Theme Meadow.png
Type: Theme
Gem Purchase
Cost Normal Discount
70 Gems.png N/A
Buy XP 4,200 XP.png
Level 20
Regular Purchase
Cost: Normal Discount
7,000 Wood.png
7,000 Bricks.png
Buy XP: 1,560 XP.png
Level: 20
Buy XP (Material.png) changed 1200 ► 1560 and Buy XP (Gems.png) changed 2000 ► 4200 at an unknown date. First notice on 2 Nov 2019.

The Meadow theme is the first station background available for purchase in TrainStation. After purchase, it can be found in Storage. It features rolling green hills and fields. Small animated flocks of birds occasionally pass by.

Contractors that have this theme as the background for their stations:

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