Resources are the currency of TrainStation. These resources come in three forms: Gold, Gems, and Materials. They are used to buy everything in the game including Trains, Buildings, Decorations, Extensions, Themes, and more. Resources can also be required to complete Contractors and Achievements, and paying train dispatch fees.


L Gold
Gold old

Old Gold Icon

Gold is the standard currency used throughout TrainStation. Gold is also used to pay the dispatch tax on Steam Locomotives and Hyperloop Locomotives. Gold can be earned many different ways:


M Mail
Mail is a secondary resource used in TrainStation. It only has one purpose: to fill Mail Wagons Icon Shop Mail Wagon and Passenger and Mail Wagons Icon Shop PassMail Wagon . When loaded on Local Trains, it earns Gold for the player. When loaded on International Trains, it sends Gold to Contractors or Neighbors. Mail can be earned many different ways:


L Gems
Gems old

Old Gem Icon

Gems are TrainStation’s premium currency. See Gems.


Materials are the building blocks of TrainStation. They are used to buy items and extensions, complete contracts and achievements, dispatch trains, and more. There are currently 24 types of materials and they can be earned by:
Resource Icon Old Icon Level Sell Price Notes
Wood Wood Wood old 1 3 Gold / Wood
Nails Nails Nails old 1 3 Gold / Nails
Bricks Bricks Bricks old 15 3 Gold / Bricks
Glass Glass Glass old 21 4 Gold / Glass
Fuel Fuel Fuel old 25 4 Gold / Fuel Tax for Diesel trains
Steel Steel Steel old 27 4 Gold / Steel
Gravel Gravel Gravel old 28 4 Gold / Gravel
U-235 U-235 Uranium old 40 5 Gold / U-235

Tax for Electric & Maglev trains

Cement Cement Cement old 49 5 Gold / Cement
Rubber Rubber Rubber old 54 5 Gold / Rubber
Carbon Carbon Carbon old 58 5 Gold / Carbon
Titanium Titanium Titanium old 62 5 Gold / Titanium
Marble Marble Marble old 64 6 Gold / Marble
Wires Wires Wires old 66 6 Gold / Wires
Plastics Plastics Plastics old 68 6 Gold / Plastics
Silicon Silicon Silicon old 70 6 Gold / Silicon
Lithium Lithium 200 200 Gold / Lithium
Aerogel Aerogel 200 200 Gold / Aerogel
Nanotubes Nanotubes 200 200 Gold / Nanotubes
Neodymium Neodymium 200 200 Gold / Neodymium
Borax Borax 300 300 Gold / Borax
Bismuth Bismuth 300 300 Gold / Bismuth
Wolfram Wolfram 300 300 Gold / Wolfram
Xenon Xenon 300 300 Gold / Xenon


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