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Stations are the main interface of TrainStation. They contain the Rails used to dispatch Local Trains, attract passengers Passenger.png, and spawn Balloons and Chests. Players can have up to five personal Stations and, as they complete Contractors, they can take control of theirs as well.

Player Stations

The player starts with the Main Station. Using Buildings Icon Shop Building.png and Decorations Icon Shop Decoration.png , and Themes, the player can customize each Station. By buying Station Extensions in the Shop, the player can expand to five separate Stations, allowing for even more space to grow your empire. Players can switch between Stations by clicking on the numbered circles located below the level indicator at the top center of the screen.

Image Level Cost       Discounted Cost Buy XP.png
Extension Second Station.png
125 350 Gems.png 280 Gems.png 165,000
125 825,000 Gravel.png
888,000 U-235.png
812,000 Cement.png
660,000 Gravel.png
710,400 U-235.png
649,600 Cement.png
Extension Third Station.png
145 350 Gems.png 280 Gems.png 195,000
145 8,500,000 Gold.png
700,000 Wood.png
700,000 Marble.png
6,800,000 Gold.png
560,000 Wood.png
560,000 Marble.png
Extension Fourth Station.png
180 370 Gems.png 296 Gems.png 613,000
180 250,000,000 Gold.png
1,180,000 Titanium.png
1,320,000 Silicon.png
200,000,000 Gold.png
944,000 Titanium.png
1,056,000 Silicon.png
Extension Fifth Station.png
220 400 Gems.png 320 Gems.png 2,438,000
220 1,050,000,000 Gold.png
4,930,000 Gravel.png
4,445,000 U-235.png
840,000,000 Gold.png
3,944,000 Gravel.png
3,556,000 U-235.png

Station Capacity

Each player Station can be expanded with up to five streets and the streets can be widened many times. The following table describes the amount of grid space Space.png each Station can offer:

Station Street 1 Space.png:
Initial / Max
Street 2 Space.png:
Initial / Max
Street 3 Space.png:
Initial / Max
Street 4 Space.png:
Initial / Max
Street 5 Space.png:
Initial / Max
Total Space.png:
Initial / Max
Main Station 80 / 370 80 / 370 80 / 370 80 / 370 80 / 370 400 / 1,850
Second Station 70 / 370 70 / 370 70 / 370 70 / 370 70 / 370 350 / 1,850
Thrid Station 70 / 370 70 / 370 70 / 370 70 / 370 70 / 370 350 / 1,850
Fourth Station 70 / 370 70 / 370 70 / 370 70 / 370 70 / 370 350 / 1,850
Fifth Station 70 / 370 70 / 370 70 / 370 70 / 370 70 / 370 350 / 1,850
Total: 1,800 / 9,250

Since each Station has its own expansion costs, we have broken it down into the articles below:

Contractor Stations

Contractors each have their own stations. When the final contract for each contractor is completed, the player gains full control of that station and can buy, move and sell most buildings and decorations. Players are limited to buying items from the Contractor's Shop and the Theme cannot be changed.


Rails (tracks) support train traffic in and out of your stations. Additional Stations will inherit the same Rails the player has on the Main Station, however, the player cannot dispatch from them. See Rails for more details.


Passengers Passenger.png are required to fill Passenger Wagons Icon Shop Passenger Wagon.png and Passenger/Mail Wagons Icon Shop PassMail Wagon.png that the player dispatches to earn Gold Gold.png. They are attracted to your Station by placing Buildings on Station streets.

Passenger Income

Each normal Building has a passenger income Income.png value that shows how fast that Building earns passengers per hour. The more buildings placed, the faster passengers arrive. The total passenger income is calculated from all Buildings placed across all Stations, including any contractor Stations owned. It does not take into account any buildings in Storage.

Passenger Limit

The passenger limit is the maximum number of passengers that the player's Stations can hold. It is a fixed multiplier of the income value and starts at a base multiplier of 6x of the total passenger income from above. This base limit can be improved by placing Special Buildings such as the Aerial Tower I, Retro House, Architect, and El Capricho which increase the base multiplier by a set amount (currently, up to 300%, or 18x).

NOTE: It always takes 18 hours to reach the passenger limit from zero (before any Flag bonuses). However, when a player levels up, they are rewarded with the maximum number of passengers they can currently hold.


Flags Icon Shop Flag.png allow a player to improve their passenger income/limit above the base values by a certain %. See Flags.



Gem Balloon

Added with the 31 Jul 2017 Game Update, Balloons will frequently appear at the player's Main Station, rising up from the ground and disappearing after a certain height. If clicked, they award the player a small random reward of: Gold Gold.png, Mail Mail.png, non-Hyperloop Materials Material.png, or a Whistle Whistle.

  • As the player levels up, the value of these rewards increases.
  • Gem Balloons award one Gem Gems.png. They are quite rare, rise twice as fast, and therefore disappear quicker.
  • Whistle Balloons also rise almost twice as fast, but will appear as a regular blue balloon.
  • See also Balloons Test for an overview of balloon chances.


The appearance of the Balloons might change for some Seasonal Events

Event Appearance
Christmas Balloon (Christmas).png  Balloon Gem (Christmas).png
Diesel Domination Balloon (Diesel).png  Balloon Gem (Diesel).png
Spring Balloon (Spring).png  Balloon Gem (Spring).png
Electric Extravaganza Balloon (Electric Extravaganza).png  Balloon Gem (Electric Extravaganza).png
Halloween Balloon (Halloween).png  Balloon Gem (Halloween).png
Hyperloop Hype Balloon (Hyperloop Hype).png  Balloon Gem (Hyperloop Hype).png
Maglev Madness Balloon (Maglev).png  Balloon Gem (Maglev).png
Steam Frenzy Balloon (Steam Frenzy).png  Balloon Gem (Steam Frenzy).png
Summer Balloon (Summer).png  Balloon Gem (Summer).png


Chests are bonus items that appear at player/Neighbour Stations rewarding the player with resources. See Chests.


Themes allow the player to customize the environment (appearance/sounds) of each player Station. See Themes.


Envelopes and Packages were removed with the 31 Jul 2017 Game Update and replaced by Balloons and Chests. Envelopes Envelope.png appeared at the player's Stations and, when clicked, awarded a small amount of Mail Mail.png. Packages Mail Package.png frequently fell from the sky at at player's Stations and, when clicked, awarded a large amount of Mail Mail.png. Packages could also be collected from Neighbor's Stations.


  • Street Extensions was added as part of the 14 Apr 2011 Game Update.
  • Additional Street Extensions was added as part of the 26 May 2011 Game Update.
  • Additional Street Extensions was added as part of the 21 Jul 2011 Game Update.
  • Additional Street Extensions was added as part of the 28 Jul 2011 Game Update.
  • Additional Street Extensions was added as part of the 18 Aug 2011 Game Update.
  • Additional Street Extensions was added as part of the 15 Sep 2011 Game Update.
  • Additional Street Extensions was added as part of the 22 Sep 2011 Game Update.
  • Additional Street Extensions was added as part of the 3 Nov 2011 Game Update.
  • Envelopes/Packages (replace with Balloons/Supply boxes) was removed as part of the 31 Jul 2017 Game Update.
  • Balloons/Supply boxes (previous was Envelopes/Packages) was added as part of the 31 Jul 2017 Game Update.

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