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The Vintage Offer Icon Shop VO.png section of the Shop can be accessed by clicking on the Special Offer icon (shown at left) on the main screen or the Vintage Offer tab in the Shop (shown above).

Vintage Offers give players a second chance to purchase items they might have missed during a Special Offer. Usually, an item will be available in a Vintage Offer approximately six months to ten months after its initial Special Offer. The Vintage Offer becomes available once a player reaches level 90, and offers change every Sunday and Wednesday at 14:00 (2:00 p.m.) GMT.

See also: Special Offer 2019 Icon Shop SO.png.

Offer Start Date Locomotives Wagons Other
29 Dec 2019 Icon Shop Electric.png E-412 Educator
Icon Shop Diesel.png BR60 Educator
Educator 1st class
Educator 2nd class
Educator Economy
Educator VIP
Educator Restaurant
Infinity Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Infinity Flag XL Icon Shop Flag.png
25 Dec 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png WDG4G Nitrous
Icon Shop Diesel.png SD70 Horsepower Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png SD70 Horsepower D
Horsepower Carbon
Horsepower U-235
Horsepower Fuel
Horsepower Titanium
Patriot Box (Safe) Offer Box.png
Patriot Cache (Risk) Offer Box.png
22 Dec 2019 Icon Shop Maglev.png Argon Argon 1st Class
Argon 2nd Class
Argon VIP
Argon Tail
18 Dec 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png Maersk SD40-2
Icon Shop Diesel.png Sealand SD40-2
Maersk Plastics
Maersk Bricks
Maersk Rubber
Maersk Silicon
Ethane Box (Safe) Offer Box.png
Ethane Crate (Risk) Offer Box.png
15 Dec 2019 Icon Shop Electric.png Class EA Ludus
Icon Shop Diesel.png Class 240 Ludus
Ludus 1st class
Ludus Mail
Ludus 2nd class
Ludus Economy
Ludus VIP
11 Dec 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png Ontario Northlander D
Icon Shop Diesel.png Ontario Northlander
Ontario Titanium
Ontario Carbon
Ontario Marble
Ontario Silicon
8 Dec 2019 Icon Shop Electric.png Sm6 PumpJack
Icon Shop Electric.png Sm6 PumpJack II
PumpJack Tail PumpJack Box Offer Box.png
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension.png
4 Dec 2019 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Hydrogen Valor
Icon Shop Maglev.png Helium Brace
Hydrogen Bismuth
Hydrogen Bismuth+
Hydrogen Xenon
Hydrogen Xenon+
Helium U-235
Helium Wood
Helium Marble
Helium Cement
Helium Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
1 Dec 2019 Icon Shop Electric.png Union Pacific TGV
Icon Shop Electric.png UP TGV
Union 1st Class
Union 2nd Class
Union Economy
Union VIP
Union Restaurant
Union Tail
27 Nov 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png Massachusetts Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png Massachusetts D
Massachusetts Carbon
Massachusetts U-235
Massachusetts Steel
Massachusetts Silicon
24 Nov 2019 Icon Shop Electric.png Sodium Sprinter
Icon Shop Diesel.png Sodium Class 52
Sodium 1st Class
Sodium 2nd Class
Sodium Economy
Sodium VIP
Sodium Restaurant
20 Nov 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png Class 7400 Snowdrop Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png Class 7400 Snowdrop D
Snowdrop Wood
Snowdrop Nails
Snowdrop Wires
Snowdrop Gravel
17 Nov 2019 Icon Shop Electric.png SEPTA Silverliner
Icon Shop Diesel.png SEPTA QTX
Silverliner 1st class
Silverliner 2nd class
Silverliner Economy
Silverliner VIP
Silverliner Restaurant
13 Nov 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png EF20CF Clover Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png EF20CF Clover D
Clover Carbon
Clover Titanium
Clover Fuel
Clover Plastics
10 Nov 2019 Icon Shop Loco.png PRR T1 Myrth
Icon Shop Electric.png Class 86 Turf
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD BL-2 Turf
Turf 1st class
Turf 2nd class
Turf Economy
Turf VIP
Turf Restaurant
6 Nov 2019 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Briar
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Rubia
Icon Shop Maglev.png Amaryllis
Amaryllis Silicon
Amaryllis Nails
Amaryllis Rubber
Amaryllis Gravel
Amaryllis Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
3 Nov 2019 Icon Shop Electric.png TGV Saratoga
Icon Shop Electric.png POS Saratoga
Saratoga 1st class
Saratoga 2nd class
Saratoga Economy
Saratoga VIP
Saratoga Restaurant
Saratoga Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
30 Oct 2019 Icon Shop Maglev.png Ampere Ampere Carbon
Ampere Titanium
Ampere Plastics
Ampere Fuel
Ampere Tail
27 Oct 2019 Icon Shop Maglev.png Aconite
Icon Shop Electric.png Oaris Caladium
Aconite 1st class
Aconite 2nd class
Aconite VIP
Aconite Tail
Caladium 1st class
Caladium 2nd class
Caladium Economy
Caladium Vip
Caladium Restaurant
Caladium Tail
23 Oct 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png Oakwood Class 240 Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png Oakwood Class 240 D
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Pixel Two
Oakwood Cement
Oakwood Bricks
Oakwood U-235
Oakwood Nails
Pixel Two Aerogel+
Pixel Two Aerogel
Pixel Two Neodymium+
Pixel Two Neodymium
20 Oct 2019 Icon Shop Maglev.png Tundra
Icon Shop Electric.png Sakura Shinkansen
Icon Shop Electric.png Sakura 800
Tundra 1st Class
Tundra 2nd Class
Tundra VIP
Tundra Tail
Sakura Tail
Sakura Box Offer Box.png
16 Oct 2019 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Celebrator
Icon Shop Maglev.png Mitsiu
Mitsiu Plastic
Mitsiu Rubber
Mitsiu Gravel
Mitsiu Wood
Mitsiu Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
13 Oct 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png GP60 Positive
Icon Shop Electric.png HHP-8 Coulomb
Icon Shop Loco.png FEF-2 Coulomb
Coulomb 1st class
Coulomb 2nd class
Coulomb Economy
Coulomb VIP
Coulomb Restaurant
9 Oct 2019 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Pixel One Pixel One Xenon+
Pixel One Xenon
Pixel One Borax+
Pixel One Borax
6 Oct 2019 Icon Shop Electric.png GWR Ohm
Icon Shop Electric.png Ohm 800
Ohm 1st class
Ohm 2nd class
Ohm Economy
Ohm Restaurant
Ohm Tail
2 Oct 2019 Icon Shop Maglev.png Volta Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Yoruba Switch
Volta Titanium
Volta Carbon
Volta Marble
Volta Silicon
Volta Tail
Switch Wolfram+
Switch Wolfram
Switch Bismuth+
Switch Bismuth
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
29 Sep 2019 Icon Shop Electric.png Speedliner
Icon Shop Electric.png Speedliner Extra
Icon Shop Electric.png Blizzy Class 90
Icon Shop Electric.png Blizzy Class 90 Super
Blizzy 1st class
Blizzy 2nd class
Blizzy Economy
Blizzy VIP
Blizzy Restaurant
Speedliner Box Offer Box.png
25 Sep 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png Black 071 Class
Icon Shop Diesel.png White 071 Class
Militia Wires
Militia Rubber
White Box Offer Box.png
Black Box Offer Box.png
22 Sep 2019 Icon Shop Maglev.png Devotion Devotion 1st class
Devotion 2nd class
Devotion VIP
Devotion Tail
18 Sep 2019 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Amaranth
Icon Shop Maglev.png Dandelion
Icon Shop Maglev.png Abelia
Amaranth Neodymium+
Amaranth Neodymium
Amaranth Nanotubes+
Amaranth Nanotubes
Dandelion Nails
Dandelion Bricks
Dandelion Cement
Dandelion Glass
Dandelion Tail
Abelia Steel
Abelia Gravel
Abelia Carbon
Abelia Titanium
Abelia Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
15 Sep 2019 Icon Shop Maglev.png Anode Anode 1st class
Anode 2nd class
Anode VIP
Anode Tail
11 Sep 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png Canada Mountaineer D
Icon Shop Diesel.png Canada Mountaineer
Mountaineer Glass
Mountaineer Marble
Mountaineer Wood
Mountaineer U-235
8 Sep 2019 Icon Shop Electric.png TGV Plasma
Icon Shop Electric.png TGV Langmuir
Plasma 1st class
Plasma 2nd class
Plasma Economy
Plasma VIP
Plasma Restaurant
Plasma Tail
4 Sep 2019 Icon Shop Maglev.png Resolute Resolute Bricks
Resolute Cement
Resolute Silicon
Resolute Wires
Resolute Tail
Frolic Box (Risk) Offer Box.png
Fun Crate (Safe) Offer Box.png
1 Sep 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png Happy B Class
Icon Shop Electric.png Happy SNCB 18
Happy 1st class
Happy 2nd class
Happy Economy
Happy Restaurant
Happy VIP
28 Aug 2019 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Himalia
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Himalia II
Styx Lithium
Styx Neodymium
Himalia Box Offer Box.png
Whale Crate (Safe) Offer Box.png
Whale Box (Risk) Offer Box.png
25 Aug 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png Via Rail Charger
Icon Shop Electric.png Via Rail Keisei
Via Rail 1st Class
Via Rail 2nd Class
Via Rail Economy
Via Rail VIP
Via Rail Restaurant
Via Rail Tail
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension.png
21 Aug 2019 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Faraday
Icon Shop Diesel.png Class 071 Cell Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Class 071 Cell
Faraday Lithium+
Faraday Lithium
Faraday Nanotubes+
Faraday Nanotubes
Cell U-235
Cell Marble
Cell Glass
Cell Silicon
18 Aug 2019 Icon Shop Electric.png E320 Crush
Icon Shop Electric.png Velaro Crush
Icon Shop Loco.png C5520 Cherish
Crush Tail
Cherish 1st Class
Cherish 2nd Class
Cherish Economy
Cherish VIP
Crush Box Offer Box.png
14 Aug 2019 Icon Shop Maglev.png Creepy Creepy Glass
Creepy Wires
Creepy Wood
Creepy Carbon
Creepy Tail
11 Aug 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png Auld Brightline
Icon Shop Electric.png Auld Keisei
Auld 1st class
Auld 2nd class
Auld Economy
Auld VIP
Auld Tail
7 Aug 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png Ontario GE Dash 9 Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png Ontario GE Dash 9 D
Ontario GE Bricks
Ontario GE Marble
Ontario GE Plastics
Ontario GE Gravel
4 Aug 2019 Icon Shop Electric.png Bombardier Talent 3
Icon Shop Electric.png Talent 3
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vectron Genius
Talent 3 1st class
Talent 3 2nd class
Talent 3 Economy
Talent 3 VIP
Talent 3 Restaurant
Talent 3 Tail
31 Jul 2019 Icon Shop Maglev.png Amor
Icon Shop Maglev.png Amare
Amor Tail
Lovely Fuel
Lovely U-235
Love Box Offer Box.png
28 Jul 2019 Icon Shop Electric.png Taiga Pendolino
Icon Shop Electric.png Taiga VR SM3
Taiga 1st Class
Taiga 2nd Class
Taiga VIP
Taiga Tail
24 Jul 2019 Icon Shop Maglev.png Penguin Penguin Glass
Penguin U-235
Penguin Rubber
Penguin Marble
Penguin Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
21 Jul 2019 Icon Shop Maglev.png Dismay Dismay 1st class
Dismay 2nd class
Dismay VIP
Dismay Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
Whale Crate (Safe) Offer Box.png
Whale Box (Risk) Offer Box.png
Orca Crate (Safe) Offer Box.png
Orca Box (Risk) Offer Box.png
17 Jul 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png CN GE Evo T4 Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png CN GE Evo T4 D
CN GE Nails
CN GE Carbon
CN GE Titanium
CN GE Silicon
14 Jul 2019 Icon Shop Electric.png Mistletoe HHP-8
Icon Shop Loco.png Mistletoe Mallard
Mistletoe 1st Class
Mistletoe 2nd Class
Mistletoe Economy
Mistletoe Restaurant
Mistletoe VIP
Enduring Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Enduring Flag XL Icon Shop Flag.png
10 Jul 2019 Icon Shop Maglev.png Red Noel Red Noel 1st class
Red Noel 2nd class
Red Noel Vip
Red Noel Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
Santa's box (Safe) Offer Box.png
Santa's crate (Risk) Offer Box.png
Durable Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Durable Flag XL Icon Shop Flag.png
7 Jul 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png Stadler Euro 4001 D
Icon Shop Diesel.png Stadler Euro 4001 S
Europa Gravel
Europa Fuel
Stadler Box Offer Box.png
Stadler Box VIP Offer Box.png
3 Jul 2019 Icon Shop Electric.png Fjord Cordelia
Icon Shop Diesel.png Fjord MPI MP36PH
Fjord 1st Class
Fjord 2nd class
Fjord Economy
Fjord VIP
Fjord Tail
Norwegian Flag XL Icon Shop Flag.png
30 Jun 2019 Icon Shop Loco.png Concealment J-Class
Icon Shop Electric.png Concealment EF210
Concealment 1st class
Concealment 2nd class
Concealment Economy
Concealment Vip
Concealment restaurant
26 Jun 2019 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Aurora Aurora Bismuth+
Aurora Bismuth
Aurora Borax+
Aurora Borax
23 Jun 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png Unflinching Icebreaker
Icon Shop Electric.png Unflinching Lance
Unflinching 1st class
Unflinching 2nd class
Unflinching Economy
Unflinching VIP
Unflinching Restaurant
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension.png
19 Jun 2019 Icon Shop Maglev.png Headway Headway Steel
Headway U-235
Headway Plastics
Headway Bricks
Headway Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
Card Box (High Risk) Offer Box.png
Card Crate (Safe Bet) Offer Box.png
Reliable Box (High Risk) Offer Box.png
Reliable Crate (Safe Bet) Offer Box.png
16 Jun 2019 Icon Shop Maglev.png Iapetus
Icon Shop Electric.png Settebello
Iapetus 1st class
Iapetus 2nd class
Iapetus VIP
Iapetus Tail
Settebello 1st class
Settebello 2nd class
Settebello Economy
Settebello VIP
Settebello Restaurant
Settebello Tail
12 Jun 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png Holiday Train GP20
Icon Shop Diesel.png Holiday Train SD90
Present Steel
Present Wood
Holidays Wagon Box Offer Box.png
9 Jun 2019 Icon Shop Loco.png PRR Soul
Icon Shop Loco.png FEF-2 Soul
Soul 1st class
Soul 2nd class
Soul Economy
Soul Vip
Soul Restaurant
5 Jun 2019 Icon Shop Maglev.png Brilliant Brilliant Wood
Brilliant Nails
Brilliant Fuel
Brilliant Plastics
Brilliant Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
Bonus Storage +200 Icon Extension.png
Shiny Box (Risk) Offer Box.png
Shiny Crate (Safe) Offer Box.png
2 Jun 2019 Icon Shop Electric.png Septa Dark Quad
Icon Shop Electric.png Septa Dark Double
Septa Dark 1st class
Septa Dark 2nd class
Septa Dark Economy
Septa Dark VIP
Septa Dark Restaurant
29 May 2019 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Io
Icon Shop Maglev.png Phobos
Io Lithium+
Io Lithium
Io Neodymium+
Io Neodymium
Phobos Nails
Phobos Silicon
Phobos Cement
Phobos Marble
Phobos Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
26 May 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png 40CC Frosted
Icon Shop Electric.png Glacial CRH-X
Icon Shop Electric.png Glacial CRH-NG
Glacial 1st class
Glacial 2nd class
Glacial Economy
Glacial VIP
Glacial Tail
BF U-235
BF Gravel
22 May 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD DDM45 Luminosity D
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD DDM45 Luminosity
Luminosity U-235
Luminosity glass
Luminosity Glass S+
Luminosity Titanium
Luminosity Cement
Luminosity Cement S+
Christmas Tree Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
19 May 2019 Icon Shop Electric.png Titus Card
Icon Shop Diesel.png Class 47 Card
Card 1st class
Card 2nd class
Card Economy
Card VIP
Card Urgent
Card Mail
15 May 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png TCDD 36008 Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png TCDD 36008 Double
TCDD Marble
TCDD Bricks
TCDD Nails
TCDD Silicon
Flagship Apartments Logo Special.png
12 May 2019 Icon Shop Maglev.png Pigeon
Icon Shop Electric.png New Haven
Pigeon 1st class
Pigeon 2nd class
Pigeon VIP
Pigeon Mail
Pigeon Tail
New Haven 1st class
New Haven 2nd class
New Haven Economy
New Haven VIP
New Haven Mail
8 May 2019 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Greitis
Icon Shop Maglev.png Prey
Greitis Lithium+
Greitis Lithium
Greitis Aerogel+
Greitis Aerogel
Prey Gravel
Prey Rubber
Prey Fuel
Prey Titanium
Prey Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
Diesel Box (High Risk) Offer Box.png
Diesel Crate (Safe Bet) Offer Box.png
5 May 2019 Icon Shop Loco.png Class 05 Ribcage
Icon Shop Electric.png S64U Ribcage
Ribcage 1st class
Ribcage 2nd class
Ribcage Economy
Ribcage VIP
Ribcage Restaurant
Zombie flag Icon Shop Flag.png
1 May 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png F9 Apparition
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD Apparition
Scary Wires
Scary Carbon
Apparition box Offer Box.png
28 Apr 2019 Icon Shop Maglev.png Deimos
Icon Shop Diesel.png Venom Euro 4000
Icon Shop Electric.png Venom E-412
Deimos Tail
Venom 1st class
Venom 2nd class
Venom Economy
Venom VIP
Venom Restaurant
Deimos Box Offer Box.png
24 Apr 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png Skeletal Class 240 Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png Skeletal Class 240 D
Skeletal Steel
Skeletal U-235
Skeletal Plastics
Skeletal Bricks
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension.png
21 Apr 2019 Icon Shop Maglev.png Hustle
Icon Shop Electric.png NTV Kiirus
Icon Shop Electric.png AGV Kiirus
Hustle 1st class
Hustle 2nd class
Hustle VIP
Hustle Tail
Kiirus 1st class
Kiirus 2nd class
Kiirus Economy
Kiirus VIP
Kiirus Restaurant
Kiirus Tail
17 Apr 2019 Icon Shop Loco.png Mallard Floreo
Icon Shop Loco.png Fvorar Floreo
Floreo Box Offer Box.png
14 Apr 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png SD90 Pumpkin
Icon Shop Electric.png Godling Double
Icon Shop Electric.png Godling Single
Godling 1st class
Godling 2nd class
Godling Economy
Godling Vip
Godling Restaurant
10 Apr 2019 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Ganymede
Icon Shop Diesel.png Autumn Spirit Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Autumn Spirit
Autumn Spirit Bricks
Autumn Spirit Glass
Autumn Spirit Carbon
Autumn Spirit Gravel
Autumn Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
7 Apr 2019 Icon Shop Electric.png EF210 Metra
Icon Shop Diesel.png MPI MP36PH Metra
Metra 1st class
Metra 2nd class
Metra Economy
Metra VIP
Metra Restaurant
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension.png
3 Apr 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png GT1h-002 Dunes Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png GT1h-002 Dunes
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMDX North Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMDX 7002 North
North Rubber
North Steel
North Wires
North Cement
Dunes Box Offer Box.png
31 Mar 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png Yukon GE Class 90
Icon Shop Electric.png Yukon Class EA
Yukon 1st class
Yukon 2nd class
Yukon Economy
Yukon Vip
Yukon Restaurant
27 Mar 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png EVR C36-7 Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png EVR C36-7 D
Spare Marble
Spare Gravel
EVR Box Offer Box.png
24 Mar 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png Looming
Icon Shop Electric.png Cordelia
Icon Shop Electric.png Cordelia II
Cordelia 1st class
Cordelia 2nd class
Cordelia Economy
Cordelia VIP
Cordelia Tail
20 Mar 2019 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Ananke
Icon Shop Diesel.png New York SD90
Icon Shop Diesel.png New York EMD FT
Ananke Xenon+
Ananke Xenon
Ananke Wolfram+
Ananke Wolfram
NY Nails
NY Carbon
NY Gravel
NY Silicon
17 Mar 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD F9 Rio Grande
Icon Shop Electric.png Rio Grande Class 86
Icon Shop Electric.png Thunderstruck AC
Icon Shop Electric.png Thunderstruck DC
Rio Grande 1st class
Rio Grande 2nd class
Rio Grande Economy
Rio Grande VIP
Rio Grande Restaurant
Thunderstruck 1st class
Thunderstruck 2nd class
Thunderstruck Economy
Thunderstruck VIP
Thunderstruck Tail
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension.png
Director's Box (Safe Bet) Offer Box.png
Prop Case (High Risk) Offer Box.png
13 Mar 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png SD90 Circuit Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png SD90 Circuit D
Circuit Steel
Circuit Fuel
Circuit Glass
Circuit Plastics
10 Mar 2019 Icon Shop Maglev.png Wayfarer
Icon Shop Electric.png AT 400 Wanderer
Icon Shop Electric.png Hitachi Wanderer
Wayfarer 1st class
Wayfarer 2nd class
Wayfarer VIP
Wayfarer Tail
Wanderer 1st class
Wanderer 2nd class
Wanderer Economy
Wanderer VIP
Wanderer Restaurant
Wanderer Tail
6 Mar 2019 Icon Shop Maglev.png QT9090 Nix
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Themisto
Nix Tail
Themisto Wolfram+
Themisto Wolfram
Themisto Borax+
Themisto Borax
Stocky Wires
Stocky Titanium
Stocky Bricks S+
Stocky Rubber S++
Nix Box Offer Box.png
3 Mar 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png Orbit
Icon Shop Electric.png Harvest CRH400 AF
Icon Shop Electric.png Harvest Eaststar
Harvest 1st class
Harvest 2nd class
Harvest Economy
Harvest VIP
Harvest Tail
27 Feb 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png Vectron Wanderlust D
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vectron Wanderlust Q
Wanderlust Carbon
Wanderlust Nails
Wanderlust Plastics
Wanderlust Silicon
Old Map Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
24 Feb 2019 Icon Shop Electric.png Alfa Shore
Icon Shop Electric.png Pendolino Shore
Shore 1st class
Shore 2nd class
Shore Economy
Shore VIP
Shore Restaurant
Shore Tail
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension.png
20 Feb 2019 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Swelter
Icon Shop Maglev.png Sear
Icon Shop Electric.png Sunshine Rose
Icon Shop Diesel.png Sunshine Brightline
Sear Silicon
Sear Nails
Sear Carbon
Sear Plastics
Sear Tail
Sunshine 1st class
Sunshine 2nd class
Sunshine Economy
Sunshine VIP
Sunshine Restaurant
Sunshine Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
Swelter Box Offer Box.png
17 Feb 2019 Icon Shop Electric.png PKP E-1000 class
Icon Shop Electric.png PKP ET22-165
PKP 1st class
PKP 2nd class
PKP Economy
PKP Restaurant
Summer Lovin' Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
13 Feb 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png Neon L Class D
Icon Shop Diesel.png Neon L Class
Neon Nails
Neon Carbon
Neon Titanium
Neon Silicon
Bonus Storage +200 Icon Extension.png
10 Feb 2019 Icon Shop Maglev.png Ice Cleaver
Icon Shop Loco.png Wizzard's Express
Ice Cleaver 1st class
Ice Cleaver 2nd class
Ice Cleaver VIP
Ice Cleaver Tail
Wizzard's 1st class
Wizzard's 2nd class
Wizzard's Economy
Wizzard's VIP
6 Feb 2019 Icon Shop Maglev.png Leaf
Icon Shop Diesel.png Montana F40PHM-2
Icon Shop Electric.png Montana Class 86
Leaf Cement
Leaf Fuel
Leaf Glass
Leaf Marble
Leaf Tail
Montana 1st class
Montana 2nd class
Montana Economy
Montana VIP
Montana Restaurant
3 Feb 2019 Icon Shop Electric.png Reel
Icon Shop Diesel.png Flap
Reel 1st class
Reel 2nd class
Reel Economy
Reel VIP
Reel Restaurant
Reel Tail
30 Jan 2019 Icon Shop Maglev.png Dark Leopard
Icon Shop Diesel.png Junglanji C44aci
Icon Shop Diesel.png Junglanji C44aci D
Leopard U-235
Leopard Steel
Leopard Titanium
Leopard Fuel
Leopard Tail
Bonus Storage +200 Icon Extension.png
Director's Box (Safe Bet) Offer Box.png
Prop Case (High Risk) Offer Box.png
Junglanji Box Offer Box.png
27 Jan 2019 Icon Shop Electric.png Siege SNCB 18
Icon Shop Diesel.png Siege GP60
Siege 1st class
Siege 2nd class
Siege Economy
Siege VIP
Siege Restaurant
Movie Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
23 Jan 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png Iron NSW90
Icon Shop Diesel.png Moon DDA40X
Icon Shop Diesel.png Moon DB v320
Space Box Offer Box.png
20 Jan 2019 Icon Shop Loco.png Darjeeling Himalayan
Icon Shop Electric.png Himalayan Vr2
Icon Shop Diesel.png American Freedom
Himalayan 1st class
Himalayan 2nd class
Himalayan Economy
Himalayan VIP
Himalayan Restaurant
Freedom 1st class
Freedom 2nd class
Freedom Economy
Freedom VIP
NEO-BOX (High Risk) Offer Box.png
NEO-CACHE (Safe Bet) Offer Box.png
16 Jan 2019 Icon Shop Loco.png Big Boy 2.0
Icon Shop Maglev.png Black Cobra
Icon Shop Diesel.png Euro 4000 Ruby
Icon Shop Loco.png N&W 2300 Ruby
Black Cobra 1st class
Black Cobra 2nd class
Black Cobra VIP
Black Cobra Tail
Ruby Carbon
Ruby Nails
Ruby Silicon
Ruby Titanium
Ruby Nails+
Ruby Titanium+
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
13 Jan 2019 Icon Shop Diesel.png C60 Equalizer
Icon Shop Electric.png Striker Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Electric.png Forward
Striker 1st class
Striker 2nd class
Striker Economy
Striker VIP
Striker Connect
Striker Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
9 Jan 2019 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png The Incredible Train
Icon Shop Diesel.png DDM45 Fortuna Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png DDM45 Fortuna D
Incredible Aerogel+
Incredible Aerogel
Incredible Nanotubes+
Incredible Nanotubes
Best Of Box (Safe Bet) Offer Box.png
Season Box (High Risk) Offer Box.png
Fortune Box Offer Box.png
6 Jan 2019 Icon Shop Electric.png Electrostar c2c
Icon Shop Electric.png Bombardier Electrostar
c2c 1st class
c2c 2nd class
c2c Connect
c2c Economy
c2c VIP
Bonus Storage +200 Icon Extension.png
2 Jan 2019 Icon Shop Maglev.png Magnétique
Icon Shop Diesel.png Spartak CC300 Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Spartak CC300
Magnétique Glass
Magnétique Rubber
Magnétique Plastics
Magnétique U-235
Magnétique Tail
Spartak Titanium
Spartak Rubber
Spartak Wires
Spartak Bricks
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension.png

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