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Monuments are awarded for completing the final stage of most Achievements. They are decorations and can be placed on any street or platform of any player's station.

Name Reward Limit
Aerogel Spender DPL-Reward-On.png from Aerogel Spender IV 1
Aerogel Transport DPL-Reward-On.png from Aerogel Transport IV 1
Arborist DPL-Reward-On.png from Arborist 1
Barcelona Architect DPL-Reward-On.png from Barcelona Architect 1
Berlin Architect DPL-Reward-On.png from Berlin Architect 1
Bismuth Spender DPL-Reward-On.png from Bismuth Spender IV 1
Bismuth Transport DPL-Reward-On.png from Bismuth Transport IV 1
Borax Spender DPL-Reward-On.png from Borax Spender IV 1
Borax Transport DPL-Reward-On.png from Borax Transport IV 1
Bounty Hunter DPL-Reward-On.png from Bounty Hunter 1
Brick Spendthrift DPL-Reward-On.png from Brick Spendthrift 1
Carbon Spendthrift DPL-Reward-On.png from Carbon Spendthrift 1
Cement Spendthrift DPL-Reward-On.png from Cement Spendthrift 1
Cote d'Azur Architect DPL-Reward-On.png from Cote d'Azur Architect IV 1
Deltiologist DPL-Reward-On.png from Balloon Popper IV 1
Diamond Blade DPL-Reward-On.png from Diamond Blade 1
Diesel DPL-Reward-On.png from Diesel 1
Diesel Collector DPL-Reward-On.png from Diesel Collector IV 1
Electric Collector DPL-Reward-On.png from Electric Collector IV 1
Eriport Architect DPL-Reward-On.png from Eriport Architect IV 1
Express Master DPL-Reward-On.png from Express Master 1
Fuel Spendthrift DPL-Reward-On.png from Fuel Spendthrift 1
Gift Giver DPL-Reward-On.png from Gift Giver 1
Glass Spendthrift DPL-Reward-On.png from Glass Spendthrift 1
Grand Architect DPL-Reward-On.png from Grand Architect 1
Gravel Spendthrift DPL-Reward-On.png from Gravel Spendthrift 1
Hyperloop Collector DPL-Reward-On.png from Hyperloop Collector IV 1
Hyperloop Dispatcher DPL-Reward-On.png from Hyperloop Dispatcher IV 1
Inductor DPL-Reward-On.png from Inductor 1
Lithium Spender DPL-Reward-On.png from Lithium Spender IV 1
Lithium Transport DPL-Reward-On.png from Lithium Transport IV 1
Logistics Professor DPL-Reward-On.png from Logistics Professor 1
London Architect DPL-Reward-On.png from London Architect 1
Lottery Freak DPL-Reward-On.png from Lottery Freak 1
Maglev Collector DPL-Reward-On.png from Maglev Collector IV 1
Marble Spendthrift DPL-Reward-On.png from Marble Spendthrift 1
Monocrystalline DPL-Reward-On.png from Monocrystalline 1
Nail Spendthrift DPL-Reward-On.png from Nail Spendthrift 1
Nanotube DPL-Reward-On.png from Nanotube 1
Nanotubes Spender DPL-Reward-On.png from Nanotubes Spender IV 1
Nanotubes Transport DPL-Reward-On.png from Nanotubes Transport IV 1
Neo HK Architect DPL-Reward-On.png from Neo HK Architect IV 1
Neodymium Spender DPL-Reward-On.png from Neodymium Spender IV 1
Neodymium Transport DPL-Reward-On.png from Neodymium Transport IV 1
Nuclear Reactor DPL-Reward-On.png from Nuclear Reactor 1
NYC Architect DPL-Reward-On.png from NYC Architect IV 1
Optical Fiber DPL-Reward-On.png from Optical Fiber 1
Patience DPL-Reward-On.png from Patience IV 1
Peak Oil DPL-Reward-On.png from Peak Oil 1
Plastics Spendthrift DPL-Reward-On.png from Plastics Spendthrift 1
Polymer DPL-Reward-On.png from Polymer 1
Polymerizer DPL-Reward-On.png from Polymerizer 1
Postmaster DPL-Reward-On.png from Postmaster 1
Rubber Spendthrift DPL-Reward-On.png from Rubber Spendthrift 1
Savanna Architect DPL-Reward-On.png from Savanna Architect IV 1
Set Purist DPL-Reward-On.png from Set Purist 1
SF Architect DPL-Reward-On.png from SF Architect 1
Sightseeing DPL-Reward-On.png from Sightseeing IV 1
Silicon Spendthrift DPL-Reward-On.png from Silicon Spendthrift 1
Staff Leader DPL-Reward-On.png from Staff Leader 1
Steam Collector DPL-Reward-On.png from Steam Collector IV 1
Steel Spendthrift DPL-Reward-On.png from Steel Spendthrift 1
Stylist DPL-Reward-On.png from Stylist 1
Superalloy DPL-Reward-On.png from Superalloy 1
Tesla DPL-Reward-On.png from Tesla 1
The Binder DPL-Reward-On.png from The Binder 1
The Forge DPL-Reward-On.png from The Forge 1
The Prism DPL-Reward-On.png from The Prism 1
The Rock DPL-Reward-On.png from The Rock 1
The Thorn DPL-Reward-On.png from The Thorn 1
The Wall DPL-Reward-On.png from The Wall 1
Titanium Spendthrift DPL-Reward-On.png from Titanium Spendthrift 1
Train Enthusiast DPL-Reward-On.png from Train Enthusiast 1
Train Spotter DPL-Reward-On.png from Train Spotter 1
Transport Magnate DPL-Reward-On.png from Transport Magnate 1
Uranium Spendthrift DPL-Reward-On.png from Uranium Spendthrift 1
Venetian Architect DPL-Reward-On.png from Venetian Architect 1
Vexillarius DPL-Reward-On.png from Vexillarius 1
Whistle Collector DPL-Reward-On.png from Whistle Collector IV 1
Wire Spendthrift DPL-Reward-On.png from Wire Spendthrift 1
Wisdom Seeker DPL-Reward-On.png from Wisdom Seeker 1
Wolfram Spender DPL-Reward-On.png from Wolfram Spender IV 1
Wolfram Transport DPL-Reward-On.png from Wolfram Transport IV 1
Wood Salesman DPL-Reward-On.png from Wood Salesman 1
Wood Spendthrift DPL-Reward-On.png from Wood Spendthrift 1
Xenon Spender DPL-Reward-On.png from Xenon Spender IV 1
Xenon Transport DPL-Reward-On.png from Xenon Transport IV 1

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