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 Seasonal events occur throughout each year. They appear for a limited time and usually include special Contractors Button-Contracts-Small.png, Achievements Button-Achievements-Small.png, and/or items. This page lists all of the seasonal events and their activities.

NOTE: Seasonal Achievements can be found under the Achievements tab, in the Seasonal subcategory:
Achievement Goals - Seasonal Achievements.png
Once completed, they appear under the Finished Achievements tab.

See Returning Seasonal Events page for more information on re-releases past seasonal contractors, achievements.

Here you can find the historical Seasonal for each year:

  1. Seasonal 2011
  2. Seasonal 2012
  3. Seasonal 2013
  4. Seasonal 2014
  5. Seasonal 2015
  6. Seasonal 2016
  7. Seasonal 2017
  8. Seasonal 2018
  9. Seasonal 2019
  10. Seasonal 2020
  11. Seasonal 2021
  12. Seasonal 2022

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