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Current LO icon

Players can access the Limited Offer (abbreviation: LO; Shop icon: Limited ) section of the Shop by clicking on the Seasonal tab in the Shop (shown above), icon (shown at left) on the main game screen.

Seasonal Offer items are available only for a short time. Mostly a new Limited Offer arrives every Monday with the weekly game update.

See also: Gem Offer 2018 Limited gem offer 36h.pngEvent Offer Icon Shop EO.png.

Offer Start Date Locomotives Wagons Other
27 Dec 2018 Icon Shop Diesel.png Class Q Resolution
Icon Shop Loco.png Jingle Bells
Icon Shop Electric.png Merry Christmas
Icon Shop Electric.png Merry Christmas Quad
Icon Shop Electric.png ÖBB 1014 Snowflake
FrostTouched Luxury Gold.png
Merry 1st Class
Merry 2nd Class
Merry Wishes
Christmas Lights Icon Shop Decoration.png
Christmas Pyramid Icon Shop Decoration.png
Decorated House Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Memorial Arena Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Urban Housing Icon Shop Building.png
Winter Apartments Icon Shop Building.png
17 Dec 2018 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Niveus
Icon Shop Loco.png AC-11 Northern Star
Icon Shop Diesel.png Dazzling Miracle
Icon Shop Electric.png Dazzling Marvel
Icon Shop Electric.png PBKA Wintry
Icon Shop Electric.png Thalys Wintry
Niveus Borax
Niveus Borax+
Niveus Wolfram
Niveus Wolfram+
FrostTouched Vip Gold.png
Dazzling Lights
Dazzling Sleds
Dazzling Sleigh
Dazzling Technology
Presents Sleigh
Dazzling Coach
Wintry 1st Class
Wintry 2nd Class
Wintry VIP
Dazzling Mail
Wintry Mail
Boreal Peak Icon Shop Building.png
Celebration Office Icon Shop Building.png
Christmas Art Deco Icon Shop Building.png
Christmas Egg Icon Shop Building.png
Christmas Tree Icon Shop Decoration.png
Elven Cottage Icon Shop Building.png
Elven House Icon Shop Building.png
Elven Hut Icon Shop Building.png
Light Pole Icon Shop Decoration.png
Noble Fir Icon Shop Decoration.png
North Pole Sign Icon Shop Decoration.png
Santa's Pine Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowy Residence Icon Shop Building.png
Winter Rathaus Icon Shop Building.png
Wrapped Loco Icon Shop Decoration.png
10 Dec 2018 Icon Shop Loco.png Arctic Berkshire
Icon Shop Loco.png Comet
Icon Shop Maglev.png Hoarfrost
Icon Shop Loco.png Mountain Boy Double
Icon Shop Electric.png ÖBB 1014 Polaris
Icon Shop Loco.png Rudolph
Icon Shop Electric.png VR Class Sr2
Arctic Coach
Arctic Mail
Arctic Tail
FrostTouched 1st class Gold.png
Hoarfrost Titanium
Hoarfrost Glass
Hoarfrost Wires
Hoarfrost Wood
Hoarfrost Tail
Polaris 1st Class
Polaris 2nd Class
Polaris Courier
VR Helsinki
Big Snow Pile Icon Shop Decoration.png
Christmas Lotte Icon Shop Building.png
Countryside Church Icon Shop Building.png
Gingerbread Station Icon Shop Building.png
Gold Ornaments Icon Shop Decoration.png
Light Tree Icon Shop Decoration.png
Long Snow Overhang Icon Shop Decoration.png
Santa's Toys Icon Shop Building.png
Small Snowy Tree Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snow Drift Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snow Drift Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snow Overhang Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snow Pile Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowed-in Loco Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowy Arcade Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Central Market Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Church Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Woljeongsa Temple Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Pine Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowy Tree Icon Shop Decoration.png
Thin Snowy Tree Icon Shop Decoration.png
3 Dec 2018 Icon Shop Maglev.png Bliss
Icon Shop Electric.png Bombardier Advent
Icon Shop Diesel.png Holiday Essence
Icon Shop Diesel.png Holiday Warmth
Icon Shop Maglev.png Neos
Icon Shop Electric.png Zefiro Advent
Advent 1st class
Advent 2nd class
Advent VIP
Advent Tail
Bliss Coach
Bliss Tail
FrostTouched Restaurant Gold.png
Holiday Carbon
Holiday Glass
Holiday Gravel
Holiday Rubber
Neos Fuel
Neos Fuel Tail
Neos Marble
Neos Titanium
Candy Stick Icon Shop Decoration.png
Christmas Blimp Icon Shop Decoration.png
Christmas Courthouse Icon Shop Building.png
Christmas Inn Icon Shop Building.png
Flying Santa Icon Shop Decoration.png
Ice Carriage Icon Shop Decoration.png
King of Penguins Icon Shop Decoration.png
Lady Winter Icon Shop Decoration.png
Marvelous Tree Icon Shop Decoration.png
Radiant Dome Icon Shop Building.png
Santa's Polar Icon Shop Theme.png
Shiny Tree Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowed-in Five Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowy Law Courts Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Stave Church Icon Shop Building.png
Winter Campus Icon Shop Building.png
26 Nov 2018 Icon Shop Loco.png AC-11 Northern
Icon Shop Diesel.png Aurora Borealis
Icon Shop Diesel.png Aurora Borealis Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Class 47 Ornamented
Icon Shop Diesel.png Class 50 Scrooge
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD F7 A-B-A
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD F7 A-B-B-B-A
Icon Shop Loco.png FEF-2 Dominator
Icon Shop Diesel.png Frostliner
Icon Shop Diesel.png Frostliner Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Frostliner Triple
Icon Shop Electric.png Gifter
Icon Shop Diesel.png HK Polar
Icon Shop Loco.png Santa's Five
Icon Shop Loco.png P36 FrostTouched
Icon Shop Electric.png ÖBB 1014 Star
FrostTouched 2nd class Gold.png
Gifter 1st class
Gifter 2nd class
Gifter VIP
Gifter Tail
HK Polar Cement
HK Polar Fuel
HK Polar Gravel
HK Polar Nails
Joy to the World
Ornamented Marble
Ornamented Plastics
Ornamented Steel
Ornamented Wood
Santa's Express Coach
Santa's Express Mail
Scrooge Bricks
Scrooge Silicon
Scrooge Steel
Scrooge Steel S
Silent Night
Angelic Herald Icon Shop Decoration.png
Alpine Town Hall Icon Shop Building.png
Bell Light Icon Shop Decoration.png
Bell Pole Icon Shop Decoration.png
Berlin Market Icon Shop Building.png
Big Snowman Icon Shop Decoration.png
Candy Pole Icon Shop Decoration.png
Candy Pole Icon Shop Decoration.png
Cardiff Lights Icon Shop Decoration.png
Cardiff Market Icon Shop Building.png
Carols by Candles Icon Shop Building.png
Christmas Bush Icon Shop Decoration.png
Christmas Fence Icon Shop Decoration.png
Christmas Gate Icon Shop Decoration.png
Christmas Main St Icon Shop Building.png
Christmas Market Icon Shop Building.png
Christmas Night Icon Shop Theme Enhancements.png
Christmas Ornaments Icon Shop Decoration.png
Christmas Stall Icon Shop Decoration.png
Christmas Stand Icon Shop Decoration.png
Christmas Star Light Icon Shop Decoration.png
Christmas Village Icon Shop Theme.png
Festive Vertigon Icon Shop Building.png
Frosty Cottage Icon Shop Building.png
Frozen Emporium Icon Shop Building.png
Garland Pole Icon Shop Decoration.png
Garland Pole Icon Shop Decoration.png
Garland Pole Icon Shop Decoration.png
Golden Tree Icon Shop Decoration.png
Hot Punch Stall Icon Shop Building.png
Light Pole Icon Shop Decoration.png
Northern Villa Icon Shop Building.png
Ornamented Candy Pole Icon Shop Decoration.png
Polar Bear Icon Shop Decoration.png
Present Icon Shop Decoration.png
Present Pile Icon Shop Decoration.png
Present Pile Icon Shop Decoration.png
Reindeer Pen Icon Shop Building.png
Reindeer Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowflake Light Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowman's Globe Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowy Cabin Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Jutaku Icon Shop Building.png
Toy Shop Icon Shop Building.png
Toy store Icon Shop Building.png
Twinkle Bus Icon Shop Decoration.png
Wilma's Alpaca Icon Shop Decoration.png
Winter Garden Icon Shop Building.png
Winter Prague Station Icon Shop Building.png
Xmas Tree Icon Shop Decoration.png
Xmas Tree Shop Icon Shop Building.png
Yule Tree Icon Shop Decoration.png
19 Nov 2018 Icon Shop Loco.png ATSF Letterbox
Icon Shop Electric.png Moonlight
Letterbox 1st class
Letterbox 2nd class
Letterbox Mail
Letterbox Urgent Mail
Moonlight Connect
Moonlight Premium
Moonlight Standard
Moonlight VIP
Moonlight Tail
Moonlight Mail
Cantabria Post Office Icon Shop Building.png
Postal museum Icon Shop Building.png
Remote Post Office Icon Shop Building.png
US Post Office Icon Shop Building.png
Pony Express Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
12 Nov 2018 Icon Shop Electric.png EA Stamp
Icon Shop Electric.png EA Stamp Double
Icon Shop Electric.png Hispeed Courier
Icon Shop Loco.png Leone Messenger
Icon Shop Electric.png Wap Postal
Icon Shop Electric.png Wap Postal Double
Courier 1st class
Courier 2nd class
Courier Priority
Courier Standard
Courier Urgent
Messenger 1st class
Messenger 2nd class
Messenger Regular
Messenger Urgent
Stamp 1st class
Stamp 2nd class
Stamp Urgent Mail
Stamp Regular Mail
Wap Priority Mail
Wap Standard Mail
Wap VIP Mail
Kingston Post Office Icon Shop Building.png
Messenger flag Icon Shop Flag.png
5 Nov 2018 Icon Shop Electric.png Banshee
Icon Shop Diesel.png IE 201 Pumpkin
Icon Shop Diesel.png Jungle Hunter
Banshee 1st Class
Banshee 2nd Class
Banshee Tail
Hunter Carbon
Hunter Cement
Hunter Marble
Hunter Wood
Pumpkin Bricks
Pumpkin Silicon
Pumpkin Titanium
Pumpkin U-235
Derelict Mansion Icon Shop Building.png
Evil Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Forgotten Grave Icon Shop Decoration.png
Haunted Tower Icon Shop Building.png
Old Crypt Icon Shop Building.png
Spooky Lodge Icon Shop Building.png
31 Oct 2018 Presidential 1918
29 Oct 2018 Icon Shop Loco.png CSR Presidential
Icon Shop Loco.png PRR Poison
Icon Shop Diesel.png NSB Spectre
Icon Shop Diesel.png NSB Spectre Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Umbra
Icon Shop Diesel.png Umbra Triple
Presidential 1st class
Presidential 2nd class
Presidential Mail
Presidential Masaryk
Spectre Gravel
Spectre Nails
Spectre Steel
Spectre Wood
Cursed Cathedral Icon Shop Building.png
Cursed Mansion Icon Shop Building.png
Destroyed Tower Icon Shop Building.png
Flying Gargoyle Icon Shop Decoration.png
Occult Castle Icon Shop Building.png
Octopus House Icon Shop Building.png
The Grim One Icon Shop Decoration.png
22 Oct 2018 Icon Shop Diesel.png Noxious
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Predator_HL
Noxious Carbon
Noxious Plastics
Noxious Silicon
Noxious Titanium
Predator_HL Borax
Predator_HL Borax+
Predator_HL Wolfram
Predator_HL Wolfram+
Tombstone Carrier
Coffin Carrier
TS8 Gift Box Offer Box.png
TS8 Present Box Offer Box.png
15 Oct 2018 Icon Shop Loco.png Angst
Icon Shop Loco.png Midnight
Icon Shop Diesel.png Devourer Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Devourer Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Duskwood
Icon Shop Diesel.png Duskwood Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Umbra Double
Icon Shop Electric.png EC250 Nightfall
Icon Shop Electric.png FS Graveyard
Icon Shop Electric.png FS Graveyard Double
Icon Shop Electric.png Gravedigger
Icon Shop Electric.png Howl
Icon Shop Electric.png Nightfall
Icon Shop Electric.png Possessed
Icon Shop Electric.png Wail
Icon Shop Maglev.png Drake Express
Icon Shop Maglev.png Forcas
Angst 1st class
Angst 2nd class
Angst Vip
Angst Mail
Devourer Rubber
Devourer Titanium
Devourer Wires
Devourer Wood
Duskwood Bricks
Duskwood Cement
Duskwood Marble
Duskwood Titanium
Forcas Marble
Forcas Steel
Forcas Tail
Forcas U-235
Forcas Wood
Bad News
Drake Express 1st class
Drake Express 2nd class
Drake Express Tail
Horror Class
Howl 1st Class
Howl 2nd Class
Howl Tail
Howl VIP
Midnight Premium
Midnight Standard
Midnight VIP
Nightfall Connect
Nightfall Premium
Nightfall Standard
Nightfall Tail
Nightfall VIP
Nightmare Class
Possessed 1st class
Possessed 2nd class
Possessed Tail
Possessed VIP
Howl Mail
Midnight Mail
Baba Yaga's Hut Icon Shop Building.png
Bat Cloud Icon Shop Decoration.png
Cauldron Icon Shop Decoration.png
Crazy Witch Icon Shop Decoration.png
Creepy Pumpkin Icon Shop Decoration.png
Creepy Spider Icon Shop Decoration.png
Cursed Tree Icon Shop Decoration.png
Demon Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Eerie Tree Icon Shop Decoration.png
Evil Scarecrow Icon Shop Decoration.png
Ghastly Tree Icon Shop Decoration.png
Halloween House Icon Shop Building.png
Haunted Castle Icon Shop Building.png
Haunted Manor Icon Shop Building.png
Haunted Office I Icon Shop Building.png
Haunted Office II Icon Shop Building.png
Horror Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Horror Station Icon Shop Building.png
Leggy Cabin Icon Shop Building.png
Noxious Mist Icon Shop Decoration.png
Old Cross Icon Shop Decoration.png
Paranormal Activity Icon Shop Decoration.png
Smashin' Pumpkin Icon Shop Decoration.png
Spooky Pumpkin Icon Shop Decoration.png
Spooky Scary Skeleton Icon Shop Decoration.png
Strange Mist Icon Shop Decoration.png
Tasty Pumpkin Icon Shop Decoration.png
Transylvania Icon Shop Theme.png
8 Oct 2018 Icon Shop Diesel.png C-855 Mailbox
Icon Shop Diesel.png C-855 Postbox
Icon Shop Electric.png Acela Postage
Mailbox Silicon
Mailbox Nails
Mailbox Marble
Mailbox Plastics
Mailbox Silicon S
Mailbox Nails S
Postage 1st class
Postage 2nd class
Postage Regular
Postage Urgent
1 Oct 2018 Icon Shop Diesel.png Agate
Icon Shop Diesel.png Aquilon
Icon Shop Diesel.png Ardent
Icon Shop Diesel.png Artifex
Icon Shop Diesel.png Erie SD70 Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Tradewind
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vossloh G2000BB NG
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vossloh G2000BB BLK
Agate Carbon I
Agate Carbon II
Aquilon U-235 I
Aquilon U-235 II
Ardent Glass I
Ardent Glass II
Artifex Gravel I
Artifex Gravel II
Erie Gravel
Erie Marble
Erie Nails
Erie Rubber
Tradewind Marble
Tradewind Marble S
Tradewind U-235
Tradewind U-235 S
Vossloh Bricks
Vossloh Nails
Vossloh Titanium
Idylla Icon Shop Building.png
Ministry of Industry Icon Shop Building.png
Piston Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Rusty BL2 UDT Icon Shop Decoration.png
Rusty BR 37 Icon Shop Decoration.png
Rusty Container Car Icon Shop Decoration.png
Rusty GP7 Icon Shop Decoration.png
24 Sep 2018 Icon Shop Diesel.png European Bull Triple
Icon Shop Diesel.png QUBE CF Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png PL42AC Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png SJ T44 Green
European Fuel
European Bricks
European Plastics
QUBE Silicon
QUBE Glass
QUBE Carbon
Jersey Commuter
Jersey Mailer
50s Coupé Blue Icon Shop Decoration.png
50s Coupé Pink Icon Shop Decoration.png
Art Deco Office Icon Shop Building.png
Art Deco Skyscraper Icon Shop Building.png
17 Sep 2018 Icon Shop Diesel.png Colorado Eagle
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMC Demonstrator I
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMC Demonstrator II
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMC Demonstrator III
Icon Shop Diesel.png Mathuel
Icon Shop Diesel.png Prospector
Mathuel Fuel
Mathuel Glass
Mathuel Steel
Mathuel Wood
Prospector Fuel
Prospector Glass
Prospector Gravel
Prospector Plastics
Eagle 1st class
Eagle 2nd class
Eagle VIP
Eagle Mail
1st diesel motor Icon Shop Decoration.png
Diesel Generator Icon Shop Decoration.png
Hoverbike Icon Shop Decoration.png
Modern Gas Station Icon Shop Building.png
Oil Rig Icon Shop Building.png
Petroleum Refinery Icon Shop Building.png
Rudolf Diesel Icon Shop Decoration.png
Tile House Icon Shop Building.png
Transmitting Centre Icon Shop Building.png
10 Sep 2018 Icon Shop Electric.png Shinkansen Tsubame
Icon Shop Electric.png Shinkansen 800
Icon Shop Maglev.png Pixelus
Pixelus Rubber
Pixelus Silicon
Pixelus Steel
Pixelus Wood
Pixelus Rubber Tail
Tsubame 1st Class
Tsubame 2nd Class
Tsubame Tail
Arcade Games Icon Shop Decoration.png
Arcade House Icon Shop Building.png
GameStart Icon Shop Building.png
School of Games Icon Shop Building.png
Young Gamedev Studio Icon Shop Building.png
3 Sep 2018 Icon Shop Diesel.png XZagal
Icon Shop Maglev.png Phantom
XZagal Fuel
XZagal Glass
XZagal Steel
XZagal Titanium
Phantom Bricks
Phantom Cement
Phantom Plastics
Phantom Wires
Phantom Tail
Angular House Icon Shop Building.png
Day Billboard Icon Shop Decoration.png
Fluid Villa Icon Shop Building.png
Leaf Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Neuron Icon Shop Decoration.png
Night Billboard Icon Shop Decoration.png
One57 Icon Shop Building.png
Paramount Tower Icon Shop Building.png
The Cloud Icon Shop Building.png
28 Aug 2018 Icon Shop Maglev.png Force
Icon Shop Loco.png Albus Class
Icon Shop Loco.png Aurum Class
Icon Shop Loco.png Rufus Class
Icon Shop Maglev.png Aegis
Icon Shop Maglev.png Morpheus
Icon Shop Maglev.png Razor
Force Bricks
Force Steel
Force U-235
Force Wires
Force Tail
Aegis Gravel
Aegis Rubber
Aegis Titan
Aegis Wood
Razor Fuel
Razor Plastics
Razor Silicon
Morpheus 1st Class
Morpheus 2nd Class
Morpheus Tail
Morpheus Mail
Razor Tail
Aegis Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Hi-tech Lamp Icon Shop Decoration.png
Hybrid Car Icon Shop Decoration.png
Kinetic Sculpture Icon Shop Decoration.png
Pace Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Solar Panel Icon Shop Decoration.png
Tower 01 Icon Shop Building.png
Tower 02 Icon Shop Building.png
20 Aug 2018 Icon Shop Diesel.png Metagrull Single
Icon Shop Diesel.png Metagrull Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Metagrull Triple
Icon Shop Electric.png Vector
Icon Shop Maglev.png Dawn
Icon Shop Maglev.png Diamondback
Icon Shop Maglev.png Drogan
Icon Shop Maglev.png Qasar
Icon Shop Maglev.png White Falcon NG
Diamondback Glass
Diamondback Marble
Diamondback Plastics
Diamondback Uranium
Drogan Marble
Drogan Plastics
Drogan Silicone
Drogan Wires
Qasar Marble
Qasar Plastics
Qasar Silicon
Qasar Wires
Dawn 1st Class
Dawn 2nd Class
Dawn VIP
Dawn Tail
Falcon NG 1st Class
Falcon NG 2nd Class
Falcon NG VIP
Falcon NG Tail
Vector 1st class
Vector 2nd class
Vector Restaurant
Vector VIP
Dawn Mail
Vector Mail
Falcon NG Versatile
Obsidian Pillar Icon Shop Decoration.png
Organic House Icon Shop Building.png
QB Tower Icon Shop Building.png
Solar Collector Icon Shop Decoration.png
Telecom HQ Icon Shop Building.png
Winding Hotel Icon Shop Building.png
13 Aug 2018 Icon Shop Diesel.png SD60E Black Bullet
Icon Shop Diesel.png SD70 Blue Bullet
Icon Shop Electric.png Globetrotter
Suntouched VIP Gems.png
Suntouched 1st class Gems.png
Suntouched Nightcar Gems.png
Suntouched 2nd class Gems.png
Suntouched Restaurant Gems.png
Suntouched Luxury Gems.png
Suntouched Mail Gems.png
Suntouched Urgent Mail Gems.png
Bullet Marble
Bullet Steel
Bullet Nails
Globetrotter 1st class
Globetrotter 2nd class
Globetrotter VIP
Globetrotter Tail
Luggage Car Icon Shop Decoration.png
Vacation Planner Icon Shop Building.png
6 Aug 2018 Icon Shop Electric.png Summer Heat
Icon Shop Maglev.png Auguste
Icon Shop Diesel.png Sunray Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Sunray Quad
Suntouched Nightcar Gold.png
Summer 2nd Class
Summer 1st Class
Summer Tail
Auguste Premium
Auguste Standard
Auguste VIP
Auguste Postal
Auguste Tail
Sunray Wires
Sunray Cement
Sunray Bricks
Sunray Nails
Dune Buggy Icon Shop Decoration.png
Palm Grove Icon Shop Decoration.png
Sunflower Patch Icon Shop Decoration.png
30 Jul 2018 Icon Shop Diesel.png ZSR Debut
Icon Shop Diesel.png ZSR Debut Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png ZSR Debut Triple
Icon Shop Loco.png C 5/6 Crescendo
Icon Shop Electric.png Summertide 380
Suntouched Mail Gold.png
Crescendo 1st Class
Crescendo 2nd Class
Crescendo VIP
Crescendo Postal
Summertide 2nd Class
Summertide Tail
Summertide VIP
Summertide 1st Class
Jazz Music Shop Icon Shop Building.png
King's Club Icon Shop Building.png
Saxophone Club Icon Shop Building.png
23 Jul 2018 Icon Shop Electric.png Keisei Groove
Icon Shop Diesel.png JT38CW-DC Redlock
Icon Shop Electric.png Keisei Rhythm
Icon Shop Electric.png TGV Ouigo
Icon Shop Diesel.png HK Redlock
Icon Shop Electric.png Ouigo Duplex
Suntouched VIP Gold.png
Groove 1st class
Groove 2nd class
Groove Connect
Groove VIP
Groove Tail
Redlock Gravel
Redlock Steel
Redlock Glass
Redlock Silicon
Ouigo 1st Class
Ouigo 2nd Class
Ouigo Urgent Mail
Ouigo Standard Mail
Ouigo Tail
Beach Condo Icon Shop Building.png
Beach Tower Icon Shop Decoration.png
Music School Icon Shop Building.png
Recording Studio Icon Shop Building.png
Rehearsal Building Icon Shop Building.png
16 Jul 2018 Icon Shop Diesel.png Argus Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Argus Quad
Suntouched 1st class Gold.png
Argus U-235
Argus Nails
Argus Steel
Argus Bricks
4G9 Spire Icon Shop Building.png
City Fire Truck Icon Shop Decoration.png
Cycling Icon Shop Decoration.png
Eurostar Monument Icon Shop Decoration.png
TV Centre Icon Shop Building.png
9 Jul 2018 Icon Shop Loco.png SR Sunlit
Icon Shop Loco.png U-1-F Clapper
Icon Shop Loco.png SR Sunlit Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Ill Will
Suntouched Restaurant Gold.png
Sunlit Steel
Sunlit Gravel
Sunlit Glass
Sunlit Bricks
Clapper 1st Class
Clapper 2nd class
Clapper VIP
Clapper Restaurant
Ill Steel
Ill Wood
Ill Marble
Ill Titanium
Auditorium Icon Shop Building.png
Summer Residence Icon Shop Building.png
2 Jul 2018 Icon Shop Loco.png P36 Suntouched
Icon Shop Diesel.png ALCO Freedom
Icon Shop Diesel.png Freedom Genesis I
Icon Shop Diesel.png Freedom Genesis II
Icon Shop Diesel.png Freedom Genesis III
Icon Shop Diesel.png Power of Freedom
Icon Shop Diesel.png Spirit of Freedom
Suntouched 2nd class Gold.png
Freedom Plastics
Freedom Bricks
Freedom Cement
Freedom Fuel
Camera Crane Icon Shop Decoration.png
Film Studio Icon Shop Building.png
Griffith Observatory Icon Shop Building.png
Independence Hall Icon Shop Building.png
Liberty Bell Icon Shop Decoration.png
Stage Light Icon Shop Decoration.png
U.S. Flag Icon Shop Decoration.png
25 Jun 2018 Icon Shop Electric.png Prima II Rock
Icon Shop Electric.png SNCB Rockband
Icon Shop Diesel.png SNCF Rock'n'Roll
Icon Shop Diesel.png Hard Rock Duet
Icon Shop Diesel.png Hard Rock Quartet
Rockband VIP
Rockband Fans
Rockband Guitars
Rock'n'Roll Plastics
Rockband Drums
Rockband BassGuitars
Rockband Keys
Rock'n'Roll Rubber
Rock'n'Roll Cement
Rock'n'Roll Bricks
Hard Carbon
Hard Marble
Hard Nails
Hard U-235
Drums Icon Shop Decoration.png
Golden Guitar Icon Shop Decoration.png
Guitar Icon Shop Decoration.png
Guitar Store Icon Shop Building.png
Harsh Trade Shop Icon Shop Building.png
Microphone Icon Shop Decoration.png
Records Central Icon Shop Building.png
Rockhouse Icon Shop Building.png
Rockstar Bus Icon Shop Decoration.png
Soft Rock Cafe Icon Shop Building.png
Trainstation Park Icon Shop Decoration.png
18 Jun 2018 Icon Shop Diesel.png Maxima 40CC Pixelmax
Icon Shop Diesel.png ES44 Noble Rescuer
Icon Shop Maglev.png Spark
Wood Rescuer
Nails Rescuer
Police Officer
Steel Rescuer
Spark 1st Class
Spark 2nd Class
Spark VIP
Spark Restaurant
Spark Tail
Doggie Icon Shop Decoration.png
Warrior Icon Shop Decoration.png
11 Jun 2018 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Cleat
Icon Shop Diesel.png GE T4 World Cup
Icon Shop Electric.png Midfielder
Icon Shop Electric.png Talgo 350 Libero
Cleat Nanotubes
Cleat Aerogel
Cleat Wolfram
Cleat Borax
World Cup Fuel
World Cup Gravel
World Cup Wires
World Cup Steel
Midfielder 1st class
Midfielder 2nd class
Midfielder VIP
Midfielder Tail
Libero 1st Class
Libero 2nd Class
Libero Tail
Amazon Arena Icon Shop Building.png
Boot Shoe Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Champion Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Dunes Arena Icon Shop Building.png
Eco Tower Icon Shop Building.png
Football Blimp Icon Shop Decoration.png
Football Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Football Stadium Icon Shop Building.png
Hardcore Fans Icon Shop Decoration.png
Otkritie Stadium Icon Shop Building.png
Samara Icon Shop Building.png
Spirit of Football Icon Shop Decoration.png
Team Bus Icon Shop Decoration.png
World Cup Bus Icon Shop Decoration.png
4 Jun 2018 Icon Shop Loco.png N&W 2156 Memorial
Icon Shop Maglev.png Phantom
Icon Shop Loco.png Radull
Icon Shop Loco.png Xardian
Memorial 1st Class
Memorial 2nd Class
Memorial VIP
Radull 1st class
Radull 2nd class
Radull VIP
Xardian Wood
Xardian Gravel
Xardian Wood+
Xardian Gravel+
Phantom Tail
Phantom Plastics
Phantom Wires
Phantom Cement
Phantom Bricks
Victorian Library Icon Shop Building.png
Waddesdon I Icon Shop Building.png
Waddesdon II Icon Shop Building.png
Waddesdon III Icon Shop Building.png
28 May 2018 Icon Shop Loco.png Argent
Icon Shop Loco.png M-1 Noble
Icon Shop Loco.png SAR Class 26 Triple
Icon Shop Loco.png GWR King Quad
M-1 Nails
M-1 Cement
M-1 Bricks
M-1 Wires
M-1 Superb Wires
King Steel
Wildfire Fuel
Argent Standard
Argent Premium
Argent VIP
Argent Restaurant
Argent Tail
King Glass
King Nails
Wildfire Titanium
Wildfire Gravel
Wildfire Caboose
Automated Airship Icon Shop Decoration.png
Barrett House Icon Shop Building.png
Boston Station Icon Shop Building.png
Bovril Factory Icon Shop Building.png
Clockhouse Icon Shop Building.png
Elegant Lamp Icon Shop Decoration.png
Fallston House Icon Shop Building.png
Flagstaff Rail Monument Icon Shop Decoration.png
Harbour Warehouse Icon Shop Building.png
Hauling Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Lion Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Mechano-steed Icon Shop Decoration.png
Pot Factory Icon Shop Building.png
Steam Mr. Bill Icon Shop Decoration.png
Steamscraper Icon Shop Building.png
VacTrain Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Velocity Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
21 May 2018 Icon Shop Loco.png T18 Dreadnought
Icon Shop Loco.png Hachler
Icon Shop Loco.png Challenger Silver
Icon Shop Loco.png Dix
Icon Shop Loco.png NG Hudson Yellowbelly
Hachler 1st class
Hachler 2nd class
Hachler VIP
Hudson 1st class
Hudson 2nd class
Hudson VIP
Archaic Reservoir Icon Shop Decoration.png
Artificial Abode Icon Shop Building.png
Battersea I Icon Shop Building.png
Battersea II Icon Shop Building.png
Battersea III Icon Shop Building.png
Beuth Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Crystal Palace Icon Shop Building.png
Giant Wheel Icon Shop Decoration.png
Icon of Strength Icon Shop Decoration.png
Lineage Household Icon Shop Building.png
Locomotive Factory Icon Shop Building.png
Mailbox Icon Shop Decoration.png
Mechanical Mansion Icon Shop Building.png
Ornate Mailbox Icon Shop Decoration.png
Red Brick Factory Icon Shop Building.png
8 May 2018 Beach Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Delivery Truck Icon Shop Decoration.png
Golden Spike Icon Shop Decoration.png
Rose of the East Icon Shop Building.png
Santiago Central Icon Shop Building.png
30 Apr 2018 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Indlovu Indlovu Xenon
Indlovu Bismuth
Indlovu Borax
Indlovu Wolfram
23 Apr 2018 Icon Shop Electric.png HHP-8 Rival
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Paragon
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Settler
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Ingonyama
Icon Shop Diesel.png Piston
Icon Shop Electric.png Fyra Albatross
Icon Shop Electric.png Fyra V250
Rival 2nd class
Rival 1st class
Rival Gear
Rival Restaurant
Ingonyama Wolfram
Settler Nanotubes
Settler Neodymium
Ingonyama Xenon
Ingonyama Bismuth
Ingonyama Borax
Piston Fuel
Piston Nails
Piston Titanium
Piston Marble
Paragon Aerogel
Paragon Lithium
Fyra 1st Class
Fyra 2nd Class
Fyra Restaurant
Fyra Tail
Apple Orchard Icon Shop Decoration.png
Blue Note Icon Shop Building.png
Bonus Storage +100 Icon Extension.png
Earth Projection Icon Shop Decoration.png
Glass Goliath Icon Shop Building.png
Icosahedron Icon Shop Decoration.png
Leaf Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Pixel Blimp Icon Shop Decoration.png
Porta Fira Towers Icon Shop Building.png
The Circuit Icon Shop Decoration.png
Torres de Hercules Icon Shop Building.png
Trade Centre Icon Shop Building.png
Unisphere Icon Shop Decoration.png
Wisteria Pavilion Icon Shop Decoration.png
9 Apr 2018 Icon Shop Diesel.png Eástre C44aci Eástre Uranium
Eástre Gravel
Eástre Plastics
Eástre Rubber
Garden Pavilion Icon Shop Decoration.png
Rose Bush Icon Shop Decoration.png
3 Apr 2018 Icon Shop Diesel.png CKD Bloom Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png CKD Bloom Triple
Icon Shop Loco.png Easter Goose
Icon Shop Electric.png Thello Eostre
Icon Shop Loco.png Eostre Flora
Icon Shop Diesel.png Eastrun
Icon Shop Diesel.png Easter Mirth
Icon Shop Diesel.png Eastrun V320
Bloom Bricks
Bloom U-235
Bloom Plastics
Eastrun Marble
Eastrun Fuel
Eastrun Steel
Eastrun Titanium
Easter Island King Icon Shop Decoration.png
Easter Island Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Stony Cottage Icon Shop Building.png
Thatched Bungalow Icon Shop Building.png
Thatched Cottage Icon Shop Building.png
Treehouse Icon Shop Building.png
26 Mar 2018 Icon Shop Loco.png Easter Light
Icon Shop Diesel.png Easter Mirth Double
Icon Shop Loco.png Eastertime Double
Icon Shop Loco.png Eastertime Triple
Icon Shop Loco.png Eastertime Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Essence of Easter
Easter Wires
Easter Glass
Easter Uranium
Adorable Bunny Icon Shop Decoration.png
Colourful Eggs Icon Shop Decoration.png
Cyber Egg Icon Shop Building.png
Easter Bunny Icon Shop Decoration.png
Easter Egg Basket Icon Shop Decoration.png
Easter Egg Museum Icon Shop Building.png
Easter House Icon Shop Building.png
Easter Landmark Icon Shop Decoration.png
Easter Restaurant Icon Shop Building.png
Easter Tree Icon Shop Decoration.png
Egg Office Icon Shop Building.png
Goodies Basket Icon Shop Decoration.png
Green Glove Icon Shop Building.png
Shamrock Field Icon Shop Decoration.png
Shamrock Patch Icon Shop Decoration.png
Shamrock Path Icon Shop Decoration.png
Shiny Eggs Icon Shop Decoration.png
Spring House Icon Shop Building.png
Spring Residence Icon Shop Building.png
19 Mar 2018 Icon Shop Maglev.png Daybreak
Icon Shop Loco.png C 5/6 Fvorar
Icon Shop Diesel.png Big Jack Flora
Icon Shop Diesel.png SD70 Ver
Daybreak Wires
Fvorar 1st class
Fvorar 2nd class
Fvorar VIP
Fvorar Mail
Ver Wires
Daybreak Glass
Daybreak Steel
Daybreak Silicon
Ver Silicone
Ver Wood
Ver Gravel
Blossoming Cherry Icon Shop Decoration.png
Flowery Gate Icon Shop Decoration.png
Flowery Fence Icon Shop Decoration.png
Forsythia Icon Shop Decoration.png
Garden Store Icon Shop Building.png
Garden Tulips Icon Shop Decoration.png
Lavender Field Icon Shop Decoration.png
Lavender Patch Icon Shop Decoration.png
Lavender Row Icon Shop Decoration.png
Narcissi Icon Shop Decoration.png
Tulip Bed Icon Shop Decoration.png
Tulip Park Icon Shop Decoration.png
Tulip Row Icon Shop Decoration.png
Vintage House Icon Shop Building.png
Village Well Icon Shop Decoration.png
Wisteria Icon Shop Decoration.png
12 Mar 2018 Icon Shop Electric.png KTX-II Clover
Icon Shop Loco.png Paddy
Icon Shop Electric.png Class 89 Gaelic
Icon Shop Electric.png Patricius
Clover 1st Class
Clover 2nd Class
Clover Standard
Clover Premium
Gaelic 2nd Class
Gaelic 1st Class
Gaelic Standard
Gaelic Premium
5 Mar 2018 Icon Shop Electric.png GE Steeplecab
Icon Shop Electric.png HHP-8 Competitor
Icon Shop Electric.png HHP-8 Opponent
Icon Shop Electric.png NGT
Icon Shop Electric.png GE Camelback
Competitor 2nd class
Competitor 1st class
Competitor Restaurant
Competitor Gear
Steeplecab Standard
Steeplecab Premium
Steeplecab VIP
Steeplecab Mail
NGT 1st Class
NGT 2nd Class
NGT Tail
Opponent 1st class
Opponent 2nd class
Opponent Gear
Opponent Restaurant
Charger Station Icon Shop Decoration.png
Power Plant I Icon Shop Building.png
Power Plant II Icon Shop Building.png
Power Plant III Icon Shop Building.png
Tesla's Memorabilia Icon Shop Building.png
Tesla Coil Icon Shop Building.png
Volta Icon Shop Decoration.png
Wind Turbine Icon Shop Decoration.png
19 Feb 2018 Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Prevail
Icon Shop Maglev.png Persistence
Prevail Aerogel
Prevail Nanotubes
Prevail Neodymium
Prevail Lithium
Persistence Carbon
Persistence Marble
Persistence Wood
Persistence Fuel
Futuristic Stadium Icon Shop Building.png
Memorial Arena Icon Shop Building.png
12 Feb 2018 Icon Shop Diesel.png RSD-15 CP Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png RSD-15 CP Triple
Hockey Stick Carrier
Plexiglass Transport
Winter Games Hotel Icon Shop Building.png
5 Feb 2018 Icon Shop Loco.png WF Games Supplier
Icon Shop Hyperloop.png Decathlon
Icon Shop Electric.png Winter Challenger
WF Bobsleigh
WF Nails
WF Bricks
WF Glass
WF Ice Skates
Puck Shipper
Challenger 1st Class
Challenger 2nd Class
Challenger Tail
Challenger VIP
Decathlon Aerogel
Decathlon Lithium
Decathlon Nanotubes
Decathlon Neodymium
Ceremonial Stadium Icon Shop Building.png
Winter Games Logo Icon Shop Decoration.png
29 Jan 2018 Icon Shop Diesel.png Icetrain Icetrain Silicon
Icetrain Wires
Icetrain Plastics
Icetrain Marble
Snow Dragon Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snow Thrower Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowy Bourse Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Hotel Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Willow Icon Shop Decoration.png
22 Jan 2018 Icon Shop Loco.png Snowflake
Icon Shop Maglev.png Sarma
Icon Shop Diesel.png Chillwind
Icon Shop Diesel.png Frostwind
Icon Shop Electric.png Silver Frost
Snowflake 1st Class
Snowflake 2nd Class
Sarma 1st class
Sarma 2nd class
Sarma Tail
Frostwind Wires
Frostwind Bricks
Frostwind Wood
Frostwind Marble
15 Jan 2018 Icon Shop Loco.png SJ F Magni
Icon Shop Loco.png SJ F Odin
Icon Shop Loco.png SJ F Thor
Chalet Icon Shop Building.png
Cheerful Snowman Icon Shop Decoration.png
Icy Bill Icon Shop Decoration.png
Icy Park Icon Shop Decoration.png
Penguin Gunther Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowy Cosy House Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy House Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Jutaku Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Monument Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowy Rubber Factory Icon Shop Building.png
Trapped Taxi Icon Shop Decoration.png
Winter Hotel Icon Shop Building.png
8 Jan 2018 Icon Shop Loco.png Polar Star
Icon Shop Electric.png Vr2 Saami
Icon Shop Diesel.png Entropy
Icon Shop Diesel.png Entropy Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Entropy Triple
Polar Star
Polar Star Mail
Polar Star Tail
Saami 1st class
Saami 2nd class
Saami VIP
Saami Mail
Saami Restaurant
Delay Sign Icon Shop Decoration.png
Frozen Bill Icon Shop Decoration.png
Leafless Birch Icon Shop Decoration.png
Outside Heater Icon Shop Decoration.png
Park Birch Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowy Apartments Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Cloud House Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Estate Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Fir Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowy Mansion Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Old Pine Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowy Pine Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowy Tall Fir Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowy Tall Spruce Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowy Small Fir Icon Shop Decoration.png
Tall Birch Icon Shop Decoration.png
Winter Birch Icon Shop Decoration.png
Winter Home Icon Shop Building.png
Winter Resort Icon Shop Building.png
Winter Snowman Icon Shop Decoration.png
2 Jan 2018 Alpine Hotel Icon Shop Building.png
Big Snow Pile Icon Shop Decoration.png
Blizzard Central Icon Shop Building.png
Snow Pat Tower Icon Shop Building.png
Snow Pile Icon Shop Decoration.png
Small Snowy Tree Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowed-in Loco Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowman Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowy Berlin Gate Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Biosphère Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Cathedral Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Home Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Tree Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowy Stavkirke Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Union Station Icon Shop Building.png
Thin Snowy Tree Icon Shop Decoration.png
Winter Avenue Icon Shop Building.png
Winter Promenade Icon Shop Building.png
Winter Street Icon Shop Decoration.png

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