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Current LO icon

Players can access the Limited Offer (abbreviation: LO; Shop icon: Limited ) section of the Shop by clicking on the Seasonal tab in the Shop (shown above), icon (shown at left) on the main game screen.

Seasonal Offer items are available only for a short time. Mostly a new Limited Offer arrives every Monday with the weekly game update.

See also: Gem Offer 2021 Limited gem offer 36h.pngEvent Offer 2021 Icon Shop EO.png.

Offer Start Date Locomotives Wagons Other
3 Dec 2021 Iota Cement
Iota Cement+
Iota Tail
29 Nov 2021

Icon Shop Diesel.png Class 47 Ornamented
Icon Shop Diesel.png Class 50 Scrooge
Icon Shop Loco.png Drummer Boy
Icon Shop Electric.png Noel
Icon Shop Electric.png Vintage Travca
Icon Shop Electric.png Vintage Travca BCKP
Icon Shop Maglev.png Wreath Argon
Icon Shop Loco.png Glittering Groene
Icon Shop Diesel.png Glittering Victoria

Ornamented Marble
Ornamented Plastics
Ornamented Steel
Ornamented Wood
Scrooge Bricks
Scrooge Silicon
Scrooge Steel
Scrooge Steel S
Noel 1st class
Noel 2nd class
Noel Economy
Noel Mail
Noel VIP
Travca 1st class
Travca 2nd class
Travca Restaurant
Travca VIP
Wreath 1st class
Wreath 2nd class
Wreath VIP
Wreath Tail
Central Depot North Icon Shop Building.png
Christmas Bakehouse Icon Shop Building.png
Champagne Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Decoration Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Festive Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
First Prize Icon Shop Decoration.png
Holiday Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Hot Tub Icon Shop Decoration.png
Noel Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
North Pole Robotics Icon Shop Building.png
Old Crane Icon Shop Decoration.png
Packing line Icon Shop Building.png
Pile of Gifts Icon Shop Decoration.png
Reindeer Station Icon Shop Building.png
Santa's Balloon Icon Shop Decoration.png
Santa's toy factory Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Memorial Arena Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Urban Housing Icon Shop Building.png
Token of Love Icon Shop Decoration.png
Twinkle Bus Icon Shop Decoration.png
Winter Fence Icon Shop Decoration.png
Woodshed Icon Shop Building.png
22 Nov 2021

Icon Shop Loco.png Leone Messenger
Icon Shop Diesel.png Class 77 Slodki
Icon Shop Diesel.png ER 20 Slodki

Messenger 1st class
Messenger 2nd class
Messenger Regular
Messenger Urgent
Slodki Marble
Slodki Steel
Slodki Wires
Slodki Wood
15 Nov 2021

Icon Shop Diesel.png Class 47 Card
Icon Shop Electric.png Titus Card
Icon Shop Electric.png Godling Single
Icon Shop Electric.png Godling Double
Icon Shop Electric.png Wap Postal
Icon Shop Electric.png Wap Postal Double

Card 1st class
Card 2nd class
Card Economy
Card Mail
Card VIP
Card Urgent
Godling 1st class
Godling 2nd class
Godling Economy
Godling Restaurant
Godling Vip
Wap Priority Mail
Wap Standard Mail
Wap VIP Mail
Kingston Post Office Icon Shop Building.png
12 Nov 2021 Buffed 1st class
Buffed 2nd class
Buffed Final
8 Nov 2021

Icon Shop Electric.png Acela Postage
Icon Shop Electric.png Hispeed Courier
Icon Shop Loco.png Gratitude
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Greitis
Icon Shop Maglev.png Pigeon
Icon Shop Maglev.png Pixelus
Icon Shop Electric.png Thello Postal
Icon Shop Diesel.png TS Anniversary
Icon Shop Diesel.png TS Anniversary Double

Postage 1st class
Postage 2nd class
Postage Regular
Postage Urgent
Courier 1st class
Courier 2nd class
Courier Priority
Courier Standard
Courier Urgent
Gratitude Coach
Horn of Plenty
Roast Turkey
Greitis Aerogel
Greitis Aerogel+
Greitis Lithium
Greitis Lithium+
Pigeon 1st class
Pigeon 2nd class
Pigeon Mail
Pigeon Tail
Pixelus Rubber
Pixelus Silicon
Pixelus Steel
Pixelus Wood
Pixelus Rubber Tail
Standard Mail
Urgent Mail
Cantabria Post Office Icon Shop Building.png
Mailbox Icon Shop Decoration.png
Messenger flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Postal museum Icon Shop Building.png
5 Nov 2021 Buffed Plastics
Buffed Plastics+
Buffed Tail
1 Nov 2021

Icon Shop Loco.png Angst
Icon Shop Diesel.png Dark Gamer
Icon Shop Diesel.png Dark Gamer Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Ghost
Icon Shop Diesel.png IE 201 Pumpkin
Icon Shop Diesel.png Inka Pix
Icon Shop Diesel.png Jungle Hunter
Icon Shop Diesel.png TS Anniversary Triple
Icon Shop Loco.png TS Jubilee Double

Angst 1st class
Angst 2nd class
Angst Mail
Angst Vip
Dark Gamer Carbon
Dark Gamer Carbon+
Dark Gamer Fuel
Dark Gamer Fuel+
Dark Gamer Titanium
Dark Gamer Titanium++
Dark Gamer U-235
Dark Gamer U-235++
Ghost Cement
Ghost Marble
Ghost Wood
Pumpkin Bricks
Pumpkin Silicon
Pumpkin Titanium
Pumpkin U-235
Pix Bricks
Pix Cement
Pix Fuel
Pix Plastics
Hunter Carbon
Hunter Cement
Hunter Marble
Hunter Wood
Derelict Mansion Icon Shop Building.png
Evil Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Haunted Tower Icon Shop Building.png
Spooky Pumpkin Icon Shop Decoration.png
Strange Mist Icon Shop Decoration.png
25 Oct 2021

Icon Shop Loco.png Alchemyst
Icon Shop Electric.png Egyptian Pharaoh
Icon Shop Electric.png Egyptian Mummy
Icon Shop Diesel.png Eidolon
Icon Shop Diesel.png Eidolon Double
Icon Shop Electric.png ETR Octennial
Icon Shop Electric.png Zefiro Octennial
Icon Shop Diesel.png Lord D.
Icon Shop Electric.png Octopus
Icon Shop Diesel.png TS Birthday Quad
Icon Shop Loco.png TS Jubilee Quad
Icon Shop Electric.png TS Party
Icon Shop Electric.png 4th Prima II Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png TS Birthday Double

Alchemyst 1st class
Alchemyst 2nd class
Alchemyst Economy
Alchemyst Restaurant
Alchemyst VIP
Egyptian 1st class
Egyptian 2nd class
Egyptian Connect
Egyptian Economy
Egyptian VIP
Egyptian Tail
Eidolon Carbon
Eidolon Carbon+
Eidolon Titanium
Eidolon Titanium+
Octennial Premium
Octennial Standard
Octennial VIP
Octennial Tail
Zombie Carrier
Octopus 1st class
Octopus 2nd class
Octopus VIP
Jubilee Bricks
Jubilee Fuel
Jubilee Glass
Jubilee Steel
Party Coach
Party Tail
Forgotten Grave Icon Shop Decoration.png
Halloween Station Icon Shop Building.png
Haunted Castle Icon Shop Building.png
Mist Icon Shop Decoration.png
Old Cross Icon Shop Decoration.png
Pixel Blimp Icon Shop Decoration.png
Scary Pumpkin Icon Shop Decoration.png
18 Oct 2021

Icon Shop Maglev.png Android 8
Icon Shop Loco.png Black Widow
Icon Shop Maglev.png Fright
Icon Shop Electric.png FS Graveyard
Icon Shop Electric.png FS Graveyard Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png NSB Spectre
Icon Shop Diesel.png NSB Spectre Double
Icon Shop Loco.png Pixel Class 7
Icon Shop Loco.png PRR PF8
Icon Shop Loco.png PRR PF8 Double
Icon Shop Electric.png RockSound Stereo
Icon Shop Electric.png RockSound Mono
Icon Shop Maglev.png TS Revelry
Icon Shop Diesel.png DSB PF8
Icon Shop Diesel.png DSB PF8 Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png DSB PF8 Triple

Android Fuel
Android Steel
Android U-235
Android U-235 Tail
Android Wires
Black Widow 1st class
Black Widow 2nd class
Black Widow VIP
Fright Fuel
Fright Silicon
Fright Titanium
Fright Wood
Fright Tail
Bad News
Horror Class
Nightmare Class
Spectre Gravel
Spectre Nails
Spectre Steel
Spectre Wood
Pixel 1st Class
Pixel 2nd Class
Pixel Restaurant
Pixel VIP
PRR 1st Class
PRR 2nd Class
PRR Restaurant
RockSound 1st Class
RockSound 2nd Class
RockSound Celebs
RockSound Connect
RockSound Tail
Revelry Exclusive
Revelry Tail
Birthday Balloons Icon Shop Decoration.png
Crazy Witch Icon Shop Decoration.png
Flying Witch Icon Shop Decoration.png
Haunted Cathedral Icon Shop Building.png
Haunted Manor Icon Shop Building.png
Headless Horseman Icon Shop Decoration.png
Old Barn Icon Shop Building.png
Paranormal Activity Icon Shop Decoration.png
The Grim One Icon Shop Decoration.png
Wicked Pumpkin Icon Shop Decoration.png
15 Oct 2021 Ekwindla 1st class
Ekwindla 2nd class
Ekwindla Final
12 Oct 2021 Halloween Palace Icon Shop Building.png
11 Oct 2021

Icon Shop Maglev.png Creepy
Icon Shop Diesel.png Noxious
Icon Shop Diesel.png NSB Geist Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png NSB Geist Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Dark Vision
Icon Shop Loco.png PRR Poison
Icon Shop Diesel.png Umbra
Icon Shop Diesel.png Umbra Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Umbra Triple

Creepy Carbon
Creepy Glass
Creepy Wires
Creepy Wood
Creepy Tail
Noxious Carbon
Noxious Plastics
Noxious Silicon
Noxious Titanium
Geist Gravel
Geist Nails
Geist Wires
Geist Wood
Baba Yaga's Hut Icon Shop Building.png
Cauldron Icon Shop Decoration.png
Creepy Spider Icon Shop Decoration.png
Cursed Mansion Icon Shop Building.png
Dark Knight Icon Shop Decoration.png
Demon Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Destroyed Tower Icon Shop Building.png
Evil Scarecrow Icon Shop Decoration.png
Faulty Billboard Icon Shop Decoration.png
Halloween Palace Icon Shop Building.png
Horror Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Horror Station Icon Shop Building.png
Leggy Cabin Icon Shop Building.png
Monster Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Night Prince Icon Shop Decoration.png
Occult Castle Icon Shop Building.png
Octopus House Icon Shop Building.png
Old Crypt Icon Shop Building.png
Peculiar Street Lamp Icon Shop Decoration.png
Squash Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Spooky Birthday Icon Shop Flag.png
Spooky Ghost Icon Shop Decoration.png
8 Oct 2021 Ekwindla Fuel
Ekwindla Fuel+
Ekwindla Tail
4 Oct 2021

Icon Shop Electric.png BOB ET 319
Icon Shop Electric.png BOB Flirt 3
Icon Shop Maglev.png Kolsch
Icon Shop Maglev.png Leaf
Icon Shop Diesel.png Sunray Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Sunray Quad

BOB 1st class
BOB 2nd class
BOB Connect
BOB Economy
BOB Tail
Kolsch 1st class
Kolsch 2nd class
Kolsch Mail
Kolsch VIP
Kolsch Tail
Leaf Cement
Leaf Fuel
Leaf Glass
Leaf Marble
Leaf Tail
Sunray Bricks
Sunray Cement
Sunray Nails
Sunray Wires
Traditional Bakery Icon Shop Building.png
27 Sep 2021

Icon Shop Electric.png Coradia Stein
Icon Shop Electric.png V200 Stein
Icon Shop Electric.png DB 406 Deutschland
Icon Shop Electric.png DB 406 Unity
Icon Shop Maglev.png Metis
Icon Shop Loco.png LNER A4 Courier
Icon Shop Loco.png PRR Brawler

Stein 1st class
Stein 2nd class
Stein Economy
Stein VIP
Stein Tail
Deutschland Premier
Deutschland Standard
Deutschland VIP
Deutschland Tail
Metis 1st class
Metis 2nd class
Metis VIP
Metis Tail
High Striker Icon Shop Decoration.png
The Pretzel Factory Icon Shop Building.png
20 Sep 2021

Icon Shop Electric.png EC250 Kegsmasher
Icon Shop Electric.png F140 Lager
Icon Shop Electric.png MTR Century Train
Icon Shop Electric.png MTR SP1900
Icon Shop Diesel.png Ozapftis Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Ozapftis Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vossloh Malt
Icon Shop Loco.png PRR Brewer

Kegsmasher 1st class
Kegsmasher 2nd class
Kegsmasher VIP
Kegsmasher Tail
Lager Mail
Lager Premium
Lager Standard
Lager VIP
MTR 1st class
MTR 2nd class
MTR Connect
MTR Economy
MTR Tail
Ozapftis Bricks
Ozapftis Cement
Ozapftis Gravel
Ozapftis Wood
Malt Carbon
Malt Glass
Malt Silicon
Malt Steel
Local Hops Farm Icon Shop Building.png
Sausage Stand Icon Shop Decoration.png
17 Sep 2021 Glint 1st class
Glint 2nd class
Glint Final
13 Sep 2021

Icon Shop Loco.png Class 01.5 Ale
Icon Shop Maglev.png Dextrin
Icon Shop Loco.png Hachler
Icon Shop Electric.png Desiro BIR
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vossloh Bavaria Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vossloh Bavaria Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vossloh Lager Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vossloh Lager Triple
Icon Shop Loco.png PRR Patron

Ale Mail
Ale Premium
Ale Standard
Dextrin 1st class
Dextrin 2nd class
Dextrin VIP
Dextrin Tail
Hachler 1st class
Hachler 2nd class
Hachler VIP
BIR 1st Class
BIR 2nd Class
BIR Tail
Bavaria Marble
Bavaria Plastics
Bavaria Rubber
Bavaria Titanium
Lager Glass
Lager Steel
Lager Wood
Bierburg Station Icon Shop Building.png
Brewery Icon Shop Building.png
Pretzel Stand Icon Shop Decoration.png
10 Sep 2021 Glint Silicon
Glint Silicon+
Glint Tail
6 Sep 2021

Icon Shop Maglev.png Asante
Icon Shop Maglev.png Blue Whale
Icon Shop Maglev.png Qasar
Icon Shop Electric.png Vector
Icon Shop Loco.png Aurum Class
Icon Shop Loco.png Rufus Class

Asante Carbon
Asante Fuel
Asante Silicon
Asante Titanium
Asante Tail
Whale Bricks
Whale Gravel
Whale Nails
Whale Steel
Whale Tail
Qasar Marble
Qasar Plastics
Qasar Silicon
Qasar Wires
Vector 1st class
Vector 2nd class
Vector Mail
Vector Restaurant
Vector VIP
Day Billboard Icon Shop Decoration.png
Winding Hotel Icon Shop Building.png
30 Aug 2021

Icon Shop Maglev.png Force
Icon Shop Electric.png Sm6 Karelia
Icon Shop Electric.png Sm6 Karelia II
Icon Shop Diesel.png XZagal
Icon Shop Loco.png Albus Class
Icon Shop Diesel.png Metagrull Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Metagrull Triple

Force Bricks
Force Steel
Force U-235
Force Wires
Force Tail
Karelia 1st class
Karelia 2nd class
Karelia Economy
Karelia Restaurant
Karelia VIP
Karelia Tail
XZagal Fuel
XZagal Glass
XZagal Steel
XZagal Titanium
Kinetic Sculpture Icon Shop Decoration.png
Telecom HQ Icon Shop Building.png
The Cloud Icon Shop Building.png
23 Aug 2021

Icon Shop Electric.png Class 252 Metrolink
Icon Shop Diesel.png Metrolink
Icon Shop Maglev.png Dawn
Icon Shop Maglev.png Drogan
Icon Shop Diesel.png Korail Class 7400 D
Icon Shop Diesel.png Korail Class 7400 Q
Icon Shop Maglev.png Phantom
Icon Shop Diesel.png WAGR PF10
Icon Shop Diesel.png Metagrull Single

Metrolink 1st class
Metrolink 2nd class
Metrolink Economy
Metrolink Mail
Metrolink VIP
Dawn 1st Class
Dawn 2nd Class
Dawn Mail
Dawn VIP
Dawn Tail
Drogan Marble
Drogan Plastics
Drogan Silicone
Drogan Wires
Korail 7400 Carbon
Korail 7400 Gravel
Korail 7400 Steel
Korail 7400 Titanium
Phantom Bricks
Phantom Cement
Phantom Plastics
Phantom Wires
Phantom Tail
WAGR PF10 Carbon
WAGR PF10 Cement
WAGR PF10 Plastics
WAGR PF10 Wood
Business Tower Icon Shop Building.png
QB Tower Icon Shop Building.png
Organic House Icon Shop Building.png
Solar Panel Icon Shop Decoration.png
20 Aug 2021 Ruby 1st class
Ruby 2nd class
Ruby Final
16 Aug 2021

Icon Shop Electric.png AGV Vitesse
Icon Shop Diesel.png Argus Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Argus Quad
Icon Shop Maglev.png Champion
Icon Shop Loco.png Glocal
Icon Shop Maglev.png Quartz
Icon Shop Maglev.png Momentum
Icon Shop Maglev.png Razor
Icon Shop Maglev.png Solar Power
Icon Shop Maglev.png Zehn
Icon Shop Electric.png E400 Yushan

AGV 1st Class
AGV 2nd Class
AGV Connect
AGV Versatile
AGV Tail
Argus Bricks
Argus Nails
Argus Steel
Argus U-235
Champion Carbon
Champion Steel
Champion Uranium
Champion Wires
Glocal Brazil
Glocal France
Glocal Germany
Glocal India
Glocal Japan
Glocal Slovakia
Glocal Spain
Glocal UK
Glocal USA
Quartz Bricks
Quartz Carbon
Quartz Rubber
Quartz Wood
Quartz Tail
Momentum 1st Class
Momentum 2nd Class
Momentum Restaurant
Momentum VIP
Momentum Tail
Razor Fuel
Razor Plastics
Razor Silicon
Razor Tail
Solar 1st class
Solar 2nd class
Solar diner
Solar Tail
Zehn 1st class
Zehn 2nd class
Zehn VIP
Zehn Tail
Aegis Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Fluid Villa Icon Shop Building.png
Hi-tech Lamp Icon Shop Decoration.png
Leaf Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Obsidian Pillar Icon Shop Decoration.png
One57 Icon Shop Building.png
Pace Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Paramount Tower Icon Shop Building.png
Rose of the East Icon Shop Building.png
Vazeeb Tower Icon Shop Building.png
Young Gamedev Studio Icon Shop Building.png
13 Aug 2021 Ruby Glass
Ruby Glass+
Ruby Tail
9 Aug 2021

Icon Shop Loco.png Class F Player
Icon Shop Electric.png Dart Decade
Icon Shop Electric.png Pesa Decade
Icon Shop Diesel.png DE22000 Marathon
Icon Shop Maglev.png Fiber
Icon Shop Electric.png PFyra 7
Icon Shop Maglev.png Orion
Icon Shop Maglev.png Taka
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Takk
Icon Shop Maglev.png Tiki
Icon Shop Loco.png Dix

Diggy's Adventure
Galactic Junk League
Morning Men
Decade 1st class
Decade 2nd class
Decade Economy
Decade Restaurant
Decade VIP
Decade Tail
Marathon Bricks
Marathon Fuel
Marathon Gravel
Marathon Marble
Fiber Carbon
Fiber Fuel
Fiber Gravel
Fiber Wood
Fiber Tail
PFyra 1st Class
PFyra 2nd Class
PFyra Tail
Orion Premium
Orion Standard
Orion VIP
Orion Tail
Taka 1st class
Taka 2nd class
Taka VIP
Taka Tail
Takk Aerogel
Takk Borax
Takk Lithium
Takk Wolfram
Tiki Bricks
Tiki Cement
Tiki Wires
Tiki Wood
Tiki Tail
Beach Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Brazilian Stadium Icon Shop Building.png
Capital Offices Icon Shop Building.png
Danish Cabin Icon Shop Building.png
Finnish Summerhouse Icon Shop Building.png
Football Blimp Icon Shop Decoration.png
Judo Icon Shop Decoration.png
Noble Residence Icon Shop Building.png
Pixel Federation HQ Icon Shop Building.png
Relaxx Center Icon Shop Building.png
School of Games Icon Shop Building.png
Spirit of Football Icon Shop Decoration.png
Team Bus Icon Shop Decoration.png
2 Aug 2021

Icon Shop Diesel.png DDM45 Medallist D
Icon Shop Diesel.png DDM45 Medallist Q
Icon Shop Electric.png E.412 Sprint
Icon Shop Electric.png HHP-8 Athlete
Icon Shop Electric.png HHP-8 Pro
Icon Shop Diesel.png Pitch
Icon Shop Diesel.png Demetrius

Medallist Gravel
Medallist Plastics
Medallist Silicon
Medallist Silicon S
Medallist Wood
Medallist Wood S
Sprint 1st Class
Sprint 2nd Class
Sprint VIP
HHP-8 Am. Football
HHP-8 Baseball
HHP-8 Basketball
HHP-8 Ice Hockey
Pitch Glass
Pitch Marble
Pitch U-235
Pitch Wood
Equestrianism Icon Shop Decoration.png
MSA Golfer Icon Shop Decoration.png
MSA Runner Icon Shop Decoration.png
Norwegian Cottage Icon Shop Building.png
Rival's Blimp Icon Shop Decoration.png
Summer Residence Icon Shop Building.png
Swedish Cabin Icon Shop Building.png
Taekwondo Icon Shop Decoration.png
26 Jul 2021

Icon Shop Electric.png ACS64 Gridiron Double
Icon Shop Electric.png ACS64 Gridiron Quad
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Cleat
Icon Shop Electric.png Forward
Icon Shop Electric.png Striker
Icon Shop Electric.png Summer Heat
Icon Shop Loco.png 030 Peloton
Icon Shop Electric.png GG1 Big Game Quad
Icon Shop Electric.png GG1 Big Game Triple

Gridiron 1st class
Gridiron 2nd class
Gridiron Fan Coach
Gridiron Restaurant
Gridiron VIP
Cleat Aerogel
Cleat Borax
Cleat Nanotubes
Cleat Wolfram
Striker 1st class
Striker 2nd class
Striker Connect
Striker Economy
Striker VIP
Striker Tail
Summer 1st Class
Summer 2nd Class
Summer Tail
Betting Shop Icon Shop Building.png
Billy Fury Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Jazz Music Shop Icon Shop Building.png
MSA Handballer Icon Shop Decoration.png
MSA Volleyballer Icon Shop Decoration.png
Rehearsal Building Icon Shop Building.png
Saxophone Club Icon Shop Building.png
Sports TV Icon Shop Building.png
Vacation Planner Icon Shop Building.png
Winners Podium Icon Shop Decoration.png
23 Jul 2021 Classic 1st class
Classic 2nd class
Classic Final
19 Jul 2021

Icon Shop Electric.png AGV La France
Icon Shop Electric.png Alstom La France
Icon Shop Diesel.png GE T4 World Cup
Icon Shop Diesel.png GP50 Riff Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png GP50 Riff Quad
Icon Shop Electric.png Midfielder
Icon Shop Diesel.png Spartak CC300
Icon Shop Diesel.png Spartak CC300 Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Midsummer Night
Icon Shop Diesel.png Midsummer Night II
Icon Shop Diesel.png Midsummer Night III
Icon Shop Diesel.png ZSR Debut
Icon Shop Diesel.png ZSR Debut Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png ZSR Debut Triple

La France 1st Class
La France 2nd Class
La France Mail
La France VIP
La France Tail
World Cup Fuel
World Cup Gravel
World Cup Steel
World Cup Wires
Riff Carbon
Riff Gravel
Riff Steel
Riff Titanium
Midfielder 1st class
Midfielder 2nd class
Midfielder VIP
Midfielder Tail
Spartak Bricks
Spartak Rubber
Spartak Titanium
Spartak Wires
Adversary's Blimp Icon Shop Decoration.png
Adversary's Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Amazon Arena Icon Shop Building.png
Beach Condo Icon Shop Building.png
Blue Note Icon Shop Building.png
Competitor's Blimp Icon Shop Decoration.png
Competitor's Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Cycling Icon Shop Decoration.png
Dune Buggy Icon Shop Decoration.png
Eco Tower Icon Shop Building.png
Football Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Griffith Observatory Icon Shop Building.png
Harsh Trade Shop Icon Shop Building.png
MSA Basketball Player Icon Shop Decoration.png
MSA Baseball Player Icon Shop Decoration.png
MSA Bowler Icon Shop Decoration.png
MSA Tennis Player Icon Shop Decoration.png
Otkritie Stadium Icon Shop Building.png
Opponent's Blimp Icon Shop Decoration.png
Opponent's Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Records Central Icon Shop Building.png
Rival's Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Rock Cafe Icon Shop Building.png
16 Jul 2021 Classic Nails
Classic Nails+
Classic Tail
12 Jul 2021

Icon Shop Loco.png Ironclad
Icon Shop Loco.png Ironclad MS
Icon Shop Loco.png NG Flying Scotsman
Icon Shop Electric.png NG Scotsman Class 90
Icon Shop Loco.png Class 10 Stainless
Icon Shop Loco.png T18 Dreadnought
Icon Shop Loco.png U-1-F DG&B

Ironclad Bricks
Ironclad Carbon
Ironclad Fuel
Ironclad Nails
NG Scotsman 1st class
NG Scotsman 2nd class
NG Scotsman Economy
NG Scotsman Restaurant
NG Scotsman VIP
Boston Station Icon Shop Building.png
Ornate Mailbox Icon Shop Decoration.png
Victorian Library Icon Shop Building.png
5 Jul 2021

Icon Shop Loco.png Archibald
Icon Shop Electric.png Northstar
Icon Shop Electric.png Polestar
Icon Shop Loco.png T18 Sylph
Icon Shop Loco.png T18-1001 Agile
Icon Shop Loco.png Theurgist
Icon Shop Loco.png Golden Boy

Archibald 1st class
Archibald 2nd class
Archibald Mail
Archibald VIP
Northstar 1st Class
Northstar 2nd Class
Northstar Restaurant
Northstar VIP
Northstar Tail
T18 1st Class
T18 2nd Class
T18 Restaurant
Agile 1st Class
Agile 2nd Class
Agile Restaurant
Agile VIP
Theurgist Bricks
Theurgist Plastics
Theurgist Rubber
Theurgist Silicon
Artificial Abode Icon Shop Building.png
Beuth Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Locomotive Factory Icon Shop Building.png
28 Jun 2021

Icon Shop Loco.png ATSF Ember
Icon Shop Electric.png EF-4 Ember
Icon Shop Loco.png Darjeeling Himalayan
Icon Shop Electric.png Himalayan Vr2
Icon Shop Loco.png Estimator
Icon Shop Diesel.png M-1 Leviathan
Icon Shop Loco.png M-1 Noble
Icon Shop Loco.png OE II Explorer
Icon Shop Loco.png OE II Peregrine
Icon Shop Loco.png PRR Valiant
Icon Shop Loco.png The Elephant
Icon Shop Loco.png U-1-F M&B

Ember 1st Class
Ember 2nd Class
Ember Restaurant
Ember VIP
Himalayan 1st class
Himalayan 2nd class
Himalayan Economy
Himalayan Restaurant
Himalayan VIP
Estimator 1st class
Estimator 2nd class
Estimator Mail
Estimator VIP
Estimator VIP Mail
M-1 Cement
M-1 Bricks
M-1 Nails
M-1 Superb Wires
M-1 Wires
OE II Gravel
OE II Rubber
OE II Titanium
OE II Wires
Elegant Lamp Icon Shop Decoration.png
Fallston House Icon Shop Building.png
Lineage Household Icon Shop Building.png
25 Jun 2021 Punk 1st class
Punk 2nd class
Punk Final
21 Jun 2021

Icon Shop Loco.png Aether
Icon Shop Loco.png Aether Double
Icon Shop Loco.png Chadler
Icon Shop Loco.png GN S-2 Class
Icon Shop Loco.png N&W 2156 Memorial
Icon Shop Loco.png Oriental Express
Icon Shop Loco.png Radull
Icon Shop Loco.png Xardian
Icon Shop Loco.png U-1-F DLGY

Aether 1st Class
Aether 2nd Class
Aether Mail
Aether Restaurant
Aether VIP
Chadler 1st class
Chadler 2nd class
Chadler Economy
Chadler Mail
Chadler VIP
G.Northern Bricks
G.Northern Carbon
G.Northern Steel
G.Northern Wood
Memorial 1st Class
Memorial 2nd Class
Memorial VIP
Oriental Deluxe
Oriental Economy
Oriental Sleeper
Radull 1st class
Radull 2nd class
Radull VIP
Xardian Gravel
Xardian Gravel+
Xardian Wood
Xardian Wood+
Cog Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Crystal Palace Icon Shop Building.png
Flagstaff Rail Monument Icon Shop Decoration.png
Lion Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Park Tower Icon Shop Building.png
Pony Express Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Pot Factory Icon Shop Building.png
Red Brick Factory Icon Shop Building.png
Steamscraper Icon Shop Building.png
Waddesdon I Icon Shop Building.png
Waddesdon II Icon Shop Building.png
Waddesdon III Icon Shop Building.png
Warrior Icon Shop Decoration.png
Washington Icon Shop Building.png
18 Jun 2021 Punk Steel
Punk Steel+
Punk Tail
14 Jun 2021

Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Adrastea
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Amalthea
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Chilena

Adrastea Wolfram
Adrastea Wolfram+
Adrastea Xenon
Adrastea Xenon+
Amalthea Aerogel
Amalthea Aerogel+
Amalthea Lithium
Amalthea Lithium+
Chilena Aerogel
Chilena Aerogel+
Chilena Neodymium
Chilena Neodymium+
Astronautics Monument Icon Shop Decoration.png
7 Jun 2021

Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Replicate
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Shard
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Thebe

Replicate Aerogel
Replicate Aerogel+
Replicate Aerogel++
Replicate Nanotubes
Replicate Nanotubes+
Replicate Nanotubes++
Shard Lithium
Shard Neodymium
Shard Tail
Thebe Bismuth
Thebe Bismuth+
Thebe Borax
Thebe Borax+
One Small Step Icon Shop Decoration.png
Tech Institute Icon Shop Building.png
31 May 2021

Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Divergent Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Lysithea
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Raja

Divergent Bismuth
Divergent Borax
Divergent Wolfram
Divergent Xenon
Lysithea Lithium
Lysithea Lithium+
Lysithea Neodymium
Lysithea Neodymium+
Raja Bismuth
Raja Bismuth+
Raja Nanotubes
Raja Nanotubes+
Agency Office Icon Shop Building.png
Trade Centre Icon Shop Building.png
28 May 2021 Azor 1st class
Azor 2nd class
Azor Final
24 May 2021

Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Invader
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Paragon
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Settler

Invader Borax
Invader Borax+
Invader Borax++
Invader Wolfram
Invader Wolfram+
Invader Wolfram++
Paragon Aerogel
Paragon Lithium
Settler Nanotubes
Settler Neodymium
Android Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
CW Institute Icon Shop Building.png
Eureka Tower Icon Shop Building.png
Glass Goliath Icon Shop Building.png
Icosahedron Icon Shop Decoration.png
Lunar Module Icon Shop Decoration.png
Moon Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Porta Fira Towers Icon Shop Building.png
The Circuit Icon Shop Decoration.png
VacTrain Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Velocity Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
21 May 2021 Azor Marble
Azor Marble+
Azor Tail
17 May 2021

Icon Shop Diesel.png AC44 Hurricane
Icon Shop Diesel.png AC44 Hurricane Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Ardent
Icon Shop Diesel.png CW BHEEM
Icon Shop Diesel.png GN 192
Icon Shop Electric.png Yukon Class EA
Icon Shop Diesel.png Yukon GE Class 90
Icon Shop Diesel.png Looming

Hurricane Bricks
Hurricane Marble
Hurricane Steel
Hurricane U-235
Ardent Glass I
Ardent Glass II
BHEEM Carbon
GN 192 Nails
GN 192 Plastics
GN 192 Steel
GN 192 Wires
Yukon 1st class
Yukon 2nd class
Yukon Economy
Yukon Restaurant
Yukon Vip
Concrete Mansion Icon Shop Building.png
Hoverbike Icon Shop Decoration.png
10 May 2021

Icon Shop Diesel.png Colorado Eagle
Icon Shop Diesel.png C60 Combustor D
Icon Shop Diesel.png C60 Combustor Q
Icon Shop Loco.png Jupiter
Icon Shop Diesel.png ES44 Orbiter

Eagle 1st class
Eagle 2nd class
Eagle Mail
Eagle VIP
Combustor Glass
Combustor Rubber
Combustor Wood
Combustor U-235
Transcontinental 1st class
Transcontinental 2nd class
Transcontinental Economy
Transcontinental Mail
Golden Spike Icon Shop Decoration.png
Idylla Icon Shop Building.png
Oil Rig Icon Shop Building.png
Rudolf Diesel Icon Shop Decoration.png
3 May 2021

Icon Shop Diesel.png Agate
Icon Shop Diesel.png Canada 150 P42
Icon Shop Electric.png Canada 150 ACS64
Icon Shop Diesel.png Nebula Euro 4000 D
Icon Shop Diesel.png Nebula Euro 4000 Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png Prospector
Icon Shop Maglev.png Torque
Icon Shop Diesel.png Dash 9 Eagle
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMC Demonstrator I
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMC Demonstrator II
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMC Demonstrator III
Icon Shop Diesel.png ER20 Germania

Agate Carbon I
Agate Carbon II
Canada 150 1st class
Canada 150 2nd class
Canada 150 Economy
Canada 150 Restaurant
Canada 150 VIP
Nebula Cement
Nebula Nails
Nebula Silicon
Nebula Silicon S+
Nebula Wires
Prospector Fuel
Prospector Glass
Prospector Gravel
Prospector Plastics
Torque Cement
Torque Glass
Torque U-235
Torque Tail
Modern Gas Station Icon Shop Building.png
Piston Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Tower of Relativity Icon Shop Building.png
30 Apr 2021 Avril 1st class
Avril 2nd class
Avril Final
26 Apr 2021

Icon Shop Diesel.png Aquilon
Icon Shop Diesel.png BLDX MX Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png BLDX MX Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Euro 4000 Windward
Icon Shop Diesel.png SNCB 18 Leeward
Icon Shop Diesel.png Mathuel
Icon Shop Diesel.png NS cl.1600 Ridge D
Icon Shop Diesel.png NS cl.1600 Ridge Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png Piston

Aquilon U-235 I
Aquilon U-235 II
BLDX Carbon
BLDX Glass
BLDX Silicon
Leeward 1st class
Leeward 2nd class
Leeward Economy
Leeward Mail
Leeward VIP
Mathuel Fuel
Mathuel Glass
Mathuel Steel
Mathuel Wood
Ridge Bricks
Ridge Cement
Ridge Nails
Ridge Plastics
Piston Fuel
Piston Marble
Piston Nails
Piston Titanium
1st diesel motor Icon Shop Decoration.png
Art Deco Office Icon Shop Building.png
Diesel Engine Icon Shop Decoration.png
Geometric Villa Icon Shop Building.png
Industrial Museum Icon Shop Building.png
Mechano-flag I Icon Shop Flag.png
Mechano-flag II Icon Shop Flag.png
Ministry of Industry Icon Shop Building.png
Petroleum Refinery Icon Shop Building.png
Rusty Container Car Icon Shop Decoration.png
Transmitting Centre Icon Shop Building.png
23 Apr 2021 Avril Rubber
Avril Rubber+
Avril Tail
19 Apr 2021

Icon Shop Electric.png Class 89 Wind
Icon Shop Loco.png PRR Wind
Icon Shop Electric.png CRH3C Redbud
Icon Shop Diesel.png SD70 Ver
Icon Shop Diesel.png BR Serenity Double

Wind 1st class
Wind 2nd class
Wind Economy
Wind Restaurant
Wind VIP
Ver Gravel
Ver Silicone
Ver Wires
Ver Wood
Redbud 1st class
Redbud 2nd class
Redbud Mail
Redbud VIP
Redbud Tail
Easter Egg Basket Icon Shop Decoration.png
Easter Landmark Icon Shop Decoration.png
Easter Tree Icon Shop Decoration.png
Overgrown Station Icon Shop Building.png
Thatched Bungalow Icon Shop Building.png
Unico House Icon Shop Building.png
12 Apr 2021

Icon Shop Diesel.png 40CC Lobeth Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png 40CC Lobeth Single
Icon Shop Diesel.png AC44i Sunrise
Icon Shop Diesel.png BR47 Sunrise
Icon Shop Electric.png Shinkansen 800 EVA
Icon Shop Electric.png Shinkansen Anime
Icon Shop Diesel.png Easter Mirth

Lobeth Carbon
Lobeth Cement
Lobeth Marble
Lobeth Wood
Sunrise Cement
Sunrise Cement+
Sunrise Marble
Sunrise U-235
Sunrise Wood
Sunrise Wood+
EVA 1st class
EVA 2nd class
EVA Economy
EVA Tail
Easter Island King Icon Shop Decoration.png
Goodies Basket Icon Shop Decoration.png
Irvine House Icon Shop Building.png
Vintage House Icon Shop Building.png
6 Apr 2021

Icon Shop Loco.png Bloomish A1
Icon Shop Electric.png Desiro Gustbloom
Icon Shop Electric.png KTX II Korean
Icon Shop Electric.png KTX II National
Icon Shop Diesel.png Overlord
Icon Shop Diesel.png Overseer
Icon Shop Diesel.png Ostara
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vesna

Bloomish Gravel
Bloomish Nails
Bloomish Steel
Bloomish Wood
Gustbloom Connect
Gustbloom Premium
Gustbloom Tail
Korean 1st class
Korean 2nd class
Korean Economy
Korean Tail
Overlord Cement
Overlord Cement +
Overlord Fuel
Overlord Fuel +
Overlord Plastics
Overlord Plastics +
Overlord Wood
Overlord Wood +
Blossoming Cherry Icon Shop Decoration.png
Colourful Eggs Icon Shop Decoration.png
Cyber Egg Icon Shop Building.png
Easter Egg Museum Icon Shop Building.png
Easter Island Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Wisteria Icon Shop Decoration.png
2 Apr 2921 Koanga 1st class
Koanga 2nd class
Koanga Final
29 Mar 2021

Icon Shop Loco.png C 5/6 Fvorar
Icon Shop Diesel.png Class 50 Halcyon
Icon Shop Diesel.png Class 50 Halcyon D
Icon Shop Electric.png Keisei Blossom
Icon Shop Electric.png Keisei Blossomling
Icon Shop Electric.png Springtime
Icon Shop Electric.png Springtime Dew
Icon Shop Diesel.png Easter Mirth Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vasara

Fvorar 1st class
Fvorar 2nd class
Fvorar Mail
Halcyon Bricks
Halcyon Fuel
Halcyon Gravel
Halcyon Wood
Fvorar VIP
Blossom 1st class
Blossom 2nd class
Blossom Diner
Blossom Rare
Blossom VIP
Blossom Tail
Springtime 1st Class
Springtime 2nd Class
Springtime VIP
Springtime Tail
Adorable Bunny Icon Shop Decoration.png
Arcade House Icon Shop Building.png
Blossom Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Cercis Grove Icon Shop Decoration.png
Dispatcher Rabbill Icon Shop Decoration.png
Egg Office Icon Shop Building.png
Eostre Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
First Light Park I Icon Shop Decoration.png
First Light Park II Icon Shop Decoration.png
First Light Park III Icon Shop Decoration.png
GameStart Icon Shop Building.png
Garden Store Icon Shop Building.png
Green Glove Icon Shop Building.png
Overgrown statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Shiny Eggs Icon Shop Decoration.png
Spring Grove Icon Shop Decoration.png
Thatched Cottage Icon Shop Building.png
Wisteria Pavilion Icon Shop Decoration.png
26 Mar 2021 Koanga Gravel
Koanga Gravel+
Koanga Tail
22 Mar 2021

Icon Shop Electric.png ETR 600 Italia
Icon Shop Electric.png ETR 600 Pendolino
Icon Shop Diesel.png Paramount Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Paramount Quad
Icon Shop Electric.png EF 66 Chrysanthemum

ETR 600 1st Class
ETR 600 2nd Class
ETR 600 Tail
Paramount Cement
Paramount Cement S
Paramount Fuel
Paramount Fuel S
Paramount Glass
Paramount Gravel
Florence Cathedral Icon Shop Building.png
Habitat 67 Icon Shop Building.png
Torre de Belém Icon Shop Building.png
15 Mar 2021

Icon Shop Electric.png Coradia Trento
Icon Shop Electric.png CRH400 AF
Icon Shop Electric.png CRH400 Eaststar
Icon Shop Diesel.png EF20CF Clover D
Icon Shop Diesel.png EF20CF Clover Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png Freight Sprinter
Icon Shop Electric.png M250 Series
Icon Shop Electric.png MTR Seamrog
Icon Shop Electric.png Stadler Seamrog
Icon Shop Electric.png NSB BM74
Icon Shop Electric.png NSB Flirt
Icon Shop Loco.png U-1-F Joule
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vectron Joule
Icon Shop Loco.png Paddy

Trento Premium
Trento Standard
Trento VIP
Trento Tail
CRH400 1st class
CRH400 2nd class
CRH400 Economy
CRH400 Restaurant
CRH400 Tail
Clover Carbon
Clover Fuel
Clover Plastics
Clover Titanium
Freight Carbon
Freight Plastics
Freight Steel
Freight Titanium
Seamrog 1st class
Seamrog 2nd class
Seamrog Economy
Seamrog VIP
Seamrog Tail
NSB Flirt 1st class
NSB Flirt 2nd class
NSB Flirt Connect
NSB Flirt Mail
NSB Flirt Tail
Joule 1st class
Joule 2nd class
Joule Restaurant
Joule VIP
Seamrog Connect
Charger Station Icon Shop Decoration.png
Foxley Hall Icon Shop Building.png
Green Fountain Icon Shop Decoration.png
Irish Pub Icon Shop Building.png
Patrick's Inn Icon Shop Building.png
Rugged Abode Icon Shop Building.png
Santiago Central Icon Shop Building.png
Shamrock Patch Icon Shop Decoration.png
Shamrock Pile Icon Shop Decoration.png
St. Patrick's Balloon Icon Shop Decoration.png
Spark's Store Icon Shop Building.png
Tesla's Memorabilia Icon Shop Building.png
8 Mar 2021

Icon Shop Electric.png CRH-X Arc
Icon Shop Electric.png CRH-X Arclight
Icon Shop Electric.png E-412 Galvani
Icon Shop Electric.png GE Camelback
Icon Shop Electric.png GE Steeplecab
Icon Shop Electric.png RegioPanter
Icon Shop Electric.png RegioPanter 7EV
Icon Shop Electric.png TGV 140
Icon Shop Electric.png TGV 140 325

Arclight 1st class
Arclight 2nd class
Arclight Tail
Galvani 1st class
Galvani VIP
Steeplecab Mail
Steeplecab Premium
Steeplecab Standard
Steeplecab VIP
RegioPanter Connect
RegioPanter Mail
RegioPanter Premium
RegioPanter Standard
RegioPanter Tail
TGV 140 1st Class
TGV 140 2nd Class
TGV 140 Tail
4G9 Spire Icon Shop Building.png
Flash Icon Shop Decoration.png
QuadSpire I Icon Shop Building.png
QuadSpire II Icon Shop Building.png
QuadSpire III Icon Shop Building.png
QuadSpire IV Icon Shop Building.png
Shard Icon Shop Building.png
Spike Icon Shop Building.png
Urban Housing Icon Shop Building.png
Wooden Beauty Icon Shop Building.png
5 Mar 2021 Praetorian 1st class
Praetorian 2nd class
Praetorian Final
1 Mar 2021

Icon Shop Electric.png C800 SE Surge
Icon Shop Electric.png Class 800 Surge
Icon Shop Electric.png DB 103 Quad
Icon Shop Electric.png DB 103 Triple
Icon Shop Diesel.png Fuse Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Fuse Quad
Icon Shop Electric.png Travca Circuit
Icon Shop Electric.png VGN EL-3A

Surge 1st Class
Surge 2nd Class
Surge Restaurant
Surge VIP
Surge Tail
DB 103 Business
DB 103 Economy
DB 103 Restaurant
DB 103 Sleeper
Fuse Fuel
Fuse Gravel
Fuse Nails
Fuse Rubber
Circuit VIP
Battersea I Icon Shop Building.png
Battersea II Icon Shop Building.png
Battersea III Icon Shop Building.png
Eco-Condo Icon Shop Building.png
Eurostar Monument Icon Shop Decoration.png
Flight of Birds Icon Shop Building.png
Protection Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Remote Post Office Icon Shop Building.png
Security Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
TV Centre Icon Shop Building.png
Volta Icon Shop Decoration.png
26 Feb 2021 Praetorian Bricks
Praetorian Bricks+
Praetorian Tail
22 Feb 2021

Icon Shop Diesel.png BRM 001 Quad
Icon Shop Electric.png HZ 6112
Icon Shop Electric.png Koncar 6112
Icon Shop Diesel.png New York EMD FT
Icon Shop Diesel.png New York SD90
Icon Shop Loco.png DR 18 201 Chrome
Icon Shop Diesel.png DSB Class ME Viking
Icon Shop Diesel.png PKP ST40 Sobieski

BRM Glass
BRM Plastics
BRM Uranium
BRM Wires
Koncar 1st Class
Koncar 2nd Class
Koncar Connect
Koncar Tail
NY Carbon
NY Gravel
NY Nails
NY Silicon
Bangkok Spire Icon Shop Building.png
City Fire Truck Icon Shop Decoration.png
Luggage Car Icon Shop Decoration.png
Space Agency Icon Shop Building.png
15 Feb 2021

Icon Shop Maglev.png Adore
Icon Shop Loco.png Wizzard's Express

Adore Glass
Adore Steel
Adore Titanium
Adore Wires
Adore Tail
Wizzard's 1st class
Wizzard's 2nd class
Wizzard's Economy
Wizzard's VIP
Cute Cabin Icon Shop Building.png
Garden Pavilion Icon Shop Decoration.png
Outdoor Dance Floor Icon Shop Decoration.png
8 Feb 2021

Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Alumnus
Icon Shop Maglev.png Ardor
Icon Shop Electric.png SWT class 707
Icon Shop Electric.png SWT Desiro
Icon Shop Diesel.png TEP70 Moonstruck
Icon Shop Diesel.png TEP70 Moonstruck D

Alumnus Aerogel
Alumnus Lithium
Alumnus Nanotubes
Alumnus Neodymium
Ardor Bricks
Ardor Carbon
Ardor Rubber
Ardor Wood
Ardor Tail
SWT 1st class
SWT 2nd class
SWT Connect
SWT Tail
Moonstruck Carbon
Moonstruck Cement
Moonstruck Gravel
Moonstruck Marble
Affection Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Arc de Triomphe Icon Shop Building.png
Devotion Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Gazebo of Passion Icon Shop Decoration.png
Heart Balloon Icon Shop Decoration.png
LOVE Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Rose Garden Icon Shop Building.png
Switch Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Valentine Balloons Icon Shop Decoration.png
5 Feb 2021 Beira 1st class
Beira 2nd class
Beira Final
1 Feb 2021

Icon Shop Diesel.png 753 Bison
Icon Shop Diesel.png GTEL Edris
Icon Shop Diesel.png GTEL Idris
Icon Shop Loco.png Polar Star
Icon Shop Electric.png TransPennine AT 400
Icon Shop Electric.png Gale
Icon Shop Loco.png SJ F Thor
Icon Shop Loco.png SJ F Odin

Bison Bricks
Bison Cement
Bison Silicon
Bison Silicon+
Bison Wires
Edris Fuel
Edris Fuel VIP
Edris Gravel
Edris Gravel+
Edris Rubber
Edris Titanium
Polar Star
Polar Star Mail
Polar Star Tail
TransPennine 1st class
TransPennine 2nd class
TransPennine Economy
TransPennine VIP
TransPennine Tail
Ceremonial Stadium Icon Shop Building.png
Futuristic Stadium Icon Shop Building.png
Melting Snow Icon Shop Decoration.png
Memorial Arena Icon Shop Building.png
Mountain Hospital Icon Shop Building.png
Prayer Flags Icon Shop Decoration.png
Prayer Wheel Icon Shop Decoration.png
Red Skiing Gate Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowy Woljeongsa Temple Icon Shop Building.png
Winter Fence Icon Shop Decoration.png
Winter Monument Icon Shop Building.png
29 Jan 2021 Beira Wires
Beira Wires+
Beira Tail
25 Jan 2021

Icon Shop Loco.png FrostBite Class A1
Icon Shop Electric.png Gelid Talgo
Icon Shop Electric.png Gelid Talgo II
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Prevail
Icon Shop Electric.png Winter Challenger
Icon Shop Diesel.png Entropy Double

FrostBite 1st Class
FrostBite 2nd Class
FrostBite Economy
FrostBite VIP
Gelid 1st class
Gelid 2nd class
Gelid Restaurant
Gelid VIP
Gelid Tail
Prevail Aerogel
Prevail Lithium
Prevail Nanotubes
Prevail Neodymium
Challenger 1st Class
Challenger 2nd Class
Challenger VIP
Challenger Tail
Delicate Shards Icon Shop Decoration.png
Giant Mushroom Icon Shop Decoration.png
Hot Tub Icon Shop Decoration.png
Icy Tree Icon Shop Decoration.png
Lucent Icicle Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snow Pat Tower Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Alp Station Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Mansion Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Stavkirke Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Tavern Icon Shop Building.png
The Cube Icon Shop Building.png
18 Jan 2021

Icon Shop Electric.png Crystalline TGV
Icon Shop Electric.png Crystallizer TGV
Icon Shop Electric.png DLR Numb
Icon Shop Electric.png NGT Numb
Icon Shop Diesel.png ES44 Glaciation D
Icon Shop Diesel.png ES44 Glaciation S
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Northward
Icon Shop Electric.png Silver Frost
Icon Shop Loco.png Snowflake
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vossloh Joy
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vossloh Joy Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Entropy
Icon Shop Loco.png SJ F Magni

Crystalline 1st class
Crystalline 2nd class
Crystalline Connect
Crystalline VIP
Crystalline Tail
Numb 1st class
Numb 2nd class
Numb Economy
Numb VIP
Numb Tail
Glaciation Cement
Glaciation Marble
Glaciation Nails
Glaciation Silicon
Northward Bismuth
Northward Bismuth+
Northward Borax
Northward Borax+
Snowflake 1st Class
Snowflake 2nd Class
Joy Rubber
Joy Rubber+
Joy Steel
Joy Steel+
Egeskov Slot Icon Shop Building.png
Frozen Billy Icon Shop Decoration.png
Frozen Caboose Icon Shop Decoration.png
Frozen Gembrook Icon Shop Decoration.png
Frozen Lakeside Icon Shop Decoration.png
Icy Park Icon Shop Decoration.png
Jagged Shards Icon Shop Decoration.png
Oslo Barcode Icon Shop Building.png
Oslo Office Icon Shop Building.png
Queen's Monument Icon Shop Decoration.png
Red Heart Icon Shop Decoration.png
Rundetaarn Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Bourse Icon Shop Building.png
Stiftsgarden Icon Shop Building.png
Village Bakery Icon Shop Building.png
Winter Cottage Icon Shop Building.png
Winter Factory Icon Shop Building.png
Winter Snowman Icon Shop Decoration.png
11 Jan 2021

Icon Shop Diesel.png 9-44CW Brute
Icon Shop Electric.png E657 Iwaki
Icon Shop Electric.png E657 Ueno
Icon Shop Diesel.png SNCB 55 Leo Belgicus

Brute Fuel
Brute Rubber
Brute Turbo Carbon
Brute Turbo Fuel
Brute Turbo Marble
Iwaki 1st Class
Iwaki 2nd Class
Iwaki Connect
Iwaki VIP
Iwaki Tail
Astronaut Centre Icon Shop Building.png
Commonwealth Flag Icon Shop Decoration.png
Delivery Truck Icon Shop Decoration.png
ESET Tower Icon Shop Building.png
Rusty BL2 UDT Icon Shop Decoration.png
8 Jan 2021 Fireworks 1st class
Fireworks 2nd class
Fireworks Final
5 Jan 2021

Icon Shop Electric.png Coradia Meridian I
Icon Shop Electric.png Coradia Meridian II
Icon Shop Diesel.png GP40 Alaska D
Icon Shop Diesel.png GP40 Alaska Q
Icon Shop Diesel.png NJ2 Yak Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png NJ2 Yak Quad
Icon Shop Maglev.png Translucent
Icon Shop Diesel.png RSD-15 CP Triple

Meridian 1st class
Meridian 2nd class
Meridian Connect
Meridian VIP
Meridian Tail
Alaska Carbon
Alaska Glass
Alaska Wires
Alaska Wood
Yak Glass
Yak Gravel
Yak Silicon
Yak Steel
Translucent 1st class
Translucent 2nd class
Translucent VIP
Translucent Tail
Alpine Resort Hotel Icon Shop Building.png
1 Jan 2021 Fireworks Titanium
Fireworks Titanium+
Fireworks Tail

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