This page about wagons in the Maglev Era, which players can acquire via the Shop, Rewards or Offers.

Maglev wagons can not be used with locomotives from other eras.

  • Level Required: 120
  • Extension Required: Maglev Era
  • Rails Required: Maglev Rails
  • Bonus: None, but the wagons have large Bonus %
  • Special Buildings:
  • Materials Allowed:
    • Passenger Passengers
    • Mail Mail
    • XP XP
    • Wood Wood
    • Nails Nails
    • Bricks Bricks
    • Glass Glass
    • Fuel Fuel
    • Steel Steel
    • Gravel Gravel
    • U-235 U-235
    • Cement Cement
    • Rubber Rubber
    • Carbon Carbon
    • Titanium Titanium
    • Marble Marble
    • Wires Wires
    • Plastics Plastics
    • Silicon Silicon

The maglev wagons are grouped according to how they may be purchased or acquired.

Shop Maglev Wagons
Icon Storage Reward
Reward Maglev Wagons
Icon Shop SO / Icon Shop VO / Logo Limited
Special, Vintage or Limited Offer Maglev Wagons

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