Loco Maglev
Maglev Locomotives are not technically trains, but use electric Magnetic Levitation to lift the train above the track and provide propulsion with very little friction resistance. TrainStation includes Maglevs ranging from an early Rapid 09 to a modern Yamanashi 01-1 and many fictional versions. Maglevs have their own specific Maglev Wagons.
  • Level Required: 120
  • Extension Required: Maglev Era
  • Rails Required: Maglev Rails
  • Dispatch Tax: U-235 U-235
  • Bonus: None, but the wagons have large Bonus %
  • Special Buildings:
  • Materials Allowed:
    • Passenger Passengers
    • Mail Mail
    • XP XP
    • Wood Wood
    • Nails Nails
    • Bricks Bricks
    • Glass Glass
    • Fuel Fuel
    • Steel Steel
    • Gravel Gravel
    • U-235 U-235
    • Cement Cement
    • Rubber Rubber
    • Carbon Carbon
    • Titanium Titanium
    • Marble Marble
    • Wires Wires
    • Plastics Plastics
    • Silicon Silicon

Prior to the 4 Nov 2019 Game Update, all locomotives of power 14+ require One-Click-Unload (OCU).

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