL Maxima Triple Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Diesel.png SGL Maxima

SGL Nails
SGL Silicon
SGL Carbon
SGL Marble
Bonus Storage +200 Icon Extension.png
10 Apr 2022

Icon Shop Maglev.png Terminus U Icon Uncommon.png

Terminus U 1st class
Terminus U 2nd class
Terminus U VIP
Terminus U Tail
6 Apr 2022

Icon Shop Maglev.png Folio

Folio U-235
Folio Rubber
Folio Plastics
Folio Bricks
Folio Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
3 Apr 2022

Icon Shop Loco.png DB Class 10 OF
Icon Shop Electric.png DB Class 101 OF

OF 1st class
OF 2nd class
OF Economy
OF Restaurant
30 Mar 2022

Icon Shop Diesel.png CKD T478.2 Q Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Diesel.png CKD T478.2 T
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Super Scale

Pataj Carbon
Pataj Silicon
CKD Box Offer Box.png
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension.png
27 Mar 2022

Icon Shop Electric.png TGV 4402 U Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Electric.png TGV 4402

4402 1st class
4402 2nd class
4402 Economy
4402 VIP
4402 Restaurant
4402 Tail
23 Mar 2022

Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Stainless Alloy U Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Stainless Alloy
Icon Shop Diesel.png DBAG Class 219 Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Diesel.png DBAG Class 230

DBAG Titanium
DBAG Bricks
DBAG Rubber
Brass Lithium
Brass Neodymium
S Alloy Box Offer Box.png
Bonus Depot Slot Icon Extension.png
20 Mar 2022

Icon Shop Diesel.png RC EMD F7 Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Electric.png RC SNCB 18 Icon Uncommon.png

RC 1st class
RC 2nd class
RC Economy
RC Scenic
Pipe Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
16 Mar 2022 Hops Fuel
Hops Plastics
Bonus Storage +200 Icon Extension.png
NSW 90 Box Offer Box.png
13 Mar 2022

Icon Shop Maglev.png Aegir

Aegir 1st class
Aegir 2nd class
Aegir VIP
Aegir Tail
9 Mar 2022

Icon Shop Maglev.png Boiler U Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Diesel.png DB Class 218 Q

Boiler U Cement
Boiler U Glass
Boiler U Gravel
Boiler U Fuel
Boiler U Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
6 Mar 2022

Icon Shop Electric.png EF210 Zaria S
Icon Shop Electric.png EF210 Zaria

Zaria 1st class
Zaria 2nd class
Zaria Economy
Zaria VIP
Zaria Restaurant
2 Mar 2022

Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD FT A-B-B-A PC Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD FT A-B PC

EMD FT PC Carbon
EMD FT PC Plastics
EMD FT PC Silicon
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension.png
Bolt Box Offer Box.png
27 Feb 2022

Icon Shop Electric.png ETR 600 Flare U Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Electric.png ETR 600 Flare
Icon Shop Diesel.png C66 PF

ETR Flare Tail ETR Flare Box Offer Box.png
Augs Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
23 Feb 2022

Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Gefion Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Diesel.png ITC GP7 Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png ITC GP7

Gefion Aerogel+
Gefion Aerogel
Gefion Nanotubes+
Gefion Nanotubes
ITC Gravel
ITC Fuel
ITC Cement
ITC Steel
Bonus Depot Slot Icon Extension.png
20 Feb 2022

Icon Shop Electric.png BR 390 WCML U Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Electric.png BR 390 WCML

WCML 1st class
WCML 2nd class
WCML Economy
WCML Restaurant
16 Feb 2022

Icon Shop Diesel.png QR 2300 T
Icon Shop Diesel.png QR 2300

QR 2300 Marble
QR 2300 Glass
QR 2300 U-235
QR 2300 Wood
Bonus Storage +200 Icon Extension.png
13 Feb 2022

Icon Shop Maglev.png Dextrin U Icon Uncommon.png

Dextrin U 1st class
Dextrin U 2nd class
Dextrin U VIP
Dextrin U Tail
9 Feb 2022

Icon Shop Maglev.png Light Alacrity NG Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Maglev.png Light Alacrity

L Alacrity Tail L Alacrity Box Offer Box.png
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
6 Feb 2022

Icon Shop Loco.png SNCB Type 10 Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Electric.png SNCB Class 16 S

Type 10 1st class
Type 10 2nd class
Type 10 Economy
Type 10 VIP
Type 10 Restaurant
2 Feb 2022

Icon Shop Diesel.png TCDD 36008 Q MD
Icon Shop Diesel.png TCDD 36008 D MD
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Glenn Icon Uncommon.png

Determined Rubber
Determined Bricks
TCDD 36008 Box Offer Box.png
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension.png
30 Jan 2022

Icon Shop Electric.png Triumphant Sm6 Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Electric.png Victorious Sm6

Triumphant 1st class
Triumphant 2nd class
Triumphant Economy
Triumphant VIP
Triumphant Restaurant
Triumphant Tail
26 Jan 2022

Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Capus NG
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Capus
Icon Shop Diesel.png TEP70 Quad Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Diesel.png TEP70

TEP70 Glass
TEP70 Cement
TEP70 Fuel
TEP70 Gravel
Capus Box Offer Box.png
Bonus Depot Slot Icon Extension.png
23 Jan 2022

Icon Shop Electric.png BR Class 180 GC
Icon Shop Electric.png BR Class 800 GC

GC 1st class
GC 2nd class
GC Economy
GC Restaurant
GC Tail
Sports Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
19 Jan 2022

Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD BL2 Quad Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD BL2 Double

Competitive Steel
Competitive Wood
BL2 Box Offer Box.png
Bonus Storage +200 Icon Extension.png
16 Jan 2022

Icon Shop Maglev.png Speeder S

Speeder S 1st class
Speeder S 2nd class
Speeder S VIP
Speeder S Tail
12 Jan 2022

Icon Shop Maglev.png Indigo Asante
Icon Shop Diesel.png ALCO C-855 Double Icon Uncommon.png

Indigo Nails
Indigo Silicon
Indigo Cement
Indigo Marble
Indigo Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
9 Jan 2022

Icon Shop Electric.png Sunrise GM6C Q
Icon Shop Electric.png Sunrise GM6C T

S GM6C 1st class
S GM6C 2nd class
S GM6C Economy
S GM6C Restaurant
5 Jan 2022

Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Embraced NG Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Embraced
Icon Shop Diesel.png Summer BR 52 Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png Summer BR 52 T

Summer Rubber
Summer Titanium
Summer Bricks
Summer Wires
Embraced Box Offer Box.png
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension.png
2 Jan 2022

Icon Shop Electric.png Regiolis B 8350 NG
Icon Shop Electric.png Regiolis B 8350

Regiolis B Tail Regiolis B Box Offer Box.png
Steaming Flag Icon Shop Flag.png

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