The Museum is a record of all the Locomotives the player has clicked on in the game. It displays details such as Power Icon Power, Tax Gold/U-235, Dispatch XP, story, and any Set Logo Set wagons.

Locomotives purchased, awarded, received from IT trains, or received from Express Trains can all add to the Museum. This means that a player does not necessarily OWN each locomotive collected, but that they can now see the locomotive's story and the image changes from greyscale to color.

There are dedicated Museum Achievements related to collecting Locomotives in the Museum.

Finally, the player gains Museum Levels by 'collecting' 50 undiscovered locomotives, which grants that level's reward and advances the player's Museum level to the next step.

The Museum can reward Gems Gems and Whistles Whistle, but most Museum rewards fall into one of of the following groups:

See Museum Levels and Rewards for more information.

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