San Francisco
Theme SanFrancisco
Type: Theme
Gem Purchase
Cost Normal Discount
310 Gems 248 Gems
Buy XP 82,500 XP
Level 130
Regular Purchase
Cost: Normal Discount
315,000 Fuel
350,000 Steel
350,000 Titanium
252,000 Fuel
280,000 Steel
280,000 Titanium
Buy XP: 82,500 XP
Level: 130
Added to the Shop with the 4 Jul 2013 Game Update.

The San Francisco theme is the thirteenth station background available for purchase in TrainStation. After purchase, it can be found in Storage. It features the bay area of San Francisco with the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, cargo shipping docks, and the city in the distance. It includes moving cargo transport ships and traffic on the bridge.

Contractors that have this theme as the background for their stations:

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