This page about wagons in the Maglev Era, which players can acquire via the Shop, Rewards or Offers.

Maglev wagons can not be used with locomotives from other eras.

  • Level Required: 120
  • Extension Required: Maglev Era
  • Rails Required: Maglev Rails
  • Bonus: None, but the wagons have large Bonus %
  • Special Buildings:
  • Materials Allowed:
    • Passenger Passengers
    • Mail Mail
    • XP XP
    • Wood Wood
    • Nails Nails
    • Bricks Bricks
    • Glass Glass
    • Fuel Fuel
    • Steel Steel
    • Gravel Gravel
    • U-235 U-235
    • Cement Cement
    • Rubber Rubber
    • Carbon Carbon
    • Titanium Titanium
    • Marble Marble
    • Wires Wires
    • Plastics Plastics
    • Silicon Silicon

The maglev wagons are grouped according to how they may be purchased or acquired.

Shop Maglev Wagons
Logo Limited
Limited Maglev Wagons
Icon Storage Reward
Reward Maglev Wagons
Icon Shop SO / Icon Shop VO
Special or Vintage Offer Maglev Wagons

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