Historic Blueprints is a Mystery Box available from the Mystery Depot in the Shop. It offers players the opportunity to spend resources on a chance to win unique items. There is no limit to how many a player can purchase and the 10% discount from completing Alan's contracts applies to them.

Added with the 14 Mar 2016 Game Update.

Historic Blueprints Available Cost Discounted Buy XP Level
Icon Shop Mystery 14 Mar 2016 - Present 750,000 Gravel
750,000 Titanium
750,000 Marble
675,000 Gravel
675,000 Titanium
675,000 Marble
200,000 175

All items are marked in the Shop with a colored ribbon showing the chance of winning that item:
MD Exclusive MD Very Rare MD Rare MD Common


Award Type Details Rarity % Chance
Kollhoff Tower Kollhoff Tower Icon Shop Building +190 Income/h   11 Space Very Rare 4.5%
Purity Purity Icon Shop Building +164 Income/h   10 Space Very Rare 8.5%
Unification Monument Unification Monument Icon Shop Decoration Very Rare 7.5%
Auditorium Auditorium Icon Shop Building +350 Income/h   23 Space Very Rare 10.0%
UN Statue UN Statue Icon Shop Decoration Rare 11.5%
Golden Skyscraper Golden Skyscraper Icon Shop Building +334 Income/h   25 Space Rare 12.5%
Sixty-Three Sixty-Three Icon Shop Building +130 Income/h   10 Space Rare 13.0%
Memorial Museum Memorial Museum Icon Shop Building +188 Income/h   14 Space Rare 15.0%
Penguin Gunther Penguin Gunther Icon Shop Decoration Rare 17.5%

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