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Players can access the Special Offer (abbreviation: SO; Shop icon: Icon Shop SO.png) section of the Shop by clicking on the Special icon (shown at left) on the main game screen or the Special Offer tab in the Shop (shown above). Sometimes, the Facebook fan page has a link to the Special Offer, which then displays on a special screen titled "Mrs. Wilma's Choice".

Special Offer items are available only for a short time. A new Special Offer arrives every Tuesday and Friday at 14:00 (2:00 p.m.) GMT.

See also: Vintage Offer 2012 Icon Shop VO.png.

Offer Start Date Locomotives Wagons Other
28 Dec 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png Victorian C Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Victorian C Quad
Carbon VR-C
Marble VR-C
Plastics VR-C
Uranium VR-C
25 Dec 2012 Icon Shop Loco.png AC-11 Northern Star
Icon Shop Electric.png ÖBB 1014 Polaris
Polaris 1st Class
Polaris 2nd Class
Polaris Courier
Toy Warehouse Icon Shop Building.png
21 Dec 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD F7 A-B-A
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD F7 A-B-B-B-A
Winter Bricks
Winter Fuel
Winter Steel
Snowed-in Five Icon Shop Decoration.png
18 Dec 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png CR HXD2B Double
Icon Shop Electric.png TEMU 2000
TEMU 2000 1st Class
TEMU 2000 2nd Class
TEMU 2000 Tail
Asian-Pacific Plaza Icon Shop Building.png
14 Dec 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png BR Class 58 Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png BR Class 58 Quad
Glass-Rubber Twin
Nail-Wire Twin
Lumber Rack
Snowy Car Icon Shop Decoration.png
11 Dec 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png CRH-X Cobra
Icon Shop Electric.png SS9-G Black Double
Cobra 1st Class
Cobra 2nd Class
CRH-X Cobra Tail
Jin Mao Tower Icon Shop Building.png
7 Dec 2012 Icon Shop Loco.png JNR Class D51
Icon Shop Maglev.png Mantis
Mantis Bricks
Mantis Cement
Mantis Fuel
Mantis Tail
Mantis Wood
4 Dec 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png Talgo Travca Double
Icon Shop Electric.png Talgo Travca Quad
Big Boy Carrier
CRH-X Transporter
Talgo Service Wagon
TGV-001 Monument Icon Shop Building.png
1 Dec 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png SD80MAC Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png SD80MAC Triple
Carbon Twin-Stack
Gravel Colossus
Steel Twin-Stack
Titanium Twin-Stack
27 Nov 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png CR DJ1
Icon Shop Electric.png KTX-II
KTX-II Daejeon
KTX-II Seoul
Bank of Seoul Icon Shop Building.png
23 Nov 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png HXN5 Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png HXN5 Triple
Marble Twin-Stack
Silicon Twin-Stack
Wood Twin-Stack
Furniture Factory Icon Shop Building.png
20 Nov 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png NTV AGV
Icon Shop Electric.png Seibu E851 Double
AGV Milano
AGV Torino
Colosseum Icon Shop Building.png
16 Nov 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD G16 Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD G16 Quad
Glass Twin-Stack
Plastics Twin-Stack
Rubber Twin-Stack
Recycle Bins Icon Shop Decoration.png
13 Nov 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png PKP InterCity Double
Icon Shop Electric.png PKP InterCity Triple
InterCity Bar Poznan
InterCity Gdansk
InterCity Warszawa
Palace of Science Icon Shop Building.png
9 Nov 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png MLW HR-616 Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png MLW HR-616 Quad
Brick Trailer Carrier
Fuel Twin-Stack
Wire Twin-Stack
Small Refinery Icon Shop Building.png
6 Nov 2012 Icon Shop Maglev.png Mirage Mirage 1st Class
Mirage 2nd Class
Mirage Mail
Mirage Tail
Universum Icon Shop Building.png
2 Nov 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png ALCO RSD-15 Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png ALCO RSD-15 Quad
Cement Twin-Stack
Nail Twin-Stack
Uranium Twin-Stack
Diggy's Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
30 Oct 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png EL-2B Wraith
Icon Shop Loco.png S1 Spooky
Coach of the Beast
Coach of the Witch
Haunted Cathedral Icon Shop Building.png
Mist Icon Shop Decoration.png
26 Oct 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png AN Class Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png AN Class Quad
Polycarbonate Glass
Scrapped Cars
Titanium Tetrachloride
Scrap Car Bodies Icon Shop Decoration.png
23 Oct 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png SNCB Class 16 Double
Icon Shop Electric.png SNCB Class 16 Triple
SNCB M2 Antwerp
SNCB M2 Charleroi
SNCB M2 Ghent
Library of Ghent Icon Shop Building.png
19 Oct 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png MLW M-420 Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png MLW M-420 Triple
Great Gravel Van
Marble Block Flatcar
Twin Silicon Hopper
Harbour Crane Icon Shop Decoration.png
16 Oct 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png JNR EF58 Double
Icon Shop Electric.png Shinkansen 700
S700 Hakata
S700 Kobe
S700 Tail
Narita Control Tower Logo Special.png
12 Oct 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png Euro 4000 Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Euro 4000 Triple
Carbon Container Car
Eurosteel Wagon
Nail Container Car
Covered Scaffolding Icon Shop Decoration.png
9 Oct 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png 2TE25K
Icon Shop Diesel.png 2TE25K Double
Buran Transporter
Concrete Supplier
Server Transporter
Astronautics Monument Icon Shop Decoration.png
5 Oct 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png ES44 Hybrid Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png ES44 Hybrid Triple
Brick Trailer Carrier
PVC Trailer Carrier
Rubber Trailer Carrier
Street Sweeper Icon Shop Decoration.png
2 Oct 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png HEMU-400X MK1
Icon Shop Electric.png HEMU-400X MK2
HEMU-400X Tail
Hyperion Icon Shop Building.png
28 Sep 2012 Icon Shop Maglev.png Obsidian Obsidian Marble
Obsidian Nails
Obsidian Tail
Obsidian Titanium
Obsidian Uranium
25 Sep 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png ALCO C-855 Apollo
Icon Shop Diesel.png ALCO C-855 Skylab
Apollo Lunar Module
Moon Rock Transport
Moon Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Saturn V Launch Pad Icon Shop Building.png
21 Sep 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png VR Class Dr16 Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png VR Class Dr16 Triple
Glass Trailer Carrier
Lorry Well Car
Wire Trailer Carrier
Wood Trailer Carrier
18 Sep 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png CP 5600 Double
Icon Shop Electric.png Talgo 350
Talgo 350 Tail
Talgo VII 1st Class
Talgo VII 2nd Class
Talgo VII Luggage
14 Sep 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png UP Veranda Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png FM H-24-66 Triple
Great Cement Tank
Great Uranium Van
Twin Fuel Tank
Rusty Shay Class C Icon Shop Decoration.png
11 Sep 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png CR SS9-G Double
Icon Shop Electric.png Zefiro 380
Zefiro 1st Class
Zefiro 2nd Class
Zefiro 380 Tail
Nanjing Tower Icon Shop Building.png
7 Sep 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png BR Class 50 Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png BR Class 50 Triple
Data Wire Carrier
Silicon Ore Car
Titanium Coil Car
Electronics Truck Icon Shop Decoration.png
4 Sep 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png Acela CP Double
Icon Shop Electric.png Acela CP Quad
47-MLB Carrier
CP Crew Coach
Dolphin Carrier
CP Hangar Icon Shop Building.png
31 Aug 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png DSB MZ MOW Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png DSB MZ MOW Triple
Ballast Digger
P&T Maintenance
Railway Tie Cutter
28 Aug 2012 Icon Shop Maglev.png Blade Blade 1st Class
Blade 2nd Class
Blade Tail
Unity Icon Shop Building.png
24 Aug 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png ALCO C-855 A
Icon Shop Diesel.png ALCO C-855 A-B
Cement Drums
Pile of Bricks
Plastic Waste
Cement Factory Icon Shop Building.png
21 Aug 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png JR Class 787
Icon Shop Electric.png PESA Gama Double
JR Class 787 Tail
Mirror Sail Tower Icon Shop Building.png
17 Aug 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png DRX 6-4-2000 Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png DRX 6-4-2000 Triple
Glass Twin-Box
Gravel Giant
Petrodiesel Tank
ALCO C-855 Icon Shop Decoration.png
14 Aug 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png BR Class 325 A
Icon Shop Electric.png BR Class 325 AB
Rail Mail DTPMV
Rail Mail MPMV
Rail Mail TPMV
Telecom Transmitter Icon Shop Building.png
10 Aug 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png ALCO C-636 Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png ALCO C-636 Quad
Broken Marble
Fresh Cut Logs
Tractor Tires
Rusty Container Car Icon Shop Building.png
7 Aug 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png BR APT-E
Icon Shop Electric.png BR Class 370 APT-P
APT First Class
APT Second Class
APT Tail Wagon
Razor Tower Icon Shop Building.png
3 Aug 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png BR Class 47 Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png BR Class 47 Triple
Nail Twin-Box
Sheet-Metal Carrier
Uranium Twin-Box
Rusty BR 37 Icon Shop Decoration.png
31 Jul 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png BR 395 Olympia
Icon Shop Electric.png EF210 Inverso Double
BR 395 Olympia Tail
Ramsgate Olympia
Stratford Olympia
Fire of Summer Games Icon Shop Decoration.png
27 Jul 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png PKP ST40 Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png PKP ST40 Triple
Brick I-Beam
Glass I-Beam
24 Jul 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png Metronom P160 Double
Icon Shop Electric.png Metronom P160 Triple
Metronom Bremen
Metronom Hamburg
Metronom Hannover
Berlin TV Tower Icon Shop Building.png
20 Jul 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png G1700 BB Double
Icon Shop Maglev.png Razor
Razor Fuel
Razor Plastics
Razor Silicon
Razor Tail
17 Jul 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png 7A Progress Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png 7A Progress Triple
Proton Rocket Carrier
Silicon Hopper
Sojuz Rocket Carrier
Titanium SAHIMMS
13 Jul 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png ER24PC Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png ER24PC Triple
Graphite Container
Gravel Dump Car
Wire Reel Carrier
Cable Spools Icon Shop Decoration.png
10 Jul 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png JRF EF210 Double
Icon Shop Electric.png Keisei AE
Keisei AE Tail
Sky Tree Icon Shop Building.png
6 Jul 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png ALCO C-643DH Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png ALCO C-643DH Triple
Marble Block Carrier
Plastic Tube Carrier
Uranium Container Car
Tow Truck Icon Shop Decoration.png
3 Jul 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png ES44 Orbiter Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png ES44 Orbiter Triple
Space Shuttle Carrier
Rocket Fuel
Space Center Icon Shop Building.png
29 Jun 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png DT-6-6-2000 Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png DT-6-6-2000 Triple
Brick Flatbed Car
Steel Coil Car
Titanium Dump Car
Rusty GP7 Icon Shop Decoration.png
26 Jun 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png PKP E6ACT Double
Icon Shop Electric.png Rotem HRCS2
Rotem HRCS2 Tail
Football Stadium Icon Shop Building.png
22 Jun 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD SDP40 Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD SDP40 Triple
Cement Tank Wagon
Nail Well Car
Rubber Well Car
Rusty Hopper Icon Shop Decoration.png
19 Jun 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png CFR 474 Double
Icon Shop Electric.png CFR 474 Triple
CFR 19-76 1st
CFR 20-76 2nd
CFR 89-76 Bistro
Bucharest North Icon Shop Building.png
15 Jun 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png BR Class 52 Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png BR Class 52 Triple
Covered Glass Van
Plank Carrier
TSN Fuel Tank
Rusty Flatcar Icon Shop Decoration.png
12 Jun 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png Phoenix Double
Icon Shop Maglev.png Radical
Radical 1st Class
Radical 2nd Class
Radical Tail
Gherkin Icon Shop Building.png
8 Jun 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png GE no.1 A-A
Icon Shop Diesel.png GE no.1 A-B-A
Covered Carbon Van
Titanium Tube Car
Uranium Tank Car
Lunar Rover Icon Shop Decoration.png
5 Jun 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png CR SS8 Double
Icon Shop Electric.png HEMU-400X
HEMU-400X Tail
Zebra Condo Icon Shop Building.png
1 Jun 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png TEM 7A Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png TEM 7A Triple
Double Gravel Car
Silicon Powder Silo
SSlm Marble Flatcar
Rusty Tank Car Icon Shop Decoration.png
29 May 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png PL42AC Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png PL42AC Triple
Jersey Commuter
Jersey Mailer
Memorial Icon Shop Decoration.png
Exchange Place Icon Shop Building.png
25 May 2012
Missing Data
Bulldozer Icon Shop Decoration.png
22 May 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png BR Class 90 Double
Icon Shop Electric.png BR Class 90 Triple
Caledonian First
Caledonian Standard
Caledonian Luggage
Glasgow Auditorium Icon Shop Building.png
18 May 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png GE BQ23-7 Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png GE BQ23-7 Quad
Brick Transport
Nurdle Hopper
Steel Gondola
Rusty Dump Wagon Icon Shop Decoration.png
15 May 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png 700T Penguin
Icon Shop Electric.png E1000 Penguin
Penguin 1st Class
Penguin 2nd Class
Penguin Tail
Queensland One Icon Shop Building.png
11 May 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png TEP 70 Double Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Diesel.png TEP70 Triple
Crude Oil Tank
Log Carrier
Powder Container
Scrap Handler Icon Shop Decoration.png
8 May 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png JR East E655
Icon Shop Electric.png JRF EH200 Double
JR E655 Tail
Shiodome Icon Shop Building.png
4 May 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png Vectron D Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vectron D Triple
Glass Transport
VR Gravel Hopper
Road Roller Icon Shop Decoration.png
1 May 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png CC 40100 Double
Icon Shop Electric.png CC 40100 Triple
Bourbonnais Flatcar
SNCF Toulouse
Z Post Dijon
Boulevard Tower Icon Shop Building.png
27 Apr 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png F69PHAC Double
Icon Shop Maglev.png Horizon
Horizon Bricks
Horizon Tail
Horizon Wires
Horizon Wood
24 Apr 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png BR Class 395
Icon Shop Electric.png Transmontana Double
BR Class 395 Tail
Stratford Station Icon Shop Building.png
20 Apr 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png Dash 9-44CW Triple
Icon Shop Diesel.png GE C30-7 Triple
Austenite Torpedo
Marble Flatcar
Titanium Ore Hopper
Garbage Truck Icon Shop Decoration.png
17 Apr 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png BB 26000 Double
Icon Shop Electric.png NSB BM73
Swords In Rock Icon Shop Decoration.png
13 Apr 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png DSB ME Triple
Icon Shop Diesel.png DSB MZ Triple
Petroleum Carrier
Graphite Dump Van
Hybrid Car Icon Shop Decoration.png
10 Apr 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png CP 2600 Double
Icon Shop Electric.png TEMU1000
Hualien City
Taipei City
TEMU1000 Tail
Taipei Tower Icon Shop Building.png
6 Apr 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png Dash 8-40C Triple
Icon Shop Diesel.png MLW M-630 Double
Covered Rubber Van
Plastics Dump Van
Silicon Gondola
Cherry Picker Truck Icon Shop Decoration.png
3 Apr 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png Vectron Double
Icon Shop Maglev.png White Falcon
Falcon 1st Class
Falcon 2nd Class
White Falcon Tail
30 Mar 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png CP 1400 Triple
Icon Shop Diesel.png CP 1900 Triple
Glass Centerbeam
JHA Gravel Hopper
Wire Coil Flatcar
Triple CHU Icon Shop Decoration.png
27 Mar 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png CRH380AL
Icon Shop Electric.png CRH3C
23 Mar 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png F40PHM-2 Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png SD90MAC Triple
Brick Centerbeam
Cement Tanker
Nail Boxcar
Construction Fence Icon Shop Decoration.png
20 Mar 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png TRAXX F140 Double
Icon Shop Electric.png TRAXX F140 Triple
Gearbox Flatcar
Rotor Blade Carrier
Turbine Tower Car
Wind Turbine Icon Shop Decoration.png
16 Mar 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png 2TE116
Icon Shop Diesel.png 2TE116 Double
Hardwood Carrier
Petroleum Tank
Steel Coil Carrier
Uranium Ore Hopper
13 Mar 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png Regina X55
Icon Shop Electric.png SJ Class Rc Double
X55 Kiruna
X55 Stockholm
X55 Tail
Twisting Tower Icon Shop Building.png
9 Mar 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD DD35 A-B-A
Icon Shop Diesel.png ER20 Hercules Double
C-120 Double-Stack
Rubber Double-Stack
Si-120 Double-Stack
Ti-120 Double-Stack
6 Mar 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png DB 103HW Double
Icon Shop Loco.png DRG Class 61 Double
SBC 4ü Berlin
SDC 4ü Berlin
SWRP 4ü Berlin
SWRP 4ü Dresden
2 Mar 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png GE ES44AC Triple
Icon Shop Diesel.png KM ML4000 Double
Cable Double-Stack
Glass Double-Stack
Plastics Double-Stack
Cargo Container Icon Shop Decoration.png
28 Feb 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png BR Class 390
Icon Shop Loco.png SAR 19D Triple
BR Class 390 Tail
24 Feb 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png CC203 Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png CC203 Triple
Finest Sand&Gravel
Log Double-Stack
Marble Double-Stack
Concrete Mixer Truck Icon Shop Decoration.png
21 Feb 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png Acela Express
Icon Shop Electric.png Acela HHP-8 Double
Acela Daytona
Hauler Carrier
Race Car Autorack
Victory Lane Icon Shop Decoration.png
17 Feb 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png ER20CF Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png ER20CF Triple
Hoki Cement Hopper
Steel Torpedo Car
Uranium Double-Stack
Red Tower Crane Icon Shop Decoration.png
14 Feb 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png DR Class 130 Triple
Icon Shop Diesel.png GE U50C Double
Grain Hopper
Milk Tank Wagon
Barn Icon Shop Building.png
Corn Field Icon Shop Decoration.png
10 Feb 2012 Icon Shop Loco.png ACE 3000
Icon Shop Loco.png ACE 3000 Double
Pellet Hopper
Plastics Schnabel
Silicide Hopper
Silicon Schnabel
7 Feb 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png N'EX E259
Icon Shop Diesel.png ČD Class 753 Double
Luggage Trailer Icon Shop Decoration.png
3 Feb 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD SD40-2 Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD SD40-2 Triple
Brick Double-Stack
Fuel Double-Stack
Nail Double-Stack
Container Stack Icon Shop Decoration.png
31 Jan 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png Acela HHP-8
Icon Shop Electric.png Zefiro 250
Zefiro 250 Tail
Chinese Tower Block Icon Shop Building.png
27 Jan 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png CR DF11G
Icon Shop Maglev.png Sunbeam
Sunbeam Carbon
Sunbeam Glass
Sunbeam Steel
Sunbeam Tail
24 Jan 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png EMD GM6C
Icon Shop Electric.png EMD GM6C Double
Antenna Icon Shop Decoration.png
Ministry of Posts Icon Shop Building.png
20 Jan 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png Hercules Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Hercules Triple
Marble Schnabel
Marble Transporter
Wire Schnabel
Wire Transporter
17 Jan 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png M-497 Black Beetle
Icon Shop Diesel.png RDC Liner
Business Central
Dome Central
Economy Central
Science Lab Icon Shop Building.png
13 Jan 2012 Icon Shop Loco.png Blue Ridge Double
Icon Shop Loco.png Blue Ridge Triple
Carbon Blue
Cement Blue
Titanium Blue
Pickup Truck Icon Shop Decoration.png
10 Jan 2012 Icon Shop Diesel.png CR DF11
Icon Shop Electric.png THSR 700T
THSR 1st Class
THSR 2nd Class
THSR 700T Tail
Flag Banner Icon Shop Decoration.png
6 Jan 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png Malmbanan IORE
Icon Shop Electric.png Ofoten IORE
Arctic Ore Hopper
Powder Legend
Siberian Legend
Mine Shaft Icon Shop Building.png
3 Jan 2012 Icon Shop Electric.png HXD3B Luo
Icon Shop Electric.png UCW E1000
UCW 1st Class
UCW 2nd Class
UCW Tail
HSR Station Icon Shop Building.png

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