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Thanksgiving is a Seasonal event to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. During this limited time event, unique Special Icon Shop SO and Limited Logo Limited  Offers, Contractors Button-Contracts-Small, Achievements Button-Achievements-Small, Gifts TSIconGifts, and new Logo New Shop items may be available. It usually appears in the middle of November.


Type Name Level Available
Icon Shop Diesel SD70ACe Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Logo Set 385 Logo Limited 20 - 27 Nov 2017
Icon Shop Building Thanksgiving Tower Thanksgiving Tower 265
Related Game Updates: 20 Nov 2017


Type Name Level Available
Offer Box Harvest Box Harvest Box Icon Shop SO 10 Nov 2015
Related Game Updates: Unknown


Type Name Level Available
Button-Achievements-Small Thanksgiving 40 18 Nov 2014 - 1 Dec 2014
Icon Shop Loco Gratitude Gratitude Logo Set 39 Logo Limited 18 Nov - 1 Dec 2014
Icon Shop Electric GG1 Thanksgiving Thanksgiving I (2014) Logo Set 90 Icon Shop SO 25 Nov 2014
GG1 Gratefulness Thanksgiving II (2014) Logo Set 90
Icon Shop Flag Pie Flag Pie Flag Gift 18 Nov 2014 - 1 Dec 2014
Corn Flag Corn Flag Gift
Bounty Flag Bounty Flag 40 Logo Limited 18 Nov - 1 Dec 2014
Turkey Flag Turkey Flag 150
Related Game Updates: 18 Nov 2014, 24 Nov 2014


Type Name Level Available
Icon Shop Electric Acela Thanksgiving Thanksgiving I (2013) Logo Set 90 Icon Shop SO 27 Nov 2013
ACS 64 Harvest Thanksgiving II (2013) Logo Set 90
Related Game Updates: 21 Nov 2013

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