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Gem Offers occur at various times throughout the year and present the player with an opportunity to buy a pile of Gems for real money. When a player logs into the game during a Gem Offer, the game displays a pop-up screen listing the number of gems and at what price. The price and gems amount differ for each player based on that player's level and history of past gem purchases. Additionally, Pixel Federation will typically include a FREE locomotive as a bonus incentive. The locomotives within each offer wear liveries with a common theme.

Glittering (December)Edit

Christmas 2013

Name Type Pwr
Glittering Groene Glittering Groene Icon Shop Loco 14
Glittering Victoria Glittering Victoria Icon Shop Diesel 14
Glittering Genesis Glittering Genesis Icon Shop Diesel 40
Glittering Eurorunner Glittering Eurorunner Icon Shop Diesel 47
Glittering ER20CF Glittering ER20CF Icon Shop Diesel 50

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