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The Vintage Offer Icon Shop VO section of the Shop can be accessed by clicking on the Special Offer icon on the main screen or the Special Offer tab in the Shop.

Vintage Offers give players a second chance to purchase items they might have missed during a Special Offer. Usually, an item will be available in a Vintage Offer approximately six months to ten months after its initial Special Offer. The Vintage Offer becomes available once a player reaches level 90, and offers change every Sunday and Wednesday at 14:00 (2:00 p.m.) GMT.

See also: Special Offer 2017 Icon Shop SO.

Offer Start Date Locomotives Wagons Other
31 Dec 2017 Icon Shop Diesel Rocky Mountaineer
Icon Shop Electric Alp Mountaineer
Mountaineer 1st class
Mountaineer Business
Mountaineer Economy
Mountaineer Scenic
Mountaineer Diner
Mountaineer Tail
27 Dec 2017 Icon Shop Diesel Voivode Double
Icon Shop Diesel Voivode Single
Voivode Cement
Voivode Wires
Voivode Bricks
Voivode Rubber
Voivode Rubber++
Voivode Cement+
24 Dec 2017 Icon Shop Electric Lavish Splendor
Icon Shop Electric Splendor
Splendor 1st class
Splendor 2nd class
Splendor VIP
Splendor Sleeper
Splendor Restaurant
Splendor Tail
20 Dec 2017 Icon Shop Diesel QTX Superior
Icon Shop Diesel Evolution QTX
QTX Cement
QTX Wires
QTX Steel
QTX Wood
QTX Wires S
QTX Tail
17 Dec 2017 Icon Shop Electric Valerian Veloce
Icon Shop Electric Valerian 330
Valerian 1st class
Valerian 2nd class
Valerian VIP
Valerian Restaurant
Valerian Mail
Valerian Tail
13 Dec 2017 Icon Shop Diesel Overlord
Icon Shop Diesel Overseer
Overlord Wood
Overlord Wood +
Overlord Plastics
Overlord Plastics +
Overlord Fuel
Overlord Fuel +
Overlord Cement
Overlord Cement +
10 Dec 2017 Icon Shop Electric BR C800 Odyss
Icon Shop Diesel Brightline Ulyss
Odyss 1st class
Odyss 2nd class
Odyss VIP
Odyss Restaurant
Odyss Tail
Agency Office Icon Shop Building
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension
6 Dec 2017 Icon Shop Diesel RSD-15 Jazz Q
Icon Shop Diesel RSD-15 Jazz D
Jazz Marble
Jazz Bricks
Jazz Gravel
Jazz Plastics
Jazz Marble S+
Jazz Gravel S
Bonus Storage +200 Icon Extension
Pete's Lounge Icon Shop Building
3 Dec 2017 Icon Shop Electric Keisei Blossom
Icon Shop Electric Keisei Blossomling
Blossom Rare
Blossom 1st class
Blossom 2nd class
Blossom VIP
Blossom Diner
Blossom Tail
29 Nov 2017 Icon Shop Hyperloop Patron
Icon Shop Maglev Alacrity
Icon Shop Diesel Celerity Double
Icon Shop Diesel Celerity Quad
Patron Neodymium
Patron Nanotubes
Patron Lithium
Patron Aerogel
Alacrity Cement
Alacrity Silicon
Alacrity Plastics
Alacrity Nails
Alacrity Tail
Celerity Fuel
Celerity Glass
Celerity U-235
Celerity U-235 S
Celerity Rubber
26 Nov 2017 Icon Shop Electric Alfa Pendular
Icon Shop Electric Pendolino Pendular
Pendular 1st class
Pendular 2nd class
Pendular VIP
Pendular Connect
Pendular Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension
22 Nov 2017 Icon Shop Diesel SD40 BAR
Icon Shop Diesel SD40 CMQ Double
Icon Shop Diesel SD40 CMQ
CMQ Rubber
CMQ Titanium
CMQ Bricks
CMQ Wires
CMQ Rubber S
CMQ Wires S
19 Nov 2017 Icon Shop Loco Royal Shaoshan
Icon Shop Electric CR Shaoshan 7
Shaoshan 1st class
Shaoshan 2nd class
Shaoshan VIP
Shaoshan Dining
Shaoshan Lounge
Shaoshan Mail
15 Nov 2017 Icon Shop Loco PRR Sunflower
Icon Shop Diesel Drone Evolution Q
Icon Shop Diesel Drone Evolution D
Drone Glass
Drone Marble
Drone Wood
Drone U-235
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension
Uncut Gem Icon Shop Building
12 Nov 2017 Icon Shop Electric ES64U Grace
Icon Shop Electric ES64U Grace II
Grace 1st class
Grace 2nd class
Grace VIP
Grace Business Class
Grace Restaurant
Grace Mail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension
8 Nov 2017 Icon Shop Diesel Founder Quad
Icon Shop Diesel Founder Double
Founder Fuel
Founder Gravel
Founder Cement
Founder Steel
Founder Steel ++
Founder Fuel +
5 Nov 2017 Icon Shop Hyperloop Shard
Icon Shop Electric AT400 Viper
Icon Shop Electric VHS Viper
Shard Neodymium
Shard Lithium
Shard Tail
Viper 1st class
Viper 2nd class
Viper VIP
Viper Connect
Viper Tail
Glass Goliath Icon Shop Building
1 Nov 2017 Icon Shop Hyperloop Valor
Icon Shop Diesel Vigour Quad
Icon Shop Diesel Vigour Double
Valor Nanotubes
Valor Aerogel
Valor Tail
Vigour Rubber PLUS
Vigour Bricks
Vigour Plastics
Vigour U-235
Vigour Rubber
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension
29 Oct 2017 Icon Shop Maglev Adore
Icon Shop Maglev Ardor
Icon Shop Electric Fyra Empathy
Adore Glass
Adore Steel
Adore Wires
Adore Titanium
Adore Tail
Ardor Wood
Ardor Bricks
Ardor Carbon
Ardor Rubber
Ardor Tail
Empathy 1st class
Empathy 2nd class
Empathy VIP
Empathy Restaurant
Empathy Tail
25 Oct 2017 Icon Shop Diesel EffiShunter Quad
Icon Shop Diesel EffiShunter Double
EffiShunter Marble
EffiShunter Steel
EffiShunter Wires
EffiShunter Wood
Community Hall Logo Special
Rosette Estate Logo Special
22 Oct 2017 Icon Shop Electric Stadler Warp UP
Icon Shop Electric Stadler Warp
Warp 1st class
Warp 2nd class
Warp VIP
Warp Connect
Warp Tail
Bonus Storage +200 Icon Extension
Cerulean Tower Icon Shop Building
18 Oct 2017 Icon Shop Diesel GE Evo T4 Hauler Q
Icon Shop Diesel GE Evo T4 Hauler D
GE T4 Hauler Cement
GE T4 Hauler Glass
GE T4 Hauler Gravel
GE T4 Hauler Fuel
GE T4 Hauler Mixer
GE T4 Hauler Crane
15 Oct 2017 Icon Shop Electric TGV Schedulant
Icon Shop Electric TGV Schedulee
Icon Shop Loco Estimator
Schedulant 1st class
Schedulant 2nd class
Schedulant VIP
Schedulant Connect
Schedulant Tail
Estimator 1st class
Estimator 2nd class
Estimator VIP
Estimator Mail
Estimator VIP Mail
11 Oct 2017 Icon Shop Electric HXD3B Eminence
Icon Shop Diesel Class 70 Grandeur
Grandeur Bricks
Grandeur Nails
Grandeur Plastics
Grandeur Carbon
Hex Flag Icon Shop Flag
Skyrise Icon Shop Building
Skytall Icon Shop Building
8 Oct 2017 Icon Shop Electric DMZ EP3D
Icon Shop Electric DMZ EP3D EMU
EP3D 1st class
EP3D 2nd class
EP3D Connect
EP3D Mail
EP3D Tail
Unico House Icon Shop Building
4 Oct 2017 Icon Shop Diesel GT42AC Twincolor Q
Icon Shop Diesel GT42AC Twincolor D
Twincolor Silicon
Twincolor Gravel
Twincolor Fuel
Twincolor Wood
Twincolor Fuel S
Twincolor Gravel S
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension
1 Oct 2017 Icon Shop Electric NTV Equus
Icon Shop Electric NTV Quagga
Equus 1st class
Equus 2nd class
Equus VIP
Equus Connect
Equus Tail
Design Office Icon Shop Building
27 Sep 2017 Icon Shop Diesel Westrail L Class Q
Icon Shop Diesel Westrail L Class D
Icon Shop Electric Class 86 Bicentennial
Westrail U-235
Westrail Glass
Westrail Titanium
Westrail Cement
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension
Kangaroo Flag Icon Shop Flag
Small Residence Icon Shop Building
24 Sep 2017 Icon Shop Electric SWT Desiro
Icon Shop Electric SWT class 707
Icon Shop Electric Thameslink Desiro
SWT 1st class
SWT 2nd class
SWT Connect
SWT Tail
Thameslink 1st class
Thameslink 2nd class
Thameslink VIP
Thameslink Connect
Thameslink Tail
20 Sep 2017 Icon Shop Diesel Di 3 Gunnar Quad
Icon Shop Diesel Di 3 Gunnar Double
Gunnar Wires
Gunnar Plastics
Gunnar Carbon
Gunnar Steel
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension
Nordic Courthouse Icon Shop Building
17 Sep 2017 Icon Shop Maglev T-racer
Icon Shop Diesel Di8 T-racer
T-racer 1st class
T-racer 2nd class
T-racer VIP
T-racer Urgent Mail
T-racer Restaurant
T-racer Tail
13 Sep 2017 Icon Shop Diesel C66 Erebus Quad
Icon Shop Diesel C66 Erebus Double
C66 Erebus Marble
C66 Erebus Bricks
C66 Erebus Nails
C66 Erebus Silicon
C66 Erebus Marble+
C66 Erebus Nails+
Beacon Flag Icon Shop Flag
10 Sep 2017 Icon Shop Electric Brinicle
Icon Shop Electric Brinicle II
Brinicle 1st class
Brinicle 2nd class
Brinicle Connect
Brinicle Mail
Brinicle VIP
Brinicle Tail
6 Sep 2017 Icon Shop Diesel GTEL Edris
Icon Shop Diesel GTEL Idris
Edris Gravel
Edris Rubber
Edris Fuel
Edris Titanium
Edris Fuel VIP
Edris Gravel+
3 Sep 2017 Icon Shop Electric Gelid Talgo
Icon Shop Electric Gelid Talgo II
Gelid 1st class
Gelid 2nd class
Gelid VIP
Gelid Restaurant
Gelid Tail
Snowy Clockhouse Icon Shop Building
30 Aug 2016 Icon Shop Diesel SD70 Fizzy Quad
Icon Shop Diesel SD70 Fizzy Double
Fizzy Glass
Fizzy Wires
Fizzy Wood
Fizzy Carbon
Firework Flag Icon Shop Flag
Hexa Hourglass Icon Shop Building
27 Aug 2017 Icon Shop Electric Theia
Icon Shop Electric Theia Alt
Icon Shop Diesel Vesper
Icon Shop Diesel Vesperas
Icon Shop Loco U-4 Epiphany
Icon Shop Loco U-4 Christmastide
Theia 1st class
Theia 2nd class
Theia VIP
Theia Tail
Vesper 1st class
Vesper 2nd class
Vesper Restaurant
Vesper VIP
Epiphany 1st class
Epiphany 2nd class
Epiphany VIP
Epiphany Restaurant
23 Aug 2017 Icon Shop Diesel Midwinter Quad
Icon Shop Diesel Midwinter Double
Midwinter Steel
Midwinter U-235
Midwinter Plastics
Midwinter Bricks
Midwinter Gift S
Midwinter Gift P
20 Aug 2017 Icon Shop Electric Crystalline TGV
Icon Shop Electric Crystallizer TGV
Crystalline 1st class
Crystalline 2nd class
Crystalline VIP
Crystalline Connect
Crystalline Tail
Forest Cottage Icon Shop Building
16 Aug 2017 Icon Shop Diesel ES44 Glaciation D
Icon Shop Diesel ES44 Glaciation S
Icon Shop Diesel ES44 Frostbite D
Icon Shop Diesel ES44 Frostbite S
Glaciation Nails
Glaciation Silicon
Glaciation Cement
Glaciation Marble
Frostbite Nails
Frostbite Silicon
Frostbite Cement
Frostbite Marble
13 Aug 2017 Icon Shop Electric ICX Chilly
Icon Shop Electric ICX Wintry
Chilly 1st class
Chilly 2nd class
Chilly VIP
Chilly Restaurant
Chilly Tail
Ottawa Library Icon Shop Building
9 Aug 2017 Icon Shop Diesel Snowfall Quad
Icon Shop Diesel Snowfall Double
Snowfall Bricks
Snowfall Glass
Snowfall Carbon
Snowfall Gravel
Snowfall Bricks S
Snowfall Glass S
6 Aug 2017 Icon Shop Electric Aviator I
Icon Shop Electric Aviator II
Icon Shop Electric Purser I
Icon Shop Electric Purser II
Aviator 1st class
Aviator 2nd class
Aviator VIP
Aviator Tail
Purser 1st class
Purser 2nd class
Purser VIP
Purser Tail
2 Aug 2017 Icon Shop Diesel Sark
Icon Shop Diesel Sark Double
Sark Rubber
Sark Steel
Sark Wires
Sark Cement
Cyber Flag Icon Shop Flag
30 Jul 2017 Icon Shop Electric EA Stamp
Icon Shop Electric EA Stamp Double
Stamp 1st class
Stamp 2nd class
Stamp Urgent Mail
Stamp Regular Mail
Stamp Versatile
Santiago Central Icon Shop Building
26 Jul 2017 Icon Shop Diesel C-855 Mailbox
Icon Shop Diesel C-855 Postbox
Mailbox Silicon S
Mailbox Nails
Mailbox Marble
Mailbox Plastics
Mailbox Silicon
Mailbox Nails S
23 Jul 2017 Icon Shop Electric Nightfall
Icon Shop Electric EC250 Nightfall
Nightfall Premium
Nightfall Standard
Nightfall VIP
Nightfall Connect
Nightfall Tail
Noxious Mist Icon Shop Decoration
19 Jul 2017 Icon Shop Maglev Nethertide Nethertide Fuel
Nethertide Marble
Nethertide U-235
Nethertide Cement
Nethertide Tail
Treat (2016) Offer Box
Trick (2016) Offer Box
16 Jul 2017 Icon Shop Electric AGV Maple
Icon Shop Electric AGV Leaf
Maple 1st Class
Maple 2nd Class
Maple VIP
Maple Connect
Maple Tail
Timber Home Icon Shop Building
12 Jul 2017 Icon Shop Diesel QR 2300 Quad
Icon Shop Diesel QR 2300 Double
QR U-235
QR Wood
QR Titanium
QR Fuel
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension
Forrest Manor Icon Shop Building
9 Jul 2017 Icon Shop Loco Venenum
Icon Shop Maglev Acerbic
Acerbic 1st class
Acerbic 2nd class
Acerbic VIP
Acerbic Mail
Acerbic Restaurant
Acerbic Tail
5 Jul 2017 Icon Shop Diesel Miasma Quad
Icon Shop Diesel Miasma Double
Miasma Nails
Miasma Carbon
Miasma Gravel
Miasma Silicon
Chambord Castle 1/3 Icon Shop Building
Chambord Castle 2/3 Icon Shop Building
Chambord Castle 3/3 Icon Shop Building
2 Jul 2017 Icon Shop Electric Shadow
Icon Shop Electric AT400 Shadow
Shadow Premium
Shadow Standard
Shadow VIP
Shadow Connect
Shadow Tail
Sinister Hotel Icon Shop Building
28 Jun 2017 Icon Shop Diesel Hellhound Quad
Icon Shop Diesel Hellhound Double
Hellhound Wood
Hellhound Rubber
Hellhound Titanium
Hellhound Bricks
Bat Cloud Icon Shop Decoration
Decrepit Asylum Icon Shop Building
25 Jun 2017 Icon Shop Electric Aeternus
Icon Shop Electric ICN Aeternus
Aeternus Premium
Aeternus Standard
Aeternus VIP
Aeternus Tail
Pixel Park I Icon Shop Building
21 Jun 2017 Icon Shop Maglev Quartz Quartz Wood
Quartz Bricks
Quartz Carbon
Quartz Rubber
Quartz Tail
Pixel Box Offer Box
Pixel Park II Icon Shop Building
18 Jun 2017 Icon Shop Electric C103 Sage Quad
Icon Shop Electric C103 Sage Double
Sage Premium
Sage Standard
Sage VIP
Sage Diner
Sage Sleeper
Overgrown Station Icon Shop Building
14 Jun 2017 Icon Shop Diesel 071 Class Quad
Icon Shop Diesel 071 Class Double
071 Class Steel
071 Class Fuel
071 Class Glass
071 Class Plastics
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension
Brick Warehouse Icon Shop Building
11 Jun 2017 Icon Shop Diesel M10K Iron Duke
Icon Shop Electric ES64U Iron Duke
Iron Duke Premium
Iron Duke Standard
Iron Duke VIP
Iron Duke Diner
Iron Duke Tail
The Metropolitan Icon Shop Building
7 Jun 2017 Icon Shop Diesel LWT12 Herald
Icon Shop Diesel Aero Herald
Herald Titanium S
Herald Titanium
Herald Wires
Herald Wires S
Majestic Tower Icon Shop Building
Ministry of Industry Icon Shop Building
4 Jun 2017 Icon Shop Diesel Powerhouse Quad
Icon Shop Diesel Powerhouse Double
Powerhouse Rubber S
Powerhouse Rubber
Powerhouse Bricks S
Powerhouse Bricks
Diesel Generator Icon Shop Decoration
Industrial Dome Icon Shop Building
31 May 2017 Icon Shop Diesel Dash Injector Quad
Icon Shop Diesel Dash Injector Double
Injector Carbon S
Injector Carbon
Injector Silicon S
Injector Silicon
House of Prosperity Icon Shop Building
28 May 2017 Icon Shop Electric Altius
Icon Shop Electric Oaris Altius
Altius Premium
Altius Standard
Altius VIP
Altius Connect
Altius Tail
Unity House Icon Shop Building
Weightlifting Icon Shop Decoration
24 May 2017 Icon Shop Diesel U36B Empire State Q
Icon Shop Diesel U36B Empire State D
Empire State Marble
Empire State Wood
Empire State Wires
Empire State Steel
3 WTC Icon Shop Building
Bonus Storage +200 Icon Extension
21 May 2017 Icon Shop Electric Atlantic
Icon Shop Electric Atlantic HSR
Atlantic Premium
Atlantic Standard
Atlantic VIP
Atlantic Connect
Atlantic Tail
2 WTC Icon Shop Building
17 May 2017 Icon Shop Diesel DDA40X Sterling
Icon Shop Maglev Sterling
Sterling Cement
Sterling Silicon
Sterling Plastics
Sterling Nails
Sterling Plastics S
Sterling Tail
14 May 2017 Icon Shop Electric Stadler Summit
Icon Shop Electric FLIRT Summit
Summit Premium
Summit Standard
Summit VIP
Summit Connect
Summit Tail
Bank Tower Icon Shop Building
10 May 2017 Icon Shop Loco Class P36
Icon Shop Maglev Edge
Icon Shop Diesel Sunray Quad
Icon Shop Diesel Sunray Double
Icon Shop Electric Allegro Fall
Icon Shop Electric Sm6 Fall
Edge 1st Class
Edge 2nd Class
Edge VIP
Edge Versatile
Edge Tail
Sunray Bricks
Sunray Nails
Sunray Wires
Sunray Cement
Fall 1st Class
Fall 2nd Class
Fall VIP
Fall Connect
Fall Tail
Refinery Part 1/3 Icon Shop Building
Refinery Part 2/3 Icon Shop Building
Refinery Part 3/3 Icon Shop Building
Spooky Ghost Icon Shop Decoration
7 May 2017 Icon Shop Electric Moonlight
Icon Shop Electric Starlight
Moonlight Premium
Moonlight Standard
Moonlight VIP
Moonlight Mail
Moonlight Connect
Moonlight Tail
3 May 2017 Icon Shop Diesel Paramount Double
Icon Shop Diesel Paramount Quad
Paramount Fuel
Paramount Cement
Paramount Glass
Paramount Gravel
Paramount Fuel S
Paramount Cement S
30 Apr 2017 Icon Shop Electric X52 Frontier
Icon Shop Electric Regina Frontier
Frontier Premium
Frontier Standard
Frontier VIP
Frontier Mail
Frontier Tail
Reinforced Bank Icon Shop Building
26 Apr 2017 Icon Shop Diesel GP40 Maverick D
Icon Shop Diesel GP40 Maverick Q
Maverick Titanium
Maverick Carbon
Maverick Marble
Maverick Rubber
Casket Workshop Icon Shop Building
Dry Goods Icon Shop Building
23 Apr 2017 Icon Shop Electric NTV Vanquisher
Icon Shop Electric Zefiro Vanquisher
Vanquisher Premium
Vanquisher Standard
Vanquisher VIP
Vanquisher Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension
Rio Tower Icon Shop Building
19 Apr 2017 Icon Shop Diesel DDM45 Medallist D
Icon Shop Diesel DDM45 Medallist Q
Medallist Silicon
Medallist Silicon S
Medallist Wood
Medallist Wood S
Medallist Plastics
Medallist Gravel
Beach Pavilion Icon Shop Building
Rio Pavilion Icon Shop Building
16 Apr 2017 Icon Shop Electric Zefiro Calibrator
Icon Shop Electric Zefiro Calibree
Calibrator 1st class
Calibrator 2nd class
Calibrator VIP
Calibrator Diner
Calibrator Tail
Band on the Wall Icon Shop Building
12 Apr 2017 Icon Shop Diesel Fortius Quad
Icon Shop Diesel Fortius Double
Fortius U-235
Fortius Fuel
Fortius Wires
Fortius Steel
Cycling Icon Shop Decoration
Summer Games HQ Icon Shop Building
9 Apr 2017 Icon Shop Electric TGV Carmillon
Icon Shop Electric TGV-PSE Carmillon
Carmillon Premium
Carmillon Standard
Carmillon VIP
Carmillon Restaurant
Carmillon Tail
Notre-Dame Icon Shop Building
Tricolor Flag Icon Shop Flag
5 Apr 2017 Icon Shop Maglev Cell
Icon Shop Diesel Fuse Quad
Icon Shop Diesel Fuse Double
Cell Plastics
Cell Bricks
Cell Titanium
Cell Gravel
Cell Tail
Fuse Gravel
Fuse Rubber
Fuse Fuel
Fuse Nails
Power Plant I Icon Shop Building
Power Plant II Icon Shop Building
Power Plant III Icon Shop Building
2 Apr 2017 Icon Shop Electric Flare
Icon Shop Electric Sapsan Flare
Flare Premium
Flare Standard
Flare VIP
Flare Connect
Flare Tail
TV Centre Icon Shop Building
29 Mar 2017 Icon Shop Diesel NSB Chord Quad
Icon Shop Diesel NSB Chord Double
Chord Nails
Chord Bricks
Chord Cement
Chord Glass
Columbia Club Icon Shop Building
Music Tribute Icon Shop Decoration
Trumpet Flag Icon Shop Flag
26 Mar 2017 Icon Shop Electric Keisei Groove
Icon Shop Electric Keisei Rhythm
Groove 1st class
Groove 2nd class
Groove VIP
Groove Connect
Groove Tail
House of Music Icon Shop Building
22 Mar 2017 Icon Shop Loco Class 7 Forte
Icon Shop Diesel GP50 Riff Quad
Icon Shop Diesel GP50 Riff Double
Riff Gravel
Riff Steel
Riff Titanium
Riff Carbon
Vinyl Art Icon Shop Decoration
19 Mar 2017 Icon Shop Maglev Marshal
Icon Shop Loco Hoplite
Marshal 1st class
Marshal 2nd class
Marshal VIP
Marshal Versatile
Marshal Tail
Odds Hotel Icon Shop Building
Steam Pumper Icon Shop Decoration
15 Mar 2017 Icon Shop Diesel WAGR Ion Quad
Icon Shop Diesel WAGR Ion Double
Ion Bricks
Ion Cement
Ion Silicon
Ion Wires
4G9 Spire Icon Shop Building
Spark Flag Icon Shop Flag
Statue of Edison Icon Shop Decoration
12 Mar 2017 Icon Shop Electric Volt
Icon Shop Electric TGV Volt
Volt 1st Class
Volt 2nd Class
Volt VIP
Volt Tail
Pratt Plant I Icon Shop Building
Pratt Plant II Icon Shop Building
8 Mar 2017 Icon Shop Diesel RSD-15 Ajax Quad
Icon Shop Diesel RSD-15 Ajax Double
Ajax U-235
Ajax Wood
Ajax Marble
Ajax Cement
Gyrocopter Icon Shop Decoration
House of Icarus Icon Shop Building
5 Mar 2017 Icon Shop Electric Class 800 Surge
Icon Shop Electric C800 SE Surge
Surge 1st Class
Surge 2nd Class
Surge VIP
Surge Restaurant
Surge Tail
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension
1 Mar 2017 Icon Shop Diesel ES44AC Liberty
Icon Shop Electric Acela Minuteman
Liberty Fuel
Liberty Wood
Liberty Titanium
Liberty Plastics
Minuteman Premium
Minuteman Standard
Minuteman VIP
Minuteman Tail
Gilman-Ladd House Icon Shop Building
26 Feb 2017 Icon Shop Electric Saemaul Asclepius
Icon Shop Electric ITX Asclepius
Asclepius 1st Class
Asclepius 2nd Class
Asclepius VIP
Asclepius Medical
Asclepius Tail
City Ambulance Icon Shop Decoration
Glasgow Clinic Icon Shop Building
Glasgow Hospital Icon Shop Building
22 Feb 2017 Icon Shop Diesel GP60 Fireproof Q
Icon Shop Diesel GP60 Fireproof D
Fireproof Glass
Fireproof Wires
Fireproof Wood
Fireproof Carbon
City Fire Station Icon Shop Building
City Fire Truck Icon Shop Decoration
19 Feb 2017 Icon Shop Electric Eclipse
Icon Shop Electric Eclipse S
Eclipse Premium
Eclipse Standard
Eclipse VIP
Eclipse Connect
Eclipse Tail
Earth Projection Icon Shop Decoration
Rose of the East Icon Shop Building
15 Feb 2017 Icon Shop Diesel Fairwind Quad
Icon Shop Diesel Fairwind Double
Fairwind Silicon
Fairwind Cement
Fairwind Wires
Fairwind Nails
Bonus Storage +200 Icon Extension
Mercury Tower Icon Shop Building
12 Feb 2017 Icon Shop Electric Alcyone
Icon Shop Electric Koncar Alcyone
Alcyone Standard
Alcyone VIP
Alcyone Connect
Alcyone Premium
Alcyone Tail
Contemporary House Icon Shop Building
Icosahedron Icon Shop Decoration
8 Feb 2017 Icon Shop Diesel WDG5 Arjuna Quad
Icon Shop Diesel WDG5 Arjuna Double
Arjuna U-235
Arjuna Steel
Arjuna Bricks
Arjuna Marble
Cahill Observatory Icon Shop Building
Elegant Manor Icon Shop Building
5 Feb 2017 Icon Shop Electric Nova
Icon Shop Electric Class 146 Nova
Nova 1st Class
Nova 2nd Class
Nova VIP
Nova Mail
Greenway Centre Icon Shop Building
Hightower Offices Icon Shop Building
1 Feb 2017 Icon Shop Diesel Maelstrom Double
Icon Shop Diesel Maelstrom
Maelstrom Silicon
Maelstrom Nails
Maelstrom Rubber
Maelstrom Gravel
Automated Airship Icon Shop Decoration
Library of Ottawa Icon Shop Building
29 Jan 2017 Icon Shop Electric Gaia
Icon Shop Electric CRH380AL Gaia
Gaia 1st Class
Gaia 2nd Class
Gaia VIP
Gaia Tail
Greenspire Icon Shop Building
Verdant Pyramid Icon Shop Building
25 Jan 2017 Icon Shop Diesel Artemis Quad
Icon Shop Diesel Artemis Double
Artemis Bricks
Artemis Glass
Artemis Plastics
Artemis Steel
Harbourside Crown Icon Shop Building
Volta Icon Shop Decoration
22 Jan 2017 Icon Shop Electric Northstar
Icon Shop Electric Polestar
Northstar 1st Class
Northstar 2nd Class
Northstar VIP
Northstar Restaurant
Northstar Tail
Steam Mr. Bill Icon Shop Decoration
18 Jan 2017 Icon Shop Maglev Legion
Icon Shop Diesel DE2400 Legion
Legion Steel
Legion Fuel
Legion Glass
Legion Wires
Legion Tail
Lecture Lab Icon Shop Building
The Circuit Icon Shop Decoration
15 Jan 2017 Icon Shop Electric e-Argent
Icon Shop Loco Argent
Argent Premium
Argent Standard
Argent VIP
Argent Restaurant
Argent Tail
11 Jan 2017 Icon Shop Diesel DF200 NHH Quad
Icon Shop Diesel DF200 NHH Double
NHH Carbon
NHH Plastics
NHH Titanium
NHH Fuel
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension
Blackburn Icon Shop Building
8 Jan 2017 Icon Shop Electric AT400 Iridescent
Icon Shop Electric AT400 Prismatic
Iridescent Premium
Iridescent Standard
Iridescent VIP
Iridescent Tail
Countryside Villa Icon Shop Building
Flowery Fount Icon Shop Decoration
4 Jan 2017 Icon Shop Maglev Arborea
Icon Shop Diesel CC300 Arborea
Arborea Steel
Arborea Plastics
Arborea Glass
Arborea Wires
Arborea Tail
Wisteria Pavilion Icon Shop Decoration
1 Jan 2017 Icon Shop Loco Esper Double
Icon Shop Loco Esper
Esper 1st Class
Esper 2nd Class
Esper Premium Mail
Esper Restaurant
Esper Tail
Tyntesfield Icon Shop Building

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