Obscure Container is a Mystery Box available from the Mystery Depot in the Shop. It offers players the opportunity to spend resources on a chance to win unique items. There is no limit to how many a player can purchase and the 10% discount from completing Alan's contracts applies to them.

Added with the 14 Mar 2016 Game Update.

Obscure Container Available Cost Discounted Buy XP Level
Icon Shop Mystery 9 Apr 2018 - Present 250 Gems 225 Gems 750,000 250

All items are marked in the Shop with a colored ribbon showing the chance of winning that item:
MD Exclusive MD Very Rare MD Rare MD Common


Award Type Details Rarity % Chance
Patron Patron Icon Shop Hyperloop 12 Icon Power Exclusive 1.2%
Oberon Oberon Icon Shop Maglev 24 Icon Power Exclusive 2.0%
Cobra Cobra Icon Shop Maglev 20 Icon Power Exclusive 3.5%
Class 66 VFLI Quad Class 66 VFLI Quad Icon Shop Diesel 67 Icon Power Very Rare 4.5%
TGV Canada TGV Canada Icon Shop Electric 65 Icon Power Very Rare 6.5%
ATSF Ember ATSF Ember Icon Shop Loco 85 Icon Power Very Rare 6.5%
EffiShunter Double EffiShunter Double Icon Shop Diesel 51 Icon Power Rare 12.9%
Zeze Parade Zeze Parade Icon Shop Loco 69 Icon Power Rare 13.0%
ICE 3 Germania ICE 3 Germania Icon Shop Electric 57 Icon Power Rare 15.9%
9-44CW Brute 9-44CW Brute Icon Shop Diesel 47 Icon Power Rare 16.5%
China Star DJJ2 China Star DJJ2 Icon Shop Electric 48 Icon Power Rare 17.5%

Contents from 14 Mar 2016 until 9 Apr 2018Edit

Award Type Details Rarity % Chance
Shark Shark Icon Shop Maglev 14 Icon Power Exclusive 3.5%
Champion Champion Icon Shop Maglev 18 Icon Power Exclusive 2.0%
Presidential Quad Presidential Quad Icon Shop Diesel 43 Icon Power Very Rare 4.5%
GNER Yellow Rose GNER Yellow Rose Icon Shop Electric 42 Icon Power Very Rare 6.5%
Tough Boy Tough Boy Icon Shop Loco 60 Icon Power Very Rare 6.5%
Aether Aether Icon Shop Loco 48 Icon Power Rare 13.0%
9-44CW Pilbara 9-44CW Pilbara Icon Shop Diesel 32 Icon Power Rare 13.0%
Frecciarossa 1000 Frecciarossa 1000 Icon Shop Electric 37 Icon Power Rare 16.0%
GP40-2LW Vermont GP40-2LW Vermont Icon Shop Diesel 30 Icon Power Rare 17.0%
NTV AGV NTV AGV Icon Shop Electric 31 Icon Power Rare 18.0%

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