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The Vintage Offer Icon Shop VO.png section of the Shop can be accessed by clicking on the Special Offer icon (shown at left) on the main screen or the Vintage Offer tab in the Shop (shown above).

Vintage Offers give players a second chance to purchase items they might have missed during a Special Offer. Usually, an item will be available in a Vintage Offer approximately six months to ten months after its initial Special Offer. The Vintage Offer becomes available once a player reaches level 90, and offers change every Sunday and Wednesday at 14:00 (2:00 p.m.) GMT.

See also: Special Offer 2016 Icon Shop SO.png.

Offer Start Date Locomotives Wagons Other
28 Dec 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png Di8 Herculean Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png Di8 Herculean D
Icon Shop Loco.png Golden Boy
Herculean Nails
Herculean U-235
Herculean Glass
Herculean Steel
Victorian House Icon Shop Building.png
25 Dec 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png Trojmiasto Impuls
Icon Shop Electric.png Trojmiasto Impuls II
Trojmiasto 1st class
Trojmiasto 2nd class
Trojmiasto Connect
Trojmiasto Tail
Jukebox Icon Shop Decoration.png
Midtown Bowl Icon Shop Building.png
21 Dec 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png C240 Everbloom Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png C240 Everbloom D
Everbloom Titanium
Everbloom Carbon
Everbloom Rubber
Everbloom Wires
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension.png
Garden Shed Icon Shop Decoration.png
18 Dec 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png Alp Taurus Quad
Icon Shop Electric.png Alp Taurus Double
Alp 1st class
Alp 2nd class
Alp Mail
Alp Restaurant
Wildridge House Icon Shop Building.png
14 Dec 2016 Icon Shop Maglev.png Icebow
Icon Shop Maglev.png Hoarfrost
Icebow Silicon
Icebow Gravel
Icebow Rubber
Icebow Steel
Icebow Tail
Hoarfrost Titanium
Hoarfrost Glass
Hoarfrost Wires
Hoarfrost Wood
Hoarfrost Tail
Spirit of Christmas Offer Box.png
11 Dec 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png CRH-X Cardinal
Icon Shop Electric.png CRH-X Cerise
Cardinal 1st Class
Cardinal 2nd Class
Cardinal VIP
Cardinal Restaurant
Cardinal Tail
Waikato Residence Icon Shop Building.png
7 Dec 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png Zefiro Celebrant
Icon Shop Electric.png Zefiro Celebrator
Icon Shop Electric.png Keisei Resolution
Icon Shop Electric.png Keisei Promise
Icon Shop Diesel.png Railmaster Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Railmaster Double
Celebrant 1st class
Celebrant 2nd class
Celebrant VIP
Celebrant Tail
Resolution 1st class
Resolution 2nd class
Resolution VIP
Resolution Tail
Railmaster Cement
Railmaster Wood
Railmaster Marble
Railmaster Bricks
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension.png
Small Porch House Icon Shop Building.png
Suburban House Icon Shop Building.png
4 Dec 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png NGT Eastertide
Icon Shop Electric.png NGT Springtide
Eastertide 1st Class
Eastertide 2nd Class
Eastertide VIP
Eastertide Tail
Apple Orchard Icon Shop Decoration.png
Verdant Villa Icon Shop Building.png
30 Nov 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png PH37ACi Viridian Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png PH37ACi Viridian D
Viridian Plastics
Viridian Fuel
Viridian Silicon
Viridian Gravel
Azalea Inn Icon Shop Building.png
Large Chalet Icon Shop Building.png
27 Nov 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png Aisling Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Aisling Double
Aisling Carbon
Aisling Marble
Aisling Wood
Aisling Titanium
Dancing Leprechaun Icon Shop Decoration.png
Mossy House Icon Shop Building.png
23 Nov 2016 Icon Shop Maglev.png Momentum
Icon Shop Diesel.png BR60 Momentum
Icon Shop Electric.png E-412 Momentum
Momentum 1st Class
Momentum 2nd Class
Momentum Express
Momentum Restaurant
Momentum Tail
20 Nov 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png Hyperion Éire
Icon Shop Electric.png Hyperion Gael
Éire 1st Class
Éire 2nd Class
Éire VIP
Éire Restaurant
Éire Tail
Rugged Abode Icon Shop Building.png
16 Nov 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png Kingfish Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Kingfish Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Breeze Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Breeze Single
Kingfish Steel
Kingfish Silicon
Kingfish Wires
Kingfish Rubber
Breeze Gravel
Breeze Glass
Breeze Uranium
Breeze Nails
Harbour Sawmill Icon Shop Building.png
Seaport Symbol Icon Shop Decoration.png
13 Nov 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png ED250 Clipper
Icon Shop Electric.png ED250 Pungy
ED250 1st Mate Room
ED250 Crew Quarter
ED250 Master's Cabin
ED250 Saloon
ED250 Lazarette
Santa Maria Icon Shop Decoration.png
9 Nov 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png Sigma Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Sigma Double
Sigma Fuel
Sigma Plastics
Sigma Bricks
Sigma Cement
Contemporary Manor Icon Shop Building.png
Medical Academy Icon Shop Building.png
6 Nov 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png X61 Jotun
Icon Shop Electric.png X61 Ettin
X61 1st Class
X61 2nd Class
X61 Connect
X61 Tail
Hive Spire Icon Shop Building.png
Hive Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
2 Nov 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png SD70 ACS Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png SD70 ACS Double
ACS Silicon
ACS Wood
ACS Glass
ACS Carbon
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
Sky Tower Icon Shop Building.png
30 Oct 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png ITX Bluebird
Icon Shop Electric.png ITX Cerulean
Bluebird 1st Class
Bluebird 2nd Class
Bluebird VIP
Bluebird Restaurant
Bluebird Tail
26 Oct 2016 Icon Shop Maglev.png Aegis
Icon Shop Maglev.png Pace
Aegis Gravel
Aegis Rubber
Aegis Wood
Aegis Titan
Pace U-235
Pace Carbon
Pace Marble
Pace Nails
Pace Tail
23 Oct 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png Green Flame
Icon Shop Electric.png Toxic Flame
Green Flame 1st Class
Green Flame 2nd Class
Green Flame VIP
Green Flame Connect
Green Flame Tail
Castle Miranda Icon Shop Building.png
19 Oct 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png Devourer Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Devourer Double
Devourer Wood
Devourer Wires
Devourer Titanium
Devourer Rubber
Mad Scientist Lab Icon Shop Building.png
Spooky Ghost Icon Shop Decoration.png
16 Oct 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png E657 Iwaki
Icon Shop Electric.png E657 Ueno
Icon Shop Electric.png E653 Iwanuma
Icon Shop Electric.png E653 Nippori
Iwaki 1st Class
Iwaki 2nd Class
Iwaki Connect
Iwaki VIP
Iwaki Tail
Iwanuma 1st Class
Iwanuma 2nd Class
Iwanuma Connect
Iwanuma VIP
Iwanuma Tail
12 Oct 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png SDD17 Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png SDD17 Double
SDD17 Plastics
SDD17 U-235
SDD17 Rubber
SDD17 Gravel
Kindred Spirit Icon Shop Decoration.png
Trevi Fountain Icon Shop Building.png
9 Oct 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png NGT Tomcats
Icon Shop Electric.png NGT Seattle
Tomcats 1st Class
Tomcats 2nd Class
Tomcats VIP
Tomcats Connect
Tomcats Tail
MSA Footballer Icon Shop Decoration.png
5 Oct 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png ES44 Matadores Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png ES44 Matadores D
Matadores Titanium
Matadores Steel
Matadores Marble
Matadores Fuel
Delightful Decorations Offer Box.png
MSA Arena Icon Shop Building.png
2 Oct 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png ACS64 Gridiron Quad
Icon Shop Electric.png ACS64 Gridiron Double
Gridiron 1st class
Gridiron 2nd class
Gridiron VIP
Gridiron Restaurant
Gridiron Fan Coach
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension.png
28 Sep 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png SD70 Kickoff Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png SD70 Kickoff Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png SD70 Football Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png SD70 Football Double
Kickoff Cement
Kickoff Wires
Kickoff Nails
Kickoff Bricks
Football Cement
Football Wires
Football Nails
Football Bricks
MSA Hockey Player Icon Shop Decoration.png
25 Sep 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png Lyria Lhasa
Icon Shop Electric.png TGV Lhasa
Lhasa 1st class
Lhasa 2nd class
Lhasa VIP
Lhasa Restaurant
Lhasa Tail
Tibet Temple Icon Shop Building.png
21 Sep 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png NJ2 Yak Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png NJ2 Yak Double
Yak Steel
Yak Silicon
Yak Gravel
Yak Glass
Potala Palace Icon Shop Building.png
Tibetian Stupa Icon Shop Building.png
18 Sep 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png Coradia Meridian I
Icon Shop Electric.png Coradia Meridian II
Meridian 1st class
Meridian 2nd class
Meridian VIP
Meridian Connect
Meridian Tail
Castle Coldstone 3/3 Icon Shop Building.png
14 Sep 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png BL20-GH Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png BL20-GH Double
BL20-GH Wood
BL20-GH Titanium
BL20-GH Wires
BL20-GH Rubber
Castle Coldstone 1/3 Icon Shop Building.png
Castle Coldstone 2/3 Icon Shop Building.png
11 Sep 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png SNCB 13 Carol
Icon Shop Loco.png FEF-2 Carol
Carol VIP
Carol 1st Class
Carol 2nd Class
Carol Sleeper
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
7 Sep 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png Mistletoe Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Mistletoe
Mistletoe Fuel
Mistletoe Plastics
Mistletoe Bricks
Mistletoe Cement
Cottage Orné Icon Shop Building.png
Snow Dragon Icon Shop Decoration.png
4 Sep 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png Thalys Wintry
Icon Shop Electric.png PBKA Wintry
Wintry 1st Class
Wintry 2nd Class
Wintry VIP
Wintry Mail
Wintry Tail
Christmas Inn Icon Shop Building.png
31 Aug 2016 Icon Shop Maglev.png Ascendant
Icon Shop Diesel.png Triumphant
Ascendant Glass
Ascendant Bricks
Ascendant Fuel
Ascendant Marble
Interceptor Icon Shop Decoration.png
Radiant Dome Icon Shop Building.png
28 Aug 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png Zefiro Advent
Icon Shop Electric.png Bombardier Advent
Advent 1st class
Advent 2nd class
Advent VIP
Advent Tail
Bonus Storage +100 Icon Extension.png
Snowy Stave Church Icon Shop Building.png
24 Aug 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png Xmaslight Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Xmaslight Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vossloh Joy Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vossloh Joy
Xmaslight Silicon
Xmaslight Wood
Xmaslight Glass
Xmaslight Carbon
Joy Rubber
Joy Rubber+
Joy Steel
Joy Steel+
21 Aug 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png AGV Frost
Icon Shop Electric.png Vitesse Frost
Frost 1st class
Frost 2nd class
Frost VIP
Frost Versatile
Frost Tail
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension.png
17 Aug 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png Vectron Ice Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vectron Ice Double
Ice Plastics
Ice U-235
Ice Rubber
Ice Gravel
Snowy School Icon Shop Building.png
Winter Townhall Icon Shop Building.png
14 Aug 2016 Icon Shop Loco.png C 5/6 Azure Peak
Icon Shop Diesel.png Alp Transport Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Alp Transport Double
Alp Transport Nails
Alp Transport Carbon
Alp Transport Marble
Alp Transport U-235
Alpine Resort Hotel Icon Shop Building.png
10 Aug 2016 Icon Shop Loco.png Class 10 Stainless
Icon Shop Maglev.png Edge
Edge 1st Class
Edge 2nd Class
Edge VIP
Edge Versatile
Edge Tail
Spiral Skyscraper Icon Shop Building.png
7 Aug 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png Howl
Icon Shop Electric.png Wail
Howl 1st Class
Howl 2nd Class
Howl VIP
Howl Mail
Howl Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
3 Aug 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png Revenant Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Revenant Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Eidolon Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Eidolon
Revenant Silicon
Revenant Steel
Revenant Glass
Revenant Gravel
Eidolon Carbon
Eidolon Carbon+
Eidolon Titanium
Eidolon Titanium+
31 Jul 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png Lance
Icon Shop Electric.png Trident
Lance 1st Class
Lance 2nd Class
Lance VIP
Lance Versatile
Lance Tail
Zenith Icon Shop Building.png
27 Jul 2016 Icon Shop Loco.png DRG Class 44
Icon Shop Maglev.png Razor Overhaul
Icon Shop Diesel.png DF200 Refurbished
Icon Shop Maglev.png White Falcon NG
Icon Shop Electric.png TGV Sud-est Revamp
Overhaul Gravel
Overhaul Wires
Overhaul Plastics
Overhaul Titanium
Overhaul Wires Tail
Refurbished Carbon
Refurbished Nails
Refurbished U-235
Refurbished Marble
Falcon NG 1st Class
Falcon NG 2nd Class
Falcon NG VIP
Falcon NG Versatile
Falcon NG Tail
TGV Revamp 1st Class
TGV Revamp 2nd Class
TGV Revamp VIP
TGV Revamp Dining
TGV Revamp Tail
24 Jul 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png AT400 VHS
Icon Shop Electric.png Hitachi AT400
AT400 Premium
AT400 Standard
AT400 Connect
AT400 Tail
London Offices Icon Shop Building.png
20 Jul 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png PR Render Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png PR Render Double
Render Steel
Render Titanium
Render Fuel
Render Marble
Refinery Part 2/3 Icon Shop Building.png
Refinery Part 3/3 Icon Shop Building.png
17 Jul 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png Ashwick Class 72
Icon Shop Electric.png Ashmoor Class 72
Ashwick 1st Class
Ashwick 2nd Class
Ashwick Sleeper
Ashwick VIP
Ashwick Tail
Refinery Part 1/3 Icon Shop Building.png
13 Jul 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png Sunray Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Sunray Double
Sunray Cement
Sunray Wires
Sunray Nails
Sunray Bricks
Ivy Hotel Icon Shop Building.png
Rural House Icon Shop Building.png
10 Jul 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png Allegro Fall
Icon Shop Electric.png Sm6 Fall
Fall 1st Class
Fall 2nd Class
Fall VIP
Fall Connect
Fall Tail
Harvest Box Offer Box.png
6 Jul 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png ES44AC FEC Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png ES44AC FEC Double
FEC Fuel
FEC Plastics
FEC Bricks
FEC Cement
Freight Depot Icon Shop Building.png
Train Monument Icon Shop Decoration.png
3 Jul 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png NGT Metallic
Icon Shop Electric.png NGMetallic
Metallic 1st Class
Metallic 2nd Class
Metallic VIP
Metallic Connect
Metallic Tail
NGMetallic 1st Class
NGMetallic 2nd Class
NGMetallic VIP
NGMetallic Sleeper
NGMetallic Tail
29 Jun 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png PH37Aci Korail Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png PH37Aci Korail Double
Korail Wood
Korail Silicon
Korail Carbon
Korail Glass
Delivery Truck Icon Shop Decoration.png
Pacific Tower Icon Shop Building.png
26 Jun 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png PR Class 406
Icon Shop Electric.png PR Velaro
PR Economy
PR Business
PR Tail
Hexa Skyscraper Icon Shop Building.png
Metro Station Icon Shop Building.png
22 Jun 2016 Icon Shop Maglev.png Centurion
Icon Shop Diesel.png DB Centum
Icon Shop Diesel.png Class 240 Centum
Centurion Nails
Centurion U-235
Centurion Marble
Centurion Carbon
Centurion Tail
Centum Wood
Centum Titanium
Centum Wires
Centum Rubber
19 Jun 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png TGV Ouigo
Icon Shop Electric.png Ouigo Duplex
Ouigo 1st Class
Ouigo 2nd Class
Ouigo Urgent Mail
Ouigo Standard Mail
Ouigo Tail
Central Post Office Icon Shop Building.png
15 Jun 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png SGL Maxima Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png SGL Maxima Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png SGL Voith 40cc Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png SGL Voith 40cc
SGL Rubber
SGL Plastics
SGL Gravel
SGL Uranium
Voith Wires 500
Voith Plastics 500
Voith Wires 340
Voith Plastics 340
12 Jun 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png ODEG Dosto
Icon Shop Electric.png ODEG Kiss
ODEG 1st Class
ODEG 2nd Class
ODEG Connect
Architecture Museum Icon Shop Building.png
8 Jun 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png Class 66 VFLI Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Class 66 VFLI Double
VFLI Steel
VFLI Marble
VFLI Titanium
Bierburg Station Icon Shop Building.png
Hermann Monument Icon Shop Decoration.png
5 Jun 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png AGV La France
Icon Shop Electric.png Alstom La France
La France VIP
La France Tail
La France Mail
La France 2nd Class
La France 1st Class
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
1 Jun 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png STT TMZ Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png STT TMZ Double
TMZ Cement
TMZ Wires
TMZ Nails
TMZ Bricks
Gustav II Adolph Icon Shop Decoration.png
Shopping Empire Icon Shop Building.png
29 May 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png RockSound Stereo
Icon Shop Electric.png RockSound Mono
RockSound 1st Class
RockSound 2nd Class
RockSound Celebs
RockSound Connect
RockSound Tail
The King Icon Shop Building.png
25 May 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png GT1h-002 Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png GT1h-002 Double
GT1h-002 Steel
GT1h-002 Silicon
GT1h-002 Gravel
GT1h-002 Glass
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension.png
Sound Institute Icon Shop Building.png
22 May 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png Stadler EC250
Icon Shop Electric.png Giruno EC250
EC250 Comfort
EC250 Business
EC250 Connect
EC250 Tail
Beauté HQ Icon Shop Building.png
18 May 2016 Icon Shop Maglev.png Oberon
Icon Shop Diesel.png Demetrius
Oberon Rubber
Oberon Gravel
Oberon Titanium
Oberon Wood
Oberon Wood Tail
Fairy Treasure Offer Box.png
15 May 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png TGV TMST
Icon Shop Electric.png Eurostar TMST
TMST 1st Class
TMST 2nd Class
TMST Restaurant
Modern Gallery Icon Shop Building.png
11 May 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png TasRail TR Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png TasRail TR Double
TasRail Wood
TasRail Titanium
TasRail Wires
TasRail Rubber
Montserrat Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
ZeroZero Icon Shop Building.png
8 May 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png Super Express 800
Icon Shop Electric.png GWR Super Express
Super Premium
Super Standard
Super VIP
Super Connect
Super Tail
Urban Shopping Icon Shop Building.png
4 May 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png The Katy Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png The Katy Double
Katy Carbon
Katy Nails
Katy U-235
Katy Marble
Rusty BL2 UDT Icon Shop Decoration.png
Train Factory Icon Shop Building.png
1 May 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png NS Hispeed 186
Icon Shop Loco.png NS 5000II HS
NS 1st Class
NS 2nd Class
NS Mail
NS Restaurant
Samba School Icon Shop Building.png
27 Apr 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png BLDX MX Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png BLDX MX Double
BLDX Silicon
BLDX Glass
BLDX Carbon
Tower 01 Icon Shop Building.png
Tower 02 Icon Shop Building.png
24 Apr 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png Zefiro Octennial
Icon Shop Electric.png ETR Octennial
Octennial Premium
Octennial Standard
Octennial VIP
Octennial Tail
Pixel Blimp Icon Shop Decoration.png
Trade Centre Icon Shop Building.png
20 Apr 2016 Icon Shop Maglev.png Pixelus
Icon Shop Diesel.png Inka Pix
Icon Shop Loco.png Pixel Class 7
Pixelus Steel
Pixelus Silicon
Pixelus Wood
Pixelus Rubber
Pixelus Rubber Tail
Pix Fuel
Pix Plastics
Pix Bricks
Pix Cement
Pixel 1st Class
Pixel 2nd Class
Pixel Restaurant
Pixel VIP
17 Apr 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png Desiro RRX
Icon Shop Electric.png Siemens RRX
RRX 1st Class
RRX 2nd Class
RRX Sleeper
RRX Tail
Bonus Storage +100 Icon Extension.png
13 Apr 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png Roy Hill Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Roy Hill Double
Roy Plastics
Roy Uranium
Roy Rubber
Roy Gravel
Porta Fira Towers Icon Shop Building.png
Torres de Hercules Icon Shop Building.png
10 Apr 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png Renfe Macosa
Icon Shop Diesel.png Renfe Mercancias
Macosa Titanium
Macosa Steel
Macosa Marble
Macosa Fuel
Mercancias Cement
Mercancias Wires
Mercancias Nails
Mercancias Bricks
6 Apr 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png Renfe Ave 103
Icon Shop Electric.png Siemens Ave 103

Ave 1st Class
Ave 2nd Class
Ave Sleeper
Ave Tail

Beach Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
3 Apr 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png HK Redlock
Icon Shop Diesel.png JT38CW-DC Redlock
Redlock Glass
Redlock Gravel
Redlock Silicon
Redlock Steel
Music Auditorium Icon Shop Building.png
Music Hall Icon Shop Building.png
30 Mar 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png Stadler Aeroexpress
Icon Shop Electric.png KISS Aeroexpress
Icon Shop Loco.png Class P36
Aeroexpress Tail
Aeroexpress VIP
Aeroexpress Premium
Aeroexpress Standard
Aeroexpress Connect
Rock'n'Roll Museum Icon Shop Building.png
27 Mar 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png Astarte
Icon Shop Electric.png Astarte THSR
Astarte 1st Class
Astarte 2nd Class
Astarte Restaurant
Astarte Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
Great Cathedral Icon Shop Building.png
23 Mar 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png Big Jack Flora
Icon Shop Diesel.png Eastrun
Icon Shop Diesel.png Eastrun V320
Eastrun Titanium
Eastrun Steel
Eastrun Marble
Eastrun Fuel
Casa Batlló Icon Shop Building.png
20 Mar 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png TEMU 2000 Limerick
Icon Shop Electric.png TEMU 2000 Green
Limerick 1st Class
Limerick 2nd Class
Limerick VIP
Limerick Tail
Dublin Courthouse Icon Shop Building.png
St. Patrick's Balloon Icon Shop Decoration.png
16 Mar 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png Trifolium Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Trifolium Double
Trifolium Steel
Trifolium Silicon
Trifolium Gravel
Trifolium Gravel
Trifolium Glass
Leprechaun's Stash Offer Box.png
Whiskey Distillery Icon Shop Building.png
13 Mar 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png Pesa Dart
Icon Shop Electric.png ED161 Dart
Dart 1st Class
Dart 2nd Class
Dart VIP
Dart Restaurant
Dart Tail
ExTempore Icon Shop Building.png
9 Mar 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png Spirit of Freedom
Icon Shop Diesel.png Power of Freedom
Freedom Cement
Freedom Fuel
Freedom Plastics
Freedom Bricks
Independence Hall Icon Shop Building.png
Liberty Bell Icon Shop Decoration.png
6 Mar 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png TGV Canada
Icon Shop Electric.png Duplex Canada
Canada 1st Class
Canada 2nd Class
Canada VIP
Canada Restaurant
Canada Tail
National Gallery Icon Shop Building.png
2 Mar 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png Hard Rock Quartet
Icon Shop Diesel.png Hard Rock Duet
Hard Carbon
Hard Nails
Hard U-235
Hard Marble
Hard U-235 410
Freddie Icon Shop Decoration.png
28 Feb 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png Summertide
Icon Shop Electric.png Summertide 380
Summertide 1st Class
Summertide 2nd Class
Summertide VIP
Summertide Tail
Gazebo Icon Shop Decoration.png
Summer Residence Icon Shop Building.png
24 Feb 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png QUBE CF Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png QUBE CF Double
QUBE Silicon
QUBE Glass
QUBE Carbon
Moonta Station Icon Shop Building.png
Peace Monument Icon Shop Decoration.png
21 Feb 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png CAF Oaris
Icon Shop Electric.png CAF Oaris 320
Oaris 1st Class
Oaris 2nd Class
Oaris Versatile
Oaris Mail
Oaris Tail
Palace of the Arts Icon Shop Building.png
17 Feb 2016 Icon Shop Maglev.png Daybreak
Icon Shop Diesel.png Eástre C44aci
Icon Shop Electric.png Eos TGV
Daybreak Wires
Daybreak Glass
Daybreak Silicone
Daybreak Steel
Eástre Plastics
Eástre Uranium
Eástre Rubber
Eástre Gravel
Eos Premium
Eos Standard
Eos Tail
Spring Resort Icon Shop Building.png
14 Feb 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png Velaro TCDD
Icon Shop Electric.png Velaro TR
Velaro 1st Class
Velaro 2nd Class
Velaro VIP
Velaro Restaurant
Velaro Tail
Yas Resort Icon Shop Building.png
10 Feb 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png GE Seaboard Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png GE Seaboard Double
Seaboard Plastics
Seaboard U-235
Seaboard Rubber
Seaboard Gravel
U.S. Capitol Icon Shop Building.png
U.S. Flag Icon Shop Decoration.png
7 Feb 2016 Icon Shop Electric.png Acela Gallantry
Icon Shop Electric.png Acela Fortitude
Gallantry 1st Class
Gallantry 2nd Class
Gallantry Tail
Gallantry VIP
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension.png
Memorial Museum Icon Shop Building.png
3 Feb 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png DF200 Horizon Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png DF200 Horizon D
Horizon Titanium
Horizon Steel
Horizon Marble
Horizon Fuel
Federation Tower Icon Shop Building.png
Vintage Residence Icon Shop Building.png
31 Jan 2016 Icon Shop Loco.png M-1 Noble
Icon Shop Diesel.png M-1 Leviathan
M-1 Superb Wires
M-1 Wires
M-1 Nails
M-1 Bricks
M-1 Cement
Blue Ridge Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
27 Jan 2016 Icon Shop Loco.png ATSF Ember
Icon Shop Electric.png EF-4 Ember
Ember 1st Class
Ember 2nd Class
Ember VIP
Ember Restaurant
Santa Fe Depot Icon Shop Building.png
Trevithick's Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
24 Jan 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png Billiton Atlas
Icon Shop Diesel.png Billiton Mercury
Atlas Wood
Atlas Titanium
Atlas Wires
Atlas Rubber
Space HQ Icon Shop Building.png
Sputnik Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
20 Jan 2016 Icon Shop Maglev.png Apollo
Icon Shop Diesel.png NJ2 Moonshot
Apollo 1st Class
Apollo 2nd Class
Apollo VIP
Apollo Tail
Hubble Telescope Icon Shop Decoration.png
Space Observatory Icon Shop Building.png
17 Jan 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png Merry GP60 Merry Carbon
Merry Fuel
Merry Titanium
Merry Wood
Merry Wood 1000
Christmas Box (2014) Offer Box.png
Flying Santa Icon Shop Decoration.png
13 Jan 2016 Icon Shop Loco.png Joyful Class 19.10
Icon Shop Electric.png Joyful Class 128
Joyful 1st Class
Joyful 2nd Class
Joyful Mail
Joyful Wishes
Joyful Feast
Christmas Courthouse Icon Shop Building.png
10 Jan 2016 Icon Shop Loco.png PRR Valiant
Icon Shop Diesel.png GP38 Vanguard
Icon Shop Diesel.png KLW Vanguard
Vanguard Steel
Vanguard Silicon
Vanguard Gravel
Vanguard Glass
Terraced Tower Icon Shop Building.png
6 Jan 2016 Icon Shop Loco.png Aether Double
Icon Shop Loco.png Aether
Aether 1st Class
Aether 2nd Class
Aether VIP
Aether Restaurant
Aether Mail
Legislative Seat Icon Shop Building.png
3 Jan 2016 Icon Shop Diesel.png Vossloh Logitren
Icon Shop Diesel.png Euro Logitren
Logitren Carbon
Logitren Nails
Logitren U-235
Logitren Marble
Industrial Chimney Icon Shop Decoration.png
Old Iron Factory Icon Shop Building.png

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