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Players can access the Special Offer (abbreviation: SO; Shop icon: Icon Shop SO.png) section of the Shop by clicking on the Special icon (shown at left) on the main game screen or the Special Offer tab in the Shop (shown above). Sometimes, the Facebook fan page has a link to the Special Offer, which then displays on a special screen titled "Mrs. Wilma's Choice".

Special Offer items are available only for a short time. A new Special Offer arrives every Tuesday and Friday at 14:00 (2:00 p.m.) GMT.

See also: Vintage Offer 2017 Icon Shop VO.png.

Offer Start Date Locomotives Wagons Other
29 Dec 2017 Icon Shop Diesel.png 2K18 Resolution Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png 2K18 Resolution D
Resolution Steel
Resolution U-235
Resolution Plastics
Resolution Bricks
Resolution Plastics++
Resolution Bricks+
2K18 Box Offer Box.png
Icon SpecialEvent.png New Year [1]
29 Dec 2017
Icon Shop Maglev.png QT9090 Enhanced
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Scale
Enhanced Premium
Enhanced Standard
Enhanced VIP
Enhanced Diner
Enhanced Tail
Scale Lithium+
Scale Aerogel+
Scale Lithium
Scale Aerogel
26 Dec 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png Sprinter Warmth
Icon Shop Diesel.png Class 52 Warmth
Warmth 1st class
Warmth 2nd class
Warmth Mail
Warmth Economy
Warmth VIP
22 Dec 2017 Icon Shop Diesel.png DDm45 Decorated Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png DDm45 Decorated D
Decorated Nails
Decorated Silicon
Decorated Cement
Decorated Marble
Decorated Gift N
Decorated Gift C
Sock flag Icon Shop Flag.png
19 Dec 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png Noel
Icon Shop Loco.png Drummer Boy
Noel 1st class
Noel 2nd class
Noel Mail
Noel Economy
Noel VIP
Bonus Double IT Slot Icon Extension.png
Bonus Storage +200 Icon Extension.png
15 Dec 2017 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Amalthea
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Adrastea
Icon Shop Maglev.png Apostolus
Icon Shop Diesel.png Swater
Amalthea Lithium+
Amalthea Lithium
Amalthea Aerogel+
Amalthea Aerogel
Adrastea Xenon+
Adrastea Xenon
Adrastea Wolfram+
Adrastea Wolfram
Apostolus U-235
Apostolus Carbon
Apostolus Silicon
Apostolus Steel
Swater Bricks
Swater Glass
Swater Carbon
Swater Gravel
Christmas box (High Risk) Offer Box.png
Santa's miracle (Safe Bet) Offer Box.png
12 Dec 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png Algid I
Icon Shop Electric.png Algid II
Algid 1st class
Algid 2nd class
Algid Economy
Algid VIP
Algid Connect
Algid Tail
Bonus Double Train Slot Icon Extension.png
8 Dec 2017 Icon Shop Diesel.png Advent Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Advent Double
Advent Rubber
Advent Wood
Advent Wires
Advent Cement
Bonus Storage +200 Icon Extension.png
5 Dec 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png Illuminate
Icon Shop Diesel.png Brightline Scent
Icon Shop Electric.png Keisei Scent
Scent 1st class
Scent 2nd class
Scent Mail
Scent Economy
Scent VIP
Scent Tail
1 Dec 2017 Icon Shop Diesel.png Parcel Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Parcel Double
Parcel Silicon
Parcel Silicon+
Parcel Steel
Parcel Steel++
Parcel Marble
Parcel Marble+
Parcel Plastics
Parcel Plastics++
Parcel Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
28 Nov 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png Federal TGV
Icon Shop Electric.png Federal POS
Icon Shop Loco.png LNER A4 Courier
Federal 1st class
Federal 2nd class
Federal Economy
Federal VIP
Federal Restaurant
Federal Tail
24 Nov 2017 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Lysithea
Icon Shop Maglev.png Metis
Lysithea Lithium+
Lysithea Lithium
Lysithea Neodymium+
Lysithea Neodymium
Metis 1st class
Metis 2nd class
Metis VIP
Metis Tail
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension.png
Icon SpecialEvent.png Black Friday [1]
24 Nov 2017
Icon Shop Electric.png TGV Schedulant
Icon Shop Diesel.png GT42AC Twincolor Q
Schedulant 1st class
Schedulant 2nd class
Schedulant VIP
Schedulant Connect
Schedulant Tail
Twincolor Silicon
Twincolor Gravel
Twincolor Fuel
Twincolor Wood
Twincolor Fuel S
Twincolor Gravel S
21 Nov 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png Eagle II
Icon Shop Electric.png Hawk
Icon Shop Loco.png Alkahest
Eagle II 1st class
Eagle II 2nd class
Eagle II Economy
Eagle II VIP
Eagle II Restaurant
Eagle II Tail
Alkahest 1st class
Alkahest 2nd class
Alkahest Economy
Alkahest VIP
Alkahest Restaurant
17 Nov 2017 Icon Shop Maglev.png Avanti
Icon Shop Diesel.png Allez Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Allez Double
Avanti Rubber
Avanti Silicon
Avanti Steel
Avanti Bricks
Avanti Tail
Allez Wires
Allez Cement
Allez Wood
Allez Glass
14 Nov 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png Class 252 Metrolink
Icon Shop Diesel.png Metrolink
Metrolink 1st class
Metrolink 2nd class
Metrolink Mail
Metrolink Economy
Metrolink VIP
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
10 Nov 2017 Icon Shop Diesel.png Rudolf Triple
Icon Shop Diesel.png Rudolf Double
Rudolf Steel
Rudolf Nails
Rudolf Bricks
Rudolf Gravel
7 Nov 2017 Icon Shop Maglev.png Solar Power
Icon Shop Electric.png Cyber Major
Icon Shop Electric.png Cyber Batou
Solar 1st class
Solar 2nd class
Solar diner
Solar Tail
Cyber 1st class
Cyber 2nd class
Cyber Economy
Cyber VIP
Cyber Diner
Cyber Tail
3 Nov 2017 Icon Shop Diesel.png Dark Gamer Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Dark Gamer
Dark Gamer Carbon
Dark Gamer U-235
Dark Gamer Fuel
Dark Gamer Titanium
Dark Gamer U-235++
Dark Gamer Carbon+
Dark Gamer Titanium++
Dark Gamer Fuel+
31 Oct 2017 Icon Shop Diesel.png Dark Vision
Icon Shop Electric.png Night Raven
Icon Shop Electric.png Raven
Raven 1st class
Raven 2nd class
Raven Economy
Raven VIP
Raven Restaurant
Raven Tail
27 Oct 2017 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Replicate
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Invader
Icon Shop Diesel.png Clownwise Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png Clownwise D
Icon Shop Loco.png Theurgist
Replicate Nanotubes
Replicate Aerogel
Replicate Nanotubes+
Replicate Aerogel+
Replicate Nanotubes++
Replicate Aerogel++
Invader Borax
Invader Wolfram
Invader Borax+
Invader Wolfram+
Invader Borax++
Invader Wolfram++
Clownwise Cement
Clownwise Fuel
Clownwise Glass
Clownwise Marble
Theurgist Plastics
Theurgist Bricks
Theurgist Rubber
Theurgist Silicon
24 Oct 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png Egyptian Mummy
Icon Shop Electric.png Egyptian Pharaoh
Icon Shop Loco.png Alchemyst
Egyptian 1st class
Egyptian 2nd class
Egyptian Economy
Egyptian VIP
Egyptian Connect
Egyptian Tail
Alchemyst 1st class
Alchemyst 2nd class
Alchemyst VIP
Alchemyst Economy
Alchemyst Restaurant
Bonus Storage +500 Icon Extension.png
20 Oct 2017 Icon Shop Maglev.png Fright
Icon Shop Diesel.png NSB Geist Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png NSB Geist Double
Fright Silicon
Fright Wood
Fright Titanium
Fright Fuel
Fright Tail
Geist Nails
Geist Wood
Geist Gravel
Geist Wires
17 Oct 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png Sm6 Yaga
Icon Shop Electric.png Allegro Yaga
Yaga 1st class
Yaga 2nd class
Yaga Economy
Yaga VIP
Yaga Tail
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension.png
13 Oct 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png Conrail E44
Icon Shop Diesel.png SD90 Ohio Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png SD90 Ohio D
Ohio U-235
Ohio Carbon
Ohio Silicon
Ohio Steel
10 Oct 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png MTR SP1900
Icon Shop Electric.png MTR Century Train
MTR 1st class
MTR 2nd class
MTR Economy
MTR Connect
MTR Tail
6 Oct 2017 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Checker
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vossloh Bavaria Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vossloh Bavaria Double
Checker Bismuth
Checker Xenon
Checker Bismuth+
Checker Xenon+
Bavaria Marble
Bavaria Rubber
Bavaria Titanium
Bavaria Plastics
3 Oct 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png BOB Flirt 3
Icon Shop Electric.png BOB ET 319
BOB 1st class
BOB 2nd class
BOB Economy
BOB Connect
BOB Tail
Bavarian Flaghouse Logo Special.png
29 Sep 2017 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Wunder
Icon Shop Diesel.png Ozapftis Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Ozapftis Double
Wunder Borax+
Wunder Borax
Wunder Wolfram+
Wunder Wolfram
Ozapftis Bricks
Ozapftis Cement
Ozapftis Wood
Ozapftis Gravel
26 Sep 2017 Icon Shop Maglev.png Kolsch
Icon Shop Electric.png V200 Stein
Icon Shop Electric.png Coradia Stein
Kolsch 1st class
Kolsch 2nd class
Kolsch VIP
Kolsch Mail
Kolsch Tail
Stein 1st class
Stein 2nd class
Stein VIP
Stein Economy
Stein Tail
22 Sep 2017 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Alumnus
Icon Shop Diesel.png Hogshead Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Hogshead Double
Alumnus Neodymium
Alumnus Nanotubes
Alumnus Lithium
Alumnus Aerogel
Hogshead Wires
Hogshead Nails
Hogshead Fuel
Hogshead Glass
19 Sep 2017 Icon Shop Maglev.png Dextrin
Icon Shop Electric.png E653 Weizen
Icon Shop Electric.png Iwanuma Weizen
Dextrin 1st class
Dextrin 2nd class
Dextrin VIP
Dextrin Tail
Weizen 1st class
Weizen 2nd class
Weizen VIP
Weizen Economy
Weizen Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
Cask (Safe Bet) Offer Box.png
Keg (High Risk) Offer Box.png
15 Sep 2017 Icon Shop Diesel.png SD-KD 753 Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png SD-KD 753 Double
SD-KD Carbon
SD-KD Marble
SD-KD Steel
SD-KD Silicon
Bonus Storage +200 Icon Extension.png
12 Sep 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png CRH400 AF
Icon Shop Electric.png CRH400 Eaststar
CRH400 1st class
CRH400 2nd class
CRH400 Economy
CRH400 Restaurant
CRH400 Tail
Bonus Double IT Slot Icon Extension.png
8 Sep 2017 Icon Shop Maglev.png Torque
Icon Shop Diesel.png C60 Combustor Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png C60 Combustor D
Torque Cement
Torque U-235
Torque Marble
Torque Glass
Torque Tail
Combustor Glass
Combustor Wood
Combustor Rubber
Combustor U-235
5 Sep 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png Maximus
Icon Shop Diesel.png UGLC C44i Maximos
Maximus 1st class
Maximus 2nd class
Maximus VIP
Maximus Economy
Maximus Mail
1 Sep 2017 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Scale
Icon Shop Diesel.png NS cl.1600 Ridge Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png NS cl.1600 Ridge D
Scale Lithium
Scale Lithium+
Scale Aerogel
Scale Aerogel+
Ridge Cement
Ridge Bricks
Ridge Nails
Ridge Plastics
30 Aug 2017
(Delayed from
29 Aug 2017)
Icon Shop Electric.png SNCB 18 Leeward
Icon Shop Diesel.png Euro 4000 Windward
Leeward 1st class
Leeward 2nd class
Leeward Economy
Leeward VIP
Leeward Mail
Bonus Double Train Slot Icon Extension.png
25 Aug 2017 Icon Shop Diesel.png FM H12-44 Stout T
Icon Shop Diesel.png FM H12-44 Stout D
Icon Shop Diesel.png FM H12-44 Stout S
Icon Shop Diesel.png SW9 Groble
Groble Steel
Groble Gravel
Groble Carbon
Groble Titanium
Small-scale Factory Logo Special.png
(Later Removed)
22 Aug 2017 Icon Shop Diesel.png ER20 Veil
Icon Shop Electric.png Travca Veil
Veil 1st class
Veil 2nd class
Veil VIP
Veil Restaurant
Veil Economy
Bonus Storage +200 Icon Extension.png
18 Aug 2017 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Raja
Icon Shop Diesel.png GL26C-2 Rani Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png GL26C-2 Rani D
Raja Bismuth+
Raja Nanotubes+
Raja Bismuth
Raja Nanotubes
Rani Wood
Rani Nails
Rani Plastics
Rani Fuel
15 Aug 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png Avelia Liberty
Icon Shop Electric.png Alstom Avelia
Avelia 1st class
Avelia 2nd class
Avelia VIP
Avelia Restaurant
Avelia Tail
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension.png
11 Aug 2017 Icon Shop Maglev.png Fiber
Icon Shop Diesel.png Ezael Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Ezael Single
Fiber Fuel
Fiber Wood
Fiber Gravel
Fiber Carbon
Fiber Tail
Ezael Wires
Ezael Silicon
Ezael Cement
Ezael Bricks
Ezael Cement Plus
Ezael Wires Plus
Ezael Cement Plus II
Ezael Wires Plus II
Decabox Offer Box.png
8 Aug 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png Pesa Decade
Icon Shop Electric.png Dart Decade
Decade 1st class
Decade 2nd class
Decade VIP
Decade Restaurant
Decade Economy
Decade Tail
Gift Palace Logo Special.png
4 Aug 2017 Icon Shop Loco.png DRG Class 05 Garnet
Icon Shop Diesel.png Warpeck Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Warpeck Double
Warpeck U-235
Warpeck Glass
Warpeck Rubber
Warpeck Marble
Warpeck Glass II
Warpeck Rubber Boost
1 Aug 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png Coradia Netz
Icon Shop Electric.png Alstom Netz
Netz 1st class
Netz 2nd class
Netz Economy
Netz VIP
Netz Restaurant
Netz Tail
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension.png
28 Jul 2017 Icon Shop Loco.png JNR D51 MKII
Icon Shop Diesel.png Braiden Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Braiden Double
Braiden Steel
Braiden Marble
Braiden Titanium
Braiden Silicon
Gadget Box Offer Box.png
25 Jul 2017 Icon Shop Loco.png C5520 Blackstream
Icon Shop Electric.png JNR Blackstream
Blackstream 1st class
Blackstream 2nd class
Blackstream VIP
Blackstream Economy
Blackstream Restaurant
21 Jul 2017 Icon Shop Loco.png Alabaster
Icon Shop Diesel.png GE BB40 Baelor
Baelor Wood
Baelor Fuel
Baelor Carbon
Baelor Glass
Baelor Fuel++
Baelor Glass+
Bonus Double Train Slot Icon Extension.png
18 Jul 2017 Icon Shop Maglev.png Chancellor
Icon Shop Loco.png Kathool
Icon Shop Loco.png Chadler
Chancellor 1st class
Chancellor 2nd class
Chancellor Scenic
Chancellor VIP
Chancellor Tail
Chadler 1st class
Chadler 2nd class
Chadler Economy
Chadler VIP
Chadler Mail
14 Jul 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png TGV Storm
Icon Shop Diesel.png Tempest Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Tempest Double
TGV Storm 1st class
TGV Storm 2nd class
TGV Storm Economy
TGV Storm Tail
Tempest Gravel
Tempest Rubber
Tempest U-235
Tempest Wires
Bastille Icon Shop Building.png
11 Jul 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png CRH 6F Cinova Cinova 1st class
Cinova 2nd class
Cinova Economy
Cinova VIP
Cinova Tail
Bonus Storage +300 Icon Extension.png
Summer Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
7 Jul 2017 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Etridash
Icon Shop Diesel.png Pantracker Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Pantracker Double
Etridash Xenon+
Etridash Xenon
Etridash Borax+
Etridash Borax
Pantracker Bricks
Pantracker Cement
Pantracker Nails
Pantracker Plastics
4 Jul 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png FourthJuly Double
Icon Shop Electric.png FourthJuly Single
FourthJuly 1st class
FourthJuly 2nd class
FourthJuly VIP
FourthJuly Economy
FourthJuly Parade
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension.png
30 Jun 2017 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Alloy
Icon Shop Diesel.png SD40-2 Loon Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png SD40-2 Loon Double
Alloy Wolfram+
Alloy Bismuth+
Alloy Wolfram
Alloy Bismuth
Loon Carbon
Loon Marble
Loon Silicon
Loon Titanium
27 Jun 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png Süwex
Icon Shop Electric.png Stadler Süwex
Süwex 1st class
Süwex 2nd class
Süwex Restaurant
Süwex Economy
Süwex Tail
IFC Tower Logo Special.png
23 Jun 2017 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Yin
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Yang
Icon Shop Diesel.png DF-200 Kinship Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png DF-200 Kinship Double
Yin Borax
Yin Borax+
Yin Wolfram
Yin Wolfram+
Yang Bismuth
Yang Bismuth+
Yang Xenon
Yang Xenon+
Kinship Wires
Kinship Fuel
Kinship Steel
Kinship Glass
20 Jun 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png Caravaggio MK. II
Icon Shop Electric.png Caravaggio
Caravaggio 1st class
Caravaggio 2nd class
Caravaggio VIP
Caravaggio Connect
Caravaggio Tail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
Icon SpecialEvent.png Nostalgia [1]
16 Jun 2017
Icon Shop Maglev.png Nero
Icon Shop Loco.png Royal Shaoshan
Icon Shop Electric.png CR Shaoshan 7
Icon Shop Diesel.png Overlord
Nero Fuel
Nero Marble
Nero U-235
Nero Cement
Nero Tail
Shaoshan 1st class
Shaoshan 2nd class
Shaoshan VIP
Shaoshan Dining
Shaoshan Lounge
Shaoshan Mail
Overlord Wood
Overlord Wood +
Overlord Plastics
Overlord Plastics +
Overlord Fuel
Overlord Fuel +
Overlord Cement
Overlord Cement +
Icon SpecialEvent.png Nostalgia [1]
13 Jun 2017
Icon Shop Loco.png PRR Sunflower
Icon Shop Maglev.png Peregrino
Icon Shop Electric.png Keisei Blossom
Peregrino 1st class
Peregrino 2nd class
Peregrino VIP
Peregrino Restaurant
Peregrino Mail
Peregrino Tail
Blossom 1st class
Blossom 2nd class
Blossom VIP
Blossom Diner
Blossom Rare
Blossom Tail
9 Jun 2017 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Astrael
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vossloh Angel
Icon Shop Diesel.png 2505 Angel
Astrael Lithium
Astrael Neodymium
Astrael Aerogel
Astrael Nanotubes
Angel Cement
Angel Bricks
Angel Uran
Angel Nails
Angel U-235 S
6 Jun 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png Bombardier Polyvalent
Icon Shop Electric.png Voyager Polyvalent
Polyvalent 1st class
Polyvalent 2nd class
Polyvalent VIP
Polyvalent Mail
Polyvalent Economy
Polyvalent Tail
Bonus Storage +200 Icon Extension.png
2 Jun 2017 Icon Shop Diesel.png RP20BD MET
Icon Shop Diesel.png Central of Georgia Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png Central of Georgia D
CoG Steel
CoG Gravel
CoG Titanium
CoG Carbon
30 May 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png TGV Oceane
Icon Shop Electric.png Oceane 850
Oceane 1st class
Oceane 2nd class
Oceane Economy
Oceane VIP
Oceane Tail
Bonus Double IT Slot Icon Extension.png
26 May 2017 Icon Shop Diesel.png AC44 Stallion Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png AC44 Stallion Double
Stallion Wood
Stallion Nails
Stallion Plastics
Stallion Fuel
Stallion Nails S+
Stallion Wood S
23 May 2017 Icon Shop Diesel.png Rocky Mountaineer
Icon Shop Electric.png Alp Mountaineer
Mountaineer 1st class
Mountaineer Business
Mountaineer Economy
Mountaineer Scenic
Mountaineer Diner
Mountaineer Tail
19 May 2017 Icon Shop Diesel.png Voivode Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Voivode Single
Voivode Cement
Voivode Wires
Voivode Bricks
Voivode Rubber
Voivode Rubber++
Voivode Cement+
16 May 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png Lavish Splendor
Icon Shop Electric.png Splendor
Splendor 1st class
Splendor 2nd class
Splendor VIP
Splendor Sleeper
Splendor Restaurant
Splendor Tail
12 May 2017 Icon Shop Maglev.png Nero
Icon Shop Diesel.png Honorius Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Honorius Double
Nero Marble
Nero Fuel
Nero Cement
Nero U-235
Nero Tail
Honorius U-235
Honorius Glass
Honorius Marble
Honorius Silicon
Technological Improvements Offer Box.png
Technological Wonders Offer Box.png
9 May 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png Valerian Veloce
Icon Shop Electric.png Valerian 330
Valerian 1st class
Valerian 2nd class
Valerian VIP
Valerian Restaurant
Valerian Mail
Valerian Tail
5 May 2017 Icon Shop Diesel.png QTX Superior
Icon Shop Diesel.png Evolution QTX
QTX Cement
QTX Wires
QTX Steel
QTX Wood
QTX Wires S
QTX Tail
2 May 2017 Icon Shop Maglev.png QT9090 Enhanced
Icon Shop Maglev.png QT9090 Precursor
Icon Shop Electric.png Oaris Rim
Icon Shop Electric.png Oaris Ledge
Enhanced Premium
Enhanced Standard
Enhanced VIP
Enhanced Diner
Enhanced Tail
Precursor Premium
Precursor Standard
Precursor VIP
Precursor Diner
Precursor Tail
Rim 1st Class
Rim 2nd Class
Rim Restaurant
Rim Tail
28 Apr 2017 Icon Shop Diesel.png RSD-15 Jazz D
Icon Shop Diesel.png RSD-15 Jazz Q
Jazz Marble
Jazz Bricks
Jazz Gravel
Jazz Plastics
Jazz Marble S+
Jazz Gravel S
Bonus Storage +200 Icon Extension.png
Pete's Lounge Icon Shop Building.png
25 Apr 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png BR C800 Odyss
Icon Shop Diesel.png Brightline Ulyss
Odyss 1st class
Odyss 2nd class
Odyss VIP
Odyss Restaurant
Odyss Tail
Agency Office Icon Shop Building.png
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension.png
21 Apr 2017 Icon Shop Diesel.png Overlord
Icon Shop Diesel.png Overseer
Overlord Wood
Overlord Wood +
Overlord Plastics
Overlord Plastics +
Overlord Fuel
Overlord Fuel +
Overlord Cement
Overlord Cement +
18 Apr 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png Keisei Blossom
Icon Shop Electric.png Keisei Blossomling
Blossom Rare
Blossom 1st class
Blossom 2nd class
Blossom VIP
Blossom Diner
Blossom Tail
14 Apr 2017 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Patron
Icon Shop Maglev.png Alacrity
Icon Shop Diesel.png Celerity Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Celerity Quad
Patron Neodymium
Patron Nanotubes
Patron Lithium
Patron Aerogel
Alacrity Cement
Alacrity Silicon
Alacrity Plastics
Alacrity Nails
Alacrity Tail
Celerity Fuel
Celerity Glass
Celerity U-235
Celerity U-235 S
Celerity Rubber
11 Apr 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png Alfa Pendular
Icon Shop Electric.png Pendolino Pendular
Pendular 1st class
Pendular 2nd class
Pendular VIP
Pendular Connect
Pendular Tail
Bonus Double Train Slot Icon Extension.png
7 Apr 2017 Icon Shop Diesel.png SD40 BAR
Icon Shop Diesel.png SD40 CMQ Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png SD40 CMQ
CMQ Rubber
CMQ Titanium
CMQ Bricks
CMQ Wires
CMQ Rubber S
CMQ Wires S
4 Apr 2017 Icon Shop Loco.png Royal Shaoshan
Icon Shop Electric.png CR Shaoshan 7
Shaoshan 1st class
Shaoshan 2nd class
Shaoshan VIP
Shaoshan Dining
Shaoshan Lounge
Shaoshan Mail
31 Mar 2017 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Entrant
Icon Shop Diesel.png GP38-2 Embark Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png GP38-2 Embark D
Entrant Aerogel
Entrant Lithium
Entrant Nanotubes
Entrant Neodymium
Embark Carbon
Embark Nails
Embark Silicon
Embark Plastics
28 Mar 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png ES64U Grace
Icon Shop Electric.png ES64U Grace II
Grace 1st class
Grace 2nd class
Grace VIP
Grace Business Class
Grace Restaurant
Grace Mail
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
24 Mar 2017 Icon Shop Diesel.png Founder Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Founder Double
Founder Fuel
Founder Gravel
Founder Cement
Founder Steel
Founder Steel ++
Founder Fuel +
21 Mar 2017 Icon Shop Maglev.png Peregrino
Icon Shop Electric.png Thracian
Peregrino 1st class
Peregrino 2nd class
Peregrino VIP
Peregrino Restaurant
Peregrino Mail
Peregrino Tail
17 Mar 2017 Icon Shop Loco.png PRR Sunflower
Icon Shop Diesel.png Drone Evolution Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png Drone Evolution D
Drone Glass
Drone Marble
Drone Wood
Drone U-235
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension.png
[[[Uncut Gem|Uncut Gem]] Icon Shop Building.png
14 Mar 2017 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Shard
Icon Shop Electric.png AT400 Viper
Icon Shop Electric.png VHS Viper
Shard Neodymium
Shard Lithium
Shard Tail
Viper 1st class
Viper 2nd class
Viper VIP
Viper Connect
Viper Tail
Glass Goliath Icon Shop Building.png
Hi-tech Accessories Offer Box.png
Hi-tech Supplies Offer Box.png
10 Mar 2017 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Valor
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vigour Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vigour Double
Valor Nanotubes
Valor Aerogel
Valor Tail
Vigour Rubber PLUS
Vigour Bricks
Vigour Plastics
Vigour U-235
Vigour Rubber
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
7 Mar 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png Stadler Warp UP
Icon Shop Electric.png Stadler Warp
Warp 1st class
Warp 2nd class
Warp VIP
Warp Connect
Warp Tail
Bonus Storage +200 Icon Extension.png
Cerulean Tower Icon Shop Building.png
Icon SpecialEvent.png Nostalgia [1]
3 Mar 2017
Icon Shop Maglev.png Dasher
Icon Shop Diesel.png Snowfall Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png SD70 Fizzy Quad
Dasher Glass
Dasher Steel
Dasher Wires
Dasher Titanium
Dasher Tail
Snowfall Bricks
Snowfall Glass
Snowfall Carbon
Snowfall Gravel
Snowfall Bricks S
Snowfall Glass S
Fizzy Glass
Fizzy Wires
Fizzy Wood
Fizzy Carbon
Icon SpecialEvent.png Nostalgia [1]
28 Feb 2017
Icon Shop Loco.png Venenum
Icon Shop Electric.png Crystalline TGV
Icon Shop Electric.png Class 89 Donner
Icon Shop Diesel.png BB40-9W Donner
Crystalline 1st class
Crystalline 2nd class
Crystalline VIP
Crystalline Connect
Crystalline Tail
Donner 1st class
Donner 2nd class
Donner VIP
Donner Urgent
Donner Restaurant
24 Feb 2017 Icon Shop Diesel.png GE Evo T4 Hauler Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png GE Evo T4 Hauler D
GE T4 Hauler Cement
GE T4 Hauler Glass
GE T4 Hauler Gravel
GE T4 Hauler Fuel
GE T4 Hauler Mixer
GE T4 Hauler Crane
21 Feb 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png TGV Schedulant
Icon Shop Electric.png TGV Schedulee
Icon Shop Loco.png Estimator
Schedulant 1st class
Schedulant 2nd class
Schedulant VIP
Schedulant Connect
Schedulant Tail
Estimator 1st class
Estimator 2nd class
Estimator VIP
Estimator Mail
Estimator VIP Mail
17 Feb 2017 Icon Shop Diesel.png EffiShunter Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png EffiShunter Quad
EffiShunter Marble
EffiShunter Steel
EffiShunter Wires
EffiShunter Wood
[[Community Hall]|Community Hall]]] Logo Special.png
Rosette Estate Logo Special.png
14 Feb 2017 Icon Shop Maglev.png Adore
Icon Shop Maglev.png Ardor
Icon Shop Electric.png Fyra Empathy
Adore Glass
Adore Steel
Adore Wires
Adore Titanium
Adore Tail
Ardor Wood
Ardor Bricks
Ardor Carbon
Ardor Rubber
Ardor Tail
Empathy 1st class
Empathy 2nd class
Empathy VIP
Empathy Restaurant
Empathy Tail
10 Feb 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png HXD3B Eminence
Icon Shop Diesel.png Class 70 Grandeur
Grandeur Bricks
Grandeur Nails
Grandeur Plastics
Grandeur Carbon
Hex Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Skyrise Icon Shop Building.png
Skytall Icon Shop Building.png
7 Feb 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png DMZ EP3D
Icon Shop Electric.png DMZ EP3D EMU
EP3D 1st class
EP3D 2nd class
EP3D Connect
EP3D Mail
EP3D Tail
Unico House Icon Shop Building.png
3 Feb 2017 Icon Shop Diesel.png GT42AC Twincolor Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png GT42AC Twincolor D
Twincolor Silicon
Twincolor Gravel
Twincolor Fuel
Twincolor Wood
Twincolor Fuel S
Twincolor Gravel S
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
31 Jan 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png SWT Desiro
Icon Shop Electric.png SWT class 707
Icon Shop Electric.png Thameslink Desiro
SWT 1st class
SWT 2nd class
SWT Connect
SWT Tail
Thameslink 1st class
Thameslink 2nd class
Thameslink VIP
Thameslink Connect
Thameslink Tail
27 Jan 2017 Icon Shop Diesel.png Westrail L Class Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png Westrail L Class D
Icon Shop Electric.png Class 86 Bicentennial
Westrail U-235
Westrail Glass
Westrail Titanium
Westrail Cement
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension.png
Kangaroo Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Small Residence Icon Shop Building.png
24 Jan 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png NTV Equus
Icon Shop Electric.png NTV Quagga
Equus 1st class
Equus 2nd class
Equus VIP
Equus Connect
Equus Tail
Design Office Icon Shop Building.png
ZAP! Offer Box.png
ZIP! Offer Box.png
20 Jan 2017 Icon Shop Diesel.png Di 3 Gunnar Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Di 3 Gunnar Double
Gunnar Wires
Gunnar Plastics
Gunnar Carbon
Gunnar Steel
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension.png
Nordic Courthouse Icon Shop Building.png
17 Jan 2017 Icon Shop Maglev.png T-racer
Icon Shop Diesel.png Di8 T-racer
T-racer 1st class
T-racer 2nd class
T-racer VIP
T-racer Urgent Mail
T-racer Restaurant
T-racer Tail
13 Jan 2017 Icon Shop Diesel.png C66 Erebus Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png C66 Erebus Double
C66 Erebus Marble
C66 Erebus Bricks
C66 Erebus Nails
C66 Erebus Silicon
C66 Erebus Marble+
C66 Erebus Nails+
Beacon Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
10 Jan 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png Brinicle
Icon Shop Electric.png Brinicle II
Brinicle 1st class
Brinicle 2nd class
Brinicle Connect
Brinicle Mail
Brinicle VIP
Brinicle Tail
6 Jan 2017 Icon Shop Diesel.png GTEL Edris
Icon Shop Diesel.png GTEL Idris
Edris Gravel
Edris Rubber
Edris Fuel
Edris Titanium
Edris Fuel VIP
Edris Gravel+
3 Jan 2017 Icon Shop Electric.png Gelid Talgo
Icon Shop Electric.png Gelid Talgo II
Gelid 1st class
Gelid 2nd class
Gelid VIP
Gelid Restaurant
Gelid Tail
Snowy Clockhouse Icon Shop Building.png
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 All items were reduced in price and/or changed limits ONLY during this event

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