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Occasionally, Pixel Federation will hold Icon SpecialEvent Special Events. For the duration of the event ONLY, specific items had lowered prices and/or raised limits. Once the event ends, the special pricing/limit ends.

If a player wants to order these items from Support after the event ends, the costs and limits are the same as the most recent Special/Vintage Offer.

Event & Date Locomotives Wagons Other
3 Mar 2020
Icon Shop Loco Big Boy Inverso
Icon Shop Loco A1 Inverso
Inverso 1st class
Inverso 2nd class
Inverso Economy
Inverso VIP
Inverso Restaurant
4 Feb 2020
Icon Shop Electric HZ 1142
Icon Shop Diesel HZ 7022
HZ 1st Class
HZ 2nd Class
HZ Economy
HZ Restaurant
HZ Tail
7 Jan 2020
Icon Shop Electric SNCB 13 Fume
Icon Shop Loco SJ F 1200
Fume 1st class
Fume 2nd class
Fume Economy
Fume VIP
Fume Restaurant

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