The following Train Sets are not available in the Shop at all times.

Also to clear this definition: The following train sets are not available to the players nor will they own the following sets below. However, after the completion of level 5 (level up) the Gem Express will visit your station. All other sets will visit your station after you complete the contractors respective task.

For basic information see the Train Sets page.

Name Type Pwr Bonus Cargo Unlocked After
Chris Reward Set Icon Shop Hyperloop 7 +25% Lithium / Aerogel / Nanotubes / Neodymium / Gems (Random) DPL-Reward-On from Christopher #60
Gem Express Icon Shop Loco 11 +0% Gems Level 6
Ling Reward Set Icon Shop Hyperloop 20 +25% Wolfram / Borax / Xenon / Bismuth / Gems (Random) DPL-Reward-On from Ling #100

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