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Some help and some tips for getting the maximum experience from TrainStation.

  • Use this wiki as an Encyclopedia of TrainStation.
  • Reduce your buying costs as soon as possible by purchasing the Stock Exchange before any slots or upgrades for your station.
  • Get Dieselisation as soon as possible to send cargo cars with diesel locomotives for 40% more cargo.
  • Follow up with Electrification to send passenger, mail and XP cars with electrical locomotives for 100% higher income.
  • Always use cars with the highest available capacity and bonus in your trains.
    • Keep an eye on the Shop for cargo wagons offered in the Special Offer and Vintage Offer sections. The limited offer cargo wagons have high bonuses and there is always at least one per week being offered for Gold.png instead of Gems.png. -Katat0nyx
    • Get yourself a "Money Train": Save your Gems.png for an electric loco offered in the Special Offer and Vintage Offer sections in the Shop and keep an eye out for passenger and mail wagons which are available for Gold.png in the Special Offer and Vintage Offer sections in the Shop. But be aware of your available passengers and mail in the station. Don't do too many short time trips!
  • Dual cargo cars always trumps single cargo cars. (no longer available)
    • This is not strictly true. Reading the Dual Wagons description will provide an explanation. -Katat0nyx
  • Always build buildings with the highest Passenger:Size-ratio. (Use the wiki to help you out).
  • If possible, try to plan ahead when doing contracts. (Use the wiki to help you out).
  • If possible, try to send cargo to multiple contractors when doing contracts. Doing so will increase the capacity of your cars.
    • What is being referred to here is the bonus for using the Trainroute Planner slots. -Katat0nyx
    • Sending a train to two contractors does not affect the count of wagons reveived. You can send 150 Hammerhead Blue to Bobby and count half the gold towards any other contractor(s) or friend(s).
  • When having completed all contracts for a contractor, start filling that station with the highest ratio building available. (Check the shop page for each contractors for info)
  • Use a spreadsheet to keep track of your resources and contracts.
  • More cars in each train equals more resources and income. The same goes for the number of trains you can send.
    • There are many achievements that give you access to larger power trains than you would otherwise be able to buy at low levels. -Katat0nyx
  • Try to always keep a depot slot open so that way you can swap trains without having to disassemble one.
  • one tip for newbies: Passenger / Mail trains raise cash. Freight gets you XP points. If you need to raise money run Pass / Mail trains. Keep an eye on offers as has been said. Always try to use coaches with the highest loadings. Keep updating. Run the longest trains possible. When cash permits buy locos with higher pulling capacity. (Phil).

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