Loco Hyperloop
Hyperloop Locomotives are not technically trains, but are more like Maglevs which travel inside tubes containing a near-vacuum to nearly eliminate air drag resistance. TrainStation contains mostly fictional Hyperloops as they are still being developed. Hyperloops can only haul Hyperloop-specific Cargo Wagons Icon Shop Cargo . Also, have their own specific Hyperloop Wagons.
  • Level Required: 200
  • Extension Required: Hyperloop Era
  • Rails Required: Hyperloop Rails
  • Dispatch Tax: Gold Gold
  • Bonus: None
  • Special Buildings:
    • None (yet)
  • Materials Allowed:
    • Lithium Lithium
    • Aerogel Aerogel
    • Nanotubes Nanotubes
    • Neodymium Neodymium
    • Wolfram Wolfram
    • Borax Borax
    • Xenon Xenon
    • Bismuth Bismuth

Prior to the 4 Nov 2019 Game Update, all locomotives of power 14+ require One-Click-Unload (OCU).

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