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Hyperloop Locomotives are located in the Shop, under the Locomotives tab.

Shop Hyperloop Locomotives.png

Other Hyperloop Locomotives are rewarded during gameplay or can be purchased during bonus offers.

Loco Hyperloop.png

Hyperloop Locomotives are not technically trains, but are more like Maglevs which travel inside tubes containing a near-vacuum to nearly eliminate air drag resistance. TrainStation contains mostly fictional Hyperloops as they are still being developed. Hyperloops can only haul Hyperloop-specific Cargo Wagons Icon Shop Cargo.png . Also, have their own specific Hyperloop Wagons.

For uncommon version, please see this page.
  • Level Required: 200
  • Extension Required: Hyperloop Era
  • Rails Required: Hyperloop Rails
  • Dispatch Tax: Gold Gold.png
  • Bonus: 100%
  • Special Buildings:
    • None (yet)
  • Materials Allowed:
    • Lithium.png Lithium
    • Aerogel.png Aerogel
    • Nanotubes.png Nanotubes
    • Neodymium.png Neodymium
    • Wolfram.png Wolfram
    • Borax.png Borax
    • Xenon.png Xenon
    • Bismuth.png Bismuth

Prior to the 4 Nov 2019 Game Update, all Locomotives of power 14+ require One-Click-Unload (OCU).

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