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Local trains are the player's primary source of gold and materials. They are critical in obtaining the resources needed to buy locomotives, wagons, buildings, station upgrades, and other items needed to progress through the game. These trains are dispatched to Destinations lasting anywhere from five minutes to one week in realtime duration. The longer the journey, the less efficient it is. Also, the more Rails a player has, the more simultaneous trains can be sent at once.

Also worth noting is that the total trip time includes this waiting period. A 30m journey takes about 13:45 to reach the destination, and 13:45 to return, leaving the ~3 minute wait in the middle. Therefore, the entire trip time can be reduced by loading the train manually as soon as possible. This immediately starts the return leg, eliminating the remainder of the waiting period, and finishing the trip quicker.

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LOADING BONUS: About halfway through the journey duration selected, the train will arrive at its destination (typically displayed as a loading dock or town) and wait there for a certain period of time to 'load' the train. This wait period is about 9-10% of the chosen total journey time. A six minute trip waits about 40 seconds, a 10m trip waits about 1m, a 30m trip waits about 3m, and so on.

If you visit the train and load (click) it manually, you will receive an additional bonus of 20% of the gold/materials it will provide upon completion. For example, if the train will bring 1000 of a material from a journey, when you load it manually, you will get 200 extra material on top of the 1000 it will bring to your station when it returns. This step is optional, and if the wait period expires, the train will return to your station automatically.

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