This category contains everything on TrainStation Wiki. This is the top-level category, or the root category. It should always contain exactly three items and never anything else.

  • "Content" category - intended for all articles about the TrainStation game.
  • "TrainStation Wiki community" category - intended for everything else—the things that make this site, this site.
  • "TrainStation Wiki" page - the main landing page, or home page, of the site.

A full list of existing categories is at Special:Categories.

To add a new category to a page, just add [[Category:Categoryname]] to the end of the article or existing category page.

All other categories should be a sub-category of at least one other, and every article should be in at least one category. Many pages will fit well into two or more categories, although a page always should be categorized at the most specific level possible. In other words, a page should not be in the same category as any of its ancestors.

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