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Occasionally, Pixel Federation will hold Icon SpecialEvent.png Special Events, released at 14:00 (2:00 p.m.) GMT. For the duration of the event ONLY, specific items had lowered prices and/or raised limits. Once the event ends, the special pricing/limit ends.

If a player wants to order these items from Support after the event ends, the costs and limits are the same as the most recent Special/Vintage Offer.

Event & Date Locomotives Wagons Other
8 Dec 2020
Icon Shop Electric.png AVE Class 112
Icon Shop Electric.png AVE Class 102
AVE 1st class
AVE 2nd class
AVE Economy
AVE Restaurant
AVE Tail
Black Friday
27 Nov 2020
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Okawaru
13 Oct 2020
Icon Shop Electric.png AT300 Pearl
Icon Shop Electric.png AT300 Opal
Pearl 1st class
Pearl 2nd class
Pearl Economy
Pearl VIP
Pearl Restaurant
Pearl Tail
15 Sep 2020
Icon Shop Electric.png Quicksilver
Icon Shop Electric.png Turms
Quicksilver 1st class
Quicksilver 2nd class
Quicksilver Economy
Quicksilver VIP
Quicksilver Restaurant
Quicksilver Tail
23 Jun 2020
Icon Shop Electric.png Class 86 Ridlo D
Icon Shop Electric.png Class 86 Ridlo
Ridlo Box Offer Box.png
26 May 2020
Icon Shop Electric.png Dart Afecto
Icon Shop Electric.png Dart Tunteet
Afecto 1st class
Afecto 2nd class
Afecto VIP
Afecto Economy
Afecto Restaurant
Afecto Tail
12 May 2020
Icon Shop Maglev.png Peak Peak 1st class
Peak 2nd class
Peak VIP
Peak Tail
28 Apr 2020
Icon Shop Electric.png E-412 Qryslo
Icon Shop Electric.png EF210 Qryslo
Qryslo 1st class
Qryslo 2nd class
Qryslo Economy
Qryslo VIP
Qryslo Restaurant
3 Mar 2020
Icon Shop Loco.png Big Boy Inverso
Icon Shop Loco.png A1 Inverso
Inverso 1st class
Inverso 2nd class
Inverso Economy
Inverso VIP
Inverso Restaurant
4 Feb 2020
Icon Shop Electric.png HZ 1142
Icon Shop Diesel.png HZ 7022
HZ 1st Class
HZ 2nd Class
HZ Economy
HZ Restaurant
HZ Tail
7 Jan 2020
Icon Shop Electric.png SNCB 13 Fume
Icon Shop Loco.png SJ F 1200
Fume 1st class
Fume 2nd class
Fume Economy
Fume VIP
Fume Restaurant

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