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Occasionally, Pixel Federation will hold Icon SpecialEvent.png Special Events, released at 14:00 (2:00 p.m.) GMT. For the duration of the event ONLY, specific items had lowered prices and/or raised limits. Once the event ends, the special pricing/limit ends.

If a player wants to order these items from Support after the event ends, the costs and limits are the same as the most recent Special/Vintage Offer.

Event & Date Locomotives Wagons Other
New Year
28 Dec 2018
Icon Shop Diesel.png Looming
Icon Shop Maglev.png Wayfarer
Wayfarer 1st class
Wayfarer 2nd class
Wayfarer VIP
Wayfarer Tail
14 Dec 2018
Icon Shop Maglev.png QT9090 Nix
Icon Shop Diesel.png Iron NSW90
Nix Tail Nix Box Offer Box.png
Black Friday
23 Nov 2018
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Alumnus
Icon Shop Loco.png Skitter
Alumnus Aerogel
Alumnus Lithium
Alumnus Nanotubes
Alumnus Neodymium
Skitter 1st class
Skitter 2nd class
Skitter Economy
Skitter Restaurant
Skitter VIP
30 Oct 2018
Icon Shop Maglev.png Deimos Deimos Tail Deimos Box Offer Box.png
26 Oct 2018
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Ganymede
23 Oct 2018
Icon Shop Maglev.png Dark Leopard Leopard Fuel
Leopard Steel
Leopard Tail
Leopard Titanium
Leopard U-235
19 Oct 2018
Icon Shop Diesel.png SD90 Circuit D
Icon Shop Diesel.png SD90 Circuit Q
Circuit Fuel
Circuit Glass
Circuit Plastics
Circuit Steel
25 Sep 2018
Icon Shop Maglev.png Ice Cleaver Ice Cleaver 1st class
Ice Cleaver 2nd class
Ice Cleaver Tail
Ice Cleaver VIP
28 Aug 2018
Icon Shop Electric.png Thunderstruck AC
Icon Shop Electric.png Thunderstruck DC
Thunderstruck 1st class
Thunderstruck 2nd class
Thunderstruck Economy
Thunderstruck Tail
Thunderstruck VIP
Prop Case (High Risk) Offer Box.png
Director's Box (Safe Bet) Offer Box.png
24 Jul 2018
Icon Shop Maglev.png Leaf Leaf Cement
Leaf Fuel
Leaf Glass
Leaf Marble
Leaf Tail
29 Jun 2018
Icon Shop Diesel.png DDM45 Fortuna D
Icon Shop Diesel.png DDM45 Fortuna Q
Fortune Box Offer Box.png
22 Jun 2018
Icon Shop Maglev.png Magnétique Magnétique Glass
Magnétique Plastics
Magnétique Rubber
Magnétique Tail
Magnétique U-235
16 Mar 2018
Icon Shop Electric.png AT400 Viper Viper 1st class
Viper 2nd class
Viper Connect
Viper Tail
Viper VIP
9 Mar 2018
Icon Shop Maglev.png Adore Adore Glass
Adore Steel
Adore Tail
Adore Titanium
Adore Wires
30 Jan 2018
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Amalthea
Icon Shop Maglev.png Avanti
Icon Shop Electric.png Eagle II
Amalthea Lithium+
Amalthea Lithium
Amalthea Aerogel+
Amalthea Aerogel
Avanti Rubber
Avanti Silicon
Avanti Steel
Avanti Bricks
Avanti Tail
Eagle II 1st class
Eagle II 2nd class
Eagle II Economy
Eagle II Restaurant
Eagle II Tail
Eagle II VIP

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