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Players can access the Special Offer (abbreviation: SO; Shop icon: Icon Shop SO) section of the Shop by clicking on the Special icon (shown at left) on the main game screen or the Special Offer tab in the Shop (shown above). Sometimes, the Facebook fan page has a link to the Special Offer, which then displays on a special screen titled "Mrs. Wilma's Choice".

Special Offer items are available only for a short time. A new Special Offer arrives every Tuesday and Friday at 14:00 (2:00 p.m.) GMT.

See also: Vintage Offer 2013 Icon Shop VO.

Offer Start Date Locomotives Wagons Other
31 Dec 2013 Icon Shop Maglev Neos
Icon Shop Diesel SD70 ACe Neo
Neos Fuel
Neos Fuel Tail
Neos Marble
Neos Titanium
27 Dec 2013 Icon Shop Electric IORE Party
Icon Shop Loco PRR T1 Party
Party Coach
Party Invitations
Party VIP
Big Ben Countdown Icon Shop Building
24 Dec 2013 Icon Shop Maglev Bliss
Icon Shop Electric Dazzling Marvel
Icon Shop Diesel Dazzling Miracle
Icon Shop Loco Dazzling Shine
Bliss Coach
Bliss Tail
Dazzling Coach
Dazzling Lights
Dazzling Mail
Dazzling Sleds
Dazzling Sleigh
Dazzling Technology
20 Dec 2013 Icon Shop Diesel Xmas Cheer
Icon Shop Diesel Xmas Joy
Xmas Energy
Xmas Pebbles
Xmas Shards
Santa's Box (2013) Offer Box
17 Dec 2013 Icon Shop Electric Silver Frost
Icon Shop Loco Snowflake
Snowflake 1st Class
Snowflake 2nd Class
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension
13 Dec 2013 Icon Shop Diesel Winter Chill Winter Gravel
Winter Nails
Winter Steel
Winter Wires
Penguin Gunther Icon Shop Decoration
10 Dec 2013 Icon Shop Electric DB 103 Quad
Icon Shop Electric DB 103 Triple
DB 103 Business
DB 103 Economy
DB 103 Restaurant
DB 103 Sleeper
6 Dec 2013 Icon Shop Diesel Acciona 333 Quad
Icon Shop Diesel Acciona 333 Triple
Acciona Cement
Acciona Glass
Acciona Marble
Acciona Silicon
3 Dec 2013 Icon Shop Diesel European Bull Quad
Icon Shop Diesel European Bull Triple
European Bricks
European Fuel
European Plastics
Aged Brick Flatcar Icon Shop Decoration
29 Nov 2013 Icon Shop Diesel DB V320 Quad
Icon Shop Electric Sm6 Allegro
Icon Shop Loco Tough Boy
Icon Shop Maglev Zeno
Allegro 2nd Class
Allegro Tail
Tough Boy 1st Class
Tough Boy Gravel
V320 Steel
V320 Uranium
Zeno Bricks Tail
Zeno Rubber
26 Nov 2013 Icon Shop Electric Acela Thanksgiving
Icon Shop Electric ACS 64 Harvest
22 Nov 2013 Icon Shop Diesel DB 202 003 Quad DB 202 Gravel
DB 202 Rubber
DB 202 Uranium
DB 202 Wires
Bonus International Slot Icon Extension
Bonus Train Slot Icon Extension
19 Nov 2013 Icon Shop Electric Hokuriku Shinkansen Hokuriku 1st Class
Hokuriku 2nd Class
Hokuriku Mail
Hokuriku Tail
Hokuriku VIP
15 Nov 2013 Icon Shop Maglev Argo
Icon Shop Diesel BR Class 70 Quad
Argo Nails
Argo Silicon
Argo Tail
Argo Wood
12 Nov 2013 Icon Shop Diesel ES44 Keystone
Icon Shop Diesel ES44 Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Oil
Pennsylvania Steel
Pennsylvania Titanium
Champion Bill Icon Shop Decoration
8 Nov 2013 Icon Shop Diesel Yu-e 001 Inventor
Icon Shop Diesel Yu-e 001 Pioneer
Inventor's Dedication
Inventor's Idea
Inventor's Vision
Tesla Tower Icon Shop Building
5 Nov 2013 Icon Shop Electric ETR 600 Italia
Icon Shop Electric ETR 600 Pendolino
ETR 600 1st Class
ETR 600 2nd Class
ETR 600 Tail
1 Nov 2013 Icon Shop Diesel UP GTEL 8500
Icon Shop Diesel UP GTEL 8500 Turbo
GTEL 8500 Carbon
GTEL 8500 Glass
GTEL 8500 Plastics
Pixel Pacific Icon Shop Decoration
29 Oct 2013 Icon Shop Electric Bloody Mary
Icon Shop Electric Nightmare
Grim Carriage
Haunted Castle Icon Shop Building
25 Oct 2013 Icon Shop Diesel Ghost
Icon Shop Diesel Green Witch
Icon Shop Loco Horror
Ghost Cement
Ghost Marble
Ghost Wood
22 Oct 2013 Icon Shop Diesel TS Birthday Quad
Icon Shop Loco TS Jubilee Quad
Icon Shop Electric TS Party
Icon Shop Maglev TS Revelry
Jubilee Fuel
Jubilee Steel
Jubilee Bricks
Jubilee Glass
Party Coach
Party Tail
Revelry Exclusive
Revelry Tail
18 Oct 2013 Icon Shop Diesel DXB Quad
Icon Shop Diesel DXB Triple
DXB Nails
DXB Rubber
DXB Uranium
DXB Wires
15 Oct 2013 Icon Shop Loco Tough Boy Tough Boy 1st Class
Tough Boy 2nd Class
Tough Boy Gravel
Tough Boy Nails
Tough Boy Marble
11 Oct 2013 Icon Shop Diesel Eurolight Quad
Icon Shop Maglev Zeno
Zeno Bricks
Zeno Bricks Tail
Zeno Plastics
Zeno Rubber
8 Oct 2013 Icon Shop Electric HXD1D Rail Mail Mail Domestic
Mail Priority
Rail Mail 1st Class
Rail Mail 2nd Class
Mailbox Icon Shop Decoration
4 Oct 2013 Icon Shop Diesel EMD SD39 Cosmos Cosmos Carbon
Cosmos Silicon
Cosmos Titanium
Cosmos UFO
Cosmos Voyager
1 Oct 2013 Icon Shop Electric DB 406 Deutschland
Icon Shop Electric DB 406 Unity
Deutschland Premier
Deutschland Standard
Deutschland Tail
Deutschland Vip
27 Sep 2013 Icon Shop Diesel Vossloh Lager Quad
Icon Shop Diesel Vossloh Lager Triple
Lager Glass
Lager Steel
Lager Wood
Hippodrom Icon Shop Building
24 Sep 2013 Icon Shop Electric ES64U Forester
Icon Shop Diesel M-420 Logger
Grapple Dozer
Grapple Loader
Logger Fuel
Logger Wood
20 Sep 2013 Icon Shop Diesel Presidential Quad
Icon Shop Maglev Serpent
Serpent Cement
Serpent Glass
Serpent Gravel
Serpent Tail
17 Sep 2013 Icon Shop Electric GNER Yellow Rose
Icon Shop Electric GNER White Rose
Rose London
Rose Tail
Rose VIP
Rose York
13 Sep 2013 Icon Shop Diesel DB V320 Quad V320 Cement
V320 Marble
V320 Steel
V320 Titanium
V320 Uranium
10 Sep 2013 Icon Shop Electric Sm6 Allegro
Icon Shop Electric Sm6 Forte
Allegro 1st Class
Allegro 2nd Class
Allegro Restaurant
Allegro Tail
6 Sep 2013 Icon Shop Diesel SNCF 65000 Égalité
Icon Shop Diesel SNCF 65000 Liberté
Liberté Bricks
Liberté Plastics
Liberté Silicon
Arc de Triomphe Icon Shop Building
3 Sep 2013 Icon Shop Loco GWR King Quad
Icon Shop Loco GWR King Triple
King Glass
King Nails
King Steel
Rusty GWR King Icon Shop Decoration
30 Aug 2013 Icon Shop Diesel EMD F9A Laborer
Icon Shop Diesel EMD F9A Worker
Laborer Cement
Laborer Fuel
Laborer Titanium
Laborer Wires
27 Aug 2013 Icon Shop Electric Fyra Albatross
Icon Shop Electric Fyra V250
Fyra 1st Class
Fyra 2nd Class
Fyra Restaurant
Fyra Tail
23 Aug 2013 Icon Shop Diesel BR 37 Anglia Quad
Icon Shop Diesel BR 37 Anglia Triple
Anglia Carbon
Anglia Gravel
Anglia Marble
Anglia Rubber
20 Aug 2013 Icon Shop Maglev Cargon
Icon Shop Electric DB Class 120 Quad
Icon Shop Loco Erie RR L-1 Quad
Icon Shop Diesel GP38-2 Sovereignty
Cargon Tail
Cargon U-235
DB 120 Business
DP1 Wood-U235
Fuel Dominion
Golden Carriage
Heritage Bricks
Wooden Crate Carrier
6 Aug 2013 Icon Shop Diesel ES44 Noble Rescuer Paramedic
Police Officer
Nails Rescuer
Steel Rescuer
Wood Rescuer
13 Aug 2013 Icon Shop Diesel BHEEM Shark
Icon Shop Maglev Shark
Shark 1st Class
Shark 2nd Class
Shark Tail
Shark VIP
9 Aug 2013 Icon Shop Diesel ALCO Meteoros
Icon Shop Diesel ALCO Rockhound
Meteoric Glass
Meteoric Titanium
Meteoric Uranium
Observatory Icon Shop Building
6 Aug 2013 Icon Shop Electric Shinkansen 500NG Kyoto
Aerodrome Tower Logo Special
2 Aug 2013 Icon Shop Diesel DB V300 Quad
Icon Shop Diesel DB V300 Triple
DB Cement
DB Gravel
DB Uranium
Dual Cement Silo Icon Shop Decoration
30 Aug 2013 Icon Shop Electric TGV California
Icon Shop Electric TGV Fly
Los Angeles
San Diego
San Francisco
San Jose
26 Aug 2013 Icon Shop Diesel 2Zagal Triple
Icon Shop Diesel 2Zagal Quad
Zagal Bricks
Zagal Silicon
Zagal Titanium
Motorbike Icon Shop Decoration
23 Aug 2013 Icon Shop Diesel Deltic DP1 Triple
Icon Shop Diesel Deltic DP1 Quad
DP1 Glass-Gravel
DP1 Gravel-U235
DP1 Wood-U235
DP1 Wood-Glass
19 Jul 2013 Icon Shop Diesel SNCB 77 Triple
Icon Shop Diesel SNCB 77 Quad
Belgian Marble
Belgian Plastics
Belgian Wires
Colonne du Congres Icon Shop Decoration
16 Jul 2013 Icon Shop Electric DB Class 120 Triple
Icon Shop Electric DB Class 120 Quad
DB 120 Business
DB 120 Comfort
DB 120 Restaurant
DB 120 Sleeper
12 Jul 2013 Icon Shop Maglev Cargon Cargon Fuel
Cargon Nails
Cargon Steel
Cargon Tail
Cargon U-235
9 Jul 2013 Icon Shop Electric VR Class L Quad
Icon Shop Electric VR Class L Triple
VR 1st Class
VR 2nd Class
VR Restaurant
Maryborough Station Icon Shop Building
5 Jul 2013 Icon Shop Diesel GP50 Frisco Quad
Icon Shop Diesel GP50 Frisco Triple
Frisco Carbon
Frisco Nails
Frisco Steel
Monticello Icon Shop Building
2 Jul 2013 Icon Shop Diesel Independent Nation} Adams
Jefferson Memorial Icon Shop Building
28 Jun 2013 Icon Shop Diesel GP38-2 Dominion
Icon Shop Diesel GP38-2 Sovereignty
Fuel Dominion
Plastics Dominion
Rubber Dominion
Strong Maple Icon Shop Decoration
25 Jun 2013 Icon Shop Electric CC 21000 Francais
Icon Shop Electric TGV Francais
21 Jun 2013 Icon Shop Diesel Golem Cargobeast
Icon Shop Diesel Goliath Cargobeast
Cargobeast Marble
Cargobeast Silicon
Cargobeast Titanium
Cargobeast U-235
18 Jun 2013 Icon Shop Loco BR Class 7 Quad
Icon Shop Loco BR Class 7 Triple
Vintage Fuel
Vintage Grain
Vintage Refrigerator
Vintage Wood
14 Jun 2013 Icon Shop Diesel SD70 Heritage Quad
Icon Shop Diesel SD70 Heritage Triple
Heritage Bricks
Heritage Carbon
Heritage Glass
Historical Cannon Icon Shop Decoration
11 Jun 2013 Icon Shop Maglev Morpheus Morpheus 1st Class
Morpheus 2nd Class
Morpheus Mail
Morpheus Tail
Eighth Note Icon Shop Building
7 Jun 2013 Icon Shop Diesel Rock Hercules
Icon Shop Diesel Rock Hero
Wire Rocks
Steel Rocks
Wood Rocks
Show Stage Icon Shop Building
4 Jun 2013 Icon Shop Electric Double-Deck Nordic
Icon Shop Electric DSB EA Nordic Quad
Locoland Icon Shop Building
31 May 2013 Icon Shop Diesel VL Class Quad
Icon Shop Diesel VL Class Triple
Antipodal Cement
Antipodal Gravel
Antipodal Nails
Ocean Water Tap Icon Shop Decoration
28 May 2013 Icon Shop Diesel BR 60 Airlord Quad
Icon Shop Diesel BR 60 Airlord Triple
Aircraft Fuel Tanks
Aircraft Spare Parts
Eagle 15
24 May 2013 Icon Shop Diesel Euro Borussia
Icon Shop Diesel Maxima Bayern
Bayern Fuel
Bayern Plastics
Borussia Wires
Borussia Uranium
21 May 2013 Icon Shop Electric ÖBB RailJet Quad
Icon Shop Electric ÖBB RailJet Triple
ÖBB Business
ÖBB Premier
ÖBB Tail
KFNB Austria Icon Shop Decoration
17 May 2013 Icon Shop Diesel RSD-15 CP Quad
Icon Shop Diesel RSD-15 CP Triple
Hockey Stick Carrier
Plexiglass Transport
Puck Shipper
Stando Cup Icon Shop Decoration
14 May 2013 Icon Shop Electric Acela Flyer
Icon Shop Electric HHP-8 Flyer
Flyer Business
Flyer Deluxe
Flyer Tail
Union Station Icon Shop Building
10 May 2013 Icon Shop Diesel Dash 8-32BWH Quad
Icon Shop Diesel Dash 8-32BWH Triple
Veteran Steel
Veteran Titanium
Veteran Wood
Aged TurboTrain Icon Shop Decoration
7 May 2013 Icon Shop Diesel Century Quad
Icon Shop Diesel Century Triple
Century Coach
Century Mail
MKT 403
Southern RPO
3 May 2013 Icon Shop Maglev Blaze
Icon Shop Maglev Frost
Blaze Fuel
Blaze Marble
Frost Uranium
Frost Wires
30 Apr 2013 Icon Shop Electric NS 1700 Queen
Icon Shop Loco NS 6300 Beatrix
Golden Carriage
Royal Carriage
Regal Coach
Queen's Palace Icon Shop Building
26 Apr 2013 Icon Shop Diesel EMD DDM45 Quad
Icon Shop Diesel EMD DDM45 Triple
Cement Victory
Glass Victory
Rubber Robust
Rusty Madeira Icon Shop Decoration
23 Apr 2013 Icon Shop Electric Frecciarossa 1000
ETR 1000 Business
ETR 1000 Executive
ETR 1000 Standard
Leaning Tower Icon Shop Building
19 Apr 2013 Icon Shop Diesel CR NJ2 Triple
Icon Shop Diesel CR NJ2 Quad
Gravel Robust
Yin Bricks Carrier
Yin Silicon Carrier
Lucky Dragon Icon Shop Decoration
16 Apr 2013 Icon Shop Electric EP1M Volga
Icon Shop Electric Sapsan
Sapsan 1st Class
Sapsan 2nd Class
Sapsan Tail
Ostankino Tower Icon Shop Building
12 Apr 2013 Icon Shop Diesel GT1-001
Icon Shop Diesel GT1-001 Double
Bolshoy Carbon
Bolshoy Fuel
Bolshoy Wire
Yuri Gagarin Statue Icon Shop Decoration
9 Apr 2013 Icon Shop Electric EH500 Yuki
Icon Shop Electric VSE Series 50000
VSE Business
VSE Comfort
VSE Tail
Nagoya Station Icon Shop Building
5 Apr 2013 Icon Shop Diesel RENFE 353 Quad
Icon Shop Diesel RENFE 353 Triple
Iberian Steel
Iberian Wood
Iberian Uranium
Old Truck Icon Shop Decoration
2 Apr 2013 Icon Shop Maglev Aurora Aurora Business
Aurora Comfort
Aurora Economy
Aurora Tail
[[[Malaysia Towers|Malaysia Towers]] Icon Shop Building
29 Mar 2013 Icon Shop Diesel CKD4B Quad
Icon Shop Diesel CKD4B Triple
Glass Cargo
Rubber Cargo
Marble Cargo
Rusty M62 Sergei Icon Shop Decoration
26 Mar 2013 Icon Shop Electric BR Class 92 Triple
Icon Shop Electric BR Class 92 Quad
Conveyor Belt
Eurotunnel Digger
Tunnel Debris
[[[Stonehenge|Stonehenge]] Icon Shop Decoration
22 Mar 2013 Icon Shop Diesel SNCF 68000 Triple
Icon Shop Diesel SNCF 68000 Quad
Grandes Bricks
Grandes Nails
Grandes Titanium
Rail Crane Icon Shop Decoration
19 Mar 2013 Icon Shop Electric 380AL Inverso
Icon Shop Electric EF210 Inverso Triple
Inverso Business
Inverso Economy
Inverso Tail
Grand 50 Icon Shop Building
15 Mar 2013 Icon Shop Diesel IE 201 Class Quad
Icon Shop Diesel IE 201 Class Triple
Cement Bubble
Plastic Souvenirs
Silicon Twin Hopper
Simon Icon Shop Decoration
12 Mar 2013 Icon Shop Electric NSB El 18 Triple
Icon Shop Electric NSB El 18 Double
Prismet Icon Shop Building
8 Mar 2013 Icon Shop Diesel NSB Di8 Quad
Icon Shop Diesel NSB Di8 Triple
Automated Hopper
Customized Transport
Modular Tank Car
CCR Icon Shop Decoration
5 Mar 2013 Icon Shop Loco Erie RR L-1 Quad
Icon Shop Loco Erie RR L-1 Triple
Erie Caboose
Steel Wheel Carrier
Wooden Crate Carrier
Erie Depot Icon Shop Building
1 Mar 2013 Icon Shop Diesel Pacific National Quad
Icon Shop Diesel Pacific National Triple
Melbourne Glass
Queensland Rubber
Pilbara Marble
[[[Giant Mine Truck|Giant Mine Truck]] Icon Shop Decoration
26 Feb 2013 Icon Shop Electric NGT
Icon Shop Electric SNCB 18 Triple
NGT 1st Class
NGT 2nd Class
NGT Tail
Kollhoff Tower Icon Shop Building
22 Feb 2013 Icon Shop Diesel FM H-24-66 Canadian
Icon Shop Diesel GMD SD40-2F Quad
Copper Wires
Key Lake Uranium
Quebec Cement
Superstack Chimney Icon Shop Decoration
19 Feb 2013 Icon Shop Electric NS 1700 Double
Icon Shop Electric NS mDDM
NS ABv 380
NS Bv 280
NS Bvs 270
The Shoe Icon Shop Building
15 Feb 2013 Icon Shop Maglev Raptor Raptor Carbon
Raptor Glass
Raptor Gravel
Raptor Rubber
Raptor Tail
12 Feb 2013 Icon Shop Electric DBAG 146 Quad
Icon Shop Electric DBAG 146 Triple
Regionalexpress 1st
Regionalexpress 2nd
Regionalexpress Tail
DB Headquarters Icon Shop Building
8 Feb 2013 Icon Shop Diesel Gravita 10BB Quad
Icon Shop Diesel Gravita 10BB Triple
Large Plastic Pipe
Twin Titanium Hopper
Wooden Planks
Truck & Trailer Icon Shop Decoration
5 Feb 2013 Icon Shop Electric Coradia Regiolis
Icon Shop Electric SNCF BB16000 Double
Regiolis 1st Class
Regiolis 2nd Class
Regiolis Tail
Generali Tower Icon Shop Building
1 Feb 2013 Icon Shop Diesel Northern 9 Quad
Icon Shop Diesel Northern 9 Triple
Burlington Bricks
Burlington Nails
Burlington Silicon
Industrial Crane Icon Shop Decoration
29 Jan 2013 Icon Shop Electric GG1 Big Game Quad
Icon Shop Electric GG1 Big Game Triple
Football Gear Wagon
League Advertisment
Football Superdome Icon Shop Building
Football Trophy Icon Shop Decoration
25 Jan 2013 Icon Shop Diesel Billiton Iron Giant
Icon Shop Diesel Billiton Ore Hauler
Area C Ore Hopper
Mine Wire Transport
North West Tank Car
Whaleback Ore Hopper
22 Jan 2013 Icon Shop Electric BR Class 91 Scotsman
Icon Shop Electric BR Class 92 Scotsman
BR 91 Scotsman Tail
Mark 4 Edinburgh
Mark 4 London
The Scott Monument Icon Shop Building
18 Jan 2013 Icon Shop Diesel ACTS Class 58 Double
Icon Shop Diesel ACTS Class 58 Quad
ACTS Brick Wagon
ACTS Glass Container
ACTS Marble Wagon
ACTS Plastics Hopper
15 Jan 2013 Icon Shop Electric PKP EU07 Triple
Icon Shop Electric SJ X40
X40 Göteborg
X40 Stockholm
X40 Tail
Tower of Söder Icon Shop Building
11 Jan 2013 Icon Shop Diesel SNCF BB 75000 Quad
Icon Shop Diesel SNCF BB 66000 Triple
Rubber Coils
Silicon Freight
Short Log Carrier
Titanium Pipes
8 Jan 2013 Icon Shop Maglev Mercury Mercury Business
Mercury Comfort
Mercury Economy
Mercury Tail
Utopia Tower Icon Shop Building
4 Jan 2013 Icon Shop Diesel EMD GP60 Boost
Icon Shop Diesel EMD GP60 Geep
Great Nails
Large Cement Tank
Premium Cables
Super Gravel Hopper
1 Jan 2013 Icon Shop Electric JNR EF66 Triple
Icon Shop Electric S700 Dr. Yellow
Dr. Yellow Hakata
Dr. Yellow Kobe
Dr. Yellow Osaka
Dr. Yellow Tail

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