Special buildings
Special buildings are not producing passengers as usual buildings, but they provide special features to the game. Some increase the Passenger Limit, while others increase the Flag Limit, International Train capacity, Gifts per hour Limit, or Gift Box capacity.

When more Special Buildings with the same features are placed, their bonusses are cumulative.

When the Container Storage (+50%) and the Small-scale Factory (+10%) are placed at your station
You get a 50% + 10% = +60% bonus on International Train capacity, which is already applied when you assemble trains.

Special buildings are marked with the Logo Special logo in the top left corner.

To see all the special buildings, go to the Shop, click on the buildings icon Icon Shop Building then scroll the theme bar all the way to the right and click the Theme Special Buildings Small button.

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Most special buildings in TrainStation are designed to match a specific theme. For example, Western buildings are made of wood and have a rustic look similar to that found in the "Old West" of the USA. The themes that have matching special buildings are:

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