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The Vintage Offer Icon Shop VO section of the Shop can be accessed by clicking on the Special Offer icon on the main screen or the Special Offer tab in the Shop.

Vintage Offers give players a second chance to purchase items they might have missed during a Special Offer. Usually, an item will be available in a Vintage Offer approximately six months to ten months after its initial Special Offer. The Vintage Offer becomes available once a player reaches level 90, and offers change every Sunday and Wednesday at 14:00 (2:00 p.m.) GMT.

See also: Special Offer 2020 Icon Shop SO.

Offer Start Date Locomotives Wagons Other
25 Mar 2020 Icon Shop Diesel 753 Rigel Quad
Icon Shop Diesel 753 Rigel Double
Rigel Rubber
Rigel Plastics
Rigel Wood
Rigel Gravel
Hops Box (Safe) Offer Box
Hops Cache (Risk) Offer Box
22 Mar 2020 Icon Shop Electric HXD1G001
Icon Shop Electric HXD1G002
HXD1G 1st class
HXD1G 2nd class
HXD1G Economy
HXD1G Restaurant
18 Mar 2020 Icon Shop Hyperloop Bolt
Icon Shop Diesel Maxima General D
Icon Shop Diesel Maxima General
Bolt Aerogel+
Bolt Aerogel
Bolt Neodymium+
Bolt Neodymium
General Fuel
General U-235
General Steel
General Wires
15 Mar 2020 Icon Shop Maglev Lynx Lynx 1st Class
Lynx 2nd Class
Lynx VIP
Lynx Tail
11 Mar 2020 Icon Shop Maglev Fireball
Icon Shop Maglev Fireblast
Icon Shop Diesel DL CKD-9B Double
Icon Shop Diesel DL CKD-9B
Fire Tail
DL Nails
DL Bricks
DL Cement
DL Glass
Fire Box Offer Box
8 Mar 2020 Icon Shop Electric WAP-5H
Icon Shop Electric WAP-5
WAP 1st class
WAP 2nd class
WAP Economy
WAP Restaurant
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension
4 Mar 2020 Icon Shop Hyperloop Pristine
Icon Shop Maglev Marlin
Marlin Glass
Marlin Wires
Marlin Wood
Marlin Carbon
Marlin Tail
1 Mar 2020 Icon Shop Electric Stadler Vectra
Icon Shop Electric FLIRT Vectra
Vectra 1st class
Vectra 2nd class
Vectra Economy
Vectra VIP
Vectra Restaurant
Vectra Tail
26 Feb 2020 Icon Shop Hyperloop Chevron
Icon Shop Diesel SD90 Grand Northern D
Icon Shop Diesel SD90 Grand Northern
Chevron Wolfram+
Chevron Wolfram
Chevron Bismuth+
Chevron Bismuth
GN U-235
GN Glass
GN Marble
GN Rubber
23 Feb 2020 Icon Shop Electric SNCB 13 Fume
Icon Shop Loco SJ F 1200
Fume 1st class
Fume 2nd class
Fume Economy
Fume VIP
Fume Restaurant
19 Feb 2020 Icon Shop Hyperloop Hexa
Icon Shop Diesel TE33A Double
Icon Shop Diesel TE33A
Hexa Lithium+
Hexa Lithium
Hexa Nanotubes+
Hexa Nanotubes
TE33A Cement
TE33A Bricks
TE33A Wires
TE33A Silicon
16 Feb 2020 Icon Shop Loco Duchess of Hamilton
Icon Shop Loco Duchess Class 6229
Duchess 1st Class
Duchess 2nd Class
Duchess Economy
Duchess VIP
Duchess Restaurant
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension
12 Feb 2020 Icon Shop Loco LNER A4 Royal
Icon Shop Loco LNER A4 Argent
Icon Shop Loco Virginian N&W 2300
OldTimer Fuel
OldTimer Plastics
LNER Box (Risk) Offer Box
LNER Box VIP (Safe) Offer Box
9 Feb 2020 Icon Shop Electric Class 86 Dot
Icon Shop Diesel SNCB Class 77 Dot
Dot 1st class
Dot 2nd class
Dot Economy
Dot Restaurant
5 Feb 2020 Icon Shop Diesel 9-44CW Checked Quad
Icon Shop Diesel 9-44CW Checked Double
Checked Rubber
Checked Gravel
Checked Titanium
Checked Fuel
2 Feb 2020 Icon Shop Maglev Jordy
Icon Shop Electric ETR 675 Pendolino
Icon Shop Electric ETR 674 Pendolino
Jordy 1st class
Jordy 2nd class
Jordy VIP
Jordy Tail
ETR 675 1st class
ETR 675 2nd class
ETR 675 Economy
ETR 675 Restaurant
ETR 675 Tail
29 Jan 2020 Icon Shop Hyperloop Jester
Icon Shop Diesel V320 Spotted Quad
Icon Shop Diesel V320 Spotted Double
Spotted Wires
Spotted Glass
Spotted Carbon
Spotted Wood
26 Jan 2020 Icon Shop Electric Lavender BR 390
Icon Shop Diesel Lavender BB40-9W
Lavender 1st class
Lavender 2nd class
Lavender Economy
Lavender VIP
Lavender Restaurant
Lavender Tail
22 Jan 2020 Icon Shop Maglev Bald Eagle Bald Eagle Steel
Bald Eagle U-235
Bald Eagle Marble
Bald Eagle Bricks
Bald Eagle Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension
20 Jan 2020
(Delayed from
19 Jan 2020)
Icon Shop Electric Avelia 1776
19 Jan 2020 Icon Shop Loco UP Big Boy Double
Icon Shop Electric Avelia Independence
1776 1st Class
1776 2nd Class
1776 Economy
1776 VIP
1776 Restaurant
1776 Tail
15 Jan 2020 Icon Shop Hyperloop Glimmer
Icon Shop Diesel Sulfuric
Icon Shop Diesel Sulfurous
Glimmer Xenon+
Glimmer Xenon
Glimmer Borax+
Glimmer Borax
Sulfuric Rubber
Sulfuric Wood
Sulfuric Wires
Sulfuric Cement
12 Jan 2020 Icon Shop Electric Blue Flame Regina
Icon Shop Electric White Flame Regina
Flame 1st class
Flame 2nd class
Flame Economy
Flame VIP
Flame Restaurant
Flame Tail
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension
8 Jan 2020 Icon Shop Hyperloop Kilonova
Icon Shop Maglev Supernova
Kilonova Nanotubes+
Kilonova Nanotubes
Kilonova Neodymium+
Kilonova Neodymium
Supernova Nails
Supernova Silicon
Supernova Cement
Supernova Wires
Supernova Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension
5 Jan 2020 Icon Shop Electric ED250 Empress
Icon Shop Electric ED250 Amethyst
Empress 1st class
Empress 2nd class
Empress Economy
Empress VIP
Empress Restaurant
Empress Tail
1 Jan 2020 Icon Shop Diesel Cobalt Euro 4001 S
Icon Shop Maglev Krypton
Icon Shop Hyperloop Pixel Three
Krypton Bricks
Krypton Glass
Krypton Plastics
Krypton Steel
Krypton Tail
Pixel Three Aerogel+
Pixel Three Aerogel
Pixel Three Lithium+
Pixel Three Lithium
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension

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