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Players can access the Special Offer (abbreviation: SO; Shop icon: Icon Shop SO) section of the Shop by clicking on the Special Offer
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icon (shown at left) on the main game screen or the Special Offer tab in the Shop (shown above). Sometimes, the Facebook fan page has a link to the Special Offer, which then displays on a special screen titled "Mrs. Wilma's Choice".

Special Offer items are available only for a short time. A new Special Offer arrives every Tuesday and Friday at 14:00 (2:00 p.m.) GMT.

See also: Vintage Offer 2019 Icon Shop VO.

Offer Start Date Locomotives Wagons Other
21 May 2019 Sm6 PumpJack
Sm6 PumpJack II
PumpJack Tail Bonus International Slot Icon Extension
PumpJack Box Offer Box
17 May 2019 WDG4G Nitrous
SD70 Horsepower Q
SD70 Horsepower D
Horsepower Carbon
Horsepower U-235
Horsepower Fuel
Horsepower Titanium
17 May 2019
Icon SpecialEvent Nostalgia
Patriot Box (Safe) Offer Box
Patriot Cache (Risk) Offer Box
14 May 2019 Union Pacific TGV
Union 1st Class
Union 2nd Class
Union Economy
Union VIP
Union Restaurant
Union Tail
10 May 2019 Maersk SD40-2
Sealand SD40-2
Maersk Plastics
Maersk Bricks
Maersk Rubber
Maersk Silicon
Ethane Box (Safe) Offer Box
Ethane Crate (Risk) Offer Box
7 May 2019 Sodium Sprinter
Sodium Class 52
Sodium 1st Class
Sodium 2nd Class
Sodium Economy
Sodium VIP
Sodium Restaurant
3 May 2019 Hydrogen Valor
Helium Brace
Hydrogen Bismuth
Hydrogen Bismuth+
Hydrogen Xenon
Hydrogen Xenon+
Helium U-235
Helium Wood
Helium Marble
Helium Cement
Helium Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension
30 Apr 2019 PRR T1 Myrth
Class 86 Turf
EMD BL-2 Turf
Turf 1st class
Turf 2nd class
Turf Economy
Turf VIP
Turf Restaurant
26 Apr 2019 Class 7400 Snowdrop Q
Class 7400 Snowdrop D
Snowdrop Wood
Snowdrop Nails
Snowdrop Wires
Snowdrop Gravel
23 Apr 2019 TGV Saratoga
POS Saratoga
Saratoga 1st class
Saratoga 2nd class
Saratoga Economy
Saratoga VIP
Saratoga Restaurant
Saratoga Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension
19 Apr 2019 Massachusetts Q
Massachusetts D
Massachusetts Carbon
Massachusetts U-235
Massachusetts Steel
Massachusetts Silicon
Patriot Box (Safe) Offer Box
Patriot Cache (Risk) Offer Box
19 Apr 2019
Icon SpecialEvent Nostalgia
Creepy Creepy Glass
Creepy Wires
Creepy Wood
Creepy Carbon
Creepy Tail
16 Apr 2019 Aconite
Oaris Caladium
Aconite 1st class
Aconite 2nd class
Aconite VIP
Aconite Tail
Caladium 1st class
Caladium 2nd class
Caladium Economy
Caladium Vip
Caladium Restaurant
Caladium Tail
12 Apr 2019 Briar
Amaryllis Silicon
Amaryllis Nails
Amaryllis Rubber
Amaryllis Gravel
Amaryllis Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension
9 Apr 2019 Sakura 800
Sakura Shinkansen
Sakura Tail Sakura Box Offer Box
5 Apr 2019 Oakwood Class 240 Q
Oakwood Class 240 D
Pixel Two
Oakwood Cement
Oakwood Bricks
Oakwood U-235
Oakwood Nails
Pixel Two Aerogel+
Pixel Two Aerogel
Pixel Two Neodymium+
Pixel Two Neodymium
2 Apr 2019 GP60 Positive
HHP-8 Coulomb
FEF-2 Coulomb
Coulomb 1st class
Coulomb 2nd class
Coulomb Economy
Coulomb VIP
Coulomb Restaurant
29 Mar 2019 Static
BR66 Diode Q
BR66 Diode D
Diode Steel
Diode Gravel
Diode Titanium
Diode Carbon
Party Box (risk) Offer Box
Party Container (safe) Offer Box
26 Mar 2019 GWR Ohm
Ohm 800
Ohm 1st class
Ohm 2nd class
Ohm Economy
Ohm Restaurant
Ohm Tail
26 Mar 2019
Icon SpecialEvent Nostalgia
Tundra Tundra 1st Class
Tundra 2nd Class
Tundra VIP
Tundra Tail
22 Mar 2019 Volta
Yoruba Switch
Volta Titanium
Volta Carbon
Volta Marble
Volta Silicon
Volta Tail
Ampere Carbon
Ampere Plastics
Ampere Titanium
Ampere Fuel
Ampere Tail
Switch Wolfram+
Switch Wolfram
Switch Bismuth+
Switch Bismuth
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension
19 Mar 2019 Speedliner
Speedliner Extra
Blizzy Class 90 Super
Blizzy Class 90
Speedliner Tail
Blizzy 1st class
Blizzy 2nd class
Blizzy Economy
Blizzy VIP
Blizzy Restaurant
Speedliner Box Offer Box
15 Mar 2019 Black 071 Class
White 071 Class
Militia Wires
Militia Rubber
White Box Offer Box
Black Box Offer Box
12 Mar 2019 Anode
TGV Plasma
TGV Langmuir
Anode 1st class
Anode 2nd class
Anode VIP
Anode Tail
Plasma 1st class
Plasma 2nd class
Plasma Economy
Plasma VIP
Plasma Restaurant
Plasma Tail
8 Mar 2019 Faraday
Class 071 Cell Double
Class 071 Cell
Faraday Lithium+
Faraday Lithium
Faraday Nanotubes+
Faraday Nanotubes
Cell U-235
Cell Marble
Cell Glass
Cell Silicon
5 Mar 2019 Happy B Class
Happy SNCB 18
Happy 1st class
Happy 2nd class
Happy Economy
Happy Restaurant
Happy VIP
1 Mar 2019 Mitsiu Mitsiu Plastic
Mitsiu Rubber
Mitsiu Gravel
Mitsiu Wood
Mitsiu Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension
Party Container (safe) Offer Box
Party Box (risk) Offer Box
1 Mar 2019
Icon SpecialEvent Nostalgia
Orca Crate (Safe) Offer Box
Orca Box (Risk) Offer Box
26 Feb 2019 Via Rail Keisei
Via Rail Charger
Via Rail 1st Class
Via Rail 2nd Class
Via Rail Economy
Via Rail VIP
Via Rail Restaurant
Via Rail Tail
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension
22 Feb 2019 Pixel One
Ontario GE Dash 9 Q
Ontario GE Dash 9 D
Pixel One Xenon+
Pixel One Xenon
Pixel One Borax+
Pixel One Borax
Ontario GE Marble
Ontario GE Bricks
Ontario GE Gravel
Ontario GE Plastics
19 Feb 2019 E320 Crush
Velaro Crush
C5520 Cherish
Crush Tail
Cherish 1st Class
Cherish 2nd Class
Cherish Economy
Cherish VIP
Crush Box Offer Box
15 Feb 2019 Amor
Amor Tail
Lovely Fuel
Lovely U-235
Love Box Offer Box
12 Feb 2019 Devotion Devotion 1st class
Devotion 2nd class
Devotion VIP
Devotion Tail
12 Feb 2019
Icon SpecialEvent Nostalgia
Venom Euro 4000
Venom E-412
Venom 1st class
Venom 2nd class
Venom Economy
Venom VIP
Venom Restaurant
8 Feb 2019 Amaranth
Amaranth Neodymium+
Amaranth Neodymium
Amaranth Nanotubes+
Amaranth Nanotubes
Dandelion Nails
Dandelion Bricks
Dandelion Cement
Dandelion Glass
Dandelion Tail
Abelia Steel
Abelia Gravel
Abelia Carbon
Abelia Titanium
Abelia Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension
5 Feb 2019 Bombardier Talent 3
Talent 3
Vectron Genius
Talent 3 1st class
Talent 3 2nd class
Talent 3 Economy
Talent 3 VIP
Talent 3 Restaurant
Talent 3 Tail
1 Feb 2019 Stadler Euro 4001 D
Stadler Euro 4001 S
Europa Gravel
Europa Fuel
Stadler Box Offer Box
Stadler Box VIP Offer Box
29 Jan 2019 Fjord Cordelia
Fjord MPI MP36PH
Fjord 1st Class
Fjord 2nd class
Fjord Economy
Fjord VIP
Fjord Tail
Norwegian Flag XL Icon Shop Flag
25 Jan 2019 Aurora
Canada Mountaineer D
Canada Mountaineer
Aurora Bismuth+
Aurora Bismuth
Aurora Borax+
Aurora Borax
Mountaineer Glass
Mountaineer Marble
Mountaineer Wood
Mountaineer U-235
22 Jan 2019 Concealment J-Class
Concealment EF210
Concealment 1st class
Concealment 2nd class
Concealment Economy
Concealment Vip
Concealment restaurant
18 Jan 2019 Penguin Penguin Glass
Penguin U-235
Penguin Rubber
Penguin Marble
Penguin Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension
Whale Crate (Safe) Offer Box
Whale Box (Risk) Offer Box
Orca Crate (Safe) Offer Box
Orca Box (Risk) Offer Box
15 Jan 2019 Tundra
Taiga Pendolino
Taiga VR SM3
Tundra 1st Class
Tundra 2nd Class
Tundra VIP
Tundra Tail
Taiga 1st Class
Taiga 2nd Class
Taiga VIP
Taiga Tail
11 Jan 2019 CN GE Evo T4 Q
CN GE Evo T4 D
CN GE Nails
CN GE Carbon
CN GE Titanium
CN GE Silicon
8 Jan 2019
Icon SpecialEvent Nostalgia
Yukon GE Class 90
Yukon Class EA
Hustle 1st class
Hustle 2nd class
Hustle VIP
Hustle Tail
Yukon 1st class
Yukon 2nd class
Yukon Economy
Yukon Restaurant
Yukon Vip
4 Jan 2019 Celebrator
4 Jan 2019
Icon SpecialEvent Nostalgia
TCDD 36008 Quad
TCDD 36008 Double
TCDD Bricks
TCDD Marble
TCDD Nails
TCDD Silicon
1 Jan 2019 Auld Brightline
Auld Keisei
Auld 1st class
Auld 2nd class
Auld Economy
Auld VIP
Auld Tail

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