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Players can access the Limited Offer (abbreviation: LO; Shop icon: Logo Limited  ) section of the Shop by clicking on the Seasonal Items
Logo Limited

current icon

Icon (shown at left) on the main game screen or the Seasonal Items Offer tab in the Shop (shown above).

Seasonal Offer items are available only for a short time. Mostly a new Limited Offer arrives every Thursday with the weekly game update.

See also: Gem Offer  Limited gem offer 36h.

Offer Start Date Locomotives Wagons Other
28 Oct 2010 Icon Shop Loco The Undertaker Funeral Wagon
Ten Inch Nails
Forgotten Grave Icon Shop Decoration
Forlorn Grave Icon Shop Decoration
Groovy Pumpkin Icon Shop Decoration
Haunted House Icon Shop Building
Rollin' Tombstone Icon Shop Decoration
Smashin' Pumpkin Icon Shop Decoration
Tasty Pumpkin Icon Shop Decoration

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