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The Vintage Offer Icon Shop VO.png section of the Shop can be accessed by clicking on the Special Offer icon (shown at left) on the main screen or the Vintage Offer tab in the Shop (shown above).

Vintage Offers give players a second chance to purchase items they might have missed during a Special Offer. Usually, an item will be available in a Vintage Offer approximately six months to ten months after its initial Special Offer. The Vintage Offer becomes available once a player reaches level 90, and offers change every Sunday and Wednesday at 14:00 (2:00 p.m.) GMT.

See also: Special Offer 2012 Icon Shop SO.png.

Offer Start Date Locomotives Wagons Other
30 Dec 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png Acela Express
Icon Shop Electric.png Acela HHP-8 Double
Acela Daytona
Hauler Carrier
Race Car Autorack
Victory Lane Icon Shop Decoration.png
26 Dec 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png ER20CF Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png ER20CF Triple
Hoki Cement Hopper
Steel Torpedo Car
Uranium Double-Stack
Red Tower Crane Icon Shop Decoration.png
23 Dec 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png DR Class 130 Triple
Icon Shop Diesel.png GE U50C Double
Grain Hopper
Milk Tank Wagon
Barn Icon Shop Building.png
Corn Field Icon Shop Decoration.png
19 Dec 2012 Icon Shop Loco.png ACE 3000
Icon Shop Loco.png ACE 3000 Double
Pellet Hopper
Plastics Schnabel
Silicide Hopper
Silicon Schnabel
16 Dec 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png N'EX E259
Icon Shop Diesel.png ČD Class 753 Double
Luggage Trailer Icon Shop Decoration.png
12 Dec 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD SD40-2 Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD SD40-2 Triple
Brick Double-Stack
Fuel Double-Stack
Nail Double-Stack
Container Stack Icon Shop Decoration.png
9 Dec 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png Acela HHP-8
Icon Shop Electric.png Zefiro 250
Zefiro 250 Tail
Chinese Tower Block Icon Shop Building.png
5 Dec 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png CR DF11G
Icon Shop Maglev.png Sunbeam
Sunbeam Carbon
Sunbeam Glass
Sunbeam Steel
Sunbeam Tail
2 Dec 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png EMD GM6C
Icon Shop Electric.png EMD GM6C Double
Antenna Icon Shop Decoration.png
Ministry of Posts Icon Shop Building.png
28 Nov 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png Hercules Triple
Icon Shop Diesel.png Hercules Double
Marble Schnabel
Marble Transporter
Wire Schnabel
Wire Transporter
25 Nov 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png M-497 Black Beetle
Icon Shop Diesel.png RDC Liner
Business Central
Dome Central
Economy Central
Science Lab Icon Shop Building.png
21 Nov 2012 Icon Shop Loco.png Blue Ridge Double
Icon Shop Loco.png Blue Ridge Triple
Carbon Blue
Cement Blue
Titanium Blue
Pickup Truck Icon Shop Decoration.png
18 Nov 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png CR DF11
Icon Shop Electric.png THSR 700T
THSR 1st Class
THSR 2nd Class
THSR 700T Tail
Flag Banner Icon Shop Decoration.png
14 Nov 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png Malmbanan IORE
Icon Shop Electric.png Ofoten IORE
Arctic Ore Hopper
Powder Legend
Siberian Legend
Mine Shaft Icon Shop Building.png
12 Nov 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png HXD3B Luo
Icon Shop Electric.png UCW E1000
UCW 1st Class
UCW 2nd Class
UCW Tail
HSR Station Icon Shop Building.png
7 Nov 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png Little Joe Double
Icon Shop Maglev.png MLX01-1
MLX01-1 Tail
MLX01-901 Tail
4 Nov 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png DD35 Rail Plow
Icon Shop Loco.png Mountain Boy Double
Groomer Transporter
Snowmobile Carrier
Icy Silo Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowy Switch Tower Icon Shop Building.png
31 Oct 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png Big Jack Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png SNCB Class 77
PP Carbon Carrier
PP Rubber Carrier
PP Uranium Carrier
Cargo Depot Icon Shop Building.png
28 Oct 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png Iceberg 4/4 Double
Icon Shop Electric.png Iceberg 4/4 Triple
Iceberg 1st Class
Iceberg 2nd Class
Iceberg Bar
Snow Plow Icon Shop Decoration.png
24 Oct 2012 Icon Shop Loco.png SAR Class 26 Double
Icon Shop Loco.png SAR Class 26 Triple
Wildfire Caboose
Wildfire Gravel
Wildfire Fuel
Wildfire Titanium
21 Oct 2012 Icon Shop Maglev.png Cargorail Bullet
Icon Shop Loco.png CN U-1-F Triple
Cargorail Gravel
Cargorail Cement
Cargorail Rubber
Cargorail Tail
17 Oct 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png MOW-2000
Icon Shop Diesel.png MOW-2000 Double
Ballast Tamper
Rail Crane
Rail Screw Carrier
Railroad Tie Carrier
14 Oct 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png CR ND5 Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png JRF HD300 Triple
Freight Container Icon Shop Decoration.png
10 Oct 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png Jet Sprinter
Icon Shop Electric.png Jet Sprinter Double
Jet First Class
Jet Second Class
Jet Tail
Petržalka Station Icon Shop Building.png
7 Oct 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png 2TE70
Icon Shop Diesel.png 2TE70 Double
Cement Schnabel
Fuel Schnabel
Uranium Schnabel
Wrought Iron Fence Icon Shop Decoration.png
3 Oct 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png DB AG 189
Icon Shop Diesel.png VT 18.16
VT 18.16 Tail
Art Moderne Station Icon Shop Building.png
30 Sep 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD DD35
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD GP50 Double
Carbon Schnabel
Rubber Schnabel
Titanium Schnabel
Container Lift Icon Shop Decoration.png
26 Sep 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png Škoda 93E
Icon Shop Electric.png ČD Class 680
CD Class 081
CD Class 082
CD Class 680 Tail
Transport Timetable Icon Shop Decoration.png
23 Sep 2012 Icon Shop Loco.png Big Boy Triple
Icon Shop Diesel.png BR Class 60
Solihull Caboose
19 Sep 2012 Icon Shop Maglev.png MLU00X1
Icon Shop Electric.png RENFE Class 276
MLU00X1 Express
MLU00X1 Mail
MLU00X1 Tail
Magnetic Globe Icon Shop Decoration.png
16 Sep 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png BR Class 67
Icon Shop Diesel.png GTEL Big Blow
Brick Schnabel
Glass Schnabel
Gravel Schnabel
Steel Schnabel
12 Sep 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png E4 Orca
Icon Shop Electric.png Re 460 Orca
Orca I
Orca II
Orca Tail
Ocean World Icon Shop Building.png
9 Sep 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png Euro 4000 White D
Icon Shop Diesel.png Euro Class 66
Black Gold
Nail Trans
U-235 Carrier
Wood Trans
5 Sep 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png MAV V63 Double
Icon Shop Electric.png TGV Duplex
TGV Duplex 1st Class
TGV Duplex 2nd Class
TGV Duplex Tail
Gare du Nord Icon Shop Building.png
2 Sep 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png FM H12-44 Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png FM H12-44 Triple
Zebra C70
Zebra C95
Zebra T70
Zebra T95
30 Aug 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png IR WAG-7
Icon Shop Electric.png S400 White Widow
Widow 1st Class
Widow 2nd Class
Widow Tail
Shinto Tower Icon Shop Building.png
26 Aug 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png CR DF7G Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png GE U25B Triple
Cement Locust
Gravel Locust
Rubber Locust
Scaffolding Icon Shop Decoration.png
22 Aug 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png DB Class 406
Icon Shop Electric.png Škoda E499.1
ACE3 1st Class
ACE3 2nd Class
ACE3 Tail
ACE Billboard Icon Shop Decoration.png
19 Aug 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD GP7 PP
Icon Shop Diesel.png GE U50C PP
PP Brick Carrier
PP Glass Carrier
PP Steel Carrier
Spotlight Icon Shop Decoration.png
15 Aug 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png ETR-500
Icon Shop Electric.png FS E-412
ETR-500 Tail
School Icon Shop Building.png
12 Aug 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png GE U50C Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png UP SW-10 Triple
Liquid Carrier
Nail Container
Uranium Drum
Charging Bull Icon Shop Decoration.png
8 Aug 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png NS 1600
Icon Shop Electric.png NS Koploper
Koploper 2nd Class
Koploper Post
Koploper Tail
Hospital Icon Shop Building.png
5 Aug 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png Prima II Rock
Icon Shop Diesel.png SNCF BB68000
Rockband Fans
Rockband VIP
Concert Stage Icon Shop Building.png
Porta-Potty Icon Shop Decoration.png
1 Aug 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png HXD3B
Icon Shop Electric.png Škoda 109E
18 Wheeler Carrier
Lorry Carrier
Truck Transporter
Petrol Station Icon Shop Building.png
29 Jul 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png Maxima 40CC Pixelmax
Icon Shop Diesel.png PKP ST43 Double
Gravel Massive
Rubber Massive
Steel Massive
Water Reservoir Icon Shop Building.png
25 Jul 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png Shinkansen E6
Icon Shop Loco.png JNR D51 Double
Akita E6
Tazawako E6
Ōmagari E6
TS-54-NX2 Icon Shop Building.png
21 Jul 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png IORE Enstaka
Icon Shop Electric.png SAR 9E Double
Icon Shop Electric.png SJ Dm3 Brown
Coal Gondola
Diamond Ore Carrier
Iron Ore Hopper
18 Jul 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png EL Ghan
Icon Shop Diesel.png NR Ghan
Ghan Gold
Ghan Platinum
Kangaroo Sign Icon Shop Decoration.png
Port Pirie Station Icon Shop Building.png
15 Jul 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png 3GS21B Titan
Icon Shop Diesel.png ČKD T669.0 TiN
Guggenheim Museum Icon Shop Building.png
Kinetic Sculpture Icon Shop Decoration.png
11 Jul 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png EH500 Pixachu
Icon Shop Electric.png Shinkansen E4
Morioka E4
Omiya E4
Sendai E4
Fukuoka Icon Shop Building.png
8 Jul 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png Gravita 15BB Double
Icon Shop Electric.png Škoda 109E Double
Hybrid Autorack
Solar Panel Carrier
Ivy High Rise Icon Shop Building.png
Solar Panel Icon Shop Decoration.png
4 Jul 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png ŽSR Class 772
Icon Shop Diesel.png ŽSR Class 755
Fiber Carrier
Weave Transporter
Carbonium Icon Shop Building.png
Luna Falcata Icon Shop Decoration.png
1 Jul 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png JNR EF66 Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png LDE 2100 Double
Brick Massive
Glass Massive
Timber Massive
Brick Fence Icon Shop Decoration.png
27 Jun 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png Alco RS3 Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png GE ES40DC Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png GE Genesis Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png NRE 3GS21B Double
MS Caboose
NR Caboose
24 Jun 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png DB Class 401
Icon Shop Diesel.png DB V100.2 Triple
Class 805
Class 806
Class 807
Class 808
20 Jun 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png SJ Dm3
Icon Shop Diesel.png NSB Di 6 Double
Bike Transporter
Bicycle Stand Icon Shop Decoration.png
17 Jun 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png G2000 BB Double
Icon Shop Electric.png SAR Class 9E
Rubber Coil Carrier
Pixelin Icon Shop Decoration.png
Rubber Factory Icon Shop Building.png
13 Jun 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png Super Chief FT
Icon Shop Diesel.png Super Chief PA/PB
Super Chief Coach
Super Chief Dome
Super Chief Sleeper
Fueling Tank Icon Shop Decoration.png
10 Jun 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png UGL C44aci
Icon Shop Diesel.png ÖBB 2067 Double
Quad Silo
Electronics Factory Icon Shop Building.png
6 Jun 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png ES64U Sprinter
Icon Shop Diesel.png Voith Maxima 40CC
Chili Ice Cream
Dice Tea Reefer
Ice Cream Cycle Icon Shop Decoration.png
Water Slide Icon Shop Building.png
3 Jun 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png SNCF BB68000
Icon Shop Electric.png TGV Z Post
Z Post I
Z Post II
Z Post Tail
Newspaper Kiosk Icon Shop Decoration.png
30 May 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD F40PH Triple
Icon Shop Diesel.png SW1500 Double
Brick Flatcar
Shark Nails
Sheet Glass Wagon
Road Block Icon Shop Decoration.png
27 May 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png Alstom Prima II
Icon Shop Diesel.png ČKD T478.2 Double
Bubba Shrimps
DeliEXPO Diner
Le Grand Cafe Icon Shop Building.png
Terrace Icon Shop Decoration.png
23 May 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png NS 2200 Double
Icon Shop Electric.png NS VIRM-4
Dubbeldeks 1.Class
Dubbeldeks 2.Class
Windmill Icon Shop Building.png
20 May 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png DB Class 403
Icon Shop Diesel.png Gravita 15BB
DB Class 403 Tail
Brandenburg Gate Icon Shop Building.png
16 May 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png Acela Express
Icon Shop Loco.png ATSF Blue Goose
Acela Business Class
Acela First Class
Acela Tail
Washington Icon Shop Building.png
13 May 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png PowerHaul Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png ČKD T669.0 Double
Rock Transporter
Steel Maker
Trunk Carrier
Speaker Pole Icon Shop Decoration.png
9 May 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png Graffiti E10
Icon Shop Diesel.png Graffiti MP40PH
Graffiti Boxcar
Graffiti Coach
Graffiti Mailwagon
Graffiti Depot Icon Shop Building.png
6 May 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png Vossloh G2000 BB
Icon Shop Electric.png X 2000
X 2000 Tail
X2 First Class
X2 Second Class
Moose Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
2 May 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png NSU Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png ÖBB 2067 Double
HQ Nails
Flat Glass Carrier
Thermobrick Carrier
Container Handler Icon Shop Decoration.png
27 Apr 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png EL Class
Icon Shop Diesel.png UGL C44aci
Kangaroo Box
Tea Tree Oil
Surfboards Icon Shop Decoration.png
Sydney Opera Icon Shop Building.png
25 Apr 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png NSB Di 6
Icon Shop Diesel.png NSB El 16 Double
Boat Carrier
Nordkapp Globe Icon Shop Decoration.png
Polaria Icon Shop Building.png
22 Apr 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png Blue Tiger
Icon Shop Diesel.png DB V200 Double
Control Tower Icon Shop Building.png
Tank Truck Icon Shop Decoration.png
15 Apr 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png Black Shark
Icon Shop Electric.png Black Taurus
Plasma Liner
Plasma Mail
Cosmo Clock Icon Shop Building.png
Swingwagon Icon Shop Decoration.png
11 Apr 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png CC 72100 Double
Icon Shop Electric.png TGV Atlantique
Atlantique Tail
Express Atlantique
Baguette Stand Icon Shop Decoration.png
Louvre Pyramid Icon Shop Building.png
8 Apr 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png MP40PH-3C
Icon Shop Loco.png Royal Hudson
BiLevel Post
BiLevel Transit
Double-decker Icon Shop Decoration.png
Transit Services Icon Shop Building.png
4 Apr 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD SD7 Black
Icon Shop Diesel.png SD70ACe Double
Foundry Icon Shop Building.png
Gravel Conveyor Icon Shop Decoration.png
1 Apr 2012 Icon Shop Loco.png Mallard Tatsu
Icon Shop Electric.png Shinkansen Ryuu
Tajimi Ryuu
Tanabe Ryuu
Yokohama Ryuu
Hachiko Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
28 Mar 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD SD70M-2
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD SW1500
Shuttle Nozzles
SRB Fuel
UFO Icon Shop Decoration.png
Parabolic Antenna Icon Shop Decoration.png
25 Mar 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png JNR DD51 Sumo
Icon Shop Loco.png SL7 Asia Express
Japan Finest
Koi-Nobori Icon Shop Building.png
Sushi Bar Icon Shop Building.png
21 Mar 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png EH500 Kintaro
Icon Shop Diesel.png JRF-DF200 Double
Autorack JDM
Japan Super GT
MKIV Turbo Icon Shop Decoration.png
Parking Deck Icon Shop Building.png
18 Mar 2012 Icon Shop Loco.png DRB 52 Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png JOTUN
ATS Caboose
Cement Bucket
Cement Silo Icon Shop Decoration.png
Oil Well Icon Shop Decoration.png
14 Mar 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png JRF-DF200
Icon Shop Electric.png Shinkansen Zero
Okinawa Zero
Yamato Zero
Blooming Sakura Icon Shop Decoration.png
Pagoda Icon Shop Building.png
11 Mar 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png Behemoth
Icon Shop Loco.png Big Bad Boy
Phone Box Icon Shop Decoration.png
Tall Poplar Icon Shop Decoration.png
7 Mar 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png CC 72100 Yukon
Icon Shop Electric.png SJ Ma Aurora
Skookum Express
Yukon Post
Gold Depository Icon Shop Building.png
Golden Cover Icon Shop Decoration.png
4 Mar 2012 Icon Shop Loco.png SJ F Steam
Icon Shop Electric.png VL80S Lenin
Post Office Icon Shop Building.png
Shanghai Icon Shop Building.png
29 Feb 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png AC6000CW Gemini
Icon Shop Diesel.png ČSD T449
Brick Crusher
SNail 60
Brick Factory Icon Shop Building.png
Brick Pile Icon Shop Decoration.png
26 Feb 2012 Icon Shop Loco.png ARMY RS3
Icon Shop Loco.png Kriegslokomotive
FLAK Carrier
Leopold K5
Troop Carrier
Zeppelin Icon Shop Decoration.png
22 Feb 2012 Icon Shop Loco.png FS Gr. 672
Icon Shop Diesel.png Zephyr
Zephyr Mail
Zephyr Tail
Zephyr Transport
Station of the 60's Icon Shop Building.png
19 Feb 2012 Icon Shop Loco.png FireFighter
Icon Shop Diesel.png LRZ Fire Engine
LRZ Equipment
LRZ Rescue Vehicle
Fire Station Icon Shop Building.png
Fire Truck Icon Shop Decoration.png
15 Feb 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png CFL 900 Double
Icon Shop Loco.png Shay Class C
Flat Glass Wagon
Gravel Mammoth
Forklift Icon Shop Decoration.png
Pixel Storehouse Icon Shop Building.png
12 Feb 2012 Icon Shop Loco.png Peacemaker Shay
Icon Shop Diesel.png UN HZ 2044
Huey Transporter
Medevac Carrier
Field Hospital Icon Shop Building.png
Security Checkpoint Icon Shop Decoration.png
8 Feb 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png M62 Dvoinoi
Icon Shop Electric.png VGN EL-C
Loader Flatcar
ZETOR Flatcar
Farmers' Market Icon Shop Building.png
Silo Icon Shop Decoration.png
5 Feb 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png GG1 E-Storm
Icon Shop Diesel.png V200 D-Storm
Storm Coach
Storm Obs Coach
Electrical Substation Icon Shop Decoration.png
Storm Club Icon Shop Building.png
1 Feb 2012 Icon Shop Loco.png Army Triplex
Icon Shop Diesel.png DDA40X Army Jack
Land Vehicle Flatcar
Tank Transporter
Watchtower Icon Shop Building.png
Willy Icon Shop Decoration.png
29 Jan 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png ALCO PA
Icon Shop Diesel.png ALCO PA Double
Crane Carrier
Excavator Carrier
Construction Site Icon Shop Building.png
Tower Crane Icon Shop Decoration.png
25 Jan 2012
Missing Data
22 Jan 2012 Icon Shop Loco.png Mr. PRESIDENT
Icon Shop Diesel.png SJ T44 Green
Blue Liner
President's Coach
PFIT HQ Icon Shop Building.png
Pixel Park Icon Shop Decoration.png
18 Jan 2012
Missing Data
15 Jan 2012 Icon Shop Loco.png Golden Albatros
Icon Shop Diesel.png Golden Twins
Golden Smithy
Golden Tanker
Eiffel Monument Icon Shop Decoration.png
Golden Tower Icon Shop Building.png
8 Jan 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png DDA40X Big Jack
Icon Shop Diesel.png FS Class D443
Autorack GT
Car Carrier
LeMans Icon Shop Decoration.png
Gas Station Icon Shop Building.png
4 Jan 2012
Missing Data
1 Jan 2012 Icon Shop Loco.png Albatros 498
Icon Shop Loco.png VentRhino
Giraffe Stock Car
Human Cannon
Grand Circus Icon Shop Building.png
Ringmaster's Tent Icon Shop Building.png

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