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Current LO icon

Players can access the Limited Offer (abbreviation: LO; Shop icon: Limited ) section of the Shop by clicking on the Seasonal tab in the Shop (shown above), icon (shown at left) on the main game screen.

Seasonal Offer items are available only for a short time. Mostly a new Limited Offer arrives every Monday with the weekly game update.

See also: Gem Offer 2022 Limited gem offer 36h.pngEvent Offer 2022 Icon Shop EO.png.

Offer Start Date Locomotives Wagons Other
23 May 2022

Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Divergent Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Settler

Divergent Bismuth
Divergent Borax
Divergent Wolfram
Divergent Xenon
Settler Nanotubes
Settler Neodymium
Auditorium Icon Shop Building.png
Data Rack Icon Shop Decoration.png
Eureka Tower Icon Shop Building.png
Moon Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Porta Fira Towers Icon Shop Building.png
Torres de Hercules Icon Shop Building.png
VacTrain Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Velocity Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
20 May 2022 Hygiean Bricks
Hygiean Bricks+
Hygiean Tail
16 May 2022

Icon Shop Diesel.png Aero Herald
Icon Shop Diesel.png LWT12 Herald
Icon Shop Diesel.png Colorado Eagle
Icon Shop Diesel.png Piston
Icon Shop Diesel.png SD70 Horsepower D
Icon Shop Diesel.png SD70 Horsepower Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png Tradewind
Icon Shop Diesel.png WDG4G Nitrous

Herald Titanium
Herald Titanium S
Herald Wires
Herald Wires S
Eagle 1st class
Eagle 2nd class
Eagle Mail
Eagle VIP
Piston Fuel
Piston Marble
Piston Nails
Piston Titanium
Horsepower Carbon
Horsepower Fuel
Horsepower Titanium
Horsepower U-235
Tradewind Marble
Tradewind Marble S
Tradewind U-235
Tradewind U-235 S
1st diesel motor Icon Shop Decoration.png
50s Coupé Blue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Geometric Villa Icon Shop Building.png
Oil Rig Icon Shop Building.png
Transmitting Centre Icon Shop Building.png
9 May 2022

Icon Shop Diesel.png Agate
Icon Shop Diesel.png Ardent
Icon Shop Diesel.png Dash Injector Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Dash Injector Quad
Icon Shop Electric.png ES64U Iron Duke
Icon Shop Diesel.png M10K Iron Duke
Icon Shop Diesel.png Maersk SD40-2
Icon Shop Diesel.png Sealand SD40-2
Icon Shop Diesel.png ES44 Orbiter

Agate Carbon I
Agate Carbon II
Ardent Glass I
Ardent Glass II
Injector Carbon
Injector Carbon S
Injector Silicon
Injector Silicon S
Iron Duke Diner
Iron Duke Premium
Iron Duke Standard
Iron Duke VIP
Iron Duke Tail
Maersk Bricks
Maersk Plastics
Maersk Rubber
Maersk Silicon
Art Deco Skyscraper Icon Shop Building.png
Diesel Engine Icon Shop Decoration.png
Industrial Museum Icon Shop Building.png
Modern Gas Station Icon Shop Building.png
Rudolf Diesel Icon Shop Decoration.png
2 May 2022

Icon Shop Diesel.png Mathuel
Icon Shop Electric.png Maximus
Icon Shop Diesel.png UGLC C44i Maximos
Icon Shop Diesel.png Ontario Northlander
Icon Shop Diesel.png Ontario Northlander D
Icon Shop Diesel.png Prospector
Icon Shop Diesel.png Dash 9 Eagle
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMC Demonstrator I
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMC Demonstrator II
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMC Demonstrator III

Mathuel Fuel
Mathuel Glass
Mathuel Steel
Mathuel Wood
Maximus 1st class
Maximus 2nd class
Maximus Economy
Maximus Mail
Maximus VIP
Ontario Carbon
Ontario Marble
Ontario Silicon
Ontario Titanium
Prospector Fuel
Prospector Glass
Prospector Gravel
Prospector Plastics
Concrete Mansion Icon Shop Building.png
NYC Housing 1/2 Icon Shop Building.png
NYC Housing 2/2 Icon Shop Building.png
Piston Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Tile House Icon Shop Building.png
29 Apr 2022 Mauritan 1st class
Mauritan 2nd class
Mauritan Final
25 Apr 2022

Icon Shop Diesel.png Artifex
Icon Shop Diesel.png BLDX MX Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png BLDX MX Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Century Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Century Triple
Icon Shop Electric.png EF210 Metra
Icon Shop Diesel.png MPI MP36PH Metra
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD GP9
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMDX 7002 North
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMDX North Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png ER20 Germania

Artifex Gravel I
Artifex Gravel II
BLDX Carbon
BLDX Glass
BLDX Silicon
Century Coach
Century Mail
MKT 403
Southern RPO
Metra 1st class
Metra 2nd class
Metra Economy
Metra Restaurant
Metra VIP
GP9 Marble
GP9 Marble+
GP9 Steel
GP9 Steel+
North Cement
North Rubber
North Steel
North Wires
50s Coupé Pink Icon Shop Decoration.png
Heritage Hotel Icon Shop Building.png
Petroleum Refinery Icon Shop Building.png
Mechano-flag I Icon Shop Flag.png
Mechano-flag II Icon Shop Flag.png
22 Apr 2022 Mauritan Wires
Mauritan Wires+
Mauritan Tail
18 Apr 2022

Icon Shop Electric.png AT400 Iridescent
Icon Shop Electric.png AT400 Prismatic
Icon Shop Electric.png Fastech Breeze
Icon Shop Electric.png Fastech Verdant
Icon Shop Diesel.png Happy B Class
Icon Shop Electric.png Happy SNCB 18
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vasara

Iridescent Premium
Iridescent Standard
Iridescent VIP
Iridescent Tail
Breeze 1st Class
Breeze 2nd Class
Breeze VIP
Breeze Tail
Happy 1st class
Happy 2nd class
Happy Economy
Happy Restaurant
Happy VIP
Garden Tulips Icon Shop Decoration.png
Irvine House Icon Shop Building.png
Tulip Park Icon Shop Decoration.png
Village Well Icon Shop Decoration.png
11 Apr 2022

Icon Shop Diesel.png 40CC Lobeth Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png 40CC Lobeth Single
Icon Shop Electric.png CRH3C Redbud
Icon Shop Electric.png CRH-X Cardinal
Icon Shop Electric.png CRH-X Cerise
Icon Shop Electric.png TGV Langmuir
Icon Shop Electric.png TGV Plasma
Icon Shop Diesel.png Easter Mirth

Lobeth Carbon
Lobeth Cement
Lobeth Marble
Lobeth Wood
Redbud 1st class
Redbud 2nd class
Redbud Mail
Redbud VIP
Redbud Tail
Cardinal 1st Class
Cardinal 2nd Class
Cardinal Restaurant
Cardinal VIP
Cardinal Tail
Plasma 1st class
Plasma 2nd class
Plasma Economy
Plasma Restaurant
Plasma VIP
Plasma Tail
Easter House Icon Shop Building.png
Flowery Gate Icon Shop Decoration.png
Thatched Bungalow Icon Shop Building.png
Tulip Row Icon Shop Decoration.png
4 Apr 2022

Icon Shop Maglev.png Abelia
Icon Shop Diesel.png Class 50 Halcyon
Icon Shop Diesel.png Class 50 Halcyon D
Icon Shop Electric.png Desiro Gustbloom
Icon Shop Diesel.png Essence of Easter
Icon Shop Diesel.png Eástre C44aci
Icon Shop Diesel.png BR Serenity

Abelia Carbon
Abelia Gravel
Abelia Steel
Abelia Titanium
Abelia Tail
Halcyon Bricks
Halcyon Fuel
Halcyon Gravel
Halcyon Wood
Gustbloom Connect
Gustbloom Premium
Gustbloom Standard
Gustbloom Tail
Easter Glass
Easter Uranium
Easter Wires
Eástre Gravel
Eástre Plastics
Eástre Uranium
Blossoming Cherry Icon Shop Decoration.png
Green Glove Icon Shop Building.png
Flowery Fence Icon Shop Decoration.png
Narcissi Icon Shop Decoration.png
Spring House Icon Shop Building.png
Wisteria Icon Shop Decoration.png
1 Apr 2022 Ecstatic 1st class
Ecstatic 2nd class
Ecstatic Final
28 Mar 2022

Icon Shop Loco.png Bloomish A1
Icon Shop Loco.png C 5/6 Fvorar
Icon Shop Diesel.png CKD Bloom Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png CKD Bloom Triple
Icon Shop Maglev.png Dandelion
Icon Shop Diesel.png Eastrun
Icon Shop Diesel.png Eastrun V320
Icon Shop Diesel.png Big Jack Flora
Icon Shop Diesel.png BR Serenity Triple
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vesna

Bloom Bricks
Bloom Plastics
Bloom U-235
Fvorar 1st class
Fvorar 2nd class
Fvorar Mail
Fvorar VIP
Bloomish Gravel
Bloomish Nails
Bloomish Steel
Bloomish Wood
Dandelion Bricks
Dandelion Cement
Dandelion Glass
Dandelion Nails
Dandelion Tail
Eastrun Fuel
Eastrun Marble
Eastrun Steel
Eastrun Titanium
Blossom Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Cercis Grove Icon Shop Decoration.png
Cyber Egg Icon Shop Building.png
Dispatcher Rabbill Icon Shop Decoration.png
Double Cherry Tree Icon Shop Decoration.png
Easter Bunny Icon Shop Decoration.png
Easter Restaurant Icon Shop Building.png
Egg Office Icon Shop Building.png
Eostre Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
First Light Park I Icon Shop Decoration.png
First Light Park II Icon Shop Decoration.png
First Light Park III Icon Shop Decoration.png
Overgrown statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Queenslander House Icon Shop Building.png
Spring Grove Icon Shop Decoration.png
Spring Residence Icon Shop Building.png
Treehouse Icon Shop Building.png
Tulip Bed Icon Shop Decoration.png
25 Mar 2022 Ecstatic Titanium
Ecstatic Titanium+
Ecstatic Tail
21 Mar 2022

Icon Shop Electric.png Flare
Icon Shop Electric.png Sapsan Flare
Icon Shop Loco.png U-1-F Joule
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vectron Joule
Icon Shop Diesel.png Unflinching Icebreaker
Icon Shop Electric.png Unflinching Lance
Icon Shop Diesel.png WAGR Ion Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png WAGR Ion Quad

Flare Connect
Flare Premium
Flare Standard
Flare VIP
Flare Tail
Joule 1st class
Joule 2nd class
Joule Restaurant
Joule VIP
Unflinching 1st class
Unflinching 2nd class
Unflinching Economy
Unflinching Restaurant
Unflinching VIP
Ion Bricks
Ion Cement
Ion Silicon
Ion Wires
Eurostar Monument Icon Shop Decoration.png
Power Plant I Icon Shop Building.png
Power Plant II Icon Shop Building.png
Power Plant III Icon Shop Building.png
Tesla Tower Icon Shop Building.png
Tesla's Memorabilia Icon Shop Building.png
TV Centre Icon Shop Building.png
Wooden Beauty Icon Shop Building.png
14 Mar 2022

Icon Shop Electric.png Alstom HS2
Icon Shop Maglev.png Auguste
Icon Shop Electric.png Cordelia
Icon Shop Electric.png Cordelia II
Icon Shop Electric.png GE Camelback
Icon Shop Electric.png GE Steeplecab
Icon Shop Electric.png PRR R1

HS2 Premium
HS2 Standard
HS2 Tail
Auguste Postal
Auguste Premium
Auguste Standard
Auguste VIP
Auguste Tail
Cordelia 1st class
Cordelia 2nd class
Cordelia Economy
Cordelia VIP
Cordelia Tail
Steeplecab Mail
Steeplecab Premium
Steeplecab Standard
Steeplecab VIP
Bangkok Spire Icon Shop Building.png
Cable Factory Icon Shop Building.png
Engineer's Office Icon Shop Building.png
Hybrid Car Icon Shop Decoration.png
Remote Post Office Icon Shop Building.png
Santiago Central Icon Shop Building.png
7 Mar 2022

Icon Shop Electric.png CRH-X Arc
Icon Shop Electric.png CRH-X Arclight
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD F9 Rio Grande
Icon Shop Electric.png Rio Grande Class 86
Icon Shop Electric.png Thunderstruck AC
Icon Shop Electric.png Thunderstruck DC
Icon Shop Electric.png Vectron Brisk

Arclight 1st class
Arclight 2nd class
Arclight Tail
Rio Grande 1st class
Rio Grande 2nd class
Rio Grande Economy
Rio Grande Restaurant
Rio Grande VIP
Thunderstruck 1st class
Thunderstruck 2nd class
Thunderstruck Economy
Thunderstruck VIP
Thunderstruck Tail
Brisk 1st class
Brisk 2nd class
Brisk Mail
Brisk VIP Mail
4G9 Spire Icon Shop Building.png
Eco-Condo Icon Shop Building.png
Flash Icon Shop Decoration.png
Shard Icon Shop Building.png
Tesla Coil Icon Shop Building.png
The Veil Icon Shop Building.png
Urban Housing Icon Shop Building.png
4 Mar 2022 Flame 1st class
Flame 2nd class
Flame Final
28 Feb 2022

Icon Shop Electric.png ALP-44 Double
Icon Shop Electric.png ALP-44 Triple
Icon Shop Electric.png DB 103 Triple
Icon Shop Electric.png DB 103 Quad
Icon Shop Maglev.png Magnétique
Icon Shop Electric.png Settebello
Icon Shop Electric.png Super Chief Class 86
Icon Shop Diesel.png Super Chief EMD FT
Icon Shop Electric.png VGN EL-3A

ALP 1st class
ALP 2nd class
ALP Mail
DB 103 Business
DB 103 Economy
DB 103 Restaurant
DB 103 Sleeper
Magnétique Glass
Magnétique Plastics
Magnétique Rubber
Magnétique U-235
Magnétique Tail
Settebello 1st class
Settebello 2nd class
Settebello Economy
Settebello Restaurant
Settebello VIP
Settebello Tail
Super Chief 1st class
Super Chief 2nd class
Super Chief Economy
Super Chief Sleeper
Super Chief VIP
Ball Lightning Icon Shop Decoration.png
Flight of Birds Icon Shop Building.png
Protection Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Security Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Spike Icon Shop Building.png
Statue of Tesla Icon Shop Decoration.png
Sunny Apartments Icon Shop Building.png
Wind Turbine Icon Shop Decoration.png
25 Feb 2022 Flame Wood
Flame Wood+
Flame Tail
21 Feb 2022

Icon Shop Electric.png Fepasa-PWG
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Goalie

Fepasa-PWG 1st class
Fepasa-PWG 2nd class
Fepasa-PWG Dinner
Fepasa-PWG Economy
Fepasa-PWG VIP
Goalie Nanotubes
Goalie Nanotubes+
Goalie Neodymium
Goalie Neodymium+
15 Feb 2022 Persistence Wood
14 Feb 2022

Icon Shop Maglev.png Persistence
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Prevail
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vijay Desire Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vijay Desire Triple
Icon Shop Loco.png WF Games Supplier
Icon Shop Electric.png Winter Challenger

Persistence Carbon
Persistence Fuel
Persistence Marble
Persistence Wood
Prevail Aerogel
Prevail Lithium
Prevail Nanotubes
Prevail Neodymium
Desire Fuel
Desire Glass
Desire Steel
Desire U-235
WF Bobsleigh
WF Bricks
WF Glass
WF Ice Skates
WF Nails
Challenger 1st Class
Challenger 2nd Class
Challenger VIP
Challenger Tail
7 Feb 2022

Icon Shop Diesel.png Alp Transport Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Alp Transport Quad
Icon Shop Loco.png Skitter

Alp Transport Carbon
Alp Transport Marble
Alp Transport Nails
Alp Transport U-235
Skitter 1st class
Skitter 2nd class
Skitter Economy
Skitter VIP
Skitter Restaurant
Futuristic Stadium Icon Shop Building.png
4 Feb 2022 Spade 1st class
Spade 2nd class
Spade Final
31 Jan 2022

Icon Shop Electric.png Elite 390
Icon Shop Electric.png Top 390
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Decathlon
Icon Shop Diesel.png SD40 Finishline D
Icon Shop Diesel.png SD40 Finishline Q

Elite 1st Class
Elite 2nd Class
Elite Tail
Decathlon Aerogel
Decathlon Lithium
Decathlon Nanotubes
Decathlon Neodymium
Finishline Bricks
Finishline Cement
Finishline Glass
Finishline Nails
Vancouver Icon Shop Theme.png
Winter Games Hotel Icon Shop Building.png
28 Jan 2022 Spade U-235
Spade U-235+
Spade Tail
24 Jan 2022

Icon Shop Diesel.png DDm45 Decorated D
Icon Shop Diesel.png DDm45 Decorated Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png Icetrain
Icon Shop Diesel.png Entropy Triple
Icon Shop Electric.png Gale
Icon Shop Diesel.png Winterliner Double

Decorated Cement
Decorated Marble
Decorated Nails
Decorated Silicon
Icetrain Marble
Icetrain Plastics
Icetrain Silicon
Icetrain Wires
Big Snow Pile Icon Shop Decoration.png
Blizzard Central Icon Shop Building.png
Long Snow Overhang Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snow Drift Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snow Groomer Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snow Pile Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowed-in Loco Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowy Dwelling Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Estate Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Hotel Icon Shop Building.png
17 Jan 2022

Icon Shop Electric.png Algid I
Icon Shop Electric.png Algid II
Icon Shop Diesel.png Icehawk
Icon Shop Loco.png Polar Star
Icon Shop Diesel.png Winterliner
Icon Shop Diesel.png Winterliner Triple

Algid 1st class
Algid 2nd class
Algid Connect
Algid Economy
Algid VIP
Algid Tail
Icehawk Cement
Icehawk Titanium
Polar Star
Polar Star Mail
Polar Star Tail
Alpine Hotel Icon Shop Building.png
Icy Bill Icon Shop Decoration.png
Outside Heater Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snow Blower Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snow Thrower Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowy Courthouse Icon Shop Building.png
Trapped Taxi Icon Shop Decoration.png
Winter Gazebo Icon Shop Building.png
Winter Street Icon Shop Building.png
Winter Waddesdon I Icon Shop Building.png
Winter Waddesdon II Icon Shop Building.png
Winter Waddesdon III Icon Shop Building.png
10 Jan 2022

Icon Shop Electric.png Brinicle
Icon Shop Electric.png Brinicle II
Icon Shop Electric.png ES64U Snowplow
Icon Shop Diesel.png UP GTEL Snowplow
Icon Shop Electric.png Glarus Quad
Icon Shop Electric.png Glarus Triple
Icon Shop Loco.png Supreme Athlete
Icon Shop Electric.png Supreme Rival
Icon Shop Loco.png UP 3985 Wintry

Brinicle 1st class
Brinicle 2nd class
Brinicle Connect
Brinicle Mail
Brinicle VIP
Brinicle Tail
Cable Car Carrier
Chairlift Cables
Chairlift Carrier
Chairlift Masts
Glarus 1st class
Glarus 2nd class
Glarus Mail
Glarus VIP
Supreme Figure Skating
Supreme Ice Hockey
Supreme Skiing
Supreme Snowboarding
Icy Park Icon Shop Decoration.png
Oslo Barcode Icon Shop Building.png
Oslo Barcode II Icon Shop Building.png
Oslo Barcode III Icon Shop Building.png
Oslo Office Icon Shop Building.png
Queen's Monument Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowed-in IORE Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowy Apartments Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Cloud House Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Lavish House Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Pantheon Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Small Spruce Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowy Willow Icon Shop Decoration.png
Winter Avenue Icon Shop Building.png
Winter Promenade Icon Shop Building.png
Winter Snowman Icon Shop Decoration.png
Wintry Station Icon Shop Building.png
7 Jan 2022 Hogmanay 1st class
Hogmanay 2nd class
Hogmanay Final
3 Jan 2022

Icon Shop Electric.png Stadler Süwex
Icon Shop Electric.png Süwex
Icon Shop Electric.png Talgo 350 Libero
Icon Shop Electric.png TGV 4413
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vectron Bubbly

Süwex 1st class
Süwex 2nd class
Süwex Economy
Süwex Restaurant
Süwex Tail
Libero 1st Class
Libero 2nd Class
Libero Tail
Lyria 1st Class
Lyria 2nd Class
Lyria Tail
Bubbly Cement
Bubbly Fuel
Astronaut Centre Icon Shop Building.png
Auction House Icon Shop Building.png
Australia Flag Icon Shop Decoration.png
Commonwealth Flag Icon Shop Decoration.png
ESET Centre Icon Shop Building.png
ESET Tower Icon Shop Building.png
I AMsterdam Icon Shop Decoration.png
Kangaroo Warning Icon Shop Decoration.png
Luggage Car Icon Shop Decoration.png
Meteorite Icon Shop Decoration.png
Museumplein Icon Shop Building.png
Orient Sign Icon Shop Decoration.png
Rusty BL2 UDT Icon Shop Decoration.png
Space Agency Icon Shop Building.png
Saturn V Launch Pad Icon Shop Building.png

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