Nanotubes Nanotubes Wagons that can be purchased in the Shop at any time.

For basic information see the Nanotubes Wagons page.

Name Bonus Lvl Cost Buy XP Notes
Ardent Nanotubes +70%330110 Gems320,000 XP
Bulwark Nanotubes +50%270120 Gems80,000 XPLimit: 4
Bulwark Material Logo Set
Delicate Nanotubes +10%2502,500,000 Gold25,000 XP
Gallant Nanotubes +30%33032,000,000 Gold320,000 XPLimit: 16
Highlight Nanotubes +110%450220 Gems425,000 XPLimit: 4
Highlight Material Logo Set
Legato Nanotubes +60%51535,000,000 Gold235,000 XPLimit: 3
Legato Freight Logo Set
Nebulus Nanotubes +20%3008,000,000 Gold80,000 XPLimit: 3
Nebulus Material Logo Set
Nimbly Nanotubes +0%2001,500,000 Gold15,000 XP
Resilient Nanotubes +50%250110 Gems35,000 XP
Seraph Nanotubes +40%40516,500,000 Gold165,000 XPLimit: 2
Seraph Cargo Logo Set
Seraph Nanotubes+ +90%405120 Gems165,000 XPLimit: 2
Seraph Cargo Logo Set
Tenacious Nanotubes +40%39034,000,000 Gold340,000 XPLimit: 16
Vigorous Nanotubes +30%200100 Gems25,000 XP

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