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The Vintage Offer Icon Shop VO section of the Shop can be accessed by clicking on the Special Offer icon on the main screen or the Special Offer tab in the Shop.

Vintage Offers give players a second chance to purchase items they might have missed during a Special Offer. Usually, an item will be available in a Vintage Offer approximately six months to ten months after its initial Special Offer. The Vintage Offer becomes available once a player reaches level 90, and offers change every Sunday and Wednesday at 14:00 (2:00 p.m.) GMT.

See also: Special Offer 2015 Icon Shop SO.

Offer Start Date Locomotives Wagons Other
30 Dec 2015 Icon Shop Electric Alstom Jazz
Icon Shop Electric Trenitalia Jazz
Jazz 1st Class
Jazz 2nd Class
Jazz Express Mail
Jazz Tail
Bonus Storage +200 Icon Extension
Music Factory Icon Shop Building
27 Dec 2015 Icon Shop Diesel IR Prateek
Icon Shop Diesel WDG4 Prateek
Prateek Bricks
Prateek Cement
Prateek Fuel
Prateek Plastics
Foundry Icon Shop Building
Steel Mill Icon Shop Building
23 Dec 2015 Icon Shop Electric ITX Saemaul
Icon Shop Electric Korail Saemaul
Saemaul 1st Class
Saemaul 2nd Class
Saemaul Tail
Saemaul VIP
Expo Hall Icon Shop Building
Unification Monument Icon Shop Decoration
20 Dec 2015 Icon Shop Electric Fastech Breeze
Icon Shop Electric Fastech Verdant
Breeze 1st Class
Breeze 2nd Class
Breeze Tail
Breeze VIP
Gift HQ Logo Special
Spring Apartment Icon Shop Building
16 Dec 2015 Icon Shop Maglev Dies
Icon Shop Maglev Nox
Dies Bricks
Dies Cement
Dies Fuel
Dies Plastics
Dies Tail
Nox Carbon
Nox Marble
Nox Nails
Nox Tail
Nox U-235
13 Dec 2015 Icon Shop Electric Alstom Sovereign
Icon Shop Electric Coradia Sovereign
Sovereign 1st Class
Sovereign 2nd Class
Sovereign Tail
Sovereign VIP
Amalienborg Palace Icon Shop Building
Monarch's Carriage Icon Shop Decoration
9 Dec 2015 Icon Shop Diesel GT1-001 Lush
Icon Shop Diesel RZD Lush
Lush Carbon
Lush Glass
Lush Silicon
Lush Wood
Leafy Dwelling Icon Shop Building
Namaste Tower Logo Special
6 Dec 2015 Icon Shop Electric RegioPanter
Icon Shop Electric RegioPanter 7EV
RegioPanter Connect
RegioPanter Mail
RegioPanter Premium
RegioPanter Standard
RegioPanter Tail
National Museum Icon Shop Building
2 Dec 2015 Icon Shop Diesel 9-44CW Pilbara
Icon Shop Diesel GE Dash Pilbara
Mining Raptor
Pilbara Bricks
Pilbara Cement
Pilbara Nails
Pilbara Wires
Mining Truck Icon Shop Decoration
29 Nov 2015 Icon Shop Electric Commonwealth 373
Icon Shop Electric Commonwealth E300
Commonwealth 1st cl.
Commonwealth 2nd cl.
Commonwealth Tail
Commonwealth VIP
CW Monument Icon Shop Decoration
Marlborough House Icon Shop Building
25 Nov 2015 Icon Shop Diesel CW GE 8-40C
Icon Shop Diesel CW NSW 90
CW Rubber
CW Titanium
CW Wires
CW Wood
Energy Centre Icon Shop Building
Solar Concentrator Icon Shop Decoration
22 Nov 2015 Icon Shop Electric Zefiro NTV
Icon Shop Electric Zefiro NTV 340
NTV 1st Class
NTV 2nd Class
NTV Connect
NTV Tail
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension
Research Center Icon Shop Building
18 Nov 2015 Icon Shop Diesel BR 37 LoadHaul
Icon Shop Diesel Class 37 LoadHaul
LoadHaul Glass
LoadHaul Gravel
LoadHaul Silicon
LoadHaul Uranium
Jaguar Icon Shop Decoration
Ye Olde Tavern Icon Shop Building
15 Nov 2015 Icon Shop Electric AGV Grande
Icon Shop Electric AGV Vitesse
AGV 1st Class
AGV 2nd Class
AGV Connect
AGV Tail
AGV Versatile
Petit Château Icon Shop Building
11 Nov 2015 Icon Shop Diesel PH37ACmi OWU
Icon Shop Diesel PowerHaul OWU
OWU Carbon
OWU Glass
OWU Gravel
OWU Rubber
Power Station Icon Shop Building
Vending Machines Icon Shop Decoration
8 Nov 2015 Icon Shop Electric ICx
Icon Shop Electric ICx Light
ICx 1st Class
ICx 2nd Class
ICx Connect
ICx Tail
Automobile Museum Icon Shop Building
4 Nov 2015 Icon Shop Diesel ADtranz OHE Quad
Icon Shop Diesel ADtranz OHE Triple
OHE Bricks
OHE Marble
OHE Nails
OHE Steel
Alpine Observatory Icon Shop Building
Winter Veil Icon Shop Building
1 Nov 2015 Icon Shop Electric Ghoul
Icon Shop Electric Zombie
Zombie 1st Class
Zombie 2nd Class
Zombie Tail
Zombie VIZ
Bonus Storage +200 Icon Extension Logo Halloween
Witch's Hut Icon Shop Building Logo Halloween
28 Oct 2015 Icon Shop Diesel Halloween Fright
Icon Shop Diesel Halloween Night
Halloween Coffins
Halloween Masks
Halloween Pumpkins
Halloween Potion
Flying Witch Icon Shop Decoration Logo Halloween
Horror Station Icon Shop Building Logo Halloween
25 Oct 2015 Icon Shop Electric Lirex X62
Icon Shop Electric Norrtag X62
X62 1st Class
X62 2nd Class
X62 Priority Mail
X62 Mail
X62 Tail
Helsinki Station Icon Shop Building
21 Oct 2015 Icon Shop Diesel GE Gridiron Double
Icon Shop Diesel GE Gridiron Quad
Gridiron Carbon
Gridiron Silicon
Gridiron Wires
Gridiron Wood
Glendale Stadium Icon Shop Building
Jerry Rice Statue Icon Shop Decoration
18 Oct 2015 Icon Shop Maglev Elyseus Elyseus 1st Class
Elyseus 2nd Class
Elyseus Scenic
Elyseus Tail
Elyseus Versatile
Derelict Station Icon Shop Building
Renovated Station Icon Shop Building
14 Oct 2015 Icon Shop Diesel Renfe HS Double
Icon Shop Diesel Renfe HS Quad
Renfe Cement
Renfe Fuel
Renfe Marble
Renfe Plastics
Petroleum Refinery Icon Shop Building
Tanker Truck Icon Shop Decoration
11 Oct 2015 Icon Shop Electric Nankai Gundam
Icon Shop Electric Nankai Happy
Icon Shop Electric Nankai Rapi:t
Gundam 1st Class
Gundam 2nd Class
Gundam Tail
Happy 1st Class
Happy 2nd Class
Happy Tail
Rapi:t 1st Class
Rapi:t 2nd Class
Rapi:t Tail
7 Oct 2015 Icon Shop Diesel EMD SD45
Icon Shop Diesel GM SD45
SD45 Bricks
SD45 Cement
SD45 Steel
SD45 Titanium
Globe Arena Icon Shop Building
Unisphere Icon Shop Decoration
4 Oct 2015 Icon Shop Electric Bombardier Talent 2
Icon Shop Electric Talbot Talent 2
Talent 1st Class
Talent 2nd Class
Talent Connect
Talent Tail
Talent VIP
Ecoprism Tower Icon Shop Building
30 Sep 2015 Icon Shop Diesel EMD Caterpillar
Icon Shop Diesel SD70ACe Caterpillar
Caterpillar Nails
Caterpillar Rubber
Caterpillar Wires
Caterpillar U-235
Rail Dozer
Dreams Hotel Icon Shop Building
27 Sep 2015 Icon Shop Maglev Emperor
Icon Shop Diesel Emperor Class
Emperor Gravel
Emperor Rubber
Emperor Silicon
Emperor Titanium
Glacial Factory Icon Shop Building
Ice Bar Icon Shop Building
23 Sep 2015 Icon Shop Electric Christmas Charm
Icon Shop Electric Christmas Embrace
Embrace 1st Class
Embrace 2nd Class
Embrace Connect
Embrace Tail
Countryside Church Icon Shop Building
Purity Icon Shop Building
20 Sep 2015 Icon Shop Diesel Chillwind
Icon Shop Diesel Frostwind
Frostwind Bricks
Frostwind Marble
Frostwind Wires
Frostwind Wood
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension
Snow Blower Icon Shop Decoration
16 Sep 2015 Icon Shop Electric Winter Queen
Icon Shop Electric Winter Regent
Winter 1st Class
Winter 2nd Class
Winter Tail
Winter VIP
Christmas Market Icon Shop Building
Wintry Station Icon Shop Building
13 Sep 2015 Icon Shop Maglev Daedalus
Icon Shop Diesel EMD Anniversary
Icon Shop Maglev Icarus
Icon Shop Electric NZ AM Class
Anniversary Glass
Anniversary Gravel
Anniversary Rubber
Daedalus 1st Class
Daedalus 2nd Class
Daedalus Tail
Icarus Steel
Icarus Titanium
Icarus Wires
NZ 1st Class
NZ 2nd Class
NZ Tail
9 Sep 2015 Icon Shop Electric GG1 Gratefulness
Icon Shop Electric GG1 Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Diner
Thanksgiving Economy
Thanksgiving Multi
Thanksgiving Premium
Euromall Icon Shop Building
Home Sweet Home Icon Shop Building
6 Sep 2015 Icon Shop Electric DLR Next
Icon Shop Electric DLR NGT
DLR Business
DLR Connect
DLR Premium
DLR Tail
Dresden Central Icon Shop Building
Fountain Park Icon Shop Decoration
2 Sep 2015 Icon Shop Diesel GP40-2LW Rutland
Icon Shop Diesel GP40-2LW Vermont
Rutland Cement
Rutland Fuel
Rutland Plastics
Rutland Silicon
Engine Factory Icon Shop Building
Large Refinery Icon Shop Building
30 Aug 2015 Icon Shop Electric Eurostar E320
Icon Shop Electric Eurostar Velaro
Eurostar Connect
Eurostar Deluxe
Eurostar Standard
Eurostar Tail
Eurostar Monument Icon Shop Decoration
St. Pancras Station Icon Shop Building
26 Aug 2015 Icon Shop Diesel GE Evolution
Icon Shop Diesel GE Evolution T4
Evolution Bricks
Evolution Marble
Evolution Steel
Evolution Titanium
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension
Eco Pulse Icon Shop Building
23 Aug 2015 Icon Shop Diesel Scandinavia 4000
Icon Shop Diesel Via Scandinavia
Scandinavia Cement
Scandinavia Nails
Scandinavia Wires
Scandinavia U-235
Göteborg Tornet Icon Shop Building
Municipal Council Icon Shop Building
19 Aug 2015 Icon Shop Maglev Daedalus
Icon Shop Diesel Daedalus Vectron
Daedalus 1st Class
Daedalus 2nd Class
Daedalus Mail
Daedalus Tail
Daedalus VIP
Visionary Tower Icon Shop Building
16 Aug 2015 Icon Shop Electric NZ AM Auckland
Icon Shop Electric NZ AM Class
NZ 1st Class
NZ 2nd Class
NZ Connect
NZ Tail
UN Office Icon Shop Building
UN Statue Icon Shop Decoration
12 Aug 2015 Icon Shop Diesel BR60 Great Britain
Icon Shop Diesel BR60 United Kingdom
England Plastics
N. Ireland Wood
Scotland Nails
Wales Bricks
9 Aug 2015 Icon Shop Electric Gautrain Electrostar
Icon Shop Electric Gautrain Rapid
Gautrain 1st Class
Gautrain 2nd Class
Gautrain Tail
Gautrain VIP
5 Aug 2015 Icon Shop Maglev Diamondback
Icon Shop Diesel ŽSR 755 Diamondback
Diamondback Glass
Diamondback Marble
Diamondback Plastics
Diamondback Uranium
2 Aug 2015 Icon Shop Electric ICE 3 Germania
Icon Shop Electric ICE 3 Teuton
Germania 1st Class
Germania 2nd Class
Germania Connect
Germania Tail
29 Jul 2015 Icon Shop Diesel GP38AC Eagle
Icon Shop Diesel GP38AC USA
US Carbon
US Fuel
US Gravel
US Wood
26 Jul 2015 Icon Shop Electric TGV 4413
Icon Shop Electric TGV Lyria
Lyria 1st Class
Lyria 2nd Class
Lyria Tail
Futuroscope Icon Shop Building
22 Jul 2015 Icon Shop Diesel Rumo 9810
Icon Shop Diesel Rumo AC44i
Rumo Plastics
Rumo Steel
Rumo Titanium
Rumo Wires
19 Jul 2015 Icon Shop Electric Impuls 31WE
Icon Shop Electric Newag Impuls
Impuls 1st Class
Impuls 2nd Class
Impuls Connect
Impuls Tail
15 Jul 2015 Icon Shop Diesel BNSF RLM
Icon Shop Diesel SD70 RLM
RLM Bricks
RLM Marble
RLM Silicon
RLM Steel
12 Jul 2015 Icon Shop Electric Shinkansen 800
Icon Shop Electric Shinkansen Tsubame
Tsubame 1st Class
Tsubame 2nd Class
Tsubame Tail
Jeju Towers Icon Shop Building
8 Jul 2015 Icon Shop Diesel BRM 001 Quad BRM Glass
BRM Plastics
BRM Uranium
BRM Wires
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension
5 Jul 2015 Icon Shop Electric Veloce 330
Icon Shop Electric Veloce 660
Veloce 1st Class
Veloce 2nd Class
Veloce Mail
Veloce Tail
1 Jul 2015 Icon Shop Diesel Baldwin Icarus
Icon Shop Maglev Icarus
Icarus Nails
Icarus Steel
Icarus Titanium
Icarus Wires
28 Jun 2015 Icon Shop Electric Alstom Liner V200
Icon Shop Electric Coradia Liner V200
V200 Executive
V200 Standard
V200 Tail
V200 VIP
24 Jun 2015 Icon Shop Diesel IGT 246 Double
Icon Shop Diesel IGT 246 Quad
IGT Cement
IGT Fuel
IGT Nails
IGT Rubber
21 Jun 2015 Icon Shop Diesel Voyager
Icon Shop Diesel Voyager 220
Ferdinand Magellan
James Cook
Marco Polo
Barcelona Tower Icon Shop Building
17 Jun 2015 Icon Shop Diesel EMD Ferromex Double
Icon Shop Diesel EMD Ferromex Quad
Ferromex Cement
Ferromex Marble
Ferromex Rubber
Ferromex U-235
14 Jun 2015 Icon Shop Electric GySEV 415
Icon Shop Electric GySEV Flirt
GySEV 1st Class
GySEV 2nd Class
GySEV Connect
GySEV Tail
10 Jun 2015 Icon Shop Diesel C Class Seventh
Icon Shop Diesel Victorian Seventh
Seventh Carbon
Seventh Glass
Seventh Gravel
Birthday Box Offer Box
7 Jun 2015 Icon Shop Electric 700T Septenary
Icon Shop Electric THSR Septenary
Septenary Mail
Septenary Premium
Septenary Standard
Septenary Tail
3 Jun 2015 Icon Shop Diesel Euro Colossus Double
Icon Shop Diesel Euro Colossus Quad
Colossus Bricks
Colossus Nails
Colossus Silicon
Colossus Titanium
31 May 2015 Icon Shop Maglev Photon Photon 1st Class
Photon 2nd Class
Photon Tail
Photon Versatile
Photon VIP
27 May 2015 Icon Shop Diesel PH37ACi Double
Icon Shop Diesel PH37ACi Quad
PH37ACi Gravel
PH37ACi Plastics
PH37ACi Wood
Bonus Storage +200 Icon Extension
24 May 2015 Icon Shop Electric PBA Francia
Icon Shop Electric Thalys Francia
Francia 1st Class
Francia 2nd Class
Francia Tail
Gare de l'Est Icon Shop Decoration
20 May 2015 Icon Shop Diesel BR70 Colas Double
Icon Shop Diesel BR70 Colas Quad
Colas Fuel
Colas Steel
Colas U-235
Colas Wood
17 May 2015 Icon Shop Electric Talgo Pato
Icon Shop Electric Talgo S-102
Talgo Economy
Talgo Premium
Talgo Tail
Auditorium Icon Shop Building
13 May 2015 Icon Shop Maglev Black
Icon Shop Electric Koncar 6112
Icon Shop Diesel SNCF Prima
Icon Shop Diesel Vityaz Quad
Black Glass
Black Rubber
Koncar 1st Class
Koncar Tail
Prima Bricks
Prima Plastics
Vityaz Fuel
Vityaz Nails
10 May 2015 Icon Shop Electric Super Kamui
Icon Shop Electric Super Kamui JNR
Kamui 1st Class
Kamui 2nd Class
Kamui Mail
Kamui Tail
6 May 2015 Icon Shop Diesel Puncheur Double
Icon Shop Diesel Puncheur Triple
Puncheur Bricks
Puncheur Carbon
Puncheur Steel
Puncheur Wires
3 May 2015 Icon Shop Diesel ALCO Freedom
Icon Shop Electric GG1 Freedom
The White House Icon Shop Building
29 Apr 2015 Icon Shop Diesel ML 4000 Nighthawk
Icon Shop Maglev Nighthawk
Nighthawk Cement
Nighthawk Bricks
Nighthawk Silicon
Nighthawk Wood
26 Apr 2015 Icon Shop Electric MTR Gothenburg
Icon Shop Electric MTR Stockholm
MTR 1st Class
MTR 2nd Class
MTR Tail
Hoboken Office Icon Shop Building
22 Apr 2015 Icon Shop Diesel CIE 181 Double
Icon Shop Diesel CIE 181 Quad
CIE Glass
CIE Silicon
CIE Titanium
CIE U-235
19 Apr 2015 Icon Shop Electric BR Class 800
Icon Shop Electric BR Class 800 SE
15 Apr 2015 Icon Shop Diesel ER20 IntEgro Double
Icon Shop Diesel ER20 IntEgro Quad
IntEgro Cement
IntEgro Marble
IntEgro Plastics
IntEgro Rubber
12 Apr 2015 Icon Shop Electric Keisei Chiba
Icon Shop Electric Kawasaki efSET
8 Apr 2015 Icon Shop Diesel GE T4 World Cup World Cup Fuel
World Cup Gravel
World Cup Steel
World Cup Wires
Sporting Goods Offer Box
5 Apr 2015 Icon Shop Electric HZ 6112
Icon Shop Electric Koncar 6112
Koncar 1st Class
Koncar 2nd Class
Koncar Connect
Koncar Tail
1 Apr 2015 Icon Shop Diesel Erie SD70 Double
Icon Shop Diesel Erie SD70 Quad
Erie Gravel
Erie Marble
Erie Nails
Erie Rubber
29 Mar 2015 Icon Shop Maglev Cobra Cobra 1st Class
Cobra 2nd Class
Cobra Mail
Cobra Tail
Cobra Versatile
25 Mar 2015 Icon Shop Diesel UKLight UKLight Carbon
UKLight Glass
UKLight Titanium
UKLight Uranium
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension
22 Mar 2015 Icon Shop Electric ED250
Icon Shop Electric ED250 InterCity
ED250 1st Class
ED250 2nd Class
ED250 Mail
ED250 Tail
18 Mar 2015 Icon Shop Diesel Rickenbacker
Icon Shop Diesel Rickenbacker Turbo
Rickenbacker Cement
Rickenbacker Glass
Rickenbacker Steel
Rickenbacker Wood
15 Mar 2015 Icon Shop Maglev Black
Icon Shop Diesel PL42AC Black
Black Glass
Black Gravel
Black Marble
Black Rubber
11 Mar 2015 Icon Shop Electric BR Maritime
Icon Shop Electric NS Maritime
Maritime 1st Class
Maritime 2nd Class
8 Mar 2015 Icon Shop Diesel QGRY 801 Triple
Icon Shop Diesel QGRY 801 Quad
QGRY Carbon
QGRY Nails
QGRY Silicon
4 Mar 2015 Icon Shop Electric TGV 140
Icon Shop Electric TGV 140 325
TGV 140 1st Class
TGV 140 2nd Class
TGV 140 Tail
1 Mar 2015 Icon Shop Electric Stadler Flirt Stadler 1st Class
Stadler 2nd Class
Stadler Connect
Stadler Tail
Prague Main Station Icon Shop Building
25 Feb 2015 Icon Shop Diesel SNCF DE30BAC
Icon Shop Diesel SNCF Prima
Prima Bricks
Prima Plastics
Prima Titanium
Prima Wires
22 Feb 2015 Icon Shop Electric MMV Hyperion
Icon Shop Electric Softronic Hyperion
18 Feb 2015 Icon Shop Diesel Captrain 66 Triple
Icon Shop Diesel Captrain 66 Quad
Captrain Gravel
Captrain Rubber
Captrain Wood
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension
15 Feb 2015 Icon Shop Electric Springtime
Icon Shop Electric Springtime Dew
Springtime 1st Class
Springtime 2nd Class
Springtime Tail
Springtime VIP
11 Feb 2015 Icon Shop Diesel Essence of Easter
Icon Shop Loco Heart of Easter
Icon Shop Electric Spirit of Easter
Easter Coach
Easter Wishes
Easter Glass
Easter Uranium
Easter Wires
Easter 1st Class
Easter 2nd Class
Easter Tail
8 Feb 2015 Icon Shop Electric Civia
Icon Shop Electric Civia Naranja
Civia 1st Class
Civia 2nd Class
Civia Tail
Civia VIP
4 Feb 2015 Icon Shop Diesel Vossloh Chief Triple
Icon Shop Diesel Vossloh Chief Quad
Chief Bricks
Chief Cement
Chief Silicon
Chief Steel
1 Feb 2015 Icon Shop Electric ED4M Russia ED4M Connect
Saint Petersburg
Lomonosov University Icon Shop Building
28 Jan 2015 Icon Shop Diesel Vityaz Double
Icon Shop Diesel Vityaz Quad
Vityaz Carbon
Vityaz Fuel
Vityaz Marble
Vityaz Nails
25 Jan 2015 Icon Shop Electric Desiro DB
Icon Shop Electric Desiro ÖBB
Desiro Business
Desiro Connect
Desiro Standard
Desiro Tail
21 Jan 2015 Icon Shop Diesel SD60E Black Bullet
Icon Shop Diesel SD70 Blue Bullet
Bullet Steel
Bullet Marble
Bullet Nails
Norfolk Tower Icon Shop Building
18 Jan 2015 Icon Shop Electric BGC Bleu
Icon Shop Electric BGC Rouge
BGC 1st Class
BGC 2nd Class
BGC Bar Coach
BGC Tail
14 Jan 2015 Icon Shop Diesel Cyber Boss
Icon Shop Maglev Cyborg
Cyborg Cement
Cyborg Cement Tail
Cyborg Plastics
Cyborg Silicon
11 Jan 2015 Icon Shop Electric Shinkansen E1 Tokyo
Icon Shop Electric Shinkansen E4 Tokyo
7 Jan 2015 Icon Shop Diesel Clover
Icon Shop Diesel Shamrock
Shamrock Bricks
Shamrock Gravel
Shamrock Uranium
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension Logo Price
4 Jan 2015 Icon Shop Electric Maharaja
Icon Shop Electric Maharani
Deluxe Suite
Junior Suite
Presidential Suite
Maharaja Landmark Icon Shop Building

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