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Players can access the Limited Offer (abbreviation: LO; Shop icon: Limited ) section of the Shop by clicking on the Seasonal Items

current icon

Icon (shown at left) on the main game screen or the Seasonal Items Offer tab in the Shop (shown above).

Seasonal Offer items are available only for a short time. Mostly a new Limited Offer arrives every Monday with the weekly game update.

See also: Gem Offer 2015 Limited gem offer 36h.png.

Offer Start Date Locomotives Wagons Other
28 Dec 2015 Icon Shop Electric.png EP1M-PF16
Icon Shop Diesel.png NY16 Cargo
EP1M-PF16 Fireworks
EP1M-PF16 Happy
EP1M-PF16 New
EP1M-PF16 Year
NY16 Glass
NY16 Plastics
NY16 Rubber
NY16 U-235
Celebration Office Icon Shop Building.png
Firework rocket Icon Shop Decoration.png
PF 2016 Museum Icon Shop Building.png
New Year's Eve Clock Icon Shop Decoration.png
21 Dec 2015 Icon Shop Loco.png Class XA Wintry
Icon Shop Diesel.png Snowstorm
Icon Shop Loco.png U-4 Wintry
Icon Shop Loco.png UP 3985 Wintry
Snowstorm Fuel
Snowstorm Silicon
Snowstorm Titanium
Snowstorm Wood
Bell Light Icon Shop Decoration.png
Bell Pole Icon Shop Decoration.png
Christmas Stand Icon Shop Decoration.png
Christmas Night Icon Shop Theme Enhancements.png
Frosty Cottage Icon Shop Building.png
Frozen Emporium Icon Shop Building.png
Garland Pole Icon Shop Decoration.png
Gift House Logo Special.png
Hot Punch Stall Icon Shop Building.png
North Pole Sign Icon Shop Decoration.png
Santa's Polar Icon Shop Theme.png
Snowy Metropolis Icon Shop Theme.png
Snowy Town Hall Icon Shop Building.png
Winter Lake Icon Shop Theme.png
Winter Rathaus Icon Shop Building.png
Xmas Tree Shop Icon Shop Building.png
Yule Tree Icon Shop Decoration.png
14 Dec 2015 Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD F7 A-B-A
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD F7 A-B-B-B-A
Icon Shop Maglev.png Glacier
Icon Shop Diesel.png HK Polar
Icon Shop Diesel.png HK Polar Double
Glacier 1st Class
Glacier 2nd Class
Glacier Tail
Glacier VIP
HK Polar Fuel
HK Polar Gravel
HK Polar Nails
HK Polar Cement
Chocolate Stand Icon Shop Decoration.png
Decorated House Icon Shop Building.png
King of Penguins Icon Shop Decoration.png
Lady Winter Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowman's Globe Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowy Church Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Residence Icon Shop Building.png
7 Dec 2015 Icon Shop Electric.png Coradia Cheer
Icon Shop Diesel.png NS Class Noel
Cheer 1st class
Cheer 2nd class
Cheer Mail
Cheer Tail
Cheer VIP
Noel Glass
Noel Steel
Noel U-235
Noel Wood
Chalet Icon Shop Building.png
Cheerful Snowman Icon Shop Decoration.png
Frozen Bill Icon Shop Decoration.png
Mountain Town Hall Icon Shop Building.png
Penguin Gunther Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowed-in IORE Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowmobile Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowy Fir Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowy Monument Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowy Observatory Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Young Pine Icon Shop Decoration.png
The Cube Icon Shop Building.png
Toy store Icon Shop Building.png
Winter Garden Icon Shop Building.png
Winter Home Icon Shop Building.png
Winter Mountains Icon Shop Theme.png
Winter Promenade Icon Shop Building.png
Winter Refinery Icon Shop Building.png
30 Nov 2015 Icon Shop Loco.png Polar Star
Icon Shop Diesel.png Winterliner
Icon Shop Diesel.png Winterliner Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Winterliner Triple
Polar Star
Polar Star Mail
Polar Star Tail
Hot Tub Icon Shop Decoration.png
Polar Icon Shop Theme.png
Outside Heater Icon Shop Decoration.png
Red Snow Plow Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snow Drift Icon Shop Decoration.png
Snowmobiles For Rent Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Apartments Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Cabin Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Cloud House Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Jutaku Icon Shop Building.png
Snowy Mansion Icon Shop Building.png
Village Bakery Icon Shop Building.png
Winter Street Icon Shop Building.png
2 Nov 2015 Icon Shop Diesel.png NSB Spectre
Icon Shop Diesel.png NSB Spectre Double
Spectre Gravel
Spectre Nails
Spectre Steel
Spectre Wood
Baba Yaga's Hut Icon Shop Building.png
Cursed Tree Icon Shop Decoration.png
Derelict Mansion Icon Shop Building.png
Spooky Lodge Icon Shop Building.png
Treat (Limited) Offer Box.png
Trick (Limited) Offer Box.png
26 Oct 2015 Icon Shop Electric.png FS Graveyard
Icon Shop Electric.png FS Graveyard Double
Icon Shop Loco.png PRR Poison
Bad News
Horror Class
Nightmare Class
Haunted Tower Icon Shop Building.png
Headless Horseman Icon Shop Decoration.png
Monster Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Night Icon Shop Theme Enhancements.png
Old Crypt Icon Shop Building.png
Squash Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Spooky Scary Skeleton Icon Shop Decoration.png
Transylvania Icon Shop Theme.png
5 Oct 2015 Icon Shop Electric.png Wap Postal
Icon Shop Electric.png Wap Postal Double
Wap Priority Mail
Wap Standard Mail
Wap VIP Mail
Cantabria Post Office Icon Shop Building.png
Mailbox Icon Shop Decoration.png
US Post Office Icon Shop Building.png
28 Sep 2015 Icon Shop Diesel.png Vossloh Lager Quad
Icon Shop Diesel.png Vossloh Lager Triple
Lager Glass
Lager Steel
Lager Wood
21 Sep 2015 Icon Shop Loco.png Class 01.5 Ale
Icon Shop Electric.png F140 Lager
Ale Mail
Ale Premium
Ale Standard
Lager Mail
Lager Premium
Lager Standard
Lager VIP
17 Aug 2015 Icon Shop Diesel.png DSB PF8
Icon Shop Diesel.png DSB PF8 Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png DSB PF8 Triple
Business Tower Icon Shop Building.png
Capital Offices Icon Shop Building.png
Noble Residence Icon Shop Building.png
Pixel Container Offer Box.png
10 Aug 2015 Icon Shop Maglev.png Android 8
Icon Shop Loco.png PRR PF8
Icon Shop Loco.png PRR PF8 Double
Android Fuel
Android Steel
Android U-235
Android U-235 Tail
Android Wires
PRR 1st Class
PRR 2nd Class
PRR Restaurant
Birthday Balloons Icon Shop Decoration.png
Relaxx Center Icon Shop Building.png
Young Gamedev Studio Icon Shop Building.png
20 Jul 2015 Icon Shop Diesel.png SNCF Rock'n'Roll Rock'n'Roll Bricks
Rock'n'Roll Cement
Rock'n'Roll Plastics
Rock'n'Roll Rubber
Bon Scott Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Golden Guitar Icon Shop Decoration.png
Microphone Icon Shop Decoration.png
Rock Cafe Icon Shop Building.png
13 Jul 2015 Billy Fury Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Guitar Icon Shop Decoration.png
Guitar Store Icon Shop Building.png
Harsh Trade Shop Icon Shop Building.png
Rockhouse Icon Shop Building.png
The Who Van Icon Shop Decoration.png
6 Jul 2015 Icon Shop Electric.png Prima II Rock
Icon Shop Electric.png SNCB Rockband
Rockband BassGuitars
Rockband Drums
Rockband Fans
Rockband Guitars
Rockband Keys
Rockband VIP
Drums Icon Shop Decoration.png
Fillmore Icon Shop Building.png
Guitar Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Mic Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Music Shop Icon Shop Building.png
Rockstar Bus Icon Shop Decoration.png
Soft Rock Cafe Icon Shop Building.png
29 Jun 2015 Jefferson Memorial Icon Shop Building.png
Monticello Icon Shop Building.png
The White House Icon Shop Building.png
Washington Icon Shop Building.png
22 Jun 2015 Icon Shop Electric.png Summer Heat Summer 1st Class
Summer 2nd Class
Summer Tail
15 Jun 2015 Icon Shop Diesel.png Midsummer Night
Icon Shop Diesel.png Midsummer Night II
Icon Shop Diesel.png Midsummer Night III
Bonfire I Icon Shop Decoration.png
Bonfire II Icon Shop Decoration.png
Bonfire III Icon Shop Decoration.png
Bonfire IV Icon Shop Decoration.png
Danish Cabin Icon Shop Building.png
Finnish Summerhouse Icon Shop Building.png
Midsummer Maypole Icon Shop Decoration.png
Nordic Summer Icon Shop Theme.png
Norwegian Cottage Icon Shop Building.png
Sunflower Patch Icon Shop Decoration.png
Swedish Cabin Icon Shop Building.png
25 May 2015 Icon Shop Loco.png N&W 2156 Memorial Memorial 1st Class
Memorial 2nd Class
Memorial VIP
Icon of Strength Icon Shop Decoration.png
Memorial Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
11 May 2015 Icon Shop Loco.png Ironclad
Icon Shop Loco.png Ironclad MS
Ironclad Bricks
Ironclad Carbon
Ironclad Fuel
Ironclad Nails
Cog Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
Gear Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
4 May 2015 Icon Shop Diesel.png ALCO Meteoros
Icon Shop Diesel.png ALCO Rockhound
Meteoric Glass
Meteoric Titanium
Meteoric Uranium
Astronaut Centre Icon Shop Building.png
Astronautics Monument Icon Shop Decoration.png
Lunar Module Icon Shop Decoration.png
Moon Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
One Small Step Icon Shop Decoration.png
Saturn V Launch Pad Icon Shop Building.png
Space Agency Icon Shop Building.png
27 Apr 2015 Icon Shop Electric.png NS 1700 Queen
Icon Shop Loco.png NS 6300 Beatrix
Royal Carriage
Regal Coach
I AMsterdam Icon Shop Decoration.png
Museumplein Icon Shop Building.png
Tulip Park Icon Shop Decoration.png
20 Apr 2015 Icon Shop Diesel.png BL2 UDT
Icon Shop Diesel.png BL2 UDT Double
UDT Rubber
UDT Wires
Auction House Icon Shop Building.png
20 Apr 2015
(Mark as discount Shop sale)
Icon Shop Diesel.png 2062 Hrvatska
Icon Shop Loco.png 4-6-4 Maple Leaf
Icon Shop Diesel.png BR 55 Union Jack
Icon Shop Electric.png CC 40100 Hexagon
Icon Shop Diesel.png CC203 Garuda
Icon Shop Electric.png CFL 3000 Grand Duke
Icon Shop Diesel.png Class 1900 Portugal
Icon Shop Electric.png Class 252 Hispania
Icon Shop Diesel.png Class 755 Kriváň
Icon Shop Diesel.png Dash 9 Eagle
Icon Shop Diesel.png DE24000 Anatolia
Icon Shop Electric.png Dm3 Tre Kronor
Icon Shop Diesel.png Dr16 Suomi
Icon Shop Diesel.png DSB Class ME Viking
Icon Shop Electric.png E400 Yushan
Icon Shop Electric.png E402 Margherita
Icon Shop Electric.png EF 66 Chrysanthemum
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD DDM45 Salvador
Icon Shop Electric.png EP1M Ural
Icon Shop Diesel.png ER20 Germania
Icon Shop Electric.png ES64U Land der Berge
Icon Shop Diesel.png NR Southern Cross
Icon Shop Electric.png NS Class 1200 Tulip
Icon Shop Electric.png NSB El 16 Fjord
Icon Shop Diesel.png PKP ST40 Sobieski
Icon Shop Electric.png Re 460 Helvetia
Icon Shop Diesel.png SNCB 55 Leo Belgicus
Icon Shop Diesel.png T669 Bohemia
Icon Shop Electric.png TransMontana Aquila
Icon Shop Electric.png V63 István
Icon Shop Diesel.png WDG-4 Indus
13 Apr 2015 Icon Shop Electric.png Koncar Maia Maia 1st Class
Maia 2nd Class
Maia Tail
Blossoming Cherry Icon Shop Decoration.png
Wisteria Icon Shop Decoration.png
7 Apr 2015 Icon Shop Diesel.png CKD Bloom Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png CKD Bloom Triple
Icon Shop Loco.png Easter Light
Icon Shop Diesel.png Easter Mirth Double
Icon Shop Loco.png Eostre Flora
Icon Shop Electric.png Thello Eostre
Bloom Bricks
Bloom U-235
Bloom Plastics
Easter House Icon Shop Building.png
Easter Restaurant Icon Shop Building.png
30 Mar 2015 Icon Shop Loco.png Eastertime Double
Icon Shop Loco.png Eastertime Quad
Icon Shop Loco.png Eastertime Triple
Colourful Eggs Icon Shop Decoration.png
Easter Bunny Icon Shop Decoration.png
Easter Egg Museum Icon Shop Building.png
Easter Landmark Icon Shop Decoration.png
Easter Tree Icon Shop Decoration.png
Forsythia Icon Shop Decoration.png
Shiny Eggs Icon Shop Decoration.png
16 Mar 2015 Icon Shop Diesel.png Leprechaun
Icon Shop Diesel.png Leprechaun Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png Leprechaun Triple
Icon Shop Loco.png Paddy
Icon Shop Electric.png Patricius
Irish Pub Icon Shop Building.png
Pot of Gold Icon Shop Decoration.png
Shamrock Field Icon Shop Decoration.png
Shamrock Patch Icon Shop Decoration.png
Shamrock Path Icon Shop Decoration.png
9 Mar 2015 Icon Shop Diesel.png CW BHEEM BHEEM Carbon
Commonwealth Flag Icon Shop Decoration.png
CW Institute Icon Shop Building.png
2 Mar 2015 Day Billboard Icon Shop Decoration.png
Dies Depot Icon Shop Building.png
Night Billboard Icon Shop Decoration.png
Nox Depot Icon Shop Building.png
16 Feb 2015 Icon Shop Electric.png Batucada
Icon Shop Electric.png Batucada Double
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD Carnaval
Icon Shop Diesel.png EMD Carnaval Double
Batucada Premium
Batucada Standard
Alpine Hotel Icon Shop Building.png
Carnival Apartments Icon Shop Building.png
Carnival Feathers Icon Shop Decoration.png
Carnival Lamp Icon Shop Decoration.png
Carnival Plumes Icon Shop Decoration.png
King Momo Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Samba Flag Icon Shop Flag.png
9 Feb 2015 Valentine Wreath LOVE Statue Icon Shop Decoration.png
Valentine Balloons Icon Shop Decoration.png
Valentine Bench Icon Shop Decoration.png
Valentine Topiary Icon Shop Decoration.png
2 Feb 2015 Icy Park Icon Shop Decoration.png
The Cube Icon Shop Building.png
26 Jan 2015 Icon Shop Electric.png HHP-8 Athlete
Icon Shop Electric.png HHP-8 Pro
Aussie Pride
HHP-8 Am. Football
HHP-8 Baseball
HHP-8 Basketball
HHP-8 Ice Hockey
Australia Flag Icon Shop Decoration.png
Eureka Tower Icon Shop Building.png
Football Superdome Icon Shop Building.png
Football Trophy Icon Shop Decoration.png
5 Jan 2015 Winter Avenue Icon Shop Building.png
Winter Promenade Icon Shop Building.png

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